Skill Taker – c152

CHAPTER 152: VS The Demon Lord of Greed


Reverting back ten minutes before Mamon blows the wine out from his mouth.


Yuuto, who is about to set foot in the tower hearts the sound of an alarm to the extent where it’s more powerful than he has ever experienced


Alarm Bell ● Rare Degree ☆☆☆☆☆☆
(A skill that alerts the skill holder when a life crisis approaches, having the volume of the sound rise according to the degree of danger)


「What’s the matter, my lord? Are you not going to set foot inside?」


「Ah, Sylphia. Let’s not enter the tower after all.」


Somehow, there seems to be something set up in order to kill intruders inside the tower. Otherwise, the Alarm Bell’s volume wouldn’t be up so high.


「But, my lord, there is no other possible method to go see Mamon than going through this door.


「No. There is another way to get in!」


And suddenly, Yuuto carries Sylphia like a princess.


「M-my lord, what are you doing?!?」


「Just stay still, and take care of your words as to not bite your tongue.」




Yuuto then activates 《Flight Magic》 whilst combining both Curse Magic and Wind Magic, and began flying towards the top floor.
[TL Note: Had some trouble on this part, if someone could help me out here, here’s the raw: 悠斗はそれだけ言うと呪魔法と風魔法を合成して編み出した《飛行魔法》を発動して、グングンと最上階に近づいていく。]


In the 《Tower of the Four Beasts》several traps were prepared in order to eliminate intruders flying from the sky. Though the traps did not reach Yuuto who had raised the flight speed with the effects of 《Magic Compression》


In those circumstances ――

Yuuto successfully arrived at the top floor of 《The Golden Gate》in just under 2 minutes.




Race: Fallen Angel
Occupation: Member of the Seven Deadly Sins
Unique Abilities: Slave Contractor, Mind Reader


Mind Reading ● Rare Degree ☆☆☆☆☆☆
(The ability which allows the skill holder to visually grasp the target’s state of mind, allowing them to view what they can see)


Slave Contractor● Rare Degree ☆☆☆
(The ability to make the target a 『slave』 by dripping blood on the back of the target’s hand. The target that becomes the slave of the skill holder cannot resist the orders given by the master. The two parties who made the contract will also be able to grasp each other’s positions)


A demon named Mamon who grew horns from his head was wearing glasses, which happen to be uncommon in this world. If going by appearances, the word 『Intelligent Yakuza』 would fit suitably.


Although the number of abilities he possesses is only two, the fallen angel Mamon shall not be underestimated by all means.


Even with the 《Evil Eye》 It is still impossible to see through the skills of 《Unknown Details》


「You… How the hell did you….?」

[TL Note: I was originally going to put “How on EARTH did you?” But then again, they aren’t in earth… lmao..]


「Oh that? It seemed hard to go inside the tower to get to the upper floor, so I flew to the sky instead.」




Mamon’s miscalculation was no other than because of 《Flight Magic》 that Yuuto possessed, although he is still a human.


「Now, what is it that you want from me? I’m sure you didn’t just visit this tower for no reason.」


It would be a lie if I am not upset. However, Mamon who dominated the top of the demon family faced an unexpected situation, but still yet calm.


『For the ones who stand at the top, they must not show such tension to those of the lower classes』 This was Mamon’s firm principle that he believed in.


「I came from a different world, and I am here to seeking a method in order to return back to my original world. If you have anything that is related to that, tell me.」




(This human…. does not seem to be lying)


Mamon’s skill 《Mind Reading》 has the ability to grasp the target’s state of mind, and if you lie, you will be able to see the color of discontent in their hears, but he cannot seem to see it inside the boy right before his eyes.


「I see now. I understand the requirements. Therefore wait, if it’s your business, I will end it.」


Mamon considers and thinks.


The item 《Demon’s Stone of Return》 which allows the target who was summoned in this world will be able to return back to their original world.


In terms of value, it does not match up with 《Demon’s Stone of Summoning》which is a hundred times more valuable, but it is still a rare item to possess even if it’s unusual.


If so, then betting on the possibility of handing the 《Demon’s Stone of Summoning》obediently and leaving without any problems would be best.


「This item is what you are looking for.」


Having to take out the item, he throws it over to Yuuto.


Demon’s Stone of Summoning ● Rare Degree Unknown
(An item which allows the item holder summoned to this world able to return to their original world. The Dimensional Doors will open by putting magic. This item can only return one being to their former world)


Yuuto saw 『able to return to their original world』 which he has been searching for since.





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