Ryokou-Tan – v2c28

VOLUME 2: CHAPTER 28: The Cheater


「Move and die.」


Tatsuya darted the Empress at the same time as he said the words and cut down the enemies that were in front of us. However, it will not just end like that, so we advance right away. Then from the left flank and right flank, there were monsters that were torn apart and everything unexpectedly ended.




Titan-sized Hecatoncheires numbering over fifty were standing before Tetsuya as they raise a roar. The very roar frightened so many (there were some exceptions) that there were even possibilities of fainting or dying if the person was weak-willed. It was enough to stop the movements of other monsters that should have been going for Tetsuya (and for unknown reasons, no monster died). However, the matter lies between the ordinary people. But, it’s existence where the word normal wouldn’t be normal at all.


「This is annoying. Shut up.」


Tetsuya suddenly says so in quite a rush, but how? The Hecatoncheires were chopped up with a move that transcends human capabilities, so I didn’t even bother asking. Seems like the roaring, which is usually dangerous and made from nothing but noise, is nothing according to Tetsuya.


「Ah, already! There’s too many of them! I’m this drenched! Oh, it’s a cockroach!」


Several minutes later, Tetsuya had grown quite tired completely. Despite the fact that he’s already killed, surely over 30,000 enemies, but the numbers are not decreasing. Something is definitely wrong here.

However, Tetsuya did not think about such a thing and I got irritated in so many ways. I just felt a lot like a small fish, and tired of the opponents of such a small fish.

[TL Note: This part is definitely confusing, but I manage to get it. Since Tetsuya doing all the work, the partner is doing nothing.]


「Yeah! Let’s do that!」


Tetsuya who came up with something uses it to practice.「A single blow from this cuts space in a pseudospace-time location, but this Hero King does not become this artificially <>」


What Tetsuya is about to do is the deviation of the sword’s blow. Wait, no, in this situation, it should be called a realization.
Grant spell and force attribute magic power to the Empress (ordinary this time) and set it all up.
And then,


「Starlight Separation!」


Shake. Shake. Shake. Shake. Shake. Shake.


Let’s see the results.


The monsters were all wiped out, blood gushed out, and Tetsuya turns red with the blood of the monsters as the earth crumbled.


I went too far.




What! Wha? What is this!
This is impossible, it can’t be!
Is he really a human? How!?
It is not possible to slaughter every monster! This cannot be!
But I won’t be able to win. I have to report this!






I’m planning on dropping this novel, same as the translators from before, from how it is, I can see why they’ve dropped this novel. The story is literally going nowhere, and there’s too much word change. So this will be the last chapter of this from me.


I’m sorry to disappoint you, but in exchange, I will put the series “10000 steps” on this day, that way, I can finish that series a lot faster :D.


So, if any other translator is willing to pick up this series, it’s all yours :).

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