Ryokou-Tan – v2c27

VOLUME 2, CHAPTER 27: Battle? No, it is a one-sided infringement






「Gegeegegege Nooooo!~!!」


「Guuu Gagha Gahyaa!!!」


「Haha! Death Cloaks and Small fishes!」


Substitutions! Crisped Crisped
[TL Note: I have no idea what was going on here..
RAW: 「ハッハー!死んどけや、雑魚がぁ!!」 ズバン!サクサクサクサク!]

「Kagura! DO IT!」


「PAN! Gucha Guggya!!」


「That’s enough, return at once.」




At the moment, Tatsuya was in the middle of the battle where the army of monsters was at. Meanwhile, Tatsuya cut through a monster with Asura, and Kagura kicked the monsters and shattered. And when Tatsuya returned, Kagura entrusted himself to a solitary battle.


「Come to me 《Jaded Rabbit》 and 《Golden Crow》!」


When Tatsuya put Asura away, I took out a pair of twin short-swords for fencing. It is said to be a sword with a name of a rabbit which is said to live on the moon, and whilst a crow with three legs that supposedly live on the sun. It is also said to be made out of a Golden Crow and a Jaded Rabbit.




「Shut up.」


「Gugga.. gg」




「《Magic Enhancement》」


When Tatsuya murmurs, the blade of the Golden Crow and the Jade Rabbit dyes darkly and wrapped itself in black flames. This is because of Tatsuya’s 《Magic Enhancement》


Usually, granting a weapon unnatural abilities is due to magic attributes, but Tatsuya has gathered magic to the swords directly – to put them both together. Of course, the power will rise steadily. And when such things are used, it becomes like this.


「Guggaa!! 」


『Sakkuuu… Guwaaa!!』


「Gurrooooo!!!『Zakuzaku Jiuwaaa!!』




『Zakuaaa! Thak!』


Definitely an overkill, hmm….


It was to the extent that the monster itself is the one who’s most miserable. Up until now, but….


While Tatsuya was thinking, he shook the Golden Crow on his right hand, causing the head of the goblin to fall, and a huge capacity of blood flows out, and suddenly burned to black flames. Then the next moment, the Jaded Rabbit cuts a lizard man. And from the rear, something is aiming for Tatsuya, but when he noticed it, it was already turned into small pieces.


「Whoa! A close one.」


Playfully, Tatsuya kills the Oak Emperor who was now in front of him.


「Sword Dance・Times 60!」


Furthermore, the ground dragon is cut too and dies a miserable death.


Tatsuya who was completely playing around had a perfect technique. Tatsuya can vouch that a certain amount of martial arts are extremely well thought out, and there are geniuses too with those extraordinary talents who possess them. That way, they are able to produce techniques only seen in anime and manga. In addition, you can imitate the techniques during a live battle. You can do it during a seal and though it seemed ridiculous as it was attracted towards magical books and forbidden ones.


「Well, next time, 《Empress》!」


Tatsuya really played along with the short-sword fencing, along with dual wielding it. Generally (not anything else except the nightmare judging from a monster), he takes out the Armed Emperor. And from here, all the things that have happened so far was basically sugar in honey to Tatsuya, so much that it seemed sweeter than a crowd of monsters to follow.
[TL Note: What this part means is that the battle was so easy that it was easier like putting sugar in honey, which I don’t know why anyone would do that… wait, I do that.. nvm :D]





Hainemakoru here again! Taking on this series, the last translators don’t seem to care about this series anymore [guessing] and so I decided to take things into my own hands and decided to translate this series instead.


If there are any translation errors, let me know, that way I know on which to improve and so.

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