He was strong. With a handsome appearance, he was even stronger than his father, the one who was called the strongest. The student enjoyed his youth at his High School. However, because he was on really good terms with the three major goddesses of the campus, he concealed his strength.


Because of other’s jealousy, he was bullied daily. One day, Tetsuya was summoned to his classroom into another world. Although he should have earned a cheat ability, he received nothing.


His status was even below the average villager! But with no ability and a weak status, how much could be done, even by a genius? Thus, he got bullied and dropped inside a Dungeon. But his true abilities awakened inside the Dungeon! The epic tale of the traveler begins now!


ARC 1:
→ Chapter 1-13
ARC 2:
→ Chapter 1-26
→ Chapter 27: Battle? No, it is a one-sided infringement
→ Chapter 28: The Cheater


AUTHOR: Steel Bambou
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