Sadaki Akira, 16 years old. Listening to the unanimous voice, I suddenly arrived at a different world with the “efficiency cheat”. 「There was no other choice!」was the said reason to why I got the cheat, but the next moment I obtained it, I was standing on the grassy plains unfamiliar to me. This is the place I will start my different world transfer.


A Different World Comedy Fantasy, with the Hero with the strongest plans.


Chapter 1: A Sudden Transition to a Different World
Chapter 2: Obtaining an Efficiency Cheat
Chapter 3: Verification of Equipment
Chapter 4: The Encounter of a Girl and a Demon
Chapter 5: Who the hell are you?
Chapter 6: I do not forgive
Chapter 7: “Status Open”
Chapter 8: (Who is she?)
Chapter 9: It’s Like a Different Race
Chapter 10: Looking for a Person from a Different World
Chapter 11: Explanation Regarding Magic
Chapter 12: The Special Ability (Cheat) Can Be Divided Into Two
Chapter 13: Using “Cheat” With “Concept”
Chapter 14: Entwining With a Villain
Chapter 15: The Same Room
Chapter 16: What’s a “Catalyst”?
Chapter 17: So This is a Person From a Different World
Chapter 18: Magic to Find a Specific Person
Chapter 19: Friend’s Verification
Chapter 20: Oppai Oppai
Chapter 21: Simple Perseverance Needed in Work
Chapter 22: Udon Shop


AUTHOR: ラズベリーパイ
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