Those who are reincarnated to a different world are more than tolerable to become heroes. A story of a self-proclaimed Hero’s comedy.


The Heroes’ Ten Commandments (Caution: There is no guarantee that this will reflect on the chapters)


1. A name with 4 letters – A name of a Hero should be easy to say.
2. A Hero needs to work hard.
3. Generosity – Must be of help to a various amount of people.
4. Clear Responses – The response of a Hero must be brief, such as 「Yes」 or 「No」
5. Search Carefully – A Hero must never miss even the slightest of clues.
6. Combat Instincts – A Hero hunts for a weak demon for hunger and annihilates them to destroy the enemy.
7. Relax and Calm – A Hero must always act normally in whatever situation.
8. Psychology – The Hero must always be prepared for a battle.
9. Preparing – A Hero must have plenty of equipment, and have a place to stay in.
10. The Beginning is the Key


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→ Chapter 1: Story Introduction One
→ Chapter 2: Story Introduction Two
→ Chapter 3: Hero Summoning
→ Chapter 4: The Hero Has Gone Mad?
→ Chapter 5: The Hero’s Beginning Starts with Staple Food?


AUTHOR: 軽見 歩
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