Hainemakoru News #8

Hey guys, so I’ll be continuing my translations this week, tomorrow, aside from that Obtaining the Strongest Cheat one that I’ve dropped, I’m going to start once again tomorrow, as I’ve just mentioned.


My schedule will begin to start like this from now on:
> Ecstas Online [Every day, a least 2,000 words for faster releases]
> Humans are the Strongest Race [Every other day, or sometimes every day for faster releases]


And an honorable mention to William Liu for granting me a happy birthday message along with $10 as a gift, thank you!


That’s all I have to say for you guys, for now…. but other than that, I wish you the best of luck, and hope you readers out there continue reading my translations, even though they aren’t that good.

Hainemakoru News #7

Hey, readers from all around the world.


I’m sorry, but I won’t be uploading even a chapter this week, I have too many things I have to do, considering it’s nearly the end of the year, and the start of a new chapter, along with other things to keep up off. That includes me getting into a university.


I’m sorry, and I hope you can understand why.




Ecstas Online – v1 special



It has always been a problem, so I decided to take measures in the matter in question.


「Elevator…..you wanted, yes?」


Adora asked me once more with a dubious expression.


「Correct. The tower which stands at the center of Infermia, it is as high as 200 meters. However, there exist only stairs. This is a serious situation」


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