Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c9

CHAPTER 9: It’s Like a Different Race


For now, I summarized Shina’s explanation from earlier,


「So basically, the castle that was supporting a person from a different world was attacked by the Demon Lord’s forces, and Shina managed to escape from there, even now, it’s still same?」


「That’s the gist of it. And they’ve brainwashed the person from a different world, so it’s become slightly worse. Though the Demon Lord’s forces have kept on increasing their strengths every single year, their figures are looking strange-shi. Even though such an existence has never infiltrated before. With the exceptions of people from different worlds」


「? Are there people from different worlds that are in the Demon Lord’s forces?」


「That’s right?….. Unlike your Demon Lords of your world, our Demon Lords are slightly like a different race」
[TL Note: Usually, demi-humans, beastmen, etc]


Shina explained things.


Just because there is a person from a different world in the Demon Lord’s forces, means they are “enemy”, it’s a lot worrisome than that,


「Ano~, in my world, there’s no such things as a “Demon Lord”」


「Eh? But, your home country is “Japan” right?  Ah…….That reminds me,  there was a record that there was a battle, though I wasn’t generally informed」


「……Is that so」


What I learned from Shina was, in my everyday life, light novel and manga extraordinary beings are spreading around.


However, since I haven’t even encountered one before, I’m positive there’s nothing to be afraid of in the future.


「So you escaped from the castle, but was there a chaser?」


「Yes, the monster earlier that was chasing after me, then I was saved. You have my thanks」


「Wa, haha. But, were you not being chased a lot farther by a demon that was here before?  And after that…..while being chased you encountered “them”」


「That’s right, we should walk while talking. If we go to the next town and from there we disappear into the crowd….they might even overlook us」


We started moving while Shina muttered so.


It’s reasonable, but there was an exposed road of soil.


Since the country’s road isn’t paved, the soil might change in places if there are a lot of people.


Thinking that the shoes I’m wearing right now are student shoes, I’ve begun to plan out later to look for some ordinary pair of shoes that seemed easy to move on.


Also, while walking with Shina and talking with her, apparently people from different worlds were called in for battles, but there seemed to be no sort of development of other civilizations regarding that matters.





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