Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c8

CHAPTER 8: (Who is she?)


In this way, I was told by a girl that I just met that I was a person from a different world, and her wanting me to lend her my power.


That’s great and all, but,


「For now, I’ll close “Status Open”. Even if I keep it on forever, it would only show “A Person from a Different World”」


While murmuring, I closed it.


Thinking that I shouldn’t be caught up in a strange setting, I decided to listen to her story.


The girl in front of me,


「My name is Shina Skymethod」


「? Shouldn’t of you have given a fake name?」


「It can’t be helped to say a lie to someone who has “Status Open” in such a place」


「That surely must be it, but a fake name?」


That reminds me, I won’t likely be talking like as I am their friend, but using a fake name,


「Are you being followed?」


「That’s right. Though, you are not irrelevant to that」


「In what sense?」


「….In fact our castle, I was helping out a person who was from a different world who was summoned, so the castle is not doing quite well at the moment. Before I explain things, tell me your name. It’s rather inconvenient for me to not call you by your name」


「I’m Jogi Akira (Sadaki Akira) 」


「Saying that in such a phrase, your first name is Akira?」


「Yes, you seem to understand it well」


「Because people from different worlds are often summoned, we have obtained information about them. So, what year were you at in your world?」


「It was 2018」


After responding, she remained silent for a while,


「It seems like you’re not the up-to-date person from a different world because there are other people from different worlds coming here, and differences of around a hundred years….Nevertheless, it won’t change anything particularly」


「That….means people from the future are here?」


「Ee, there are people from your world who’s from the future. It’s not uncommon for Akira to be that unusual」


Shina fell silent after saying that.


Then I spoke to Shina,


「That reminds me, you said your castle, so does that mean Shina’s a princess or something?」


「That’s right. I don’t know what will happen now, since I evaded things…..Since I was attacked by one of the Demon Lord’s subordinates who was in a form of a maid……somehow, I managed to escape…..although I was able to scrape in some funds when I escaped, the situation is still not good. Being in this situation, I have to find the key to my solution」


And so she said.





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