Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c7

CHAPTER 7: “Status Open”


Being truthfully honest, I said I was a “person from a different world” to the girl in front of me.


She seemed to be at loss for words at what I said,


「Liar. All the “people from different worlds” are gathered in the castle.」


「…..Is that so. I heard that I was going to be sent to a specific place with someone to explain things, but I was mistakenly sent to a different spot.」


「…That’s a mistake. It is undeniably true that you’ve never used magic and don’t know anything about this world. And recently, I’ve heard that “people from different worlds” are often summoned….I can’t deny the possibilities of you pretending to be a “person from a different world”.」


「E~tto, if I show you something from a different world, would you agree then?」


Even it is likely that the knife will still be directed at me forever, the girl spoke,


「No, because you can use something to fool me. Well…. if it’s “Status Open” then….」




「Therefore, “Status Open”. The unique ability that “people from different worlds” have for some reason, they can not just view their own status but also their opponents’! Try using that fearful ability towards yourself.」


「Etto, how do I use it?」


「I don’t know myself. It’s a thing that only “people from different worlds” have after all.」


As for me, I wanted to respond that the magic I casted from that staff was the first time I’ve done it, but I’m afraid of the knife that’s being pointed at me.


「…..”Status Open”」


I muttered silently, and I heard a strange electronic sound *pikon*.


And in front of me, something like my status data came up.


「My magic power and so are written here. Occupation: What’s a Different World? Ah, my special ability (cheat) is also written here. 『”Efficiency Cheat”, For example, you’ll be able to use high-powered magic if you use it together with an amplifier such as a staff. Click here for the detailed explanation.』 Should I touch here?」


So when I tried to touch it, something like a board of light appeared right in front of me, and the girl who was pointing her knife at me,


「Ho~, you really were a person from a different world!?」


「That’s what I said from a while ago.」


「….Impossible, to be in such a place. But, isn’t this a good opportunity for me?」

So the girl began to talk.


While I tried to check a more detailed explanation of my special ability (cheat).


「At all costs, I want to borrow your power of a “person from a different world”. And in exchange, I will tell you all the information you want.」


So she says to me.





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    Wow, I don’t know what the author had in mind, but this is hardly a chapter and isn’t worth the effort to read. 🙁

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  2. This novel ia a bit… No, way too stupid. This MC is 100% moron, this girl is actions are too forceful to the way the autor wants and his writing reeeeeally sucks. I will be waiting for the translator pick up another novel. See you

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