Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c6

CHAPTER 6: I do not forgive


For the time being, I didn’t understand anything about myself.


This itself is a fact.


The girl then groans poorly,


「Might this be your first time using magic?」




「…..Have you ever had your magic measured up until now?」


「I haven’t.」


Because it was indeed a fact, and when responding to her, the girl in front of me becomes silent.


「Were you living in the countryside? Though you wearing quite a fine attire. No, I don’t even think the country can make this sort. Besides, it’s almost impossible for a human with that much magic like yours in the countryside to be left alone….if that happens…」


Then she stares at me from my top to my bottom,


「You don’t seem to have a weapon. Then it’s unlikely for you to attack so suddenly.」


「I won’t just suddenly punch someone you know.」


As I retorted back because of feeling shocked, the girl in front of me fell silent.


Then released a deep sigh,


「You’re getting a lot more suspicious. There are common standards, you know, and walking like this alone is suspicious. Besides, I don’t think even a child of some commoner don’t know a thing about magic…..it’s useless to hide your identity, answer me.」


Then, the girl in front of me pointed a knife at me.


When such a situation happened so suddenly,


「You don’t seem to be a member. And you are too suspicious. Who the hell are you?」


「E, even if you tell me that.」


「If you move unskillfully and attempt to use magic…I won’t forgive you.」


And so I was told.


Though I haven’t lied a single bit, she’s being cautious, but for me,


「A, ano, if it’s just that, may I add conditions if I tell you my identity?」


「……It depends on things.」


「I, I want you to tell me more about this world. I, I don’t know much.」


「…..Fine. I do not know what reasons you have, but I will answer to that degree.」


While she responded with her answer, I thought there would be no helping if it’s still going to be like this,


「I, I am a “person from a different world”」




「I’ve just arrived here today, so….I don’t know anything about this world, at all.」


Yup, I’ve decided to respond with that answer to the girl in front of me.





Hi there, I know I told you guys I’ll be translating the series ‘Level Up Just By Eating’, but I just couldn’t bring myself to translate it, I was up to chapter 15 of the series already and I was planning on translating it tomorrow, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so, this sort of novel isn’t the sort that I enjoy. I know that I did promise you guys I’d translate this novel, but if I did translate it, you’d hate me for it, considering all the mistakes I would have made. Because of my stupidity, I will translate one other novel instead. I hope you can forgive me for this no-good Translator that I am.


Another thing, Ecstas Online will be ending soon, or I could buy the E-Book, but I’ll decide later after it’s finished because I might take another project that I’ve been wanting to lead for some time, it’s a mercenary one, but it’s good.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

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    Wow… The stupid… It burns! Could someone make a story where the MC is’t easy to manipulate and doesn’t give out information easily.

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