Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c5

CHAPTER 5: Who the hell are you?


The moment I shouted “Icy Rain”, a floating white light appeared.


Believing that it shook slightly, a sharp loud noise like a whistle was heard and a line of light surrounds as if forming a spiral around the staff.


However, thinking that it was going to rotate around half of the staff, it goes around the string and a line of light was formed.


However, as it currently is, they spread like a circle so a space of around ten centimeters was formed between the lines of light and the string, and the last line of light is connected to the other end as if penetrating the string.


I could hear the sound of glass cracking, and a line of light is made from the string as characters were transcripted.


The gemstone of the staff begins to shine vividly the moment it became a strange magic formation.


It has been around two seconds after I shouted out the words I was told.


A ball made out of light comes out of the gemstone and flies towards the bear with the wings and it suddenly split into five balls.




A sound like a can made of metal was kicked, the monster in front of my vision was enclosed in ice instantly.


The ice cracked immediately and the monster collapsed.


From there, a black miasma rose and disappeared.


Then, I saw something fall on the ground.


I wonder what it is?


I assumed it was something like a manastone with magic in it like in games, manga, light novels and so…but when I thought so, the girl who threw the staff at me grabbed my arm.


「? What?」


「Don’t just what me. What? That power. A commoner usually can’t strike with that magic.」


「I don’t know either. But, don’t you have something else to say before that? I helped you after all.」


As I said that, she replies with a mutter,


「I’m sorry. Without a doubt, it was too powerful…」


「Without a doubt?」


「Ie, nothing. It seems unrelated if it’s like that. Thank you for helping me.」


「You’re welcome.」


「I am sorry for troubling you, the magic you used was too powerful. Who exactly are you?」


I hesitated to say that “I am a person from a different world” so suddenly to this unknown girl.


However, I don’t know who I am, I should just tell her.


Therefore, I included it,


「Even if I am told that, I don’t know either.」


That was that.





Here’s a surprise chapter of Obtaining the Strongest Cheat, because I still need more time for Level Up Just By Walking, didn’t read it even.

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  1. …found this chapter a bit difficult to read with all the author’s talk about strings connecting to lines and crap like that JUST for the magic circle’s creation to be triggered, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter, though~

    Playing the amnesia card, is he? XD

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