Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c4

CHAPTER 4: The Encounter of a Girl and a Demon


In this way, I found the candid sweets that I had from my original world.


「A juice box, one plastic bottle with no lid on it, and sweets. My dietary life isn’t going so well. For now, where should I go? I could wait without moving a muscle, but if I do move, I might meet someone or I might arrive at a town.」


And so, I decided to walk.


But, what about my clothes, will this be fine I wonder?


In order to not attract the attention of other people, I should study the clothes of the locals, and buy some.


「In the first place, I don’t know how this world treats other people. Suddenly, it may not be straight up “killing”, or maybe I might be sent to a specific place? There is no one with me to explain things….so it seems like I arrived at a different Appearance Point, as that voice said.」


Therefore, I realized that I was sent to an unusual spot.


I thought it was how it was,


「Even if I just stay here, I won’t be able to do anything. Well then, should I go?」


That being the case, I began walking.


Though it was supposed to be.


Chi ~yudo~n


I heard a sudden explosion.


I’ve only heard this noise from a television.


Or so I thought.


Located just from afar at a slightly remote area, a pillar of earth and flames could be seen.


Since it’s a magical world, it seems that someone is having a battle.


I’ll quickly run away as to not get caught, or so I thought and ran, but the pillar quickly approached me accordingly.


「W, w, w, what the! That hurts!」


As soon as it approached, joking about enemy encounters, I don’t even know how to use magic yet, so I got impatient,


「There’s a person there, good timing. Help me out!」


I was called out so suddenly.


The figure of a girl who hid her face on her way with food came running towards me and told me so. However,


「I don’t know how to use magic though!?」


「Because this staff has some magic in it, try waving it. My maryoku is too forceful.」


And so she said and a staff was thrown.


It was a simple wooden staff that had a blue gemstone on it.


As I looked behind the woman, a bear-like monster with feathers twice the size as me had fangs growing out.


Furthermore, that very monster looked at me monstrously.


It seems like I’ve been targeted as a prey too.


While thinking that it wasn’t just a joke, I pointed the staff and she said,


「Shout out “Icy Rain”」


「”I, Ice Rain”」


As I shouted out, the gemstone of the staff brightened and at the very same time, a sphere of light floated beside the staff.




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