Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c3

CHAPTER 3: Verification of Equipment


『So with the Efficiency Cheat.』


That being said, I felt like as if something was added to my body.


In terms of appearances, it seems that a number of arms were added.


While thinking that it would be convenient for my daily life,


『Ah, I did it. The Appearance Point, it moved while I was eating sweets, well, whatever. It should be alright.』
[TL Note: The Appearance Point is meaning for where Akira will show up]


I heard a very irresponsible tone of the voice while saying that, and as I tried to retort back, my consciousness faded completely.


The next thing I felt was the pressure of the wind.


I suddenly noticed my surrounding changed as I peeked a look from my opening eyes.


Moreover, the blue sky emerges in front of my vision as I open my eyes as soon as possible.


The clear sky was all but cloudless.


Once again, the wind blows again, and a leaf flies away.


The smell of greenery.


I might be located in a nearby forest.


While thinking so, I got up to stretch my body.


I look around my surroundings,


「There is a lot of real trees. On my left side, there seems to be something, but should I just walk away?」


Both ways are forests’, so I’m not sure where I should go.


Where can I get explanation where the people are and where towns are?


But, before that,


「It seems like I was sent to the wrong place….In that case, what about the explanation of my special ability (cheat)? I mean, I don’t know how to use this special ability (cheat) yet. So what am I going to do?」


I murmured to myself, but nothing of even a slight explanation came.


Apparently, it was 『Do your best alone from here on out!』 what it said to me.


What am I going to do with this?


I was almost at my wit’s end, but doing something like that won’t make things progress, so I decided to check what has scattered around and what I have.


Because I was on my way home from school, I have my textbooks.
[TL Note: Great! You can do some damn studying for your exams at school!]


From school stationery, communication devices such as my smartphone, and my wallet.


Along with a bag that’s unfamiliar to me.


When I opened it, there was a gold coin that was several times larger than normally inside the small bag.


Perhaps it may be a toolkit that I can carry around, such as equipment that only comes out of a game, food, and items too…..though the bag’s insides are huge, contrary to its appearance.


Then, when I turn on my smartphone on, an infinite mark, such as ∞ shows up in the battery’s percentage, so there seems to be no need for charging.
{TL Note: Very fucking handy mate.]


From the announcements that were flowing elsewhere, it seems that it’s connected to the internet.


Later from my surroundings, I found the sweets and ice that I bought from the convenience store in the neighborhood.




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