Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c22

CHAPTER 22: Udon Shop


I eventually decided to have dinner today.

It also reminded me what sort of food was available in this world.

It will surely be a contact between two different cultures…..I wonder what will come out of it.


Taking myself who was brimming with anxiety, there was a shop, and “Udon” was written in Japanese.

Yup, like in front of a station, depending on the atmosphere over the entrance.

Simply a common door leading to a cafe…..But, is this really an udon shop?


Resembling udon, won’t it be some sort of a difference that would push me to the edge?

My anxiety overcame me and everything was completely meaningless.

I was getting familiar with the menu filled with things,


「I’ll take the Kakiage Udon」
[TL Note: Mixed Tempura Noodle Sou]


「…..I’ll take the same thing」


I returned a response.

Looking around, there were also seven different flavors.

It didn’t feel like a different world this time, but a dream, it was something like that.


There, Shina looked delighted,


「I haven’t been able to eat udon for a long time. Although it becoming a trend in this world, without much freedom, I wasn’t able to eat some」
[TL Note: It was boom… but I changed it to trend, since it doesn’t fit well.. lmao]


「Trend……Udon’s a trend in a different world…..」


「? Aah, I wasn’t talking to Akira, sorry. There’s a different world chef here called Kazu, he’s famous for being a person from a different world. He travels all around, cooking different food to spread them around. Multinational? It’s like that, so that way you would be able to taste the food of your hometown in this world too」


「Is that right…..」


「Yup, yup」


When we were talking, two new people came over to the shop.

They sat on the table right beside ours.

It was supposed to be…..was I expected.


There, the person on Shina’s other side,


「Oi, did you hear that? Miguel’s fellow hasn’t returned yet」


「I can’t believe that. Didn’t he go to the “Eastern Forest” yesterday evening?」


「Yeah he did……There’s also a lot of demons there recently and…..」


「Wasn’t he looking for a legendary weapon that was in the rumors, so can’t we assume he’s sleeping there?」


「What’s up with the treasure hunters getting all excited……Even though there was just a person from a different world recently saved」


「Oh yeah, the guy who by chanced helped me out was that “Masato” guy from a different world. Even though it’s most unlikely that I’d have good fortune from being saved by a guy from a different world」


「I guess you are right…..」


There were two people talking about it.

And also, they made contact with “Masato”, the person from a different world we’re looking for, a day like this wouldn’t simply come back.

Isn’t this a flag to go rescue him? There, Shina called out to the two when I became aware of the situation.



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