Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c21

CHAPTER 21: Simple Perseverance Needed in Work


Our designated place wasn’t far from where we were.

It would have been great if we could see it soon, thinking so, Shina shook her head,


「In a contracted relationship, we’ll have to move on the spot at some point, but moving during the night is a problem. Since the activities of the monsters that are nocturnal have been particularly active」


「Is that so. THat reminds me of being involved in something that’s troubling, was that what you meant?」


「Ee, yes…..If it were someone who’s hostile, it will match with what I’ve said before since we’ll be searching for the specific place while talking to each other」


「I get it……Certainly, there is proof that the hint remained, and we don’t know who’s an enemy or friend too」


「And if “information” is overwritten because of money, I won’t know what we’ll do. We’ll have to keep that in mind」


Shina pointed out many possibilities.

The world certainly doesn’t compose of only good people.

Was what I thought when,


「I have the feeling that Shina has already decided on most of the things」


「Well, it’s better to think that having it as self-assertion to do something different. Of course, if there are problems with the current plan, you’d tell me, won’t you, Akira?」


「Of course I would」


「If you enter “denial” because you don’t want to stand out for the time being when you’re in trouble. There are many people with loud voices in this world, but that’s also the reason to why they can achieve something great…..I haven’t seen such a thing though. Even if you make up for something because you achieved it, I feel as there will still be work that will require simple perseverance, is what I think」


「That’s right. We’ve been steadily searching now」


That being said, Will Shina still move forward? Is what I thought jokingly when,


「For now, let’s go out at the first thing in the morning……Since the “bad people” would be fine moving at night. So if we go early in the morning…..wouldn’t the bad people be asleep then? We’ll just have to see it in action」


「Then tomorrow, early in the morning, what is the time in this world?」


I wondered if it was like 12 o’clock or something, but Shina,


「Be relieved. I will whisper it in your ears just like a newly-wedded couple to wake you up」




「What, are you complaining?」


「No, I’m not」


「Okay. It’s about time, so let’s go have dinner」


Yup, I was invited by Shina.




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