Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c20

CHAPTER 20: Oppai Oppai


A beautiful girl was in front of me.

When both of us collapsed, the hood that hid her face came off and I could finally see her face.

Golden hair with no tendencies.


Green eyes that projected the fresh emerald green.

A beautiful girl I’ve never seen before was in my sights.

But just now, I don’t know what kind of facial expression she has.


Because I right now, my face is buried on her chest.

It’s extremely soft from both sides.

Even the feeling that was felt from the cloth alone, I memorized such a sensation untying from my heart instantly.


This is, a wonderful thing.

Boobs, boobs boobs, bo~obs…….

All my thoughts stopped, and all other words did not come to mind except for boobs.


I felt happiness at the time.

But I probably, may die soon.

The chest my face was buried in since a little while ago, was shivering from anger.


I may be beaten up because of this, If this keeps going, other worlds might be cut down as they are, bo~obs.

While as I thought so,


「So how long are you going to intend to bury your face?」




「Wait, Akira!」


「Wa! What did I just do…..」


My sanity returned.

And the fact I buried my face in a girls’ breast was shocking, so I in a hurry jump back from the place,



「I, it was an unfortunate accident!」
[TL Note: He said this in a sarcastic manner, so he’s actually pretty happy]


When I was making excuses while confused, Shina, with a gentle voice,


「I guess so, un. Though I’d like to ask a question」


「What might it be」


「How was, my chest?」


「It was extremely soft!」
[TL Note: Man, you got trapped]


「……Go die」


And I, felt a shock to my head with Shina’s angry yelling.

When I woke up, there was a beautiful girl looking down at my face anxiously.

Apparently, it seems my head was on her knee as a substitute for a pillow.

Is this, heaven or something?


When thinking of such a thing idly,


「I’m relieved, that you’ve woken up」


「…..Oh, your chest…..Etto, I’m sorry」


I apologized hurriedly.

It was because Shina’s expression went from relief to getting angry.

That was seriously dangerous, was what I thought so.


「Then, I wonder if you’re okay after I hit you carelessly」


「…..Ah, yeah. It looks like I’m fine」


「Sou…..A day had gone by when I was waiting for you to wake up, so we will be searching today. Let’s have a meal outside」


「Since it’s a nearby place, how about we go out?」


Was what I asked her.





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