Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c2

CHAPTER 2: Obtaining an Efficiency Cheat


Select Ability here.


That’s fine and all, but,


「Can’t I choose what kind of abilities are good for myself?」


『Because there is a limit on the abilities you can make. There are things that I can and cannot do, so would you like me to choose for you? Still, there is quite a lot, so you’ll have to choose soon.」


「What do you mean by soon?」


『You’re gradually seeing the stars around you? And, there is a mass of light right in the distant view? That’s my world “Cruise  Arcadia”….When you arrive at that part, you won’t be able to get your special ability (cheat) from here on out.』


「Eh! Ku, it’s gradually approaching and the time is….」


『Then, what will you do?』


「I will choose. After I arrive there, please get someone who can explain on how to use my ability and the world’s situation!」


『It’s alright, I will send you a specific place.』


So as the voice says, I leave the storytelling later, and when I think about the special ability (cheat) and where I get it, the voice calls out,


『Then, please push the button of your favorite color to go forward.』


Something like a window board appears in front of me.


There were seven different colors, so for the time being, I chose yellow.


Then appearing in front of me are three pits of light written in mysterious characters that I somehow can read, though I haven’t seen these before.


『Ah, the ability to Translate Languages and the ability to Write. You also have Body Strengthening. What will you do?』


Because I was told I have three abilities.


They were,
・Ability to turn Anything into Gold
・To be Immortal
・Efficiency Cheat


I fell into despair after seeing the three abilities.


「The only one I can choose is Efficiency Cheat!」


『N? What’s wrong?』


「What I touch will turn into gold, and if all the tools are made of gold, I won’t be able to use things such as magic tools too? Because it’s a special ability (cheat), it should be a magical fantasy, right!?」


『Ah, you don’t need meals at all. Even if you do eat, it just becomes Maryoku. But that is indeed a problem. But, isn’t Immortality good?』


「How is the recovery capabilities? I don’t want to be cut up and still live endlessly.」


『A~, you’ll be forced to die….as to keep that story.』


「What the hell are you trying to say!」


I’ve heard it before, but the voice doesn’t answer, then,


「Then, I’ll go with the Efficiency Cheat.」


I then lost my consciousness.





As said before, I will be translating Level Up Just By Eating in around 2-3 days because I haven’t read even up to chapter 2 yet, sorry about this.


Though, I hope you enjoy this chapter of Obtaining the Strongest Cheat!

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