Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c19

CHAPTER 19: Friend’s Verification


It seems that people from different worlds don’t have their own goals. But,


「Even if there isn’t any, do you do this every time when you head to a town?」


「Since he’s been to this place before, he’s probably caught up in something somewhere…..」


「But, wouldn’t he go visit some neighborhoods in the town along the way?」


「T, that is….」


「I guess it would be hard to look for him one by one. Just one or two hints, are usually there when there’s a subevent of a story in a game but, in reality…. wait?」


I then began to lose myself in thought.

If the magic can act “using magic efficiently” then,


「That, we’ll be able to find a “hint” about the person called Masato」


「! T, that’s good!」


「But how should we do things. Like tracing, maybe using something like “Status Open”? Or maybe something that originally belongs to him? Shina, do you have anything?」


「…..No. when we were talking….. ah, I did get a stone as a souvenir but…. it’s not his and, it was wrapped in paper so it hasn’t been touched one bit」


「I see….n….Masato, hmm」


I who muttered that slightly, Shina,


「What about Masato’s high school name, like the class he was in」


「I think it was Yuugiri High School, and he was a first-year in class 3. Because of you saying it, I remembered」


「…….It’s really similar. A friend of mine……oh that’s right, smartphone!」


I began to remember it, so I began looking for it in a hurry.

Though there is a total of three doppelgangers who are similar in the world, I doubt they’ll be the same sort.

And besides, our uniforms had recently changed their theme with a new shape.


……I don’t know if he’s from the future or not, people with similar faces and name can at some point meet at the same place so, no, the person might be from a parallel world…..I stopped thinking after knowing that far.

I then showed a picture from my smartphone to Shina.


「This one is me, and this here is Masato」


「! That Masato, I know him!」


「Alright, so there was this one volume of a manga that Masato lent to me. Using this….if he’s  in this world and both of us don’t alternate, then this would be a good reference」
[TL Note: Can mean switching to a different world, or just stopped being friends]


Taking out the manga, I used my special ability (cheat).

My insecurity was betrayed in a good way.


「『The Hint is Close』from here」


「Let’s go quickly!」


「Eh, oi! Don’t pull me!」


Shina who took my hand so suddenly made me lose my balance, and I fell down on the bed.





Well, the last part was quite a cliffhanger, wasn’t it? Who knows what might happen, hehehe. And, you guys should listen to “Just a dream” by Nelly, and “Written in the stars” by Tinie Tempah, those songs were nostalgic for me, so 🙂

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