Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c18

CHAPTER 18: Magic to Find a Specific Person


I search with Shina for a specific person using my special ability (cheat).

But for me,


「Since my ability is “Efficiency Cheat”, what if I try using magic to find that specific person?」


「……I’ve also thought about that, but there’s a possibility your magic will get caught up with the town’s barrier. And since it’s like the form of “concept”, it might be able to set an extent of “freedom” even if it becomes an investigation…… There would also be no need for combat if you use your special ability (cheat) to notice the enemies」


「I see…..Although I don’t know the person himself, could you look for him for me?」


There, I asked.

The inn we’re staying at is a cheap and safe one in the first place, I could state reasons why.

Am I going to be able to find someone who I don’t know at this sort of time?


Or maybe I could find out since I’m also from a different world?

Thinking so,


「I wonder if there’s a chance to search for the person’s name and ability」


「How can you check his special ability (cheat)?…….Looking at “Status Open”, would you be able to see the special ability (cheat) of that person by just searching? So the extent of our goal to search for that person with “efficient”  is by using your ability? Or would you be able to bind yourself with “magic” and make it more “efficient”……Either way, it might be possible to do it」


「I wonder if it’s necessary to know his special ability (cheat) or his name」


「Oh yeah, have you been covering up your special ability (cheat) and your name so far?」


That was the first time I heard of that.

Since people with similar names are summoned, in that case, if their special ability (cheat) is hidden, then it wouldn’t be hard to find others.

Thinking like that, Shina shakes her head,


「No way. There are little people from different worlds」


「Alright then, tell me his ability, and his name」


「His ability is “Phantom Cheat”, and the name is Masato Miyakoshi」


「…….There was a friend of mine with such a similar name but, I wonder if it’s different. Since we’ve only met up just a while ago. So, I’ll try doing it」


Muttering slightly, I used my special ability (cheat) based on the information I obtained.

Then a window of light appeared to my side, there was a message saying『You’ve been caught searching』appearing before my eyes.






Well, good news first, there was no “Shina told me” in the last part. And that’s all there is for the good news, the bad news is. He’s fucked. Enjoy this chapter of OTSC!

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