Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c17

CHAPTER 17: So This is a Person From a Different World


The name “Catalyst”, an object that appeared before.

What on earth is it.

Since I became interested in it,


「When using magic, it will be easier to use magic because of its existence, though that’s what I’m wondering about. A tool that efficiently helps cast magic…..I guess it’s something like a low-rank version of “Efficiency Cheat”」


「As long as it doesn’t drop in quality over time, it’s existence itself will change and disappear, isn’t that right?」


「….I guess you understand it well. Even though there is such a thing, it’s usually just used once. But why’d you ask that? Is there something that’s similar in your world? Maybe a world without magic?」


「There isn’t magic but, there is “science”. And from there are similar words that point to the same things, basically the same contents I heard a while ago」


「Is that so?……but some stuff seems different」


「That’s right. It appears that “similar things” is different from what I’ve deciphered. It sounding like a different sort of nuance. I’ll be cautious of that from now on」


Thinking so, I nodded.

Then Shina,


「So “Efficiency Cheat” can be used with “concept”」


「It’s the ability to basically skip the “process” of the event that I want to raise, and when I use it, I have to set some “restrictions”, or, it’s limited to the range of ability……Probably, the exploration and the analysis can be carried out. In this world, we can explore anything we want, and analyze what’s there, can such a magic like that exist?」


「There is one but, it’s almost close to impossible unless we’re aware of it and…. there should be a barrier since this is a big town. If it doesn’t function, neutralizing the barrier itself, the impact would be as it will be crushed by a much stronger force than the barrier…..But there isn’t any longer…..No way, analyzing the barrier like that, you’d be able to go through something like a “hole” and explore and analyze the town itself……Therefore, have you noticed?」


Shina who said so was taken aback.

And I listened to the current story,


「I feel like I’ve done something rather awful」


「It’s a good thing! Haa…..This is why people from different worlds are……but that’s right. If you’re able to manage “concept” like that, I wonder if Masato from a different world can be “probe” on and “find” out where」


Shina had asked me that way.




Decided to release a chapter of OTSC today. Enjoy!

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