Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c16

CHAPTER 16: What’s a “Catalyst”?


I who catch my breath inside the inn,


「What will you do from now on?」


「We’ll first find our specific person. Once we find him, then…..we will clear the first stage, something like that I guess」


「Then will you tell me the name of the person who’s from a different world we’re looking for?」


There I, was able to finally hear about the name of the person from a different world.


This is good to know the name if I’m going to be in concerns about this different world.

There Shina was amazed,


「You’re really cooperative. But is it alright? What if I’m not necessarily telling the truth? I might also perhaps be just using you for revenge」


「Under our current circumstances, I don’t have anyone to rely on than you, Shina, and I have no goal……after that, there is no other choice but to judge the situation on the spot……Then I should make a living here and look for a part-time job in this town?」


Then I noticed.

I will be able to safely manage a life in this different world somehow.

Then Shina began thinking complicatedly,


「Wait, it was a joke. Help me. Because your power is necessary!」


「How far was the joke?」


「Everything I told you is all~ true. Haa…….Since it can’t be helped even if I lie, in the first place. Haa…..I also have a part to play in this since I’m being chased」


「Like the demon before?」


「Ee……but I was only just able to escape, and it was judged as a “small problem” at that degree, and I can’t do anything concerning about it anymore, although, there are no signs of pursuers coming. It’s convenient」


Shina laughs.

But it may come up later as a situation from now on…..I thought on what to do when it happens.

And because Shina became silent and didn’t say anything else, I was thinking,


「In order to use magic with “Efficiency Cheat”, I want you to tell me about the magic concerning this world」


「It would have been better if there was a book lying around…..but textbooks about magic are often expensive. Because there was a lot inside the castle, I didn’t mind it much. If I knew this would happen, I should have brought one with me」


「Isn’t it fine if Shina just tells me about the magic you know about? Since I could use “Icy Rain”」


「I guess so… Well, magic isn’t usable if you don’t have a medium like a staff or a “catalyst”. Akira uses it to lightly」


「…….I understand the medium, but what’s a “catalyst”?」


It was a new word, it was also a word that I heard from my world (meaning?).





So you guys know me, you know, a person who doesn’t have a schedule on things, well, except for Ecstas Online. Well, I’ve decided to take this project, that I had read a long time ago, but was dropped by the previous Translator and has been rotting for over 6 months. So I’m going to translate it, it’s a series called “Humans are the Strongest Race”.


Another thing to keep in mind, I won’t be able to translate either Instant Death or EX-Hero Candidate, since they still have their translators, and the translator for EX-Hero Candidate wants to have that series for a while.

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