Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c15

CHAPTER 15: The Same Room


The sudden robbers, was defeated and left one of their friends behind.

Don’t leave your friend…..Well, having his life operate is my top priority, since I was getting the feeling that rowdy people are rather useless when they have to fight properly.

So Shina,


「For now, we should get away from here. Yup, let’s should head towards the other side of the path I was from before」


Saying that, I withdraw myself from here and began walking.

As we walk along the other side, we reached a path that was moderately crowded with people.


I seem to have made the wrong choice from choosing a route here.

And as I walk slightly from there,


「This inn looks good. Even the indicator says so」


「…..Look at your surroundings, there…..there’s a price list outside. The price is relatively cheap so it’s fine」


With that, I began looking around.

There was a rather suspicious person, it wasn’t like the robbers back in the alley.

After verifying things, we decided to stay at the inn.


「Eh, is there only one room available?」


「Yes, Most rooms have already been filled in. However, the bed size in that room is a double」


「I see, then that’s fine」


Shina said so, and pays the fees.

As for me, eh? Was what I thought.

A young woman and a man all alone in one single room…..
[TL Note: Ohhhh yeaah]


Aside from my concerns, when we receive the key, Shina grabs my hand and goes up the stairs.


It seems that the room where we’ll be staying at is on the third floor.

I wonder if it’s fine?

I was worried at Shina who looks back at the place as we entered the room, then we canceled.


「It’s okay if it’s the same room, that is if you don’t escape」


「A, yes」


「If you try to do something to me…..you understand, don’t you?」




I straightened my posture and nodded.

Since I didn’t know what to do.

Besides, Shina was leaking out a sigh,


「You’re somewhat obedient. A little more like that…..no, it’s already convenient enough. But, this was certainly a method to reach such an inn. As for being able to use your special ability (cheat) with “concept” is wonderful」


「I guess so. However, I don’t know how far I can have it “set” as. And moreover, it’s only an indication, and displayed in a distance in a straight line, it may actually not be close by when walking」


「But this inn’s price, is enough. If Akira is here, then it won’t be necessary to walk around the town for a while just to look for an inn」


Yeah, Shina said that while shrugging her shoulders.





Well, it’s something new, she shrugged her shoulders instead of having that default ‘Shina said so’ XD…. Here’s a chapter of OBTS, and enjoy!

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