Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c14

CHAPTER 14: Entwining With a Villain


This town has many houses made from wood.

There were ranges of Western-style wooden houses.

Might this be because it’s enclosed with the forests’ surroundings?


Only stone is laid on the ground.

As for us, we were walking towards a big avenue.


「There’s a lot of people here. Is it because it’s a shopping street?」


「I guess so…….But there are a lot of food stands, it might particularly be a day for it to have that many stores」


「Is that so. There must be a bazaar on a specific day」


While I was thinking that, Shina was looking around,


「So is there a direction?」


「Seems like there is……Turning to this alleyway looks good」
[TL Note: An alleyway with no people, *bed creaking*]


「Do be careful, since places that aren’t popular, are easy to get involved with trouble」


While I was walking listening to Shina’s precaution, on the way I encountered a path.

While thinking and moved near, it was a dead end.

Considering that I ran into some bad luck, I try to turn back, but in front of me was a figure of three vulgar figures.


「Seems like we’ve caught another idiot who came to such a place」


「If you don’t want to get hurt, leave your money behind」


「Aniki is afraid of being around this area…..」


Such as that, there were three bad people that were talking among themselves.

A personality might be needed for villains, and while thinking carefully, I noticed that they might not have enough personality.

So their only option is to take from others.


One of the bad vulgar people struck someone.

It was one of them, who seemed to be the shortest, he was about to strike at me……And making use of the judo techniques freely, I threw him back.


「Uwa a aaaaa…….Gu fu~」


There was a sound of a man falling to the ground, I couldn’t hear anything when I was thinking of the groaning voice.

However, that one person,


「Fuu, that was surprising, doing that so suddenly」


「W, what the hell…He’s a martial arts user. If that’s the case, use this」


As they said that, the two people in front of me took out a knife.

While I was watching it gleam and shining,


「You can’t use magic?」


「Magic? Such an ordinary person can’t possibly use it to blow your opponent!」


And he explained it to me.

It seems like that people can’t usually use powerful magic like that. Then,


「The earlier version of magic that I saw earlier….”Icy Rain”」


Holding out my hands, I imagined using it.

A magic formation appears on the feet of the two people and freezes.


「Hii i i~」


「W, wait for meeeeeeeeeee」


From their frozen feet, both of them ran away with their friends.





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