Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c13

CHAPTER 13: Using “Cheat” with “Concept”


While we were walking for a while, we came up to a small hill overlooking the entire city.

It seems that if we gradually descend from here we will enter the town.

I think it was a good thing that we were here before sunset.


But from here, I decidedly try using “Efficiency Cheat”.


「……What should I do. To begin with, the price list for lodging isn’t so expensive, if I had to say, I’d go with a cheap and clean lodging…..In addition to that, it must have the shortest route with some space…Please display the light indicator」


I was somewhat speaking in a polite manner, thereupon, a light that was the size of around 10centimeters of square appeared from my feet, and moves towards the town.

Immediately after that, it came back to my feet. The indicator floats on my right palm as it is.

It appears that it wants me to go this way.


However, it seems like this indicator only directs our direction, not the form that runs along the path.


「Apparently this indicator is heading to an inn that we’re being directed now. Let’s check it out for now」


「…..Can’t you temporarily cross that out?」


「Eh? How come?」


「Since we have to penetrate through the inspection. I can enter, but for you Akira, since there are forged documents, you should instead get a Guild Card」


「? Is that so?」


「Ee. If you’re a person from a different world, you are able to register in the guild without feeling uneasiness and you can earn money when needed. If something occurs, you’re still a person from a different world….. so things can be convenient for you. Depends on the case」


I was informed.

I certainly thought it would be better to get a Guild Card, after listening to Shina’s story.

With my knowledge from light novels, it would be a card, and my abilities would be put on it.


It matches with my “Status Open”! When I was thinking, we come to the place of inspection at the entrance of the town.

There Shina showed something that was like her identification, but when it became my turn,


「This person’s from a different world. So, he doesn’t have an identification yet」


「…….For the time being, may I confirm it? Won’t you please use “Status Open”? Because it’s necessary to display your magic power and physical strength」


With that, it turned out that the contents which can be called ascertain a certain degree of freedom.

From there I did various things like displaying my physical strength while thinking, and have myself convinced as a person from a different world.

Once entering the town, I immediately called out the indicator showing the direction with the use of “Efficiency Cheat” I used earlier to walk through town.





I’ll probably be doing another chapter later, and chapter 3 of Ecstas Online will be out probably today or tomorrow, or maybe the day after, that is if I get it done by then.

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