Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c12

CHAPTER 12: The Special Ability (Cheat) Can Be Divided Into Two


In this world, magic power can be more efficient with spells? If it doesn’t work, then it won’t be usable with magic.


However, from the story,


「Then, does that mean you can cast any magic without chanting?」


「In theory. There are lots of problems with controlling it, but if I can grasp the feeling better, I can use magic without relying on things such as grimoires and staffs…..Since it can, after all, save magic power while increasing yours…..You can use it with either combat magic or recovery magic, so any magic field. Such a thing….this amazing special ability (cheat)」


Shina muttered slightly while shivering.


It seems there’s a drop of tears in her eyes.


Listening to it seriously, thinking about what I was choosing with the erasing method, whether it was an amazing ability.


After all, I couldn’t choose the other two in a very disgusting sense, I chose something I don’t know well about…..


「That reminds me, is your special ability (cheat) not magic?」


「That’s right. There are cases of magic, and there are also cases where a person has their own inherent properties」


「And the difference is what?」


「U~n, so for example, it is possible to use just flame magic without spells. In the case of magic. And the inherent properties is like Akira’s ability」


「Is that so. So my special ability (cheat) is only usable with magic?」


「That’s different for each person. Though there are restrictions that can only be used in specific fields….However, in the case of a person from a different world, it’s “out of the ordinary” so I don’t know what will happen」


Then Shina stopped her explanation.


Apparently, there seems to be no need for chat.


So my special ability (cheat) might have a restriction.


I wonder what the restriction is.


Also, there was something I’m curious about.


「Is my special ability (cheat) a thing of concept/」


「Concept? I don’t understand what you mean」


「U~n, I wonder what I should say. To advance things for “Efficiency”….. Is it like an ability to clear the game the shortest?」


「? I don’t understand you」
[TL Note: Yeah, no one does, I mean, he’s in a different god damn world and he’s talking about clearing a fucking game… dafuq]


「I can’t really explain it quite well, but….Ah, I see the town….Also, have you decided on an inn for staying today?」


That’s right, listening to Shina, I answered that I don’t know since it’s my first time.


Though that person is convenient for me.


「I wonder if my special ability (cheat) can be used for that “concept”… I’ll apply it to search for an inn in this town」


Yup, I said that to Shina with a sharp expression.





Okay.. this time it’s not Shina, but it’s Akira.. lmao…

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  1. Every chapter ends with a “SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING!”, eh?

    Feels a bit longer than before, but still quite short. Hope the author lengthens the chapters before TOO long, heh.

    Also, thanks for the TL~

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