Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c11

CHAPTER 11: Explanation Regarding Magic


It seems that I don’t know much because I don’t know about magic.


However, I’d like for you to think about this.


Until just now, I have spent my entire life without “me” knowing about magic.


According to the story, there seems to be something that appears in my everyday life, As for the vast majority of people, I, the things that I’ve seen are only from games, manga and light novels.


It is exactly because I’m an ordinary high school student.


Was what I thought, but Shina,


「First, I will explain about magical power. Although one might say that, it is actually “convertible energy” that can change into anything」


「That is, can it change to flame or water or anything else?」


「Yup. In this world, the existence itself is made out of magic, so we ourselves are made with magic. I don’t know about people from different worlds…..but without magic, won’t you be extinct when defeated?」


I who heard the explanation from Shina.


However, since I’ve been called to this world, I was worried that the me is not actually me.
[TL Note: Meaning that his body from his world is actually there, and the body he has in this world isn’t his, more likely a duplicate, etc]


In the first place, is it even possible for my body to adapt to this world?


I who was in bad influence with the culture of science, shiver because of such a terrible imagination. When,


「What’s wrong?」


「Iya, when I came to this world, I would have hated it if my body would have become quite strange」


「N~, in fact, I would want you to listen to the story, apparently, the true body of a person from a different world is said to become “stopped” in time and space, and becomes one of the stars in our skies」
[TL Note: Yeah, that’s total bullshit]




「Then, it becomes a star? It has been said that it will increase as more people from different worlds travel. Although there are many stars, since the number of stars that can be seen further with the technology of telescope increases, I don’t exactly know about it and how the stars themselves that have been sealed off were actually sealed by other people, and not have been found…..That was the story of peace of mind」


Telling the story beyond rest.


Shina who had guessed from my expression thought that I wasn’t very happy,


「Ma, maa, it may not actually be true at all. So back on topic, I’ve explained to you that magical power is a convertible energy that is changeable. If kept as is, the magical power wouldn’t be so strong, and the conversion efficiency would be poor, there you wouldn’t be able to use the “matter” called magic. Therefore, you commonly need things such as staffs, spells, magic formations, and grimoires….That would mean your special ability (cheat) even gives efficiency to tools! Otherwise, such power wouldn’t leak out!」


And so Shina told me in excitement.





Seriously, another “So Shina told me”? Fucking what! Anyway, around 7-8 more days till I finish a chapter of Ecstas Online.

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