Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c10

CHAPTER 10: Looking for a Person from a Different World


For the time being, I was listening to the stories,


「And so, what exactly do you need my assistance for?」


Shina fell silent after hearing what I said,


「I want you to find a specific person. He’s from the same world as you」


「? He’s a person from another world? I wonder what type of person he is」


「…..Ordinary, I think. He’s also softhearted. However, since his abilities for battle isn’t easy to meddle with, it wasn’t quite pleasant for other people from different worlds and to our own forces inside the castle, so we live in a town around the castle. Because of that, we were fortunate enough that we were affected by this uproar….」


「What kind of ability does that person have?」


「It’s the ability to affect a person’s own consciousness. Therefore, he can use it to cancel brainwashing, I wonder if it was the sight that I saw earlier. I myself specifically enjoyed it」


「Is that so. But can’t you use it for battles?」


「It’s nothing but illusions. Nevertheless, he’s bad at picking up magic, so he’s being treated as a nuisance in the castle. For now, the noises in the town is usually the world of theatre. And she’s living, and still showing off. After that, we made it possible to attack in the first place because we used a magic tool, so we were able to subjugate the demons」
[TL Note: Yeah… I don’t know what the fuck happened in this sentence, it seems to be something part of the different world guy’s illusion ability, I don’t know….]


I was told it was that.


However that figure,


「Shina seems to be quite favorable」


「It was pleasant to see things from a different world. Thanks to that, I now know that he isn’t in the town」


「Is that so?」


「Yup, after I got in contact with him, it seems that they can’t refuse anything for a pretty girl」


「…….I see」


「So I deceived them,  however, I told them that he was softhearted….I never imagined it would become like this. Besides, if he crosses to that side, it will be over, so we’ll have to be faster than they are」


Shina who muttered like she was cornered.


While listening, I,


「We should look for that person. However, I don’t know about combat relations」


「That magic before is enough. I wonder what sort of cheat that was」


「”Efficiency Cheat”」


「I see, “Efficiency Cheat”. And it changed shape」


「However, I don’t understand any of this」


「It should of have been an amplifier of the ability of the staff……Ah, it’s going to be necessary to explain to you regarding magic. I understand now, I will explain it from the start」


And so that’s what Shina said to me





Why does it always end with “And that’s what she said” “That’s what Shina said to me” “And so I was told”… seriously….but nonetheless, here’s your chapter!

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