Obtaining the Strongest Cheat – c1

CHAPTER 1: A Sudden Transition to a Different World


With the summer season of the first day of September starts out hot, I, Akira Sadaki (16 years old) was returning while eating ice cream.
The ice is soda-flavored.
I thought about going out, while thinking about things, I changed my mind.


Since it wasn’t such a successful trial for me, I cleared things up that were common, and I didn’t even have social anxiety. I began to look around as to whether a recycling bin was nearby.
With roads and residential areas spread black all around, I couldn’t find the letters “recycling bin” nearby.
Then, I suddenly fell into a mysterious manhole that opened below my feet.




The scenery that was the daytime light I was just in became the shape of a circle… then slowly becoming a point and disappeared.
I can’t see anything with my entire surroundings being darkness itself.
What the hell is going on! Perhaps,


「This must be a transfer to a different world!」


『Correct answer.』


「No, I don’t need a response, just return me to my original world!  The Light Novel is at its greatest part right now!」
[TL Note: It’s a manga, not a real one though, as far as I know | EDIT: It’s a Light novel, sorry about that.]


Yup, I was reading a Light Novel yesterday late at night, but my mother noticed and she turned off the lights, furthermore, I had school today so I couldn’t read the continuation.
The continuation was becoming a matter of concern, it was intolerable, but then,


『But it’s a fantasy world where that “Light Novel” is closely similar to it. I would recommend it.』


「No, thank you for the help. I definitely don’t want to go to a different world where there is no internet.」
[TL Note: I do, because of girls, adventures, guilds, monster girls, slime girls, monster girls, elves, monster girls.]


『Un, Since the “era of time” of the other world is slightly different to yours, it is necessary to fix it, but if you don’t mind it, I can allow you to connect to the internet!』


「But, the funds, what about them?」


A sudden different world transition is going to be hard with zero funds.
There won’t be able to explain things, and it will be hard to ask for help.
So I say,


『Then as a service, 10 thousand pieces of gold~』


「With that, what do you want me to do?」


As I heard a voice, I listened to what I should listen to first for the moment,




「You’ve become silent. I can smell the landmine of this. I’ll just go home…」


『Oh, that’s already impossible, so please choose a special ability (cheat) from the next button. Three random abilities will appear if you push the button, so please choose one from the three. If not, it’s possible to let you transfer now.』


I heard the mysterious strange voice and on.
And I began thinking about what to do.





The first chapter of this series, not so bad, unlike that other one, the guy just keeps thinking the different world was a damn game.. like dafuq, well, this one is new and sounds cool, so.

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    Before reading, I bow down before the mighty author who created this novel. I myself am prideful of my efficiency and now seeing such a novel. It is a must read for me!

  2. Unknown says:

    Alright! The thing hooked me with the protagonist reaction. He knows his priorities! No internet? Then give me internet! Missed novels? Forget that! I rather not go!
    This protagonist has common sense and a brain for once!

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    Thanks for the chapter.

    Btw. did you decide to translate this novel?
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      P:S.: On the overview “Level up just by eating is also still in the “planned” section.
      P.P.S.: Under “completed” should be “Level up by walking”, right?

  4. Hey! Did not know this was being translated. I saw the vote pole back when i was reading 10,000 steps.
    and i was unaware which of the two won the vote. Last i saw ex hero candidate was winning at 54%.
    But then i saw this on novel updates when i was looking for a new Cheat type isekai novel.
    BTW i voted for this novel. wanted to see something new and the MTL i attempted to use helped me understand about 40% of this chapter….
    But any way thanks for the chapter and i look forward to your future releases,

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