Is He A Hero? Yup – c5

CHAPTER 5: The Hero’s Beginning Starts with Staple Food?


A demonic flying squirrel appeared from a barrel. The Hero and the King entered combat mode.


「Hero-dono! Get a weapon quick!」




The Hero confronted a demonic flying squirrel with a 60cm wooden stick.

「Cho~tsu… Hero-dono!? What are you doing with a stick!」
[TL Note: I laughed from this….. it was funny]


「I’m still level 1, so.」


「Kyahaha, taking such an attitude Hero-sama!」


A high-speed moving demonic flying squirrel. The Hero lost sight of the enemy. The King trembled and couldn’t move.


「Fast! Can’t you see it with your eyes!?」


「Gyahaha, are you ready now? Gyahahaha! Then I will kill you as you like!!」


The demonic flying squirrel is flying at high-speed. The Hero’s clothes have been disordered by the wind pressure of the high-speed movements.




The Hero attacked. Dealing 4 damage to the demonic flying squirrel.


「Gya! Wait…! What!?」


「Being quick, but the movement itself is simple? Maa~, it’s a tutorial.」
[TL Note: Slightly getting irritated..]


The Hero is upset and so is the demonic flying squirrel. The King spoke as he noticed something.


「I see! Cloth clothes! You read the demon’s next move from the wind pressure! And with a stick that does not exceed offensive power, but is easily swingable and mobile with ease!」


「Ki-ki, did you read that it was the sort of fight with mobility by taking advantage of the weight when holding a barrel?」


The demon and the King came to a conclusion while the Hero was puzzled.


「I thought that if I swing it somehow with a sense of hitting you, you’ll get hit.」


「Well…. I guess the weak won’t talk! Gigigi!」


The demonic flying squirrel attacked. The Hero received 8 damage.


「Gu~tsu, it hurts after all.」
[TL Note: Slightly getting a bit more irritated. Might drop this damn series if he doesn’t f**king hold his s**t together]


The Hero bleeds.


「Her-dono! This demon!」


The King attacks. Miss, the attack was not successful.


「Gigigi, I wish I should have given you the decisive blow when you stopped! I’m not talking.」




The demon attacks. The Hero receives 10 damage.






The Hero is suffering a serious injury. The demon laughs fearlessly.


「Gihehe, if you have such a wound, you won’t move any further. Then, just be there and see the King of the kingdom get chopped up!」


The demon attacked. The King received 3 damage and his clothes were torn.




「Kyaha, you were a woman?」


The demon looks at the ‘King’ as if licking the King.
[TL Note: I’m just doing my job.. wtf is this s**t?]


「Gihi~tsu, I guess I tried too hard on pretending to be a guy… Such broken abdominal muscles are too streaky and can’t be eaten. A~, don’t you eat human males too? Ka hahahaa!」


「Ku~tsu! What a guess!」


The ‘King’ points the sword-tip at the demon. The demon laughs. Mixed from the laughter, sounds of a cattle grazing grass was heard somewhere.


「*chomp chomp*….There seems to be a demand for for heroines.」


A bloodied Hero was standing behind the demon. The Hero attacks.






The demon was blown off by the attack of the Hero and was stuck to the ‘King’s’ sword. The demon was defeated in a single blow. 18 Damage.


「Giha~tsu, how can you move…?」


「Eh? If my HP still has 1, I can act normally? *eating munching*」


The ‘King’ and demon stiffen. The Hero attacks.




The demon received 3 damage. The demon was defeated.


「What….. spiritual pressure….」


The demon said so and died then disappeared. The absentminded ‘King’ pulled ‘himself’ together.


「….Hero-dono! Are you all right!?」


「Fine, fine. I used the medicinal herbs. *eating crunching*, *swallow*」


「Ano, Hero-dono? You just swallowed the medicinal herb…」


「That’s right, but?」


「Medicinal herbs are what you use for wounds and you eat them…」


「Well… then my HP….」


「It is not meaningless because there is a tonic effect and the bleeding will not stop…Hero-dono!」


The Hero collapsed. The ‘King’ ran to the Hero, and the crown which fell undo the hair of the ‘King’ which was unraveled, and long.


「Really… I wish I had more strength. *wobble*」


The Hero fainted.




At that time, the Goddess of the heavenly world.


「O Hero-yo, I am ashamed that you collapsed at the early stages. If you don’t die, then somehow, please do your best in your condition.」


The Hero reached level 2.


「In the meantime, this is a service from me. I intended to give this after eating around 100 rations, but it’s okay not to have any effects on your status.」


The Hero acquired the title of Vegetarian.





YUP, I AM PUTTING THIS SERIES ON HOLD, And this will be the last chapter of any series today, no 10,000 steps today, sorry. I have too many things to deal with at home.

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