Is He A Hero? Yup – c4

CHAPTER 4: The Hero Has Gone Mad?


We gather around the conference room of the Kingdom of Kuupurum and King explained the situation.


「Hero-dono, I thank you again for having to be summoned to save the kingdom’s crisis. Our kingdom is surrounded by the Demon Lord’s subordinates and is in danger of becoming extinct. I would like to have you look at this map.」




「There are currently four dungeons that are surrounding Kuupurum. One in the Northern Forest, and one in the East where there’s a poisonous swamp polluted by the demons. and in the South is a copper mine、the fourth one is the tower in the West.」


「I see. May I hold onto this map?」


「Of course, let’s prepare the things necessary for the journey.」


「One medicinal herb and 200 gold pieces.」


「One medicinal herb and 200 gold pieces? Is that all?」




At that moment, the King thought…this Hero is experienced. To be frank, he had a weak impression because of the imperfect summoning. This must be a hero who’s rescued another world.


「Fufufu, I see. Is it because the extra equipment would be aimed by bandits and by not having extra equipment, it won’t cause an uproar? However, I do not have a single weapon or protective armor.」


「Certainly, the clothes you received from the maid-san. About the things you want to equip.」


Attire made out of cloth is protective gear for a hero!? When I saw a gladiator in a foreign Colosseum, I wondered why he was wearing a helmet and a waistband naked, I have heard the reason. I’m thankful for that gladiator.


“If you wear clothing, it will only be easier for you to be grabbed, it’s the same with armor if you are pinned down, you’ll be stabbed from the gaps of the armor. The head will only be protected securely by the helmet. The aftertaste won’t look so good but if you are to choose, it is easier to target one’s forearm, whether you wear gauntlets or not, and if you do and your arm gets heavy, you won’t be able to use your weapon or swing it.”
[TL Note: This is what he heard from the past, and the gladiator was the one who told him that.]


I was convinced about the opinion because it was the opinion of a person who specifically fought against humans in the arena. The hero tells what sort of equipment he’d find for protective clothing.


And when the King thought of such a thing, a maid brought a bag with the gold pieces and medicinal herb and handed it to the hero.


「Hero-sama, here is the requested goods.」


「Thank you very much.」


When the King stopped thinking and returns to look at the hero, he remembered that he still is weaponless.


「I’ll take care of you Hero, so let’s head to the arsenal.」




The King and the Hero arrived at the arsenal.


「Now, Hero-dono. You may choose the weapon you like.」




The Hero walks inside *teku teku* while looking around the arsenal.
[TL Note: *Footsteps*]


「*teku teku*」


Lifts a barrel without looking for a weapon.






「Gan! Gorogoro….」


The thrown barrel rolls towards the back after hitting the floor. The Hero then murmured something after looking at it strangely.


「Are? It doesn’t break?」


「What are you doing Hero-dono!?」


「Nothing, since after I pick a weapon, we’ll proceed eventually.」


[TL Note: *clomp clunk*]


A noise came out from the barrel that I threw.


「….Ide dededede, damned Hero.」


Listening to the voice, the King screams.


「Who are you!!」




The demonic flying squirrel jumps out from the barrel and the King is bewildered.


「A demon! You were hiding in the castle?」


「Kyahehehehe! I heard that you summoned a hero! I was trying to sneak out secretly but… Kyahahah! It seems like it was a bit too late. As expected of the Hero, to notice me as soon as you entered the room from the very beginning.」


The Hero stares at the demonic flying squirrel and answers curtly.


「No. It was a coincidence.」


「Hyeh! What an attitude you have! I will bury you here along with the King!」





Though in the last few chapters, I’ve received criticism because of my horrible translating, I’d accepted that instead of hating on that person for how he/she acted, but it’s normal considering how horrible I translated this series. And with that, I took in his/her advice and fixed certain issues that happened in the last chapters.

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