Is He A Hero? Yup – c3

CHAPTER 3: Hero Summoning


Within the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Kuupurum. There was a summoning ceremony carried out by the King and Court Mages.


「King!! Court mages! In your positions!」

「O~! The Goddess replied! We thank you, God!」


With the few tools I lost that were needed for the summoning, I was worried whether it would succeed or not but it became a success somehow.



A voice of a divine woman was heard from the ears of the King who was praying.


「At most, I regret it but….」


The king was astonished by the voice.






A shockwave sounded throughout the Royal Palace and a man emerged.


「Oh, have you come, Hero-yo? King? Is something the matter?」
[TL Note: From now on, I’ll be saying it as

「N,no it’s nothing.」


The King pulled himself together with the Priest’s words. The voice from earlier was a hallucination brought about of the kingdom’s crisis. The smoke of the summoning formation cleared and I was able to confirm the figure of the Hero. It was a naked man kneeling with one knee.


「Itata~tata~…eh! Why am I naked?」


The King immediately understood the situation.




「Yes, what is it?」


Maids appeared out of nowhere and bowed to the King.


「Immediately serve the Hero!」


「Certainly. Then, Hero-sama, please excuse me.」


A maid surrounded the Hero, took his measures and picked out clothes from somewhere.


「E, wait a minute. I can change myself.」


「I’ve already completed it.」


The Hero had then already been put on clothes carrying out from the middle-ages.


「Fast~tsu! Maid-san, you’re awesome!」


「I am grateful to have your praise.」


The King walks up to the Hero, and the maids made a way from side to side


「Hero-dono, I’m sorry. Because I held a forcible summoning ceremony, this sort of thing happened, please forgive me. In order to save and stop the crisis of the kingdom, we held a summoning, so I appreciate your help.」


「No, don’t be worried since I’ve heard about your circumstances. I feel like I was forcibly taken away though…. but, King?」


The Hero stared at the King’s face wonderingly.


「What is it, Hero-dono?」


「You are surprisingly young. I expected an old man with a whiskery mustache and a beard.」


「You’ve become aware, Hero-dono, the King is somewhat young to become the King. I wish my father and mother were still alive…」
[TL Note: He says ‘chichiue’ and ‘hahaue’ which is the formal version of ‘father’ and ‘mother’, I guess]


「Excuse me. I was being rude…」


「No, it’s fine, Hero.」


The King murmured something while holding his chin.


「Should I have prepared a fake mustache at the least?」


The Hero couldn’t hear the King’s voice quite well and spoke back.


「Did you say something?」


The King panicked.


「It is nothing, Hero-dono! Now, let’s go to the conference room for further details.」


The heroes then moved to the conference room.
[TL Note: This was said ‘勇者たち’ and read as ‘yuusha-tachi’ so there are more heroes… apparently.. dafuq?]





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