Is He A Hero? Yup – c2

CHAPTER 2: Story Introduction Two


What happened last time. I died and I was summoned by a Goddess. She took care of my family that I left behind and helped them in a lot of situations.


And the Goddess now wants to go over to the main topic.


「Hero, you’ve already noticed this, but since you’re sufficient to become a Hero, you’ll be reincarnated to a different world now.」


「Yeah, I know. You kept calling me a Hero.」


「Then that saves me the trouble. From this point, you will be reincarnated to the Kingdom of Kuupurum, a small country in the other world to conquer the surrounding dungeons.」


「So, I will conquer dungeons instead of saving the world?」


「It is to weaken the demons, as to not damage the kingdom. By all means, you are free to rampage all you want.」


「Ano, speaking of that, are you going to lend me support from thereon?」


「Yes, in order to get rid of the language barriers, I will give you skills. And you will be summoned to the Royal Palace and they’ll take care of you from there.」


「Ah, so that’s the kind of story. But I’m not accustomed to battles.」


「Please be relieved, Hero.」


The Goddess laughed while smiling.


「The world you’ll reincarnate to is a world blessed by God. There are levels and occupations in this world, like an RPG. You gain the blessings from God when you defeat your enemies in battles, and you can improve your physical abilities and strengthen your skills when a blessing exceed a certain amount. Meaning you will level up.」


「So that means everyone in that world uses that sort of thing?」


「Correct, it means it isn’t your special ability. But if you keep doing simple tasks, you’ll soon grow stronger. Please head to the Cathedral if your level accumulates. Since you will be able to switch your occupation to a much superior one.」


「What if I get done in by a monster before getting stronger…」


The Goddess laughs with her open mouth.


「If you do not fight, you will perish along with the Kingdom. Nee, it’s simple, Hero-sama.」
[TL Note: She used ‘yuusha-sama’ this time, but it’s usually ‘yuusha yo’]


I wonder if I’ll be able to fight for the time being.


「I wonder why I was the one chosen…」
[TL Note: You know man, I also want to f**king reincarnate as a Hero, but that’s not possible]


「Ah, that’s not it. You were just in the perfect spot when the hero summoning ceremony took place in the Royal Palace, it was basically a cliche. Like a tribute.」


For some reason, the Goddess’ expression turns dark.


「U? Un?」


As for me, I was a little confused but didn’t worry about such a thing, and so the Goddess continued.


「Then. Ah, when I thought about how I should respond to impolite people like you, I thought that was exactly how I should have done it…」


「What did you mean impolite?」


「It’s just that I made a proper choice on the suitable responses. Now, Hero, it is time for you to depart.」




「*bachi* *bachi* *bachi*」
[TL Note: Drumrolls]

The Goddess imitates her fingers on a drumroll with a mixed expression of anger, like a boss of a space movie and then opens the gate.


「Now, Hero, please show the world your appearance that you will help them out from the dangers of the world!」


A certain thought popped inside my head when I was about to depart.


「That Goddess…What was my name?」


「Hmm? Oh, just choose whatever. Since your new life begins from now on!」


Even if you tell me to choose whatever. I have troubles coming up with a name, and moreover, a fantasy RPG-like name…


「Since, I’m a Hero, I’ll go with Yuuto.」


And so, my journey started.





Chapter two of this series. I might do another one, or not, because I might do 10,000 Steps or Ecstas Online later, really depends on what you guys want.

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