Is He A Hero? Yup – c1

CHAPTER 1: Story Introduction One


「Hero, rise and open your eyes.」


Hearing the woman’s voice who I was not accustomed to echoes directly in my head… My awareness wasn’t clear, so I opened my eyes as told.


「Uww… What is this place?」


「Have you rosen, Hero?」


When I opened my eyes, a goddess? When I looked around, all I see was emptiness, there was no floor in this realm, and there is a feeling that I’m floating.


「Oh… No way, are you a female alien!? What? What are you planning to do to me!?」


「I am a Goddess, Hero, not an extraterrestrial life form. You have died, Hero.」


You’re not an alien? Moreover, I’m dead? A woman who claimed herself as a goddess kept talking.


「For three nights, you participated in a thing called the Uzuhon sale at the morning summer party. On the third night, you were drunk, and without thinking about transportation, you challenged yourself to go back home walking and ran out of energy.」


「I’m actually dead… but I didn’t even think this was a dream.」


I wonder if I should be more disgusted with my death, or the sensation that my body has already disappeared and my consciousness lost its visions after the second day of the event, so I’m not even sure if my death was certain.


「Then, what about my possessions!?」


The goddess gently expanded both of her hands and said.


「Please be relieved, Hero. All of your possessions are being sold by the hands of your family, and you gave the insurance money to your grandfather and used it to get lottery tickets. And by God, luck was on their side, so they won first prize and will be able to live in peace.」
[TL Note: Until they’re dead. HAH!]


My possessions were being sold….


「Kusoo! If only I had a bit more strength back then.」


「My deepest condolences, Hero. I am not exactly in charge of your wife, but we are currently looking for a new gentleman for her.」


It seems like the Goddess made a mistake and muttered something.


「Etto, that goddess?」


「You understand what I mean, Hero. Your wife also has a new future in her life…」


「You’re talking about my wife that I married through an online game, right? Mofunyan-san was originally a guy, to begin with.」
[TL Note: Moral of this sentence: You can marry anyone in a game, if they are the opposite gender, even if they’re the same gender as you in real life. ;)]




At that very moment, I felt like the world froze. The goddess with the beautiful face opens her mouth after being silent for a while.


「It seems like there was something wrong with the given information. We will take appropriate measures right now, so please wait a moment.」




The goddess bows and disappears. I waited around for 15 minutes until she returned.


「I’m sorry. The man was already tied with her daughter, and….」
[TL Note: She was planning on taking the man away from his daughter]


「No, if he’s happy, it’s okay.」


It was a real otokonoko. When I’m alive again, I want to see him at least once.


「On the other hand, there is no longer any preeminence so I will move on to the main topic.」


「Yes, go ahead.」


Things were getting a lot better, for a lot of reasons.

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