Humans are the Strongest Race [LN] – v1c4

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 4: Strengthening My Cute Subordinates


In conclusion, today’s battle results were good.

Originally, the Elves tend to live inside the forest, a race excelling in their hunting abilities.

Ria also seems to have perseverance, in addition to the Horohorochou, we’ve also obtained wild grass, mushrooms, and fruits serving as our food.

I who came home, decided to burn the Horohrochou by putting it on the fire in front of the cave.


「…….Un. This is delicious!」


The outside is crispy while the inside is juicy!

Seasoning it is the most simple thing by using salt, making the taste more complimenting on the contrary.


「I’m very happy for you to say that, Master-desu. Since there’s plentiful food, please eat more steadily」


「Thank you. Ria」


I’m deeply moved to have a beautiful elf girl making me food in the morning.

I continued eating the Horohorochou as recommended by Ria.



It would be nice if a girl like Ria becomes my wife.

Being a beautiful woman, kind and affectionate, good at cooking, she’s irresistible.


「By the way, Ria. I’ve been wondering about something. How come I, in my original world, couldn’t use magic? In the world that’s called Earth, we Humans weren’t such an unusual existence……And I’ve never seen anyone using magic before」


「……That’s certainly a strange thing-desu ne. Magical power is the original power that all of life has. I couldn’t think of something like magical power not existing」
[TL Note: Changed magic power to magical power]


For now, Ria said「Un」bothering herself.


「This is only a hypothesis but, perhaps the world Master was in, did the stars themselves consist of Dark Matter?」


「……Dark Matter?」


「Yes. The Dark Matter, it has the effects of absorbing magical power that’s surrounding and making it ineffective. Even there are things like that in our world, being collected in small quantities-desu」


「I see now」


If it’s such a situation, I can only nod to why living beings on Earth can’t use magic.

However……It will be something that I will not be able to confirm now.






「Fuu……I ateee aaaa lot……..」


It was time for a break after eating our meal.

Lying down on the bed immersed in the aftertaste of the meal.

No. It’s because I ate too much.

I wanted to drink water after lying down.


「Alright. Lime. Let’s go for a walk together」




Going for a walk together with Lime, she’s also playing the role as my personal bodyguard.

Since there are also demons that are more dangerous besides than the slimes inside the forest.


In addition to Lime, she is left with the duty of collecting the relics that are falling to the ground when I walk around.

It’s really nice for Ria to ask for but, I feel sorry for Lime every time I head out to drink.


「Please wait a moment!」


Ria called out to me when I was about to head out.


「I have something to talk about you but……If you don’t mind it…..would Master give me one of his relics?」


「N? What’s wrong, to do that so suddenly」


「I deeply became aware of it today. I am someone who’s an insufficient subordinate to Master…..That’s why I want to receive a relic from Master so I can get stronger-desu」





I guess I’ve depended on Lime for too long huh.

The more I depend on Lime, the more Ria would have a complicated feeling.


「I understand. Should I do something like an indirect kiss like what happened yesterday?」


I who felt embarrassed, cannot just be given the circumstances of doing so because of our current situation.

It’s seriously life-threatening for me to strengthen my subordinates.


「No. I mean…..If possible, I’d appreciate it if it was mouth-to-mouth with Master……」




「Yes. The efficiency intake of the magical power would improve rapidly if it’s mouth-to-mouth. Of course, it’s okay if it’s unreasonable. Depending on my way of thinking and my remarks…..I can also just force a kiss at Master and receive it」


No way…..No way that’s impossible!

I did not know such an opportunity for me to kiss such a cute girl would come!


「If Ria doesn’t dislike it, then it’s fine」


「……Are you sure!?」


Giving her consent, Ria had a smile like a flower blooming.

W, was I misunderstood!?


Ria who intents to consume magical power and strengthen herself, I’m basically consenting to her expectations!?

There’s no further meaning to it.

There’s absolutely no further meaning beyond that.


「Then……if you’ll excuse me…..」


Ria who sat down next to me, gently brought her face closer to mine.

I, I don’t believe it.

Will I be kissing such a cute girl from time to time from now on…..?


Trembling at the moment, Ria placed her lips without hesitation.

Even if it’s a kiss, it would be something incomparable to a foreign drama with family members and mutual friends.

It’s because it’s with someone who’s dense and whose only purpose is exchanging saliva.



「N chyu~…… chiyu~…..」


Nevertheless, why is she so aggressive!?

Like an animal devouring food.

Persistently. Carefully.

My tongue and hers are entwining around.

I’ve never seen such a kiss like this!?

At the front teeth, back teeth, to my tongue, my gums, and my throat……

It’s most likely all the places inside my mouth will be licked thoroughly after it’s done.


「Amazing….! Master’s……..delicious-desu……! Steadily……just steadily…..power is overflowing inside…..」


It’s perhaps the Human race’s saliva, act like an aphrodisiac.

Ria’s expression is quite different from the one previously.

Her face is flushed, and her eyes are wide open entering a state where her eyes will go white.

Her facial expression slovenly loosened up, there was her dignified usual atmosphere out of nowhere.



If she becomes like this, she can come back!

Preparing myself, I accepted and received Ria’s tongue.






In the meantime, the current place, is the Royal Capital《Mizugard》approximately 30 kilometers away from where the hideout is.


After one of the moons was destroyed caused by an unknown explosion, the Royal Capital, fell into an unprecedented great panic.


「Uhmm! Such an important situation and the second research corp hasn’t even returned yet!」


Inside the Royal Capital, one person who had put up a blue line inside the temple scolded his subordinate.

He is the Captain of Order of the Knights, Kazuru.

From the standpoint of having one of the moons destroyed, and dealing with it, Kazuru who was to push ahead single-handedly became impatient.


The residents of the city, decided to call this as『A Demon’s Rebellion』of the latest incident, and there was useless uproar going on.

Kazuru had as a top priority and was about to do, was to investigate the cause of the moon’s destruction.


「Knight Captain. I have returned!」


The voice of a young girl resounded inside the temple.

The name of the girl who brought a long sword which didn’t fit with her body size was Rozetta.

Rozetta who was a《Newman》were a race that excelled in balancing out among the new generations as humans, and Rozetta, was made the Ace of the Order of the Knights.


「Ooh! Rozetta…..! You’ve returned! Now, what were the results of the investigation!?」


Kazuru who was looking into the cause of the moon’s destruction and the rebellion, judged it was because of a recently discovered ancient ruin.

Inside the ancient ruins where the Human race left, there were probably unknown weapons which possessed advanced technology.



Being called a Regalia, as soon as being discovered, it’s to be put inside the treasury of the Kingdom.

If a Regalia destroyed the moon is found, they’ll use whatever they have to do to obtain it.


If it falls into the hands of another country――The world’s situation would be turned upside down in an instant.


「Please look at this for the moment. It’s the item that was discovered in the investigation」


Kazuru looked over at the item Rozetta took out and his eyes widened with a surprised expression.


「This is….. a strand of hair….? Is it possible a relic….!?」


It was revealed to be a relic that was contained with a huge amount of magical power that was out of the norm.

Due to the nature of their job, it was usually Kazuru who deals with the relics, but have never seen a relic that had so much magical power contained inside.


「How strange…..This relic is 10 times stronger than the ones we’ve gotten so far…..No, it seems that more magical power is contained inside it!?」


「Of course it does. This relic does not belong to the Human race who lived thousands of years ago but… the Human race that’s currently living in modern times alongside us」


「What’d you just say…..!?」


Those words brought Kazuru quite a shock.


「Are you saying that the Human race still lives in the present?」


「Don’t know. Even so far……However, don’t you think we can make a guess to why one of the moons was solely destroyed?」


「U, umu. Certainly, that’s true」


In the ancient times, it was said that the Human race was eradicated due to the powers of themselves were too strong.

As a result of their dispute, the lands became scorched earth, and said to have faded naturally.


After the Human race’s extinction, new races such as the Beastmen, Elves, Newmans were born and built a civilization to this day forth.


「Captain. Searching the ruins…..could you leave it all to me?」


「Yeah. However, wasn’t there a deadline for an investigation today?」


「Yes. But, I have some personal concerns…..I won’t need subordinates. I wonder if it’s fine if I can have just one month」




Kazuru who saw Rozetta’s serious expression lets out a long sigh inside his head.

For Kazuru who’s been in a long relationship, knew Rozetta was the type of girl who wouldn’t move even once being the stubborn girl she is.


「I understand. You can do as much as you like then」


「……Wa~. Thank you very much!」


Lowering her head once, Rozetta left the temple.


(Wait for me just a little bit longer. Onee-sama……!)


The first survey team led by Ria, was supposedly annihilated as written in the records.



Ria’s body was not found in the ruins.

Ria was respected more than anything by Rozetta.


Rozetta, who was a selfish girl born from a good family, was only able to climb up because of her present position, it was entirely because of Ria’s guidance.


Nobler than anyone else, that strong person can’t be dead.

Maybe she was hurt while exploring the ruins, it’s possible that she is currently healing herself somewhere.


(I will absolutely find you by any means necessary…..!)


Rozetta who had her resolve, started exploring the surroundings of the ruins.



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