Humans are the Strongest Race [LN] – v1c3

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 3: The Correct Usage of Magic




The very day.

When I woke up, I saw Ria’s figure that was sleeping beside me.

Carefully thinking it through, this might be the first time I’ve gazed at her.

Since when she’s awake, I can’t make eye contact with her because I tense up all of a sudden.

Setting that aside…….

Ria is really an overwhelming beautiful girl looking at her again.

Her height is maybe around 160cm.

Both her hands and feet are long and slender, like the ideal-type of a model.

Her chest is huge too.

I’m certainly sure she has the size of an F Cup if I were to estimate it in an unpolished way.

For me to live together with such a beautiful girl, I wouldn’t be expecting this if I was still in Japan.


「……Wait. This is bad」


I was lost in thought and carelessly gazed at her for approximately five minutes.



Alright then.

I should drink some water before Ria wakes up.

I left the cave when I had those sorts of thoughts.

And there, was a huge mysterious organism standing in front of the cave’s entrance.


「W, what the hell is this!」


「Master! What’s wrong!?」


Ria jumped up startled when she heard my voice.


「…..I get it. That there certainly looks like a slime-desu ne」


「Are the slimes of this world that huge?」


The slime (?) with a blue body had approximately close to 5 meters in height if estimated a little.

It was a size that would most likely be able to swallow a bear in whole, let alone a human being.


「No. Slimes are monsters that even an inexperienced adventurer can defeat. But this slime……the only thing I can think of is that this one has taken an excessive amount of magic power from an external source」


「I guess you’re right」


「Wa……Don’t tell me….!?」


Ria who noticed something unusual turns her head over to me.


「Did you find out something?」


「Master. Did you, from last night…… go to the forest’s spring alone?」


「That’s right, but…. was that wrong?」


Coming here, I was guided, and I saw a spring with fresh clean water was gushing out near the hideout.

And since I was thirsty last night, I went to drink some water secretly.


「That may have been the cause of this. This slime has grown quite abruptly due to the results of absorbing in the water that Master has drunk from」




I understand now.

Summarizing it, it’s the same as when I indirectly kissed Ria yesterday.

I can’t believe even a Human who just came to this damned world can’t even drink in peace……


「……What should I do? We won’t be able to go out like this」


「Please do not worry. An enemy of this degree…..If it’s me who’s been granted Master’s power……!」


When Ria began prefacing, she holds up her hands right towards the slime.


「Burning Bullets!」
[TL Note: I’m not sure how to do this one, kinda confusing, it was ‘Baningu Buretsudo’, and I’m fine with the first one, but the second, confused me]


Right immediately after she recited an incantation.

From Ria’s palm emitted a huge flame in succession.

I wonder if that has something to do with her kissing me indirectly?

The highlight of that power was simply from just one word.




Oi oi.

The slime……how reinforced is this guy?

The surprisingly huge slime, was dealt no damage even from Ria’s magic.


On the contrary, seems like the slime is absorbing the magic that was released with a pleasant feeling while increasing its volume of mass from before.


「I, I will increase my power and attack it again! Burning Blur!」


「Wait a second」


I made Ria who was just about to attack the slime in a hurry stop her action.


「In the first place, this thing……isn’t even hostile to us?」


Now that I think about it.

There was a lot of opportunities for the slime to attack us from its side of view.


But it hasn’t even attacked us even once, isn’t there most likely a possibility that it holds no hostility towards us?


「Master!? That’s too dangerous!」


When I was approaching the slime, Ria made a pale complexion on her face.


「Say. You…….You probably came to me since you have business with me, right?」


「Kyu! Kyu!」


When I was asking a question, the slime quickly compresses its body.



The slime finally became the size of a basketball, and draws near my feet and showed an obedience posture (?).


「I, I cannot believe it……! A monster is showing loyalty……!」


Ria who was staring at the slime was surprised from what suddenly happened and interacted with me.


「Alright. Your name will be『Lime』from now on. I will make you my companion so work hard and persevere for us, alright?」


「Kyu! Kyu!」


Liking my naming senses, Lime raises a voice of joy.

With the circumstances being like this…..I have succeeded in getting a new subordinate.






Me who has succeeded in getting a new companion, I immediately played with Lime inside the house.


「Lime. Your hand」




「Lime. Seconds」




Lime extends out a tentacle every time I call out to it.

Seems like Lime understands what I’m saying.

I’ve clearly understood something from what happened today.


The Humans in this world, have such tremendous influence that even they won’t be able to drink water carelessly.

If my very existence comes to light, this hideout will not be a safe place.

In order to live a peaceful life from now on, it will be necessary for me to gather more companions like Lime.


「Ria. Are you going hunting?」


Ria who took out a bow from the storage, was arranging preparations to head out.


「Yes. It is my top priority to secure breakfast for Master after all」


「You should have discussed it with me…..but would I be able to come with you if there are no obstacles?」


「……Not at all. However, wouldn’t Master be bothered by having to work?」


「There’s no problem. I just want to go since I want to」


I understand that going outside is extremely risky, but as expected, I’ll be bored if I’m always waiting inside the house all the time.


In order for me to know more about this world, I should head out and gather information.






I who raised my eyes suddenly when heading out from the cave, there was a strange sight in front of me.


「Are……why is there two moons……?」


A red moon from the east. A blue moon from the west.

Both were aligned with each other.


「You say such weird things. Isn’t it normal to have two moons?」




I wonder if the environment changes, their common senses would also change.

The inhabitants of this world, seems that it’s normal for there to be two moons.


「Master. I’ve found prey promptly」


Wandering around the forest for a while, Ria pointed her bow at the sky.

Looking at her bow’s direction, a chubby bird stopped on a tree branch.


「That’s a Horohorochou. The Horohorochou have no habitats so they’re wild, and used as food」
[TL Note: Horohorochou is a Helmeted Guinea Fowl, but since that was too long, I used Horohorochou instead]


Ria shot the bow movement without wasting time while fluently explaining.

Right after that.

The Horohorochou that stopped on a tree branch,  falls to the ground while making a fluttering sound.


The speed of the arrow she shot was so fast I couldn’t follow, then the bird suddenly died.


「You’re good」


「Not at all. It’s not a big deal」


Ria who was being modest puts away the Horohorochou inside a bag.


「If you put magic inside the arrowhead, it’s power will rise, and will be able to be controlled to some extent. Master will also be able to do it with a little bit of practice」


I see.

I guess magic was put inside the arrowhead earlier.

That clearly explains why the arrow’s speed was too fast to be seen.


「Hey. Am I also able to use magic?」


「Of course you’ll be able to. The magic of this world is an act of interfering the laws of nature using the magic power inside your body. If someone has enough magic like Master, you’d be able to use powerful magic right away」


Are you serious!?

You should have told me that earlier.

Being able to recite incantations and use magic, has always been my dream since I was a student at a junior high school.


「How will I be able to use magic?」


「The most important thing is the image. First of all, you’ll need to use『Target Selection』and what you want to use the magic for」


「I get it. It’s target selection」


Well then.

It won’t be fun if a plant is a mark, and since I also want to kill prey just like Ria does.

Is there a prey anywhere that would be okay?


「Ah! What is that shadow floating in the sky?」


Looking at my surroundings, I was able to confirm carefully a mysterious dark shadow was floating in the sky.


「That’s a monster called a Tenryuu. The Tenryuu that lives in a place that’s out of reach, are infamous for not coming down to the surface.
[TL Note: Tenryuu can either mean for Heavenly Dragon, a Dragon of the Skies, etc]


Basically quite a docile monster,  and it comes down once every a hundred years to cause disasters, so the Adventurers Guild gives out a subjugation reward if it’s subjugated」


「I see. It’s a dragon」


It was far too distant from here to verify the details.


The shadow was certainly slim and the shape was snake-like.

Then I should try making that huge Tenryuu my mark and use my magic on it.


「What’s wrong? Is your physical condition okay?」


「…..I’m okay. Please don’t mind it. I just feel a little dizzy」


After the Tenryuu became the topic of discussion, Ria had a pale complexion on her face.

There might probably be a bad memory of that dragon that she remembered.


「After choosing my target, what do I do?」


「The next step is the processing of the magic. Try thinking of『What do you want to do?』in the head while using magic power internally. It’s also okay to recite a chant to make the image more clear」



So it’s not exactly necessary to actually recite a chant if I just imagine it.

I decided to mimic the magic that Ria had used before-hand as an opportunity.

And of course, my target is the Tenryuu flying in the sky.


「Burning Bullets!」


The very next moment after reciting an incantation.

A huge fireball had appeared over two hundred meters from us in the sky.

The fireballs’ heat was hot enough to evaporate the clouds that were near, and flew right towards the Tenryuu.


The Tenryuu that was supposed to receive my magic, had shortly raised a scream filled with agony and its body instantaneously became ashes.


What the hell…. was that magic just now….!?

It wasn’t even near the degree of just being startled…?


Wait……wasn’t that like the power similar to a nuclear weapon?


「Oh, that was surprising. As expected of Master! To even kill a Tenryuu from this far away……You’re too great!」


It was fortunate that my first time using magic, was targetted at a monster flying in the skies.

If I used the same magic for the monsters inside the forest, I doubt even anything here would remain.

Realizing I escaped a disaster, was feeling relieved.



A tremendous shockwave was sent towards the ground.

Looking up towards the sky when I thought nothing happened, a huge scene was in front of me.


「The moon…. it’s gone…..?」


The blue moon that was supposedly floating in the western skies, was broken into pieces, and disappeared completely.


「AS EXPECTED OF MASTER! To even destroy the moon because of not being satisfied with the Tenryuu!」


「…..Isn’t, this bad? Now that one of the moons is gone, various ecosystems of this world will be affected negatively…..」


「Master doesn’t have to worry about anything. It’s the moon’s fault for being too weak」




Ria had a point of what she said.

I’m not in the wrong here.

It’s the moon’s fault for being too weak!


Regarding about this situation, I decided to stop thinking about it since I was close to falling ill.


Now that the environment will change, common sense will too.

The common sense of the newborn children will be stated as『There is one moon』




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