Humans are the Strongest Race [LN] – v1c2

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 2: Ria’s Guidance


After that.

I went outside the ruins, I walk walking through the woods which had grown denser with Ria’s guidance.


「Say. Where exactly are we going?」


「Master. I’m afraid to say this」
[TL Note: This was written as ‘主’ but read as ‘aruji’]


Ria had started calling me『Master』from a matter a while ago.

It was somewhat nice, the feeling of being embarrassed was there.


「At the moment, my utmost top priority is ought to have you hidden and that’s what I believe is best」


「………Hiding me?」


「Yes. Originally, I was entrusted with the responsibility to explore the ruins from the royal capital. If I were to not head back, the survey team would have their suspicions and they might find Master’s existence」


「Aren’t you overthinking it? There isn’t any evidence to suggest my existence, right?」


「…..That’s natural for Master’s to say that. However, there isn’t anything to not be cautious about. Since there might be a possibility my subordinate Dekus will report that『There was a Human』in the ruins」




I see.

So basically being excessively cautious huh.

My strength was certainly seen by that beastman once, it might personally be better to cautiously move.


It would be extremely bad if they were to discover me if I move clumsily about, and it would mean using my strength as a human to use it for terrible things.






「We’ve arrived. It’s here」


Being guided by Ria, we arrived at a small cave near a rocky area by the forest.




「This was the hideout my father left me. My father’s life was always aimed for because he was an anthropologist. And because of that, he built hideouts all around the world」


「Wait a minute. Is being an anthropologist that dangerous of an occupation?」


「Yes. It’s all because my father often handled himself with relics many times. There were day and night battles with different organizations just to abuse the power of Human-sama」




I didn’t know that.

That the anthropologists of this world, had things like hideouts.


「…….I am sorry. For Master to live in such a poorly developed house」


Iya iya.

It’s a nice house.

The me who was living a hikikomori life in an apartment with 6 tatami mats, it was an environment that was like heaven.


The entrance is small, but a quite unexpected large area when you enter inside.

The hideout is rather suitable inside a cave, with bookshelves, and facilities such as food storage were prepared before-hand.


「Master, please use this bed for sleeping. I’m afraid that the bedding is poorly-made, but…..I hope it’s good for the time being」


Was what Ria said while introducing me to it, but it was a simple bed wrapped in white sheets.


「I don’t mind it and all but…..where will Ria sleep?」


「I will be standing guard at the entrance of the cave in preparations for an enemy’s attack. I will sleep for 30 minutes a day, since it’s enough for me」


「In a situation like this, isn’t it supposed to be the opposite? Me sleeping on the floor and Ria sleeping on the bed that is」


「I cannot mimic such arrogance! Even if it’s Master’s  wishes, this much is just……」


I wonder if it was too careless of me.

Judging from Ria’s point of view if she sleeps on the bed, it’s like having a god sleeping on the floor instead.


「U~n. Then how about both of us sleeping on the bed together?」


Since it’s a big bed, it would be a shame to not use it together.

And if Ria sleeps on the floor of a cave, there’s a possibility she’ll freeze to death if things don’t go well.


「……With Master!?」
[TL Note: Not sure if I should go with Master or Aruji-sama… what do you guys think?]


「Aah. Sorry. We can think of another method if you hate it」


Oops. That was quite dangerous.

I wouldn’t be able to recover myself from the shock if I was rejected from here.

I might as well go with the style of keeping my mental state by interrupting myself.
[TL Note: He’s talking about the reply above]


「I, I do not hate such a thing! If Master says it’s fine then….. It will be okay!」




You don’t have to forcefully accept it.

It’s an out if I were to sleep on the floor, but it’s safe if we use the same bed together.


「……..Then…….I hope for your patronage in the future」


Ria says so while her face was flushed.

Y, you know, it’s like when two people are having their first night as newly-weds…..

I became embarrassed after hearing that.


Then for a while――

Ria was strangely composing herself until she began fidgeting around.






While cleaning the house along with Ria, daylight passed by and it was night already.

It was finally time for dinner after cleaning.

Well, our circumstances can’t exactly be called luxurious.


I bit through the dried meat that Ria had recommended to me, and decidedly finished our simple dinner.


「Are you not going to have dinner?」


I call out to Ria who was standing guard in front of the entrance of the cave.


「……That was the last remaining food that remained in the food storage. Starting tomorrow, I will look for an opportunity to go hunting, so could I have you wait till then”?」




I knew this was going to happen.

Her suddenly saying『to go hunting』even though it’s night, I knew our food circumstances weren’t well-off.

Of course, letting you do such a dangerous thing is something I can’t let her do.


「I’ll change how I asked of it. Aren’t you going to get hungry if you don’t eat dinner soon?」


「Do not worry about me. I believe even if I do not eat a meal for another three days, I’ll still be okay. And besides, only one remaining piece of meat is left…..For me to eat that piece…..」


「Then, please eat it」


I offered the dried meat that was left.

It was a good thing I didn’t eat it all.

It was maybe that Ria wasn’t eating for my sake.


「I, I cannot receive such a thing! I am although grateful to be given a meal but…..」


「Iya iya. If Ria is hungry, wouldn’t it be trouble if the enemies attack us then?」


After convincing Ria, it seemed as if she was convinced reluctantly.

There, Ria bites through the dried meat in front of her.


Following that――An accident happened.




Ria all of a sudden raised a coquettish voice.


「Oi! Are you alright!?」


But Ria’s body somehow, was illuminating from the darkness of the night.


「Amazing……! This is the Human race….. Master’s power……!」
[TL Note: Indirect touching, or rather, saliva]


My concern was unnecessary.

Looking at Ria’s face that was flushed, she wasn’t feeling『painful』but 『feeling comfortable』instead.


「Thank you very much. Thanks to Master, my magic power, was able to progress dramatically」


「…….Thanks to me?」


「It may have been the food that Master ate had saliva mixed in it. The saliva I’ve received from Master is more delicious compared to any meal I’ve ever eaten」




I see.

To sum it up, it was because of indirect kissing, that Ria was able to achieve a power-up.


Since she can even power-up with just one strand of hair, the raw saliva of a living Human would be more effective.


「It seems that the hunger has now been settled……! I would no longer require dinner if it comes to this」



I guess the power of the Humans in this world is strong.

Although I could have retorted in many ways, Ria’s hunger has been satisfied so let’s just decide with that.





Here’s a chapter of HATSR because, eh. Enjoy it plz. And later will be a chapter of OTSC. So look forward to that!

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