Humans are the Strongest Race [LN] – v1c1

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 1: Summoned to a Different World


I wonder if it’s been pass over three years since I started working at a health foods company.


Both my mind and body have already reached their limits.

My job at the company is a door-to-door selling with health foods.

A salesman, it sounds great and all but, it’s true state was actually high-pressure salesmanship.


Gulping down one pill of diet supplement will kill 1kg.

A specially-made drink which makes your hair all fluffy the moment you drink it.

The company I work for is gaining profits by selling health foods with such effects that seem too suspicious.


Even such a job is more-or-less my regular occupation.

Always telling myself this, from deceiving myself, I feel disgusted.


「Anywhere is fine……if it’s not here……I’d want to go to some other world…..」


My consciousness will soon fade after cowering in my bed, where I fall into a deep slumber.






In the meantime, a different world called《Atherfea》of swords and magic.

There was both a man and a woman inside the settlement of an ancient ruin that exited in Apherthea.

The two people were from the royal capital dispatched as survey team, were in a position for the responsibility of surveying the ruins.


「Amazing…..!  Such relics of the Human race to still remain in perfect condition…..!」


Of the elf race, Ria who is the leader of the survey team, opens her mouth in excitement.


「I wonder if this is a Human’s hair……? Either way, this will be a major discovery that will have its name remain in history!」


When Ria who was absorbed by the strand of hair covered in dust at a corner of the ruins, a man who was a subordinate begins to make a fuss.


「Captain……That’s cheating!  With that relic… it to me too」


Thebeastman Dekus appeals to the captain while wagging his tail around.


There were a lot of subordinates at the start, exploring the ruins took their tolls on them so now it was only Dekus.


「I don’t mind it but…..please treat it carefully. Since the relic is something to be treated with care in the kingdom’s treasury」


In the past, the so-called Human race existed back in Atherfea.

The Human race who existed in the ancient times, possessed an enormous magic power to overwhelm others.

Such an absolute power, was the discovery in the ruins that were found this time――


Just with a touch, your fingers would become hot all due to the magic power being contained in it.


「Kekekeke~. Kekekekekeke~」


The moment he received the relic from Ria, the subordinate beastman leaks a vulgar voice.


「……What’s so funny?」


「Captain-san~. Shouldn’t you have doubted other people a lot more than this? I’m already……fed up with you since I kept on following from the back」


There was a sudden change of his behavior from the occupation and his everyday faithfulness.

The beastman Dekus had suddenly started taking a tone that was entirely different.


(Is it a betrayal…..Such a stupid thing…..!)


Ria who witnessed a change in his subordinate’s behavior sighs.


If you certainly sell the relic that was discovered here, it is possible for even your seventh generation to just keep on playing around from the money gained.



It is only if he successfully escapes from these ruins.


To Ria who was famous as the greatest magician of the kingdom, Dekus’ revolution was nothing to be feared about.





Ria was at a loss for words after Dekus’ next movement.

What is Dekus doing――Putting the hair inside his very mouth.


「Kuhahaha haha! This is too good! Power is overflowing my entire body…..! This is……the power of the Human race!」
[TL Note: Not even close mate, that was just one bit of hair, and time for Haine’s knowledge class. There are over 100,000 hair on your head, and if you count your blood, liquid, etc, then that means that very power isn’t even close to being 1%, rather, at least at a 0.00001%. You’re welcome]


Dekus who had taken in the relic and put it in his mouth had his magic power increasing with huge momentum.


「…….What the hell are you doing!? Don’t you understand how valuable that is!?」


Ria who saw the discovery gone in a moment, raises her voice and screams.

The Human race who existed in Atherfea, it was more than 10,000 years ago.


The discovery of a Human body’s part is extremely rare.

It is all the more when it’s crafted into an item that is contained with much magic power.


「I know that. That’s why knowing that, I……I will rule the world with this power!」


Dekus’ body that had succeeded taking in the relic had begun to expand greatly――

His height had approximately reached three meters.

It can’t be helped even if I had the slightest bit of regret of what had happened.


「Blaze Strike!」


Ria shot out a rather deadly fire attribute magic straight at Dekus’ body.


「Wa~wa~! It’s useless!」


However, the blow that hit his body, was erased before even reaching Dekus.


An enormous magic power Dekus released had become a barrier, and so Ria’s attack was nullified completely.


(……Ku~!? The Human’s……..the power of their relics……was it really this strong!?)


There was nothing else to do but fall into despair.


The strike that could even slaughter a large dragon that was forwarded to Deku who had taken in the power of a Human, nothing had made sense.


Ria began thinking.

If so much power resides in a strand of hair――Just how powerful were the Human race.
[TL Note: This part, I had straight-up goosebumps, no joke.]


Immediately after thinking about such a thing.

Ria saw an unbelievable scene in front of her very eyes.

Hiyooooon! Then.

There suddenly was the shadow of a figure who had fallen through the ceilings of the ruins.


「N…….? Where is….. this place?」


What entered Ria’s vision――was the figure of a single figure rubbing his half-asleep eyes.






When my consciousness gradually returned, I was in a place that was not familiar to mine.

I wonder what happened……

It feels like my dreams are becoming somewhat real…..

And there was both a woman and a man in front of me.

The man was extremely tall and had cat ears from the top of his head.


And the woman had sharp ears and was a matchless beautiful girl.


「What is this? Who are you?」


The Ossan with the cat ears had a strange expression on his face.


「…..Y, you mean me? I’m only a Human」


What would have been a better answer in this situation?

The very least is that I have no tail growing out from my waist like this person in front of me, and the case my ears aren’t pointy.

So that’s why me replying『Only a Human』was the best choice of reply I could think of.


「Human, you say….!? This bastard……making a fool of yourself in front of me!」


Fa~!? That’s too much of a false accusation right there!


What were the remarks of me making a fool of you just now!?


The Ossan who lost his own senses thrusts his huge fist towards me.


「……What? Stopping my very blow, you say…..!?」



I was surprised! Mou~!


Because I got surprised by that sudden thrust of his fist…..This Ossan, he’s acting is highly good.

Even though the hit had that much momentum, the power was completely controlled at the end.


And so I began thinking.

I probably have been….maybe caught up in a production film or something.

Thinking that way, this Ossan’s power was unusually weak.


Then I must meet his expectations now that I understand the gist of things.




Raising my voice in exaggeration, I push the Ossan’s body just slightly as it is.


Then, what happened next.

Was the Ossan’s body who had cat ears on his head flies and hits a wall!




As expected of an actor!

Even though I didn’t put that much effort in, the Ossan himself showed a lively movement.

I guess even this person might even be good enough for Hollywood.


「Fuck it all! You better remember this!」


The Ossan leaves with a parting remark,  while he was breathing heavily「ze e ze e」he moved away from me.




The one who called out to me was the beautiful elf girl the same time the Ossan left.


「Etto. You are…..?」


「I’m sorry for delaying this. I am Ria. I am Ria of the Elf race」


The girl who was called Ria reaches out to me with her hands.


「My name is Youji. Amazaki Youji, Human」


「I, I’m deeply moved! You truly are….a Human-sama-desu ne…..!」





I find this hard to understand.

Looking a bit closer, I didn’t feel as if Ria’s ears were artificial.

Is this really a production film shooting site?

It feels rather unnatural since there were no cameras in sight.


The me who kept on receiving such high mysterious remarks from the beautiful elf girl consecutively, I raised a doubt.






「And so you’re saying…..that I’ve been summoned to a different world?」


「……I also can’t believe it just now. However, it seems that the world that Youji-sama was in is completely different from the world I live in」


According to Ria’s explanation, it is said that the current world I’m in at the moment is where dragons and monsters exist.


It’s alright so far.

Being summoned in a world of swords and magic, it truly was one of the very developments I’ve yearned for since reading novels.


「…..So, the humans in this world, we’re a legendary existence?」


「Yes. The Humans such as Youji-sama, your race is known as『The Oldest and Strongest Race』to all of the people here. Your race’s existence is absolute, and are the subjects of religious beliefs」


Regarding this part, an image like that wouldn’t appear.

If anything, I’d say rather than Humans, the Elf race like Ria, had a more noble impression coming out of them.

Well, the Humans of the game world would be a balanced type, so to speak of, a Jack of all trades but that image didn’t come to mind.


「I’ll say it one more. Youji-sama. Your very presence, will be absolute in Atherfea. As a matter of fact, I…..myself have been betrayed by my own subordinate just because of a strand of a Human’s hair」


「…..I see. I guess things have been harsh for you」


That damned…Ossan with the cat ears!

Betraying such a cute girl with elf ears!
[TL Note: I know right! JEEZZZZ!~]


「Hey. Ria. I have one question but… it alright for me to live in this world just like this?」


Just a little…..I have a bad feeling about this.

Just think about it, you know?

In this world, someone could be betrayed by their subordinate who was well-trusted just for a strand of a Human’s hair.


Even a body part would make a huge fuss, and what would happen if a Human were to appear in a town.


「No. If such news such as Youji-sama’s appearance is known to the entire world…..」


「If such a thing is known……?」


You never know what might happen.

Maa, it already feels very unrealistic the moment I was summoned to a different world.

I’m sure I won’t be surprised by most of the things that will happen from here on out.


「Wars will start worldwide for the very reason to acquire Youji-sama’s power」


A crisis of mankind concerning me!?

For Ria’s remark that was rather unexpected, I received quite a shock.


「Why would such a thing…..?」


「It is all because if someone were to gain Youji-sama’s power, then that someone would be able to control the entire world. Even the part of the Human body is called a『Relic』in Atherfea, and is treated as a strategic weapon-class. If there was something that would confirm the existence of a living Human……the grounds of this world would most likely be swallowed by the tides of war」




How should I say this.

Thinking it was just but a gag, Ria’s eyes were genuine serious.


「…….Ria. Tell me. How should I live in this world? I’d want to quietly live without needless disputes happening after another」


Since I was living as a corporate slave in my original world.

It’s not that I have a lingering regret back on Earth.

Rather, if I could start a second life in a different world, I’d take it.


However, to be thrown straight into a worldwide war right away, I wish for a pardon from that.


「There is one method」




Ria is truly reliable.

Given the circumstances that I cannot go outside carelessly, I’ll just have to depend on Ria.


「Youji-sama. You could live in peace by building a place with your very hands!」


The me who received quite an unexpected response, I didn’t fully understand what she meant.


「Etto……What exactly do you mean…..?」


「I’ll explain it to you step by step. Since the Human race are the subjects of religious beliefs, as I said from before…..there are also others who try to exploit the powers of the Human race, like my subordinate


So in order to cope with the threats from the outside, having a base, would mean to be able to prepare for invasions from their subordinates. But if that won’t apply, then there would be no way for Youji-sama to live in peace」


「……You’re joking, right?」


「No. I did not intend for that to be taken as a joke」


Ria who floated a smile on her face, kneels on the ground and took a posture of being loyal.


「Youji-sama. If you desire it, I right here…..promise to swear an eternal loyalty as your subordinate」


A lot of questions still remains but… I could just ask them later about it.

If a pretty girl such as Ria becomes my companion, it might not be that bad to try and build a place to live in peace.


Originally, I was frustrated by my current life thinking 『I want to be needed by someone』and hoped for it.

Thinking about it, I decided to live with Ria.





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