Hainemakoru News #8

Hey guys, so I’ll be continuing my translations this week, tomorrow, aside from that Obtaining the Strongest Cheat one that I’ve dropped, I’m going to start once again tomorrow, as I’ve just mentioned.


My schedule will begin to start like this from now on:
> Ecstas Online [Every day, a least 2,000 words for faster releases]
> Humans are the Strongest Race [Every other day, or sometimes every day for faster releases]


And an honorable mention to William Liu for granting me a happy birthday message along with $10 as a gift, thank you!


That’s all I have to say for you guys, for now…. but other than that, I wish you the best of luck, and hope you readers out there continue reading my translations, even though they aren’t that good.

21 thoughts on “Hainemakoru News #8

  1. Alfa Z says:

    I return from a family trip and it seems to me that no chapter of online ecstasy has been set on the page for a week is hainemakoru-dono fine?
    if you have any problem I hope you can overcome it without any problem.

  2. Siperioz says:

    Hello….. Hainemakoru-san? When will you release your new posts again? You said its two thousand word/day but there hasnt been a post for two weeks. I Hope you will release it soon please

      • chall says:

        Yes, Our lord and savior said he will soon. He had rl school work piling up, not even Hainemakoru can get the motivation do translations for us ungrateful plebs. In all seriousness, class+hours of classwork= not easy to spend hours a week doing tedious translations (not including other rl commitments and actually needing to sleep.). I know it’s not to a good standard to hold but as a student who is doing work just for the acceptance process of yale, I can barely stand to well.. stand.

  3. Doki doki says:

    Has anyone picked up hatsr like ecstas?
    This is frustrating given that he’s not even posting any news or updates..kinda disappointing for a tl who just abandons his projects without a word…

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