Hainemakoru News #2

Sorry guys, I won’t be getting a chapter out today, I’m stressed out from trying to figure out on how to block websites other than NovelUpdates etc from stealing my translation and adding it to their sites without my permission, and not including credit at all, there are some that include the Translator’s site, but I can’t stand it.


I know I’m being a selfish little’ shit but, please do understand, and I’ve just got back from work, really tiring me out.


If anyone knows of a way for Blogspot to block out certain websites from automatically copying a translation and pasting it on their site, you know, the bots, etc, and/or if you know how to stop people from highlighting text in a site, please put it in the comments how to, or links, etc, anything.


Again, I’m sorry for not able to post a chapter today, I’m going to take it easy for now.

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