Hainemakoru News #1

You guys probably didn’t expect this sudden news announcement from me, so I’ll cut right to the chase instead of being chitty-chatty because I know you guys don’t like that unless it’s from a novel you are readin’.


So here are the couple of things that I’ve done and you may have not noticed or, or you probably have because one was so obvious.




So earlier, I was messing around with Blogspot Templates, and I’ve realized that a mobile devices’ battery goes down fast because of how the screen is, the color, etc.


So what I’ve done is made the website darker, rather, dark-themed, that way, your devices’ battery won’t go down fast. I should have done this the moment I made this website, I’m sorry.




You guys maybe have not noticed that I’ve already taken off the poll off.  That’s what it is about.


The results are already in store for you peeps’. So here they are:
From the 155 total voters just from one day, this is the result of the poll.



The winner of the poll is
→ Level Up Just By Eating.


And it seems like we are tied on the second and third here, with:


→ Q: What kind of Cheat do you want? A: I want an Efficiency Cheat ~ Obtaining the Strongest Cheat and went to a Different World traveling with Girls ~


→ Ex-Hero Candidate’s, Who Turned Out To Be A Cheat From Lv2, Laid-back Life In Another World


A pretty tough choice here on which the second series I’ll have to translate. And unfortunately for those other series, you guys will have to be put back on the Planned to Pick-up List. Sorry about this.


So, I will leave it again, to you guys, by creating a poll.


This very poll will decide on the second series I will translate, and the results this time will be visible, because from before, I made it so that the results are not visible to you peeps, that way you will choose the one that you really want to be translated, and I needed your very honest opinion about it.



Before that, thanks to the comments on the poll. I was moved by how positive you guys were. Thank you.


And I am sorry for the guy who wanted me to translate Barrier Master.


Therefore, you can CLICK HERE to cast your vote.


Good luck you guys, and may it be what you wish for.


In case you skipped through everything, here is a short version
→ Winner: Level Up Just By Eating, and two other series will compete for the second translation, so CLICK HERE
→ New Redesigned Blogspot Template
→ Wonderful comments on the Poll, it was fun.

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