Ecstas Online – v1c6

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 6: The Defensive Battle of Caldart


「So, what happened to the girl?」


Aikawa-san who was cleaning the storage room that hasn’t been used for the past 200 years, handled it all alone. Moving the baggage, her mopping the stone floors with her well-experienced hands.


And since the door is locked, I wouldn’t need to worry about someone telling me to lower my voice down. From the window comes in the rays of the sun from daylight, as the dust was reflected and glitters.


「She’s confined indoors」


Aikawa-san who shoved the mop in the bucket, crossed her arms.


「I feel sorry for her, but it can’t be helped. Since we can’t overlook the fact of her trying to reveal the identity of the Demon Lord Hellshaft. Maa, they did say curiosity killed the cat」


Aikawa-san was unusually in a good mood. Thanks to that, I didn’t have to set straight today. Looking straight at me, she gently smiled.


「Although you made a mistake, I believe you did well this time. Using the Hellandia monsters in this condition, you will annihilate the 2A guild the next time」




「Monsters are expendable goods. Use it well to your advantage. That way, using them would have a meaning」


I couldn’t nod to what she said obediently.


「……? What happened to you」


「Uhm, how should I say this….」


The last quest with the Deog tribe……Thought it has been arranged eventually, I was somewhat unsatisfied. Even though the monsters were just used to attack them nonetheless…..


If that were Hell Sector……How would I have felt then?


Iya, it would be the same even if I had Hell Sector. Even if the high-class AI is implemented at a high level, it’s still an NPC monster.


And also…. in the real world, I wonder if they’d be expendable goods.


「What seriously happened to you? Doumeguri-kun」


「Oh, iya. It’s nothing. I will succeed the next time properly」


As a matter of fact, I had miscalculated the abilities of the 2A guild. Though they said they had such a strength. As their levels rise up, it can’t be reversed.


2A will surely be defeated the next time, so to stop their levels from rising.

Fluttering my flame mantle, I head towards the exit.


「As soon as I convey Hell Sector, I will excuse myself then. I wish you best of luck in cleaning, Aikawa-san」


「Eh? O, okay…..」


Leaving Aikawa-san who look puzzled, I head towards the upper-layer of the tower.

It didn’t matter but, I’m going to set up an elevator another time. Although there are 200 meters in height, why is there only stairs.


「I’ve kept you waiting」


Entering the room, I said it greatly. Gradually, the behavior of Hellshaft, was becoming more natural to me.


Recognizing my figure, Adora, Gracia, Forneus, and Satanakia, stood up all at once. And bow down while lowering their heads 90 degrees.


「「「「We sincerely apologize!」」」」


Uwa!? W, what’s going on!?

I got scared. I need to calm down, sit down on the chair, while not panicking.

I proceeded to sit down on the huge chair that had used a dragons’ bones as its frame.


「Raise your heads. I’ll listen to what you have to say」


「Wa~, I thank you for the generous treatment」


The four people raising their upper body, kneeled down this time. And look up at me, then Adora started talking.


「I will speak as instructed by the King, despite our supervisions and strategies, the humans have now suffered an embarrassing defeat. Prior to the attack on Caldart, the humans have now perceived our movements. The Deog tribe that had received a surprise attack, have now suffered from annihilation」


「I was also supposed to gather demonic beasts as mercenaries…..I couldn’t finish it in time」


「Forneus never noticed it-mon. I, if I noticed it, if Forneus was a human, I would have done everyone in-mon!」


「I have talked about it with the Deog tribe. It’s my fault」


The four who were looking down with a commendable attitude. It looks as if they were dogs who were hungry, and got scolded by the owner.


「Fumu……Certainly. This time’s failure is the defeat of Hellandia, we will have to suffer from humiliation and dishonor as it has been decided so」


The four people’s shoulders suddenly jumped.


「That matter in question, engrave it in yourself!


The four of them answered「Haha~!」in unison.They lowered their dropping heads further.


「But the savages of the Deog tribe……It was the sort of life they had to look up to fighting and sacrificing their lives for me, Hellshaft. Let the Deog tribe enter Hellandia with honor! In their graves, carve it in」


Adora raised his head.


「To, have such a generosity towards the savages…..」


Satanakia had tears in her eyes.


「How amiable…..Those of the Deog tribe will certainly be impressed」


I stood up hurriedly.


「Then that’s fine! To prevent more dishonor, we must gain victory further. The Demon Lord’s Kingdom Hellandia and its forces, we will not allow such a defeat!」


The four of them stare at me, and had shining eyes filled with expectations.


「T, then…..」


「Umu. I will forget this time’s failure! However, I do not want to hear any other reports other than success. And, you bastards should be able to do it. Since you are the four generals that I the Demon Lord Hellshaft trusts most. Because you are Hell Sector!」


Staring at the figures of all four of them, the number of《LOYALTY》shown, I noticed that it already was at MAX.


「King…..」「King-sama!」「Hell-sama ♡」「Hellshaft-sama ♥」


The four who had tears in their eyes, looked up at me with crying faces. Somehow….they are easy…..Iya, these guys look cute, somehow.


If the next one is a failure, these guys will probably feel depressed…..And, even they might get defeated. Above all that, I can’t allow any of 2A to level up any further.


After all, I am the key to all this.


Secretly acting for both demons and humans, and having the standpoints and abilities unique only to Hellshaft, I manipulate the situation of war. That was the only thing I could do.


Bending my body back when I took a pose, I declared it solemnly.


「Alright! I will move during this operation. The Demon Lord’s forces strength in Hellandia, let us make the humans realize who’s superior! We will perform an annihilation of the humans this time!!」



+ + +



──LEVEL 25 DISASTER QUEST『The Defensive Battle of Caldart』


「Wait, what the hell is this!?」


Hinazawa who checked the quest information, made a commotion.


「Eh…..what does, this mean?」


Arisugawa who couldn’t understand the contents of the quest, look puzzled.


「What an amazing day! It’s a war, to stand atop!」


「W……war? Fue…..」


Yuuki (Sheltered Girl) seemed to have cried with just that word alone. As for Busujima and Miyakoshi, they had a frown expression when checking the quest information.


「Hey, what does this mean exactly? Can we ignore it?」


Miyakoshi also had the same mouth expression when Busujima asked a question.


「I wonder? But, even if we ignore it, it would mean the enemies will still come to this city」


「Oi, what do you mean, about that? Say, Akira-kun!」


Ichinomiya who confirmed the contents of the quest, had a troubled expression.


「It’s probably some sort of Outbreak quest. Something like a disaster. It occurs forcibly, we still can escape it. As an alternative, we can protect this place, or we can run away」


Everyone fell silent. Currently, their levels are around 18. They’d be hesitant considering it’s a level 25 quest. Even so, they’re having troubling tuning the conditions accordingly. Reducing the number of Hellandia, the number of available NPC’s for 2A will be greatly increased. To do that, me and Hell Sector cannot participate.


My purpose is to annihilate everyone of 2A guild. To achieve that purpose, we set a quest where they’ll have to accept forcefully. At the point that I saw, everyone of 2A who came to Exodia Exodus, and Caldart being their hometown, they know a lot of NPC’s. There probably is emotional attachments to them. Since humans have optimistic imaginations, the mind will unfold the most convenient thing to do. Thinking calmly, this quest is unreasonable, they surely won’t participate.


Holding them down with the overwhelming power, I will punish the people of 2A guild to the depths of despair. As I did to Shizukuishi, breaking her, it makes me think that this game is very unreasonable. Defeating the Demon Lord Hellshaft, I’ll make them realize it’s impossible to capture Infermia.


「I……I want to protect this city」




「Ririko will accept this quest, is what you’re saying, right?」


When Ichinomiya tried confirming it, Asagiri nodded vigorously.


「Because. Haven’t we been here for half a year already? And the people of this city, we’ve completely become friends with them. I guess I’ve grown fond of them….」


Asagiri who chose her words carefully. Had mostly likely ascertained her feelings that she couldn’t understand well.


「Caldart, I have the sort of feeling that this city is my hometown in this world. My city, I believe I should protect the residents of this city……I wonder if it’s strange?」


「I understand……Surely, this is our city. I’ll be devastated if it gets damaged」


Ichinomiya who smiled slightly, and the others starting speaking out their thoughts for this city with bright expressions. Also, it’s just as what I thought. However──I looked up at the ceiling.

Shizukuishi who was confined inside her room, I don’t know what she’s thinking right now.

Then, it was unanimous that everyone accepting the quest except for Shizukuishi. The 2A guild is now facing the defensive battle of Caldart.



+ + +



Caldart is a city fortress surrounded by walls. If they close the solid gate, it will quickly turn into an immediate fortress. It won’t immediately fall by an enemy’s half-hearted attacks. Large-scale cities have numerous stockpiles of water and food.


Standing by the castle wall, a field where a gently hilly area continued, and I from there was staring at the forces of Hellandia eroding the field.


The forces were divided into four huge corps. Adora’s blood-sucking monster corp, Gracia’s demon beasts corp, Forneus’ undead corp, and Satanakia’s dark elves corp.


The four generals of Hell Sector on their own respective sedan chairs, was staring at Caldart from a high area with the aim of capturing it. Increasing the fighting spirits of the four corps, a troll with a height of five meters was marching and drumming could be heard.


And there was dancing music spreading around, as I could hear the tension that kept rising. there, a band and a songstress gets up on the stage the troll was pulling on, and played an instrument that increased the fighting spirits. The songstress was a white elf who had a collar attached. The restraints were not for fashion, it was a proof that she was a captured slave.


The song that was calling out, from Hellandia’s rear, a black cloud of lightning welled up. Accordance with Hellandia’s advance, the blue sky was driven out.


「It’s finally time…..」


Asagiri who stood before me nodded with tension in her expression.


「I guess so……」


Asagiri looks down at the castle walls. A figure of an NPC was there who was in the state of panicking inside the town. Old people, females and children, and there was also the old man who Asagiri was sold an item from.


「I will definitely protect this place. This Caldart」


Everyone except for Shizukuishi stood on the wall, watch as the forces of Hellandia close in on them.

Another 200 meters, as they were approaching, Ichinomiya unsheathed his sword.


「Archer units, shooooot!」


The NPC archer simultaneously draws out their bows. Drawing a parabola and flew, and pierced a beastman walking in the front lines of Hellandia. Triggered because of the beastman falling down while spitting out blood, Gracia screamed.




Raising a cry like a howl, the beastmen with all sorts of appearances such as wolves and bears started running right towards the castle walls.


Satanakia waved her arms and gave out an order.




The Dark Elves corps draw out their bows, they strike back with their arrows flying. An arrow of rain from each camp. Though the dark elves’ arrows were more accurate. As to why the archers of Caldart were overthrown one after another.


「Now everyone ~ Let’s do our best, Forneus is in high spirits-mon!」


The undead corp that Forneus lead. Skeletons that wore armor. Unknown of death, no, being dead soldiers already, they spread themselves on the grasslands and advance to the castle walls.


「Invade the fortress from the skies!」


Under Adora’s direct instructions, humanoid monsters with bat wings flew to the skies. Slipping through the flying arrows, they approach the castle walls.


「Shoot them down!」


Ichinomiya ordered to concentrate on the flying bat monsters. Being shot one after another, one slip through the barrage, and tried invading the insides of the castle walls.


「Oh craaap! This is bad!」


Ogiya who became panicked, the flying bat monster was not able to enter inside Caldart. Resisted by something like an invisible wall, it fell to the ground.


──After all. It’s just like what Aikawa-san said.


『Because of Adora’s and Forneus’ corps, they won’t be able to invade from the skies. It is decided by the rules of the game. When defeating a garrison, and not being able to break the castle gate and go inside, you won’t be able to capture it』


No choice but to strike from the front. In other words, it will turn out a war of attrition.

──Hittting from the front as it currently is, both parties would have enormous casualties.


「Another arrow barrage is coming! Watch out for them!」


Becoming aware of that voice, I raise my shield above my head immediately. Arrows that was like rain poured down. The impact to the shield was like a continuous kick echoing to my arm. One arrow penetrated the shield, and an arrowhead grazed my face.


This shield is no longer able to take any more. Throwing away the shield, I look under the castle walls. Gracia and Forneus’ corps, had already come under the castle walls. The Hellandians were climbing up the wall, as the NPC’s struggled as they drop stones.
[TL Note: This looks like fucking Helm’s Deep from TLOTR… Remember when those kids threw stones at the Urukais? Yeah… like that]


I got someone’s nape, and I was pulled back.


「Doumeguri-kun! It’s dangerous here. Return to the Guild Hall!」


Asagiri cried out in a desperate expression.


「H, however! Even I…..」


「Just go! To the Guild Hall, Shizukuishi-san is there! Please!」




Turning around, I ran down the stairs descending from inside the castle walls. But I did not go to the guild hall, I ran towards the castle gate. Then, I hid behind a shadow that was unseeable.


Then Asagiri’s voice reverberates in my ears.


『I will definitely protect this place. This Caldart』


──I’m sorry, Asagiri.


Opening my system window, I select my equipment. Transforming into the Demon Lord’s armor. There is no such thing as a reliable partner now.


When the jet-black armor wraps around my body, I change from Doumeguri to the Demon Lord Hellshaft.

──Now, let’s go. It’s time for the Demon Lord’s appearance.


Fluttering my mantle of flames, I go out from the shade. My plan was like that. Opening the castle gate from the inside and letting the Hellandians inside the city. That way, it won’t become such a sacrifice to the Hellandians, and it would be possible to annihilate the 2A guild.


The NPC that saw my figure, readied his weapon while panicking. There is no need to ready yourself. Grasping my fist, I raised my arm. And knock the NPC with all my strength. The body of the NPC blew away interestingly, a power using all my strength.


Knocking out the NPC’s one after another who confronted me, I head towards the castle gate.


There were soldiers holding spears protecting the lever that opens the gate. Ten people in total. Turning my mantle into a sword, I close in on them without stopping.


Swinging my sword down lightly, I cut them down with one strike. The soldiers who confronted me one after another, were cut off and thrown away like insects.


Killing all the nuisances, I approached the lever that opens and closes the huge castle gate. There was a steel frame like a train rail protruding from the wall. Pulling the steel lever with force. I heard a sound of moving mechanisms and gears on the inside, as the gate opened up slowly.


Immediately, Hellandians slipped through inside the gaps. The beastmen, undead, dark elves, vampires, flooded inside Caldart one after another.


Emitting a strange voice, groups of demons run through the streets.


「Uoo~!? W, wait, oi! The gate is! The gate has been broken!」


Listening carefully, I heard the interactions at the top of the castle wall.


「It’s true! What is this!  I don’ get’ it!」


「Wait! What does this mean!?」


I could hear audible voices of confusion. It’s no wonder. Considering the castle gate that should be solid, it was suddenly broken. Believing to be bewitched by a fox.


「N…. no way!」


Asagiri let out a voice who was shocked.


「Fuck! For this to happen!」


I could hear Ichinomiya’s cries of regret successively. Looking at the Hellandians that burst in one after another into the city, I’m sure they’d be filled with confusion and despair.


「It’s no use here. We’ll return to the Guild Hall!」


「I understand!」


From Ichinomiya’s direct orders, the people of 2A guild started moving. I who was lurking under the castle walls, stare closely at the people of 2A coming down the stairs. Ichinomiya and the others who were heading to the guild hall, ran through the main street.


That’s the guild hall’s destination.

Moving out from the shade, I went after the 2A guild to their guild hall. Walking quickly on the main street, turning over a corner──




The scene which suddenly appeared in front of my eyes so suddenly, I stopped unintentionally.

──What, is this?


The Hellandians that invaded from inside the castle gate attacked an NPC, ransacked and looted a store’s goods from one end. Fire emitting from the city, colorful stores and stalls were burning one after another and fell.


For that vigorous happy Caldart, it became a scene of Hell.

The figure of the Deog tribe inside my head.

──Is it was, same after all.

One demon beast came running to me.


「Demon Lord-sama! Please look at this person. These precious jewels! I offer them to you!」


Looking at the demon beast that had his hands full of jewels, an unreasonable feeling welled up inside me.


「Whaaaaaaaatttt aaaaaareeeee youuu doooiiinggg!」


I exclaimed when I noticed.


The demons that were rampaging, stopped themselves, and look at me while holding their breaths.


Spreading both my hands gently, I let out a declaring voice that resounded.




The demons who were filling up the main street of Caldart, make way all at once. Monsters of all nature lined up on both sides of the street in a rigid pose. The way that the demons made, I head towards the guild hall, while walking slowly.


Guided by Asagiri before, I follow the same path like the first time I came to Caldart. The path I and Asagiri walked at, it was completely different from that time, there is no shadow that could be seen right now. Buildings from both sides of the street were destroyed in advance, and debris is laid on the path. The stall the old man had was wrapped in flames, the trendy perfume shop where the glass was broken, the inside was a mess.


Feeling depressed, I passed by the Dancing Unicorn that was surrounded by red-hot flames, and arrived at the guild hall. I stopped at the entrance that was awfully small.


It is most certainly easy to crush it upfront. But, it is useless with that alone. I have to make sure they understand the difference between me and them. That way they don’t resist again. Never again, so that such a war won’t be needed anymore. Between the people of 2A and I the Demon Lord, I realized there was a wall that couldn’t be crossed. For that purpose──


I turn my wrist with L-shaped fingers. I chose a special action from the opened menu, and confirming that an icon of a beautiful woman was there.


──Alright. Let’s do this!

I kicked the door and broke in. The door came off from its hinge, and was blown off inside the hall.

I, appearing slowly inside the hall.

The people of 2A guild, looked straight at me with unbelievable expressions.




Was what Ichinomiya shouted.


「Hey, I’m still equipped」


「Uwa, uwa, uwa」


I feel sorry but, I will not wait for you people to get prepared. Since I can’t read the atmosphere properly.
[TL Note: This guy… He’s like me… Don’t give what your opponents are exactly needing, to fight back. Don’t let them prepare, just go straight for it without them having prepared, that way it’s easier.]


「Fuhahahahahaha! No matter how much strength you bastards have stored in you, to forge your skills, realize that it will be of no use in front of me!」


Turning my flame mantle into a sword, I swung it as hard as possible.




My sword created a tremendous shockwave. All the interior of the hall such as the sofa and the tables were blown off, and along with the members of the 2A guild being blown against the wall.


The guild hall which was peaceful, in an instant, shattered debris was everywhere, and between me and the people of 2A, it became a desperate struggle.


Asagiri pushed aside the fragments of the sofa that was broken, and unsheathed her sword.


「Demon Lord Hellshaft! I will defeat you, and we will return to our original world!」


An expression of not being afraid to die was in her eyes.


「Absolute, I absolutely, will return home!」


I understand now.

I absolutely will save you. Therefore,

──I, cannot afford to get defeated right here!


「Interesting. Then try me! Human!」


The menu that was floating in front of me, I pressed the icon with the profile of a beautiful woman.

Another window then appeared.


That’s right, all of you are much superior to me.  Abilities being high, positive people, high communicating abilities, settling hardships with your powers. Surpassing the powers of an individually lightly.


However, you people can’t win against me.

──Because I am!


『Age Authentication──It is inappropriate for those under the age of 18. Do you wish to continue?』


Unlike you people, I’ve already gone up at the stairs of adults! I have the power of an adult that you guys don’t have! Behold, the special abilities of the adult course!!
[TL Note: When you tell your friends you’ve lost your virginity, so you’re superior… this is what it is basically.. lmao]


Pressing all the buttons on the window.

There, a window appeared.





T, this! Do the succubi take money!? And also, real money!?

Taaaaaaaakeeeee ittt eaaaassssyyyyy!!


「The Demon Lord’s state is strange!」


Asagiri turned to Ichinomiya strangely.


「Be careful! He’s probably doing something like a special attack!」


「Then I’ll do it before it’s too late!」


Ku~! Fuck it! I’ll certainly be billed in real life with this! What do you mean 98,000 yen!? I’ve never done shopping like that before! This is the abyss of having the adult course! Adults really are amazing, damn it!




With all my strength in my body, I press the button.

After that, a pink fog surrounds my body instantaneously for a moment. I cried out in desperation.




Behind me, the pink shining effect expanded.


Ogiya stiffened while his mouth wide open. It wasn’t just Ogiya. Everyone of 2A looked at me in utter amazement. Iya, they were looking at the appearance of the beautiful and sexy silhouette behind me, and rolled my eyes in bewilderment.


From the women who lined up in a row, the huge breasts in a micro-bikini surfaced. A sexy looking face appeared then, smiling gracefully.


「The Succubus corp, we have accepted the invitation of the Demon Lord Hellshaft-sama


The succubi consisting of twenty of them lined up behind me. Everyone, they were all in half-naked figures wearing sexy outfits. With a lustful expression that is hidden behind the breasts and crotch, the bend their body. Every time their breasts shook, the eyes of 2A guild was glued to them. The shape of their breasts’ tip that protruded through the thin clothing. Slim waist. Big ass and plump thighs.
[TL Note: The moment I read plump thighs, I knew this was the sort of girl for me.]


Not only were they mature women. There were girls of the same age, short, and there was even a girl who was young in there. Covering the breasts which swelled up from the one piece of thin clothing, she showed her most innocent smile with all her might.


「Ah……that’s amazing, desu」


Both Arisugawa and Yamada gulped, along with the German dude. Not only the boys, but also the girls were also conscious of that voluptuous figure.


「She’s absolutely beautiful…..」「Uh-oh… this is too, erotic」


Busujima and Miyakoshi directed their admiration to long for.


The fragrance of the succubus corp, their sex appeal and the perfume called aphrodisiac. The effectiveness, both the boys and girls felt drunk, and were in heat. Head spinning, and field of vision swaying. I almost forgot what I was doing.
[TL Note: ‘催淫香’, or ‘Sainkou’ in Furigana, it’s ‘さいいんこう’ it’s basically….’aphrodisiac’ or you can also go with ‘Hypnotic Lewd Incense’ is what Lys told me, but he did also say aphrodisiac.]


──Defense is useless when the succubi uses the aphrodisiac. As expected of an item that costs money!


「Presenting the finest of pleasures to the people」


「Up to you」


Following my instructions, the succubi raised a pleasant cheer, and rush up to the people of 2A guild. The beautiful women who were running up defenselessly, the people of 2A didn’t know what to do, and just stood upright.


And why, did the succubi rush to one place.

──Eh? Why are, all of you concentrating there?


「Kya~ Such a wonderful gentleman ♥ Do you want to feel good?」


「Truly a, nice man……..having a child with me……won’t you do it?」
[TL Note: WAT! What about me?]


The succubi that appeared emphasizing their voices, everyone hugged Ichinomiya.


「W….. why are all, of you bastards──」


Ichinomiya who was light-headed due to the effects of the aphrodisiac, they push him down as he was. Then, he was intoxicated with the sexy physical pleasure.


「Uo~! M, move…. you」


「I, yaa ♥ Fufufu~, I will present to you the greatest of pleasure ♥」


The succubi began stroking Ichinomiya’s body in an indecent manner. Although Ichinomiya who was desperately resisting, he couldn’t go up against the effects that were given to him. With the fragrance the succubus emits from their bodies, from the touch of their flexible, soft bodies, he lost the will to resist. However, he remained a prisoner of pleasure as he was.
[TL Note: Fucking Ichinomiya, cunt, go die]


Finally losing to the temptation of the succubi, he extended his hand to the breasts in front.


「Naan ♥ Aa…….M, more. Move it more」


The people of 2A who were also light-headed, began making noises when they pulled themselves together.


「W, wait a moment Akira-kun! Why is it only for you? Let me in on it too!」


「Ya’! It’s bad if it’s only you-desu!」


「T, th, that’s right!」


The boys were roughly breathing, tried jumping at the bodies of the succubi. But the succubi, swung their hand coldly.


「No thank you. This one is better than you. Because I don’t have business with you, go back」


Uwa, that was cruel! The good-looking people are always the winners in the game! Is such an unfairness allowed!? As for Ogiya, he completely blacked out from the shock!?


「Mou~! What are you doing at such a time!」


「Wau…’s difficult」


Hinazawa and Yuuki had flushed faces, and were currently staring at the behaviors of Ichinomiya and the succubi.


「Wait oi, who’s this woman!? Explain yourself Akira! Who’s this bitch!」
[TL Note: Yeah…keep going…. uhm… I don’t know who you are..]


「At such a time, why are you rubbing her breasts! Are you stupid!?」


The gyaru combination was angry The guild hall goes beyond the fighting scene, and became an agonizing cry of irritation. Only one of them, only Asagiri was dumbfounded the most.


Now, I should finish things up.

Lowering my sword made out of the flame mantle, I draw near the people of 2A guild unnoticed.


「Terrible! Akira-kun’s the worst! The worst!」


I approach near Busujima who was crying. Then, I thrust my sword at her chest from the back.


「I hate you a……eh?」


I thrust her mercilessly. Right after Busujima raised her voice, her HP decreased from my sword. The hand that lost all its strength, falling to the floor so suddenly, stopped moving with astonished eyes.


Turning my back at Busujima who became light particles and disappeared, I thrust my sword at Miyakoshi next. Twitching for quite a few seconds, she became light particles and disappeared.


「Why’d you do it! That’s unfair Akira! You’re now my enemy you bastard! I’ll beat y──」


I swung my sword down at Ogiya’s head who felt devastated. Settling it with one strike, he disappeared.


「It’s war-desu! It’s a war against Ichinomiya-desu!」「Just because you’re a handsome means you can do anything you want!」「You’re the worst!」「I….indecent」


Not noticing my presence, the German guy, Yamada, Hinazawa, and Yuuki were making a racket. I thrust my sword at them from the rear. Since they were defenseless, it was a simple thing to do. Because of the succubi amazing aphrodisiac effect, it would be natural for Ichinomiya to be distracted by it.


Somewhat a different development from what I slightly expected, it’s fine in the end. Thrusting at Arisugawa who covered his eyes from the erotic scene, I snapped my fingers. Then the succubi separated themselves from Ichinomiya’s body, like fading in mid-air.
[TL Note: I forgot to tell you guys but… In case you didn’t know… or you’re not fluent in English, I did not put in succubus’s, succubus’, but succubi, because that’s the plural for them]




Ichinomiya who stood up with his legs trembling glared at me.


「D, Demon Lord Hellshaft. You alone….I won’t forgive!」
[TL Note: Yet he was too busy receiving pleasure from the succubi….and you say you won’t forgive him for that? Okay… cunt]


「Fun…….Even though I gave you of receiving the finest of pleasure before dying. Don’t be ungrateful」


Ichinomiya unsheathed his sword. And light resided in the blade.




「Too slow」


The very next moment, Ichinomiya’s body was hit with a dozen amount of swords.


「──Ga~!?, Gu, aaa~!」


My flame mantle spread out, and ended up turning into a dozen of swords. In order to hold Ichinomiya, the swords pierced his body.


Though Ichinomiya still pointed his sword at me. But he has no power to resist anymore. Dropping his sword on the floor, his lips trembled and he glared at me.


「The Demon Lord……You god damn demon」
[TL Note: Another thing similar to ‘you die if you’re killed’…. XD…reference to Fate Stay Night]


「I shall take that as a compliment」


Ichinomiya, whose body was twitching, was able to leak out words somehow.


「Well, destroying the city, and the people, slaughtering them」


What the heck are you saying? You.


In my head, the smiles of the Deog tribe and the chief along with Deg and Oga came back.


Even you guys became, heroes.


「And to me, such a thing…..Is it your aim to separate me from my companions!?」


Iya……it’s just purely a coincidence, well an accident….but, showing off such an erotic act in front of everyone else, it’s certainly the level of living in disgrace. Seriously, sorry. It was unexpected that everyone would hold a grudge against you. I’m seriously sorry, man.


Ichinomiya’s body fell to the floor.


「……But, I….someday, by all means, will…….defeat you」


I somewhat heard what he said. However, Ichinomiya’s body disappeared into light particles.

And then, I approach the last one alive.


「……The Demon Lord, Hellshaft……To do that, to everyone……」


Asagiri fell flat on the ground, and vaguely muttered it. Her eyes being hollow, clearly different from the others, it seems that the aphrodisiac effect is stronger on her.


Asagiri, your will to want to return is strong. Therefore, I will have to punish you mentally from now on. You might get hurt. You might become like Shizukuishi.


But in order to protect you. And this isn’t exactly reality. It won’t stain your body in reality. Therefore──


I brush off my mantle lightly. Then the mantle extended like strings, and restrained both of Asagiri’s hands. It definitely looked like tentacles. The tentacles, lifting Asagiri’s body, forced her to stand up.


「W, what… this?」
[TL Note: Tentacles… it’s tentacle porn time]


「I won’t burn you. So do not worry」


Though it’s impossible for her to not worry about it. Asagiri glanced at the flame strings with absentminded eyes. It seems that she’s trying to move her hands and feet, but they didn’t move at all. Though it was a restraint of flame strings which was insubstantial, it’s way stronger than any rope.


「To….me…..what are you planning, to do to me」


「I won’t kill you. But before that, I will pleasure you」




I grabbed Asagiri’s breasts with both my hands.


Ku……I feel nervous. It’s like my heart will jump out from my mouth anytime soon. Asagiri who’s now trembling with strain and fear, and me who’s feeling nervous.


But, she didn’t notice that. In fact, the Demon Lord, for me to do something cruel to the girl that I am in love with!


I opened up both my hands decisively.


Her ribbon flies, and the sound of clothes tearing apart echoed. The button of her shirt flew away, and her breasts wrapped in a white bra leaked out. Revealing her chest, Asagiri looked at it like it was someone else’s problem.




My heartbeat began throbbing violently. Not hearing the beating of my heart, there was suspense.




Asagiri’s cheeks were flushed. I don’t know if you’re aroused, or breathing roughly. Each time, her big breasts go up and down. The short-length mantle that Asagiri always put on her shoulders, gently slip off.
[TL Note: The boobs on the bus go up and down, up and down, up and down, the boobs on the bus go up and down all through town….if you know this reference, you’re a god]


I put my hands on the belt next. Adding pressure with both hands, it was torn off without any trouble.


Is the person herself trying to escape from my hands, since she kept wiggling her hips. But I, I could only see her dancing lasciviously. I put my hand on her skirt.


「Waa ann~! Eh, Hellshaft, stooop it~」
[TL Note: Yooooo…. are you a dog?]


Tearing up her skirt, her white panties were exposed right before my very eyes.


「Iyaa… can’t, something like this, is something, I don’t show to others…..」


Asagiri rubbing her thighs together, made a useless effort to cover up her body somehow. Moving my flame strings, I opened up Asagiri’s legs to the left and right.


「A~, ya~……I can see it」


Asagiri’s body is beautiful. In such a situation, I gazed at her body with fascination. Her body that’s wrapped in a neat and innocent underwear. Her body line, being caught up in the Outbreak quest with just the two of us before, I saw that in front of the fireplace.


But at the time when she wrapped herself in a curtain, I merely imagined the contents of her body. However, I can now see her real body. Comparing the things I imagined at that time, I looked at her body closely.


Rather than my imagination, it’s more beautiful, that I felt repulsive.


「D, Demon Lord…..Hellshaft, to do such an indecent, thing…’s no good……An~ ♡」


She muttered pantingly with a flushed face. That gesture, it’s as if Asagiri herself has become one of the succubi. Hardly know the expression of the school’s idol, having a dazzling and obscene face.


「That’s no good. To you, true despair, I will have you taste true despair thoroughly. When your sanity returns, you won’t be able to face the public」


Asagiri who ecstatic and dazzled, shook her body. The present Asagiri, it seems that the threats and having her blamed immorally is making her feel pleasant.
[TL Note: *cough* masochist *cough*]


I put my hands on her white bra.


「A, noo……more than this and…..」


Tearing off her bra. Her big white breasts gently shook and bounced.


「A a aan! ♡」


Thinking that my heart would stop, I was shocked. The shape that’s drawing a beautiful round circle of that size, and the big protruding tip attached to it, all of it was beautiful and seductive.


It was entirely different from the transcended reality breasts like Forneus’ and Satanakia’s. Vividly, it was realistic lewd.


Tears began to run down from Asagiris’ eyes. Is it sorrow, or pleasant feeling beginning to overflow, I didn’t know.


「Why? To do such a thing….」


Cheeks dyed red, she looks up at me with a melted expression.


「Do you… me?」


My heart faltered instinctively. Bracing myself, I reached out for the last piece that remained.

Making up my mind, I tore Asagiri’s underwear.


「N uaaaaaa~!」


Asagiri’s body was taken aback. Sweat scattered and shined brightly.


Only wearing gloves and boots, Asagiri was entirely naked.

She was, a dazzling beauty.
[TL Note: Sorry to ruin your erection, but… uhm, she isn’t wearing any gloves or boots in the picture.. so idk…]


The VR model of her I made, it was not incomparable.

Being deeply moved, my heart was not influenced by it.

Other than joy and excitement, a heavy, and painful feeling come to light.

I should just end it now. It’s sufficient now.

But then, from Asagiri’s mouth, I heard a trembling voice.


「I, am……with such a thing, well…..I will not…..lose」


Asagiri…..such a thing.


「Very well! Then I will give you my all. Prepare yourself!」



My forbidden power, a heart-shaped emblem was engraved onto Asagiri’s cleavage.


「Hi~! A, w, what… this」





Sweat surfaced instantaneously on Asagiri’s body. Her entire body was redly flushed. Her mouth slowly opening, drool dropped. Her breathing became rougher, and her body kept twitching little by little.


「Ah…….amazing…..up until, now, entirely….. different ♡」


「Fufufu, shaking your waist immediately, I ask of you」


Whispering in her ear, Asagiri’s body twitched, leaking out a pleasant voice.


「Yan~……I, I won’t……such, a shameful, thing….. ♡」


I began massaging Asagiri’s breasts.


「Hiiayaaaaaan ♡」


「What’s wrong? Leaking out an unladylike voice」


Asagiri bit her lips withstanding the pleasant feeling. Looking up at me with wet eyes.


「….I was surprised, because…..someone, like you…..t, the feeling……an~ ♡」


「Then I look forward to this」


I kneaded Asagiri’s chest thoroughly while rubbing them. The touching feeling was like a dream.It was strange. Something like a comforting feeling welled up inside of me.


「Fuu~, a, aan~! n, noooo, d, don’t to~uch, nooooo ♡」


「What’s wrong? The vigor you had earlier」


Asagiri who looked down bashfully, muttering in a feeble voice.


「B, but, being touched by someone……it’s my first time…….nn ♡ aaaa~ ♡ !」


I see. I guess Ichinomiya hasn’t touched you yet.


「Even though it’s your first time, feeling so much from it. You’re lewd」


Asagiri’s body trembled, raising her face. Her mouth wasn’t able to move well from feeling too much, falteringly, she spoke out in denial with such a sweet voice.


「I, I’m n~ot aan ♡ I don’t, feel anything ♡ T, the feeling ♡ Aaaauan ♡」


The tip of her breasts became hard and firmly became pointy, it shows that her body is pleased, and pinching the tip, enjoying the firm touch, I gently roll it with my fingertips.


「Hiyaaa~aannn!  St ♡, stop, or I’ll go crazy ♡ !」


Stroking Asagiri’s body, I got down on my knees. It was because I couldn’t resist the desire to see Asagiri’s most important part.


「S, stoop…..don’t look……♡」


Her breathing was mixed with both shame and pleasure. Apart from my intention, Asagiri’s body is now in heat.

I extended my fingertips to the secret part of Asagiri’s. Strain ran among me. I push out my hand that had stopped with courage.

And finally, I touched that part of her.
[TL Note: Another reference, you know… Finding Nemo…”I touched the butt”]


「!? ♡ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♡♡♡ !」


I was surprised at Asagiri’s voice that suddenly arose.


My fingertips, were surrounded by a feeling I’ve never felt before. It wasn’t like touching steel with the VR version of Asagiri. It was warm, soft, and healing me strangely, and made me happy. It felt as if I was dreaming. Moving my fingers, while I was dreaming.


「Fua~ ♡ ! Aa~, an~ ♡ !」


Asagiri put out her tongue with a melting expression. Mou, the face of the honor student couldn’t be seen anymore.

Stopping my fingers movements, I force Asagiri’s waist closer.


「What’s wrong? Shake your waist」


「Aan! No, I, I won’t shake, my waist! I will never~, never will, and to actually feel comfortable from this~…….Waaaaan! Na~naaaaa♡」


Contrary to her mouth, Asagiri was moving her waist back and forth greedily. Although she’s still resisting, she was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure. Narrowing her eyes with ecstatic, she continues to go on while heavily panting. Though she currently has an unladylike appearance, being embarrassed, and should have been someone who’s expectedly innocent, Asagiri was however infinitely beautiful, and cute.


In the end, Asagiri began standing on her tiptoes, and bend back her body.


「I ♡, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa♡♡♡♡」


Bending her throat, the entire body of hers shook in delight. Her waist shaking, she fell asleep as it is. And her consciousness faded.


Turning my flame mantle into a sword, I stood behind Asagiri’s back, swinging my sword.

Asagiri. I, one day will──


Then, towards Asagiri’s back, I struck down my sword will all my strength. A striking effect ran through Asagiri’s entire body. Turning her into light particles.

──It’s now over.

Muttering from my heart, I shook my head in denial. And look towards the ceiling.


「Iya….there’s one more person」
[TL Note: Oh right… Shizukuishi?…idk?]


I went up the stairway of the guild hall. With my appearance as Hellshaft, it was awfully narrow. Going up the second floor, I head towards the corridor. If I’m not mistaken, her room is at the back.


There were three more rooms from the back, but one opened.

……There she is.

Shizukuishi Non wore a mantle that covered her entire body, swayingly coming out of her room.


Shizukuishi did not panic, but gaze at me with a calm expression on her face. Closing her mantle’s front exactly, it seems like she’s protecting her body from me.


Walking to the center of the corridor, I stopped.

There was a space approximately 5 meters, and gaze at each other.

This person….. What, on earth are you trying to do?

Shizukuishi spread her mantle suddenly.




From her black mantle, her brilliant white body appeared.

She was naked.

And had her grimoire on one hand.

──Oh no!


At the moment I thought so, Shizukuishi set out an attack magic.

She was casting a spell while in her room.

I, who was taken by surprise, did not leave any gaps for protection.


A tremendous flame was released from Shizukuishi’s hand. The flame surrounded like a whirlpool, became a tornado, then a storm.

I was dumbfounded by that terrible destructive force.

What, the hell is this!?

Receiving a direct hit, I was blown off to the end of the corridor.




A supernatural storm breaking the corridor walls, blowing off the ceiling. The whirlpool of that flame, mercilessly took away HP from me.


Shizukuishi, you bastard! Perhaps when she was staying inside, she’s probably been preparing this for a long time!

The ceremonial magic to consume MP to prepare it.

Otherwise, this power would be impossible!

Were you convinced I’d show up here!?


「Ku……I am the Demon Lord of Flame, Hellshaft!」


Gritting my teeth, I barely stood my ground at the end of the corridor.


「Don’t underestimate meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!」


With all my power, I throw out chest and spread my arms. The flame storm that attacked me was sent flying.

The ceremonial magic has worn off.

My remaining HP is now 50.

I’m at the point where I can die with attack magic alone.


However, Shizukuishi has no MP anymore. I head towards Shizukuishi in the corridor who collapsed.

Shizukuishi who blessed me, greeted me with a slightly bright smile.


「As expected of……The Demon Lord Hellshaft」


What, the hell is this person’s…….real intention?

──I don’t get her.

Holding my sword, I stood in front of Shizukuishi.


「We will impose endless glory on those who are humans and ultimately make you infatuated with despair, from the demon that’s even loved by the gods」


「Ee…….That’s, true」


Shizukuishi smiled blushingly.

Closing her eyes like it’s all a dream, receiving my sword quietly, she disappeared as light particles.




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