Ecstas Online – v1c5

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 5: Hell and Heaven


Returning back to Infermia, I immediately called in Hell Sector and held a conference.


The conference room on the upper layer of the tower at the center of Infermia was something only accessible to Hellshaft himself and Hell Sector. It was only a place for only five people, quite truly a large conference room. The width was between twenty to thirty meters. The length of the slim room was approximately beyond 100 meters. The ceiling also being tall, it was at least ten stories up.


One side of the very walls was a widescale window, and designed to overlook the entire territory. There, the red moon shines in the star-filled sky, it truly was a magical night.


The interior decorations of the place were similar to Hellshaft’s own room, a creepy design. However, there was somewhat a sacred atmosphere, the image of a demon’s church that is. A slim desk was placed to fit along with the slim room, and I am sitting on that formation seat.And the four people of Hell Sector, were in their each respectable seats.


「What’s wrong King-sama. To suddenly call us」


「Watch your way of talking to the King. Refrain a little bit, you god damn dog」


All at once, Adora and Gracia were at each other’s throats already.


「My dear Hell-sama, because you didn’t~ play with me, I got a little lonely, Forneus’ hakama was going to make its debut-mon」


Forneus made a sweet sulking face. It felt as if a ray of light had leaked out.

On the other hand, Satanakia had a cool complexion, staring completely right at me.


「Hellshaft-sama, will you be staying in Infermia today?」


「? That’s my intention but」


「Then I would be glad to attend to you tonight. Since it’s a dangerous day」




「Since it’s a dangerous day」


She said it twice with a cool complexion.


No matter how much of an adult course it is, to go that far wasn’t expected. Thinking about it, what is this body that’s trembling, the sort of dreaded cold sweat that’s oozing out.


「Now’s not the circumstances to be talking about such things!」


Standing up, I protruded one of my hands and spread it towards Hell Sector.


「There’s no other choice but you bastards who’ve I’ve called! This is in order to destroy those damned humans!」


「Ooooh! Are you finally deciding on doing it, King!」


Adora trembles with cries of joys.


「Without instructions here for a while, because of your time of absence was long, we had feared whether we’d lose interests of the Empire Hellandia」
[TL Note: Changed Land of Hell to Hellandia]


「I was just this close to rampaging! Give me an order, King-sama!」
[TL Note: Alright, so I’ve never mentioned this, but Forneus calls Hellshaft as ‘Hell-sama’ and Satanakia as ‘Hellshaft-sama’, Adora as ‘King’ and Gracia as ‘King-sama’]


「If Hell-sama orders me, I will send as many humans to hell as possible-mon ♡」


Satanakia too, floated a smile on her face. Brushing her white hair aside, and sending a flirtatious glance at me.


「I will accomplish any order you send to me」


They were somewhat reliable people. Though they’re scary when turned as enemies.

Adora takes out a file from the desk, and took out a piece of paper.


「Then what about a strategy like this one?」


The paper that was represented was blank, and the moment I picked it up, characters and pictures that appeared scrolled.


「There is a village near Caldart called the Deog tribe. Though they’re a wandering savage tribe, their combat power is high, they are a tribe that likes to fight more than anything else. Even a small quantity of a reward, they will take the job」


「Oi oi, even if you don’t bother counting on to such people, we also have our own you know. If it’s Hellandia’s elite corps, the humans──」


「As humans, we can let our Hell Sector’s regulars go out. It would also be sufficient if it’s mercenaries」


If it’s surely close to Caldart, it would be easy to be entrusted with. However, it’s labeled as a level 18 quest…..what does this mean?


Thinking just a little bit, I suddenly realized something. Adora and the rest of Hell Sector, the plan and the actions of the monsters, it could become a quest and players will be notified. As a quest to stop the plans of the monsters.


If that’s right, then this quest is exactly perfect. Everyone in 2A’s level should be around level 15. And if the level was too high, then they wouldn’t want to get involved.


「Very well! Ask those savages to work right away」


Satanakia stood up.


「There’s a familiar face in one of those savages. In addition, I have a slight clue on what they’ll likely use」


「Fumu, very well. I will leave it to you, Satanakia」


「And, will I be able to participate in the battle too? Although it’s fine to leave it to the humans, if it comes down to a failure, us in Hellandia, and Hellshaft-sama’s name would be disgraced」


N? What should I do…..even if I issue out a quest, there’s the possibility of being captured. However, I will also be participating as part of 2A guild too. If Satanakia participates, I have a feeling I’ll be killed.


「──Iya. There is no need for that. Having you take preparations is fine」


Satanakia bowed deeply. Her beautiful white hair flows down smoothly. And her dark huge chest, is pulled and extends downwards by the gravity. It bounced like a ball up and down.


「In exchange, increase the number of mercenaries. And reward them with items of a high quality」


Looking at the strategy sheet handed to my by Adora, it seems like the rewards that will be given to the savages will be the prizes of the quest itself. Then that’s fine if it’s fodder.


「As you’ve requested. There’s also another thing I’d like to ask of you」


「What? Tell me」


Satanakia looks straight at me with a stiff expression.


「When we’ve succeeded, I would like for Hellshaft-sama to release sperm inside my womb」
[TL Note: Wut…. I did not realize this was going to actually become a fucking R18+ novel… eh who cares]




Before my yelling stopped, Satanakia’s appearance disappeared from the conference room.



+ + +



「Oh? A new quest has been issued」


Hinazawa opens her menu, and raises a voice while looking at the list.


「Oh~ Really? What sort?」



Ogiya makes an L-shaped gesture with his fingers and turns it with a face full of expectations. Like everyone else, they also opened their menus.


──Level 18 Quest『Subjugate the Deog tribe!』


I also opened my menu the same way, and pretended to check the contents of the quest as well.


When Adora’s plan was adopted, it was reported to the humans as a quest.


「Our levels are only around level 15, so this is quite a challenge」


Following the Ordinary Shogun who impressed her ordinary opinions, A Person from Germany came to Akihabara cries in tension as usual.


「Yo’! I’m a’right! Go big or go home ya’ peeps! Let’s go greet those monsters. And kill em’!」


With a huge ribbon attached to the head, Arisugawa sat down on the sofa spreading his skirt with the frill.
[TL Note: Remember, this cunt’s a trap.]


「To say to kill, I’ll just draw back from this…..But, isn’t that okay? Ah, I will, however, be supporting from the rear」


Hinazawa who was sitting next to him, hits Arisugawa’s thighs.


「Hey! I told you to not spread your legs! How many times do I need to tell you that. It’s really shameful!」


「I’m, I’m sorry!」


What, the hell is Hinazawa doing to Arisugawa with her wedding guidance? However, it is what it is. With Alice (male) who was frightened with his eyes watering down, and A Recommended Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Endorsement Loli raising a sadistic-like smile puts up her hand. This is it, it’s going to be unbearable for me with those sort of people.
[TL Note: I don’t know if I should shorten ‘A Recommended Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Endorsement Loli’ to ‘ARMECSSTE Loli’ or stay with ‘A Recommended Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Endorsement Loli’ Hehehehe….]


Busujima and Miyakoshi muttered「Bothersome」since they were uninterested, They have no obvious motivation. While Yuuki muttered「I in particular….」slightly, I looked down.


「What do we do? Akira-kun」


Asagiri who was waiting for the final decision, stares at Ichinomiya.

Etto, what about my opinion…..Ah, am I unnecessary? Well then, excuse me.


「That’s right…..」


「We should take it」


A certain guy interrupted Ichinomiya who was thinking. I wonder if he just came into the room just now. Wearing a black mantle, and with her usual grimacing expression.


「The experience points gained will also be high, It won’t be so bad if the rewards are『Grenade Knuckle』『Flame Bringer』『Mythril Shield』 and『Necronomicon』」


[TL Note: Just realized this now but… they call Shizukuishi with a -san.. unlike our main guy who calls her without honorifics. Kudos to you Kakeru.]


Ichinomiya was surprised suddenly. Not just Ichinomiya, but the others also had an unexpected expression. Shizukuishi who’s talking at a meeting, was something that was rare.


And when Ichinomiya calmed down, he smiled narrowly. That smile, made me a bit uncomfortable. It was merely because I dared enter the circle of communication of my classmates, and receiving a warm greeting…..I felt it was more than just a saying.


「──I guess you’re right. Alright. This quest, let’s do it everyone!」


From Ichinomiya’s order, everyone raised a voice like「Oooh~!」

I also raised my hand just a little from the corner.


With this, it’s OK. I suppress my expression that was close to laughing desperately. With my tranquility as to not ruin the slight fluctuation of the atmosphere, I left the guild hall.


Next is to confirm the demon’s side. That Satanakia, I’m hoping you’re doing things correctly, yes?

I left Caldart secretly, and put on the Demon Lord’s armor behind the rocks to not attract the public eye.


Alright, now to teleport…..Ah. Just so you know, I’ve never once stepped into the tribe of Deog’s village.

Aah, fuck~! This is troublesome!


I began running with my armor on. The Demon Lord that’s running through the fields with all his might. While making a cluttering sound, the very figure of the dignified Demon Lord running at full speed must be quite surreal. I must not show this to Hell Sector absolutely. I can assure《LOYALTY》will decrease if shown.


Arghh mou! I did not think of any sort of transport!


Aikawa-san was right, I should have taken actions before-hand.



+ + +



As for the tribe of Deogs, they were using the ruins that were once a town without permission, as their own village. The ruins were similar to ancient Rome’s, spreading 300 meters on all four sides. However, every single building had collapsed and a pillar remained, the ceilings falling down, the walls collapsing, there was not a single decent thing. Though the ground is paved with stone pavement, and weeds were appearing from its gaps.


Inside the ruins, around forty of the Deog tribe were gathered. Among them, was a woman with a beautiful figure unlike anyone else there.


「This is Hellshaft-sama. To especially observe us, I, Satanakia is deeply moved」


「O, ou……I, it doesn’t matter. T, the results…..please」


I’m in extreme pain here though! Since I was wearing the Demon Lord’s armor while running extremely fast, it became fun, but I was just caught up in the moment! This seriously is painful.


「Yes. I’ve already talked about it」


Looking at Satanakia, she called out at the place where ten orcs were gathered.


「Chief, come to me!」


Responding to Satanakia’s voice, three of the orcs came over. Their height was almost the same as a human. There were differences, it was around 170 centimeters. Simply, they had muscles all around their bodies, like a bodybuilder. And they had a face combined with a human’s and pig that was strong, noses crushed and pointing upward, and fangs peeking out from the exposed jaws. They had sharp ears, eyes being sunken and small, it was impure.


One of them that seemed the oldest stepped forward. I guess this guy’s the chief.


「T, to be able to directly meet the Demon Lord, it’s awesome. To think such a day would come, when you would say hello to the Deog tribe…..」


As the chief clogged his voice, he sobbed and tears were coming out.

Eh, are you really that moved by me?

The two waiting from the back, couldn’t endure it anymore, and leaned forward.


「Demon Lord Hellshaft-sama! W, we, want to be part of Hellandia!」


When one of them kept talking, another one was appealing while crying.


「I will become part of the Demon Lord’s forces! I’m very sorry for smoldering in your country. B, but I have confidence in my skills, so I can be useful! That’s why──」


「You idiot! Deg! Oga! Stop being rude!」
[TL Note: Ogarou? Did you turn into a god damn orc?]


When the chief yelled, the two people supposedly called Deg and Oga shrugged their heads.


「I am extremely sorry for their rude behavior, Demon Lord-sama. For them being rude. Because they’re just youthful people, I hope you can overlook this……」


Even if you’re to rebuke, the two of them didn’t settle down, refusing to back down.


「B, but, we are serious. If we do a meritorious deed, would you think about it」


「Please think about it! Please think about it!」


The two of them did a dogeza.

What should I do, with this. I who was demanding for help, caught a glimpse of Satanakia.


Satanakia then nodded her head, taking out the bow she carried from her back, and lightly shook it. Then a luminescent effect, the bow turned into a sword. She who raised her sword, was about to swing down at the young youths of the Deog tribe.


「Ma~! Wait, Satanakia!」


You! Don’t misunderstand! Do you really have to do that straight away?


「Both of you, I understand your spirit properly. Once you display well from your work this daybreak, I will think about it」




「Thank you very much! Thank you very much!」
[TL Note: Just so you know, he keeps repeating this twice, so… yeah…..]


Deg and Oga, hit their heads on the ground many times.


However, the orcs in the game, the severe reality of the world was projected. To carry dreams and hopes, and the feelings of these two who yearn to enter the organization, I could somewhat understand them.


In fact, the NPC’s in the game, were also enemy characters…..However, when I look at the two who are worshipping me with dazzling eyes, it became a feeling I couldn’t describe.
[TL Note: Basically, #ORCSMATTER]


Turning my back away from the two, I began walking.


Because they were in the positions of doing a dogeza, I couldn’t understand what I have to do, and how I behave so I became nervous. As for the reality, to the extent of my very own future, have I desperately done something like that?


Pretending to observe the place and run away, I looked at the ruins. That moment, out of nowhere, a sweet and heavy fragrance arose.


「N…. What is….this」


There was a strange group. In the inner parts of the ruins, at the spot that was once a hall, girls who had such fragrance were gathered. Aren’t they close to be naked? Wanting to call them out from the extreme exposure, it was lascivious costumes. I relaxed with my favorite posture, but they all had taken a pose as if inviting a man over, to put on such coquettish airs, I let my line of sight wander around along with a lewd sensation. Crap, my heart is throbbing.


「Satanakia. What’s that?」


「Aah, those girls are succubus’. I gathered them for you」


「By any chance, the ones you said you were most likely going to use…..was it them」


「Yes. Although they cannot be used for direct battles, they have their uses by extracting information from enemies that have been caught」
[TL Note: ‘Extract’ you know… don’t lie to me mate… DON’T LIE]


My head hurts. If something like this is certainly shown, anyone would be lustful, but…..I can’t make those guys have some a good time! Especially with Ichinomiya, Ogiya, Germany, or Yamada, no wait, all the boys! Arisugawa is…’s fine if it’s a girl.
[TL Note: He’s a trap though?]


「Iya, these girls are unnecessary for this battle」


Satanakia who felt down dropped her shoulders.


「Then, I will keep them for the same of Demon Lord-sama’s amusement, so please call them if whenever you want」


Even if you say such a thing, if there isn’t any use……eh, for amusement?


Before asking her what she meant, the Succubus’ disappeared. Only sweet lingering fragrance remained around my body. Suddenly, a letter of notification appeared at the edge of my vision.


『──The Succubus’ are now available』


A menu opened up when I touched the letter, where I could see an unfamiliar icon with a design of a beautiful woman as the model profile. Maa…..I don’t think I’ll use them though. But, I’m slightly curious. While my heart was fluttering on what sort of things I could do, at any rate, everything will be ready with this.


After that, I came to the guild as a member of 2A, as I’m only here to confirm the deaths of everyone. Thinking once more, the insides of my chest is painful, and my heartbeat became extreme. Expectations and uneasiness, I guess it’s the feeling of guilt. Though my heart still did not calm down.



+ + +



The following day after accepting the quest, all of us left Caldart and head towards the settlement of the Deogs. They were settling down in the ruins which were around three hours away by walking.


The path that soil from the grassy plains were spread out. The path people walk were naturally made, it was that sort of an atmosphere. It became a path with two lines. But I was alone.


A little farther away from the group, the me who was walking from behind the scenes, Asagiri came over to me.


「Doumeguri-kun, this is your first time going on a major quest, right? Are you nervous?」


「Yeah…. Just a little bit」


Asagiri smiled at me, as if she was trying to cheer me up.



「It’s alright. Since you’re with us. Doumeguri-kun, you must first be accustomed to the atmosphere of the group war, so please don’t overwork yourself」


Waving her hand gently at me, she went back to the front.


I am indeed nervous, the reason isn’t what Asagiri just said to me. It was because I lured all of 2A into a trap, and get them killed. The forces issued in the quest, were monsters that were far superior. They are unrelated to the quest, since they are monsters placed on the field, and wasn’t reflected on the quest level.


Will this really go well? Iya, it should be fine. Rather, the most important thing I should worry about, is if I am killed by one of the monsters. Also, I’ve never dreamed of becoming the Demon Lord Hellshaft. So I will attack mercilessly. Since it will be the end of the line if I’m killed.


「You’ve gotten closer to Asagiri by that much, hmm」


Shizukuishi said to me who was in front without looking back.


「Iya, not in particularly……Asagiri is always kind to anyone, she’s good at taking care of people」


This person, are you going to say something that will make me feel suspicious again?


Walking in front of Shizukuishi, was Miyakoshi and Busujima. after being distant considerably, both of them were chatting crazy, and I couldn’t even hear what they’re talking about. Although, it’s better to not be careless and talk.


「Before this, when those two were distressed, did anything happen?」


「!! I, iya. Nothing in particular」


「You seem rather upset」


Ku……this person. Iya, I must cool off no matter what.


「Iyaa…….Because I am always alone, I’m not particularly good at talking to others」


Shizukuishi slowed down her walking pace, and aligned with me. With her impregnable gaze, only her lips were smiling. That smile, I’m scared shitless honestly, so could you stop that?


「About your equipment, I wonder if you have any sort of excuses?」


It’s come. That was pointed out to me when I was on the rooftop with her.


「I told you before….even I don’t know about it. When I logged in, I was already in this appearance. And I didn’t walk out on the field at the time. Then I came across Asagiri and Shizukuishi. I logged in and was immediately found」


It was a perfect excuse. And because I was thrown into a world that was incomprehensible to me, it was the safest route to go through without understanding it well. If I try to fix it up, it will get ragged.


「Ara, sou. I’m still a little bit interested though」


Oi oi, what is it this time.


「A person who isn’t good talking to others, that was the smoothest excuse like running water on a standing board. It was if you were practicing」




This person. Don’t look at me like that. I, I shouldn’t be flustered, I need to be calm.


「To…. to tell you the truth. I thought Shizukuishi would be misunderstood with what I said, so I planned on telling it properly. I don’t exactly have a lot of opportunities to chat with girls… I did some image training」


「That’s disgusting」


B, bastard! There are things you just shouldn’t say! To display such a dangerous weapon with just your words, I will have you take charges for your sins!


「It’s my bad. But still, you don’t need to cry just because of that」


「I, I wasn’t really」


I, It wasn’t like I was crying anyway!


「Okay okay, as for what I said before, you have a revolting feeling, is what I meant」


「Don’t seriously tell me your honest opinion! My mind will seriously snap!」


Unexpected raising my voice loudly, the people from the front look back.


「What? Can’t you not yell out so suddenly? It’s sickening」


Busujima! What color is your blood you bastard!

Ichinomiya who stopped walking, he looked at me as if his neck had stretched out.


「Is something wrong?」


I waved my hand hurriedly.


「N, nothing, nothing is wrong」


「Ee. We were just talking earlier, and he just got excited so suddenly. Don’t worry about us」


Shizukuishi said something that was unnecessary, even though she was looking the other way. With everyone’s expression filled with astonishment, it became noisy all of a sudden.


Miyakoshi’s eyes with shining and joins in on the fun.


「You liar! Maybe, both of you fell in love with each other while you guys were conversing?」


「Don’t joke with me! It’s a million years too early for Doumeguri-kun to get a girlfriend! I wouldn’t even go out with him!」


It’s different! Calm down, you guys!

Ichinomiya places his hand on Ogiya’s shoulder while having a bitter smile on his face.


「Just calm down. We aren’t elementary school students, so stop making noise every single time. We also need to hasten our pace」


I’m saved.

I spat a sigh of relief from the bottom of my heart.

Every one of the 2A guild gained their composures all thanks to Ichinomiya, and began walking again.


It’s fine but, Shizukuishi who’s still beside me is a problem. Honestly, I can’t be careless around this person, since I don’t know what she’s even thinking about.


Maybe I should prepare some countermeasures for this person?

While walking, that was the only thoughts I had.



+ + +



Approaching the settlement of the Deog tribe as our destination, an investigation began right away. There were 40 Deog’s in the houses. Subjugating them, or driving them away, will clear the quest.


But there are actually over a hundred.


「Then everyone, shall we do it?」


After the strategic meeting with Ichinomiya, he looks around all of our faces.


「Oh yes」「Ya!」「Aaaaah」「Un」「My arms are itching to be tested」「Let’s do our best…..」「Let’s kill them since I feel disgusted」「Ageha might do her best ☆」was what they said.


「Let’s go! Let’s make this one a success!」


By Ichinomiya’s orders, everyone stood up. Somehow, I had the feeling of wanting to join in on the subjugation as well.




With a slightly worried expression, Asagiri called out to me.


「Just get accustomed to it first. You don’t have to push your limits, so just come along with everyone else」


「Aah……I get it」


「Really? Doumeguri-kun, since you don’t always do your best when people are around, I’m slightly worried」


「Iya iya, It’s fine since I’m in an absolutely safe spot. Looking at how everyone is fighting, the purpose for me this time is to study」


Asagiri nodded satisfyingly, and held out her hand. A palm was pointing towards me…..well, is this like a high five or something?
[TL Note: Oh my god…… he doesn’t even know what a high five is?….]


Raising my palm up fearfully, Asagiri claps with mine coercively. My hand was being pushed, and I heard a miserable sound. But, Asagiri had a bright smile on her face.


「Alright! Do your best!」


When Asagiri turned around, she headed towards the ruins.


That was amazing, I got to touch Asagiri’s hand. Me, touching Asagiri’s hand, isn’t it the first time? Even last time, we spent the whole night together and not one of our fingers even touched.


The magician who diluted me with water for my happy sensation came over.


「You have a rather loose expression, don’t you. Is it because you touched a girl for the first time in your life/」


「Don’t go that far. Well, around…..six years?」


「I’m disgusted」


「Then what about you? Even you are bad at communicating with others. Even then, you still make fun of me!?」


「A girl’s virginity is extremely valuable, but a boy’s virginity, doesn’t it put them to shame?」


It hurts, my ears hurt!


「You…..Something about me, do you hold a grudge against me or something?」


「No way. Though I hold no grudge against you, I dislike you. I think it’s better for you to die」


To that extent!?


「Somehow, I feel like looking at myself, so I want you to die」




「What happened? We should be heading soon」


Ichinomiya called out to us. Everybody has already left. And looking at Shizukuishi, she already turned around with her mantle and began walking. From the back, I’d rather not walk together with her.


I consciously distance myself from her.



「Don’t be so tense. Because you have us」


Why is the King of Riajuu’s, the Hero and King of 2A, Ichinomiya walking with me.


「O, ouu…. My bad」


The road ahead of us, where Asagiri was waving her hand impatiently waiting for us. Since the distance of the ruins isn’t there anymore, I didn’t call out in a loud voice. I merely waved my hand from side to side.


Such a wonderful movement, was what I was thinking while staring. Then Ichinomiya said alone.


「You and Doumeguri, have both of you become that close to each other?」


Eh? Me and Asagiri?

Don’t put your hands on my woman, is that what you’re trying to convey?


「I, iya, I don’t particularly am close to Asagiri. Especially, well, we might be talking much more than from before but, everyone always talks about me and stuff, so, becoming close to each other is──」


Ichinomiya frowned at me for an instant.

N? Somehow, was my reply weird?


「Aa…….That’s right. Ririko is, is caring so it’s troubling」


What, is this unpleasant feeling.

I looked over at Asagiri once more. A figure of a magician was reflected at the edge of my vision.


Perhaps, did Ichinomiya ask Shizukuishi about it?


Maa, that person certainly is a problem child who can’t collect her behaviors…..In that case, why isn’t he correcting Shizukuishi’s story?


A great number of huge rocks began falling from the ruins. These are probably part of the ruins. Taking a closer look, there was a trace of relief that weathered. Everyone of 2A, suddenly measured the timing and rush in.


「Hey, Ichinomiya…..」


「My bad, but I get the first one」




Leaving a word behind, Ichinomiya unsheathed his sword and kicked the ground. Everyone else who was hiding behind the rocks, opened their mouths and showed a surprise expression.




Asagiri quickly followed as soon as possible.


「Oi, don’t leave me out of this」


Ogiya also began running off, and everyone else followed after Ichinomiya. At the end of the line, I chase after them and tried not to plunge into their visions.


Then jumped into the town of ruins that I’ve visited once. When I was walking as the figure of Hellshaft, the impressions were slightly different. I felt as if it was a small town at the time, but when walking in the form of a human, the road was wide and the wall that was about to collapse was unexpected very high.


From behind the wall, the Deog tribe suddenly appeared.




That appearance, it was completely different from what I saw yesterday. The sizes of their bodies, and fiendish expressions. Their killing intent to strike, I didn’t feel it when I was Hellshaft.


Then, I remembered the presence of the person who held a rough sword like a hatchet in front of me.

This guy, it was Deg, it was the one who did a dogeza!


「Gueeeee, I will do an outstanding job, and enter Hellandia!」


Oi, what will you do if you kill me!


But my legs didn’t move. To suddenly fear death that was approaching, my body stopped moving.

And Deg’s hatchet was raised greatly.


That very moment, a line of light ran through Deg’s body.

This is!?
[TL Note: Oh crap…. I actually was fond of Deg… that guy really appreciated Hellshaft, you know!?]


「Sunshine Blaze!」


An amazing slash effect, cut through Deg’s body.


「Guwaaaa!!……F, for me to, leave this place so early…….Hel, landia…..」


He who fell down so suddenly, stopped moving. I who almost held out my hand unintentionally, Ichinomiya’s yell was heard.


「Idiot! Why are you aimlessly wandering at such a place!」
[TL Note: Cunt, who are you to tell Kakeru to where to not go and where to go? Exactly]


「Eh… iya」


Ichinomiya who had an expression who was ready for death, yelled at me.


「Withdraw now. Go to a safe spot! And be careful of your surroundings!」


「O, ouuu!」


Withdrawing from the entrance of the town, I held my sword. I don’t know what will attack me then. But, as expected, when I withdraw here, the figures of the Deog’s was non-existent. I only gaze at the figure of everyone else fighting from a distance.


The sounds of weapons colliding, sounds of explosions from attack magic, and sounds of recovery magic was heard from afar. The sounds were gradually fading, I come back to the town. Coming to the open space in the inner-parts, there was approximately ten of the Deog tribe, and a battle was unfolding between eleven people of 2A.


The Deog tribe, is that the total that’s left of them?

The unexpected strengths of 2A guild, I was shocked.


「Flame Storm!」


A whirlpool of flames, was Shizukuishi’s attack magic and cut off the HP of the Deog tribe. The figure that came out the flame, collapsed to the ground. That certainly, was the chief of the Deog tribe.


They were rather happy for the job that was requested by the Demon Lord Hellshaft. For it to happen like this. I look at the figure of the chief of the Deog tribe who collapsed and stopped moving, my chest somewhat was in pain.
[TL Note: Better story than Twilight… damn]


Iya, I shouldn’t be thinking of things like that.

Those guys are monsters. Mere NPC’s. For me to feel sorry for them, it’s crazy, of me. Even a while ago, I was just about to get killed by Deg.


Reconsidering my actions, I looked at the situation again.

The Deog tribe were in a desperation situation to survive. Attacking without pretense, they pushed back 2A.






Hinazawa and Yuuki were slashed by a thick hatchet, and collapsed on the stone pavement. They won’t die but, they seem to have suffered considerable damage.


Ichinomiya who saw their figures, jumped to the Deog tribe while his sword was swung loose.


「I’ll do it! Everyone get back!」




I heard Asagiri’s restraining voice, as Ichinomiya approached closer to the Deog tribe all by himself. He swung up his loose sword in a casual manner. From that, one of the Deog tribe was cut off from the strike.




Ichinomiya swings his sword again as to press back the frightened Deog tribe. The shining of his sword, dropped a few lines as if it wrote something like destroying the Deog tribe.


Asagiri who excels in speed, and Ichinomiya who is fast enough. And has offensive abilities that are far superior. Even a single strike had enough weight that could be called a finisher.


Even so, there’s a limit.

Ichinomiya’s fighting ability, he clearly exceeds the level 15 that he’s apparently at.


Exodia Exodus reflects the ability of an individual from their aptitude. Therefore, both Asagiri and Ichinomiya would have skipped at least a level ahead than everyone else. However, this is──

Exchanging strikes with the Deog tribe with a facial expression ready for death, the body is cut with his counter. Another one, the Deog tribe collapsed.

His desperate movements to protect his companions. His mental strength and willpower are boosting up a notch.


Even if there’s a level difference, he can’t be careless. I now know.

The Deog tribe who’s lost their intention to fight, were trying to escape. However, Ichinomiya kept swinging his sword down at their backs.

And the last one. It was Oga who did a dogeza yesterday.


「S, stop…….」


Oga’s frightened voice became a voice of agony of a fallen enemy. Ichinomiya who gave the decisive blow, swings his sword as if slashing the sky. A sound of wind being cut was heard, as blood spattered.


With this, all of the Deog tribe are gone.

──To do this so readily, the Deog tribe have been annihilated.


Then, everyone who was mutual friends did a high five with each other, and I didn’t enter the way of how they’re doing things, but I could hear ambiguous laughter.


With the joy of succeeding the quest, and being relieved from the feelings of tension, everyone was in high spirits. But I, felt sad about the ruins that were spread around everyone.


Then for a while, the 2A guild talked about the contents of the quest, as if they were cooling out the excitements of the battle.


After having distributed the acquired items, they were on our way back to Caldart.

──However, Shizukuishi spoke out a single word.


「I wonder if everyone is on their way back? Because I have something to talk about with Doumeguri-kun」




Ichinomiya with a startled look, looks at me.

Wa, you, Shizukuishi! What are you saying! Everybody’s surprised you know! Rather, it’s like they’ve just seen something strange, look, everyone is looking at us!


While everyone was bantering around, I had no choice but to stay silent. Asagiri who rushed up to me, she made guts pose and supported me with a「Do your best!」


I don’t need the support right now. Iya, or perhaps it might be to not get defeated by malicious intent and harassments, was what she was trying to convey I guess. Then, thank you. Right now, I can only feel an unpleasant feeling from this.


「Finally the nuisance has gone」


When everybody who was walking on the field disappeared from our sights, Shizukuishi said happily.


「What, on earth are you….」


At best, I already know it’s not for something good. Is it going to be verbal torturing again?

Shizukuishi opened her grimoire, and cast a spell.



A magic formation spread from my feet.

Oh shit!!


I kick the ground at once, and jumped from the side. When I fell to the ground as I rolled, a huge explosion occurred in the place I was just standing a while ago. From my back, a hot wind and shockwaves ran through.


「A, a, a, a, areeeee you trying to get me killed!?」


「That’s right」


Even if it’s not for something decent, this is too much!


「Why should I get killed!」


「Even though the quest of defeating the Deog tribe was successful, you had a saddened expression, didn’t you?」


I was at loss for words in spite of what I could have said.


「Are you really Doumeguri-kun, or a monster? If you’re a human, you will die from a blow of my magic since you’re a lower level. I will recognize you as a human then」


「W, what the hell, what is up with this concept of witch-hunting from the Middle Ages! You’ll recognize as a human if I were to sink into the water and drown? You’re just trying to kill me! Even if you can verify it, it makes no sense!」
[TL Note: ‘I were to sink into water and drown’ is a metaphor of ‘if I die and revive’]


「What are you saying? You’ll revive so it’s fine」


「──!! T, that’s…..」


Fuck, I’m different from the rest of you people. If I die, I don’t come back to life, today’s such a bad day.


「Wait you! My login situation is different from everyone else’s, and there’s no doubt something has occurred. If I don’t come back to life, what will you do!?」


「At that time, at that time. Whichever is which, for you to not come back……There’s no basis for that. Perhaps, we might already be dead」
[TL Note: ‘At that time, at that time’ is close to ‘I will think on what to do when that time comes’]




Shizukuishi protruded her right hand towards me, and a swirling flame appeared on her palm.

──Oh, crap!?


When I began to run away, I turn at the ruined alleys. By a hair’s breath, my back was scorched faintly, and a ball of fire passed by. Hitting a stone wall, an explosion was heard.


If I were to receive such a thing, I’d definitely die.

I ran away without stopping my feet. Since Shizukuishi doesn’t exercise, running will be slow for her. If it’s moving speed, then I have already won against that woman.


Turning at several corners, I hid in a secluded small room. Though there isn’t a roof, the wall was tall, so it was enough for me to hide in. However, I will be found at some point in this situation. After leaving the ruins, there’s no doubt she’ll snipe me.


Fuck, if things stay like this, I’ll really die. Isn’t there a method for me!?


Looking around the room in desperation, there were ragged clothing, and a rusty sword was hung up on the wall. Weaved grass that was spread on the floor, a somewhat feeling of life was there.


I see, this was the room where someone of the Deog tribe lived in.


I suddenly remembered the figures of the Deog tribe that was subjugated by the people of 2A. Monsters who were mercilessly slaughtered. Certainly, they exist for the sole purpose.


──It’s the same for me.

The chief, Deg, Oga. Their smiles floated in front of me and disappeared.

That moment, something inside me boiled up.
[TL Note: Jesus. Imagine that being in real life in a situation between life and death, and let’s say your ‘lover’ died because of the assailant. Her appearance appeared in front of your line of sight, and she floated an extremely blissful smile towards you and faintly disappears. Just think about that.]


Opening my system window, I opened my item equipment. And my fingertip stopped on the Demon Lord’s armor. Taking a deep breath, I greatly breathe heavily once again.




Raising a shriek as if wringing someone out, I pressed my fingertip on an equipment column.

It was the Demon Lord’s armor of course.


With a slight time lag, a jet black armor was attached to my body. My poor body was unified with the armor. From 170 centimeters in height to a sudden 2 meters and 30 centimeters. The wide width of my shoulders and a thick chest that was protected by the black armor. The waist narrowed down nevertheless, and a thick foot that was like a log grew long. And a flame gushing out from my back, crawling on the floor.


Prepare yourself, Shizukuishi. It’s time for you to be frightened.


「Doumeguri-kun? I heard a terrible voice but, what on earth ha──」


Precisely being baited by me shrieking, Shizukuishi arrived. And she became stiff.


It’s no wonder. Suddenly, without any connection, the Demon Lord Hellshaft appeared. I’d be surprised too.




Fluttering my mantle made of flames, I did a splendid pose.


「Invited by my fallen brethren, from the darkness, comes the jet-black flames


Shizukuishi’s body, shivered shakily. Overwhelmed by the strong presence I emitted, she backed off.


「The reigning champion of both anger and flames, I, the Demon Lord Hellshaft have come unannounced!!」


「Impossible….. In such a place, that shouldn’t be…..」


「Wasn’t there another one…..I’ll kill you instantly an honor to me. Should you be in agony, you will at least be happy being killed by my own hands」


Shizukuishi who returns to her senses, opened her grimoire. But she was too slow, as I already opened my magic menu, and I can use it at any time if I wish.


It’s a wonderful opportunity, I will test this one out!


By the very actions of casting magic from my palm, I pushed the button to confirm my age from the window that was slightly exaggerated.


「Hell and Heaven!!」
[TL Note: horri shiet]


That very moment, the world became distorted. Our equipment, this place’s map, such data was overwritten. All common sense was destroyed, deviated, it was excessive, and logic being hidden, it was dominated by absurdity.


The town of ruins, it was replaced as if it was a setting on a stage. The stone walls collapsed, piling up on the ground, and its appearance changed to a stage. The wall that fell from the sky enclosed around a circumference, and a curtain that was dubious fluttered down out of nowhere.


The setting sunset inclined in one go, and a spotlight had irradiated on ruins where it became dark. The girl who was illuminated was a magician.


「Na……..what is, this!?」


Shizukuishi shouted out impatiently, well, I want to ask about what this is too!


Both Shizukuishi’s arms and legs were tied up to a chain, and couldn’t move. From both her left and ride sides, appeared a three-meter high orc statue made of steel. The chains were connected to their hands.


From the ruin’s grounds, the Deog tribe who should have been gone crawled after another.
[TL Note: God… that would be scary as hell. Oh wait, it is Hell]




Such a figure of a departed soul crawling out from the abyss, even Shizukuishi shuddered. Similarly, I’m scared. She seems to have leaked herself.


What on earth is happening, here. A sudden appearance of an outdoor theater. And the audience is the Deog tribe. The orcs whistled, filled with great excitement. It somewhat looks like a strip club……I haven’t been to one.
[TL Note: Okay… honestly thought the Hell and Heaven skill was like destroying both common senses of the world’s environment and surroundings.. but I was wrong]


Even so, is this truly the effects of Hell and Heaven? From what Aikawa-san said, the effects are random and she didn’t know what would happen, with me hearing that, I never thought it would be that unreasonable until it showed a strip club!


Shizukuishi had a pale expression trembling in fear.


「Ah…..iya, stop it」


My back shook one after another because of the thrill. Shizukuishi who is usually disgusted and cheek,y was trembling with fear while crying. Such an unrealistic situation. It somewhat…..makes me really aroused.
[TL Note: Oh god…]


But frankly, I did not expect her to receive such humiliation in a public circle. But, if I were to do this for a while, her mind might become broken and become quieter.


More than this, it would be troubling if she inquires about my true identity.

A, alright….I, I will do it.


Putting my hand on Shizukuishi’s neck, I abandoned all my thoughts. Her skirt and coat being rip up in one go, her white skin and pink underwear were seen. A flower patterned lace attached, an unexpected pretty underwear emerged.




Simultaneously opening and closing your mouth, it wasn’t even possible for Shizukuishi to scream. Instead, cheers broke out from the Deog tribe.


「Hiya~hooooooooooo!」「Take it off!」「Hang it on!」


Putting up my hand to respond to the cheers, the Deog tribe’s excitement heated up further.


It feels somewhat nice. Alright, which should I take off next? The feeling is to live up to the expectations of my guests.


I put my hands on Shizukuishi’s bra.


「I, iya, lies, stop」


Shizukuishi muttered such delirious words. I don’t care, and as if ripping it off, I took her bra. Her white skin awakened that was under the bra coming off. With her shaking and trembling, her shaking was settled immediately. I who got used to Satanakia and Forneus who was slender, it couldn’t be helped. But boy does she have a beautiful curve line.


Shizukuishi’s body, is slender as a whole. If I touch her now, she might break, so she was delicate, having the feeling of having to treat her gently. Although the intonation of her body wasn’t to that extent, and on the contrary, it was somewhat vivid, and a strange unpleasant atmosphere was there.


[TL Note: Don’t ask me, that’s what the raw said]


All alone, all of the Deog tribe were in high spirits. Them jumping, it was too arousing for me too…..wait, the chief!? You, aren’t you the chief!?


With an old face, the decoration that was a little too great was definitely the chief…..Where was that wonderful attitude of his!? In fact, he was that of a funky dirty old man!


Iya, I too am considerably aroused. Shizukuishi who is wearing a mantle, as her clothes and her underwear taken off. After that is the gloves and her boots, exactly like the appearance of a perverted person.


Spinning around the bra I took off from her, I threw it at the audience. The audience became a frenzy, and a brawl begun just for the bra.


Fufufu, the main even still remains. Turning my index finger to the sky. The Deog tribe, fell silent and stare at my fingertip. Slowly lowering my finger, I pointed at Shizukuishi’s lower abdomen region.





PART 4 [DONE] – 


Screams of meaningless uncertain joy, echoed from the audience. To respond to their expectations, I put my hand on Shizukuishi’s panties.


Shizukuishi had her eyes wide open, and shook her head.


「It’s a lie, this is a lie…..That alone, please, iya」


Seemingly sad expression with heart pains. However, this is also my fate. I must meet everyone’s expectations! With all my strength, I took of Shizukuishi’s panties.




Shizukuishi gushed out a scream of lamentation, as tears overflowed from her eyes without stopping.




Both Shizukuishi’s scream and the Deog tribe’s delights were mixed together.

I turned my back from Shizukuishi, and receive the cheers as a whole, I spread my hands and puffed up my chest full of pride.


What a nice sensation.

Everyone applauded of my works. Although it feels a little different, it was however true everyone being impressed by my very performance. Umu, let’s interpret that.


However, the cheers that boiled up at the time, was interrupted. The Deog tribe, stare at Shizukuishi’s crotch.


What’s happening? I was honestly feeling worried so I didn’t look straight but…..I saw Shizukuishi’s body sidelong glance.



The clothes being torn off, even though she’s not wearing anything underneath, the only thing she had on was her mantle, a truly wonderful nude mantle.


However, there was a sense of incompatibility on the part covered by the panties.


Following up on her tightly closed thigh, there was a line of tranquility. There was nothing of the same color as the hair, that should have been present, like a dirty girl.


「Oi……are」「She’s not grown」「Hasn’t she shaved?」「Iya, that’s wrong. She’s a natural」「She hasn’t grown any!」「She hasn’t grown any at all!」


The noise of the audience gradually kept on increasing. And cheers exploded.


[TL Note: I shortened it]


With the incomprehensible screaming, I roll up Shizukuishi’s panties, and pointed at the audience.


At the place I pointed at, the Deog tribe rush towards there. While the shouting increased, the fought for the position. You guys……do you really want these panties so much.


I then threw Shizukuishi’s panties at the audience. The Deog tribe rushed to the panties that flutteringly go down. In the end after the desperate struggle, the one who got the prize, cried out! Filled with tears of joy.


That guy did a dogeza in front of me, was Oga. Next to him, was Deg who was pleased. The two who placed each other’s arms around each other, thrusts their hands and raised a voice.


I’m relieved, Deg, Oga. Both of you did your best. To do it for Hellandia, that is at least your reward for it. Let’s enter Nirvana together.


「Y, you’re terrible…… Ue, e~ku, hi~ku」


Shizukuishi who was sobbing convulsively, was shedding tears like rain. I truly feel sorry for her. Alright, I should at least make Shizukuishi be in a good mood.


I opened up the list of magic from the system menu. And pushed the approval button to confirm my age without hesitation.



A pink light was emitted from my palm, and a heart-shaped emblem surfaced from Shizukuishi’s lower abdomen region.


「W, what did, you do……N!? Aawaan!」


Shizukuishi’s body suddenly collapsed immediately.

Snapping my finger, the chain that restrained Shizukuishi came off. Shizukuishi, fell on the backside of the stage that was of stone pavement.


「A……a, what, iya~」


Shizukuishi is now the same as a female in heat due to the effects of Ecstas. Her reasons and thoughts were deprived because of her sexual desires. The proof of that evidence, was Shizukuishi grabbing her own breasts, and rubbing them slowly as to create a circle.


N, no way…..That Shizukuishi is, playing with herself in secret…..I can’t believe it.


For her deeds, the Deog tribe raised a cheer.

Shizukuishi was flushed, narrowed down with tears in her eyes.


「Why is…..this, in front of the monsters, such a thing……A, aaan~!」

「Fu, fufu. What’s wrong? You can feel a lot more from this you know. You can move your hands more as much as you like」


「As I like……is it, fine?」


Shizukuishi asked me in a lightheaded state.


「That’s right…..As you’ve always done so, it’s fine」


「As I’ve, always done so?」


Shizukuishi’s finger movements were bold. Rubbing her chest like stirring it up, she pinched her standing fingers formerly.


「N! Aa~, I feel go…..oood」


But…..In other words, Shizukuishi has always been doing it;….. Oh crap, I’m somewhat aroused.
[TL Note: Oh shit… so Shizukuishi has always been doing it… lmao]


「Always, where have you done it? And how many times?」


The hand that interrupted between Shizukuishi’s feet violently rises up and falls. Her eyebrows were put in tightly to bear something.


「Na~, aan~! Waa~, t, the bath, and my room…..every day…..」
[TL Note: Jesus… I can’t even do that every fucking day… jezz… “NEW HAINEMAKORU KNOWLEDGE GET!”]


Eeeeeeeeh!? With such an expression, you did it every day!? Even though you’re the school’s cool beauty!?
[TL Note: Yeah.. not everyone is innocent as you think they are… even ask a girl who’s between 15-17 years old…. especially the student council presidents]


That truth, aroused me more. Even if you come to school with such composure, you were doing such a thing last night.




Shizukuishi bent her back, and shiveringly trembled. Her feet stretching out, it tightly bends as if the fingertips tried to grasp on something.


Shizukuishi, this person……Isn’t this, don’t tell me…..


Then, her body stiffened up and trembled, eventually, she lost all power inside her body. A small faint sound of water was heard from her crotch.


──W, what~?

The flow of trickling, eventually became a flow of vigor and drew an arc. From between Shizukuishi’s crotch, glittering and shining water gushed out, and made a puddle.


Shizukuishi stared at the audience with a bold expression. Isn’t there any power to support her head, and from inclining her head, drool droop from the edge of her mouth. Her flushed cheeks, her line of tears were beautiful.


The Deog tribe who was looking at the situation, their entire bodies were flushed red. It’s as if the excitement that couldn’t be suppressed started acted violently, and a brawl began. In spite of the brawl, they spoke words of gratitude at me.


「Thank you~! Hellshaft-samaaaaaa!」「Hellshaft-sama!」「The Great Demon Lord!」


The voices that cried to unanimously, eventually became a huge flow of roars on the stage.


「Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell!」


The Deog tribe raised their fists up, and praised the name of the Demon Lord. I guess they were satisfied with Shizukuishi’s performance and mine too, but alone, one person disappeared and became light particles.


──It’s almost time, for ends to come to an end.

Changing my mantle into a sword, I pointed it towards Shizukuishi.


「It was a rather pleasant show, you know」


Shizukuishi looked up at me with vacant pupils.


「Such fleeting dreams will be destroyed since it’s destiny. Scattered with tears, it’s life」


Being enveloped in the glow of the Deog tribe, I swung the Demon Lord’s sword at Shizukuishi.




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