Ecstas Online – v1c4

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 4: A Single Night with Only Two People


「That girl certainly is someone I need to watch out for」


Aikawa-san crosses her arms.


Uhm, could you not sit on my sofa without permission? Otherwise, or I will return Aikawa-san to the slave room afterward, and I will sit down on the sofa while thoroughly enjoy Aikawa-san’s ass. It isn’t so bad. You can sit after all.


「Uhm, may I also sit on the sofa? Even on the floor, I don’t want to keep on doing a seiza」


「Wa? What are you saying like you’re important?」


Iya……I’m excellent though. It’s my room too. Or rather, it’s my land.


「Since Doumeguri-kun made a blunder, you’ll be suspected by that girl! Hold your grip tightly!」


「Even if you say such a thing, the equipment being sold in the city, I didn’t know about it, so it can’t be helped!」


However, Aikawa-san who’s extravagant on a grand scale in a way, lets out a sigh of disappointment.


「Why are you so bad at this? Don’t you know what will happen? If you take such a behavior, what do you think will happen? The necessities for our purpose, just imagine things beforehand, and if you don’t think while you act out, things won’t work out as you think it would」


I feel honestly irritated……but, I completely understand what you’re saying. What we’re about to do now, I wonder how important it is. Such a trivial mistake, might result in the entire class’ lives being taken away.


「Honestly, be careful, just act carefully. Being angry at work is normal, and we can try starting over, but there are many things that can’t be undone in our current situation. Our actions, don’t you forget that it can affect the lives of many people」


「…….I understand」


I stood up from kneeling.


「Oh yeah Aikawa-san. Before I came back from Caldart, won’t you show me around the castle?」


「Here? How come?」


「Actually, I don’t know the layout of the castle just yet……but you can ask your subordinates for guidance, but it will be a problem if their loyalty decreases」


「I see, I guess that’s true」


Aikawa-san who nodded, stood up from the sofa.


「I get it. Because I was worked hard as a slave for six months, I roughly know the layout. From the place that is most likely necessary, I will guide you around」


Aikawa-san who smiles proudly, I was able to see somewhat reliable onee-san from her.



+ + +



So to Aikawa-san, she decided to guide me inside the Demon Lord’s Castle Infermia. For now, it’s a Demon Lord’s Castle mystery tour. It was the beginning of an enjoyable attraction.




「Shi~! It’s useless. You must call me Demon Lord-sama correctly」


I said so, while lightly pulling the chain I had in my hand.


「Gu~, hi, don’t pull me!」


「Anyway, it’s because there might be eyes of the demons. So we have to be careful」


When I had Aikawa-san guide me around the castle, I attached a collar on Aikawa-san that way, I wasn’t doubted. However, Aikawa-san doesn’t like it.


「I guess it’s not something to get revenge for…..」


「No way. For each other’s safety──, shi~ silence!」


I caught a glance of a figure ahead of the corridor, and my body stiffens with tension.


「Oh, isn’t that the King-sama. What are you doing?」


The ears on his head that were twitching, it was the boss of the demons, the werewolf Gracia has come.


「Gracia. As you see here. I’m walking my slave pet」


P, pet!? Were what Aikawa-san’s bloodlust eyes were asking.


「E~, that’s great. Don’t let it urinate too much in the corridor?」


Gracia laughed while saying that.


「Umu. I intend to train it properly, to be careful」


Aikawa-san began tearing in her eyes and made a grinding noise tightly with her teeth. Iya, there was no choice, just endure it for now, please. Aa, I became afraid of after that.


Gracia who waved his hand with a bright smile, passed by me.


It was somewhat like…..that you know.


Though he should be a monster, he’s mysteriously calm. Though there would be that sense of bloodlust when《LOYALTY》has decreased. Still, from talking with my classmates back in Caldart, I feel lighter here.


After all, it wasn’t a human in reality, was it maybe because it was a game character?


When I noticed, Aikawa-san looks up with a delicate expression.


「What’s wrong? Since he passed us safely, we can go ahead」


「……I guess」


When I nodded, Aikawa-san began walking to lead me. While walking through the corridor with the high ceiling, I could see outside from a window. Under the eyes of the castle walls, there was a garden and building inside, and a tower on both sides.


「This is the far east region of the Bargaia continent. 『Hellandia』a demonic kingdom. This Hellandiais governed by the Demon Lord Hellshaft, and this is his castle, Infermia. Isn’t that right?」


That was basic information. Naturally, I did read the specifications. Maa, I did forget a little about the proper name and the layout.


「Infermia, when you’re looking at it at a bird’s eye view, it’s a pentagon. And it’s surrounded by high rugged walls, to prevent enemy invasions. In front is the gate which is modeled after the face of a demon. Inside are a number of facilities and a huge courtyard. There’s also a large public bath with various exercising facilities….. and there is even an execution ground in the theater」


Being an enemy character, the welfare programme is complete… Execution ground?


「Inside the castle is a common area, it is divided into areas that the Demon Lord’s subordinates in Hellandia dominate. Hellandia is divided into four corps, all four are army corps, the Demon Lord’s entourage. The four generals of Hell Sector」


In other words, Gracia, Adora, Forneus, and the fourth is Satanakia.


「Where we are right now, is the Demon Lord’s tower in the center of Infermia. At the upper layer is a private room for Hellshaft, a place of Hell Sector to conduct political affairs like in a conference room. On the lower layers, the hall for the Demon Lord to address things in Hellandia for his subordinates. That includes dining rooms and kitchens, you know, various facilities」


I guess that was that hall. It was also the location where Adora was going to kill me. Looks like a place that will make me suffer from trauma. Thinking like that, I did not peek inside from passing it. Descending from the stairs further, we head to the basement.
[TL Note: Remember that strange monster? Yup. I do.]


「There’s a warehouse in the basement. Treasuries in the armory, from further down. In the deepest part, there’s a very important thing」


Going down the stairs endlessly, we got off at floor 30 of the basement, and from there was a huge temple.


「What is this……」


There was a huge hollow in the basement. Even though the ceiling is expensive, there wasn’t that much area. Although one side is approximately 100 meters, it’s definitely wide enough for a basement space. It was a sort of space where the atmosphere feels sacred.


The corridor is surrounded by the walls. Looking at the spot with five steps, it exactly is the same as a six-story building. The floor became a garden, and flowers and such greenery were set.


And from the back was a building that was similar to a gothic architectural church.


「This here is the most important place of the Demon Lord’s Castle, Infermia. The Temple of Hell’s Gate」


I gulped my saliva.


「Here is……」


I and Aikawa-san, walk in the large basement garden. Then, we entered the temple that was being supported by a thick pillar. Going straight forward at the end of the path, a big gate was there on the wall behind the temple. I went in front of it, looking up at it’s dignified appearance.


「This is….. Hell’s Gate」


Engraving of demons and angel were put on one side, it was a terribly beautiful gate. It’s glittering blue figure is slightly divine, it was if the gate itself was a god.


This is the only way, to return to reality…..the door that leads to the other world.


「You must defend this gate to the death. You must not let anyone pass through」


I was overwhelmed by the gate’s presence. This Infermia, and I, Hellshaft, it is said that they both exist to solely protect this very gate, and I was able to understand why.


「Are you listening? Doumeguri-kun」


Asagiri’s appearance and my other classmates who shouldn’t be there, was something I felt my eyes showed to me. Leaving me, everyone looks so happy and joyfully pass through Hell’s Gate.


Then, beyond Hell’s Gate──all their bodies became light particles, crumbling and disappeared.


Then I responded when I advertently look away from the Hell’s Gate.


「…….I will. After all, I am, Hellshaft」


Looking at myself, Aikawa-san slightly said with a gentle voice.


「Then, go back to Caldart. Don’t make a blunder anymore」




「Iya, I was planning on taking a little break at Infermia just a little more」


Aikawa-san’s eyes twitch upwards.


「Stop being lazy! Go quickly, and investigate their movements! And don’t be doubted anymore!」


「Wa~, Wa i ii i~!」


I was running away from the place, and returned to Caldart with teleportation.



+ + +



A calm afternoon. At the plain grasslands where trees grew, twelve of 2A guild were gathered.


「Then, everyone’s here? Form a party and go to the fields. we’re going to act on our own fundamentally, our goal is to get 100 sol. It’s also fine to challenge high-level monsters, and please don’t die」


You’ll revive anyway, so isn’t it okay to die? Was what I thought, but when listening carefully, there seems to be a penalty.


Although the level does not decrease, experience points will go back to zero. In other words, you can’t level up unless your experience points keep going back to zero. Of course, the level remains as it is, so it is a bit more comfortable than starting back from level 1.


Incidentally, this penalty. I asked Aikawa-san, it seems to be a bug she says.


Today’s arrangements, is to kill the monsters in the field suitably, and get their items. Then sell it in the streets, basically an occupation to earn living expenses.


There is also the purpose of earning experience points at the same time. As the amount of experience points accumulates, your skills rise, and so does your level. If you keep on repeating battles with monsters, your attack and defense, will also increase.


However, isn’t it terrible to group mutual people themselves? Even though it’s common in schools, I always remain last. So, eventually, the teacher’s power will be invoked.  I who’s alone, was forced to join a group with other people.


Of all people who were grouped with me, there was an annoying face I remembered. Iya, even I don’t want to join this person’s group particularly. Even if I’m all alone, since we’re of equal status in this regard, I’ll just have to endure. While chanting that in my heart, it’s better for me to be a distance away from everyone to not be a nuisance, this was my heart’s consideration.


But it actually was true.

This is a game space! It’s a different world! I will be making a fresh start as a different person!



Something, feels like that the groups have been sorted.


Three people, four people, a total of 11 people in groups of four like it’s completely natural. Even Shizukuishi who has a stranger anxiety, well it’s the same for me.


Are? I haven’t heard anyone’s voice yet……?


However, everyone was talking about「Where will you go today?」and such, and began walking.


Maa, it’s fine and all….but I’d rather go to a place I want to see. After all, even if I defeat monsters, I won’t earn experience points. When I’m in my human figure, I won’t know when I’ll die so my heart is throbbing. If I move alone, it’s a fact that it will be convenient.


I could come back to Caldart and secretly grasp the layout of the city, or I could go back to Infermia and it would be more beneficial to raise the《LOYALTY》of Hell Sector.


When thinking so, a girl looked back towards where I was.


「A, everyone wait! Doumeguri-kun is left」


Ichinomiya who remembered my existence, scratched his head.
[TL Note: I don’t know whether to feel bad for Doumeguri, or…]


「Aa, that’s right. Etto, then do you want to join Ogiya’s group? Since there are only three people including Ogiya」


However, Ogiya had a disgusted expression.


「Eee~? Can’t you wait a moment? I’m planning on capturing the Jet-black Forest today. I’m not saying he’s going to be a hindrance, but just a little」


Iya, you just did!


「Then, what about my group? Right, Akira-kun」


Asagiri gives off a cheerful face at Ichinomiya.

Stopping Ichinomiya from answering, the gyaru Busujima complained.


「Eh, but today, Akira’s going to get rid of the crowd of Bear Lizards. Or rather, could you not selfishly do that Asagiri-san?」


And from the last group that remains, they averted their eyes feeling uneasy. Then Asagiri puts her hands on her waist, and had a dejected expression on her face.


「Then, it’s fine. I’ll look out for Doumeguri-kun myself, everyone else can go hunting」


「Eh? A, But…Asagiri」


「Don’t worry Doumeguri-kun. It’s fine, isn’t it? Busujima-san, and Akira-kun too」


Ichinomiya said「I’m sorry」with his voice, but Busujima had a rather warm welcome, it was that sort of a smile. Oi oi, didn’t you dislike being separated.


For that reason, an unexpected event with just me and Asagiri and her giving me lessons privately.


「Then, we should also go」


Taking consideration of me, Asagiri showed a bright smile. From her radiant smile, it was enough for me to reply.


「O, ou」


Just like the others groups that have vanished already, both of us also started walking towards the field.


「Where are you heading to?」


「Un. There’s a quest for a good tutorial. With just us, it’s a quest that hasn’t been gone to, but it will be just right for Doumeguri-kun」


There was a river flowing in the middle of a wide grassy plain. As I follow the flow of the river, I saw a forest.


「I wonder if this spot is good……」


Asagiri opens her menu when moving, running her fingers in a space of nothing. After all, the menu screen will only appear to the individual, when I was doing this, it seemed as if I was doing something in the air.


「Yes. With this, it’s okay. I accepted the quest for beginners」


「And so…. the contents are?」


「A, I remember. I didn’t tell you the important thing」


Taking out her tongue, Asagiri smiled. Her facial expression changed, every single one was cute.


「It’s to kill five monsters that are similar to the Barret Sheep around here. Because those monsters drop wools as items, if you sell the material in Caldart, it will be completed」


I understand……Surely, it’s indeed something for beginners.


「Hora, it came out without delay. Good luck!」




With white fur while eating grass. It was a Barret Sheep. The horns were harshly large. Having a face more fiendish than a sheep. It was angry and had wrinkles, and had strange eyes.


In order to not be noticed by the Barret Sheep, I gradually approach from the rear.  Holding a sword, I examine the situation.


「Yes yes. Keep going ♪」


I was especially cautious, as Asagiri crosses both her hands together, I began walking following it. I felt under pressure when I’m being observed at.


Decisively, I swung the sword at the Barret Sheep. with the fluffy wool, my sword repels from the thick skin and meat under it. A red character with the content 10 surfaces.


The Barret Sheep turned around crying. Recognizing me as an enemy, it swoops down. As the name suggested, the direct hit was like a bullet. There my body was blown away.


「Gu waa a~!」


From my body that was rolling on the ground, the number 40 surfaced. Oi oi, if I get hit two more times, it will be my death! If I’m unskillful, I’ll die if I get hit by a critical!? What do I do, this──


Without concern for the circumstances, the Barret Sheep rushes forward again.


「U…….wa a a~!」


I said so unintentionally leaking out body. Before myself, Asagiri cut in.




When did she start equipping, she then took the rush of the Barret Sheep with her metal shield. Instantly, a light blow with a sword was added. Then from the body of the Barret Sheep, the number 100 surfaced.


「Saa, stand up. One more go!」




When I stood up, I cut towards the terrified Barret Sheep with full force. The number 20 was displayed from the white wool, and the Barret Sheep collapsed.


「Congratulations, Doumeguri-kun! You defeated the Barret Sheep! Your first subjugation」


It’s as if it was her first victory for the first time, she had a delightful smile on her face.


「Ma, maa…….Close, since Asagiri……wa a, thanks, but」


My breathing was breaking, and I replied in pieces.


The Barret Sheep’s body that collapsed began convulsing, and disappeared as light particles. At the same time, with a faint electronic sound, an icon appeared in the corner of my view.


Touching the icon, an item window opened. From there was a newly displayed wool.


Finishing my task soon, I let out a sigh.


「Then, do four more, in that condition」


Asagiri was surprising Sparta.


「N……this is」


Suddenly, a chilly atmosphere came afloat. From that, the footing becomes hazy.


「Is this, fog?」


「It looks like it. But, unexpectedly being in plain grounds, it’s unusual……」


While talking about it, the fog steadily becomes denser.

Something is going on. The second I thought so, a window was displayed in front of me.

──Oubreak Quest.


「Asagiri? This is, just what on…..」


「It’s a sudden forced quest! To be involved in it」


Asagiri’s expression suddenly changed.

The quest’s target level is 17. But everyone’s levels are around at 15, this is considerably risky. It’s no wonder Asagiri’s expression has excessively changed.


「Let’s escape this instant!」


In order to start following Asagiri who started running, I also run. However, the body suddenly became heavy when moving.


「W, what is….. this?」


My body had stopped moving forward, as if it was stopped by something invisible.


Asagiri who was incomprehensible, I shook my head. I then open the menu once more, confirming the contents of this outbreak quest.


「Eetto…. Search for the Level 17 Magician Grim, then subjugate. But since the field has a barrier of magic power, it is not possible to leave until defeated. Inside the barrier, the weather is easily changeable, and easy to become a storm……That’s what it says」


Asagiri was, puts a hand on her forehead disappointingly.


「I’m sorry Doumeguri-kun. I got you involved in this…..」


「Iya, it’s fine. It’s not your fault Asagiri」


「Uun. It was supposedly a beginner’s tutorial, I didn’t know an outbreak quest would occur as such a place. I’m terribly sorry──」


A drop of rain hit the top of my nose. And the sudden fragrance of rain envelops instantly.


「Uwa, it’s starting to rain down!」


The rain falling on the grass, the fragrance of greenery raptures and rises up.


「Although, it being written that the weather can easily change in the explanation……it certainly looks like it」


In the meantime, the rain becomes a lot stronger.


「Wait, isn’t this……」


「W, we can’t stay here. Let’s take shelter from the rain! Follow me!」


Whether something was up, Asagiri started running. As for the me in the middle of the downpour, I follow the sight of Asagiri’s back. It’s truly a terrific rain. Exactly like a bucket being flipped over, it’s like the perfect expression. But in this game, it’s not necessary to always change the weather!? This is too extreme! Maa, I guess the adjustments haven’t exactly been finished yet. But as it is, complains will begin to arise. The water accumulating from the boots feels revolting, and the pants becoming soaking wet.


「Good luck! Just a little more!」


「I, I understand!」


In order to not get defeated by the sound of rain, my voice rose. Shortly after that, a huge hazy shadow came into sight in the rain.


「We can take shelter from the rain there!」


The house was European-style. A two-story wooden building, and a large chimney on the triangular roof. Is this a house an NPC lives in? However to Asagiri who didn’t knock, she just barged into the entrance.


「It’s safe in here. Monsters won’t go inside the house」


「Iyaー……I’m fed up, by this」


My entire body was soaked. With two people, it’s as if both leaped into a pool.


「But, what’s this house?」


The house without lights and furniture, it was deserted. The only interior inside the place was a fireplace on the wall. A large chimney on the roof, it’s the very reason of this fireplace.


There being no furniture, there was a long rugged carpet on the floor. If this is on the floor, I can take a rest.


Asagiri who is drying her hair from the water, wrings it with both of her hands.


「I used this place for resting when I was here before, it’s somewhat vacant. It’s also possible to rest right away, and your money won’t be stolen too」


This place might have been arranged for NPC characters. Or, just a temporary data of a house.


「I see……Ma, in any case, I’m saved」


「I guess so, ne…..hi, ~ku shun!」


Uwa, what a cute sneeze!

To Asagiri who’s face that was flushed, I held down my mouth.


「I, I have a cold……For now, we can change our clothes and heat up in the fireplace」


Fortunately, there was firewood piled up near the fireplace, so Asagiri who was preparing items that can light up a fire, I lit up the fireplace.


The outside is still pouring down, it’s a gloomy night. Since there’s no light inside the house, the fire of the fireplace was our only light source.


Putting your hand near the fire of the fireplace, it’s warm, so in this case, we will not be freezing.


「You can change your clothes after……」


「Doumeguri-kun, a set of clothes…. do you have any?」


Since I didn’t bring a set of clothes, I’m troubled as to what will happen. Other than the things I’m wearing right now, the only other option is the Demon Lord’s armor. I definitely can’t wear that.


「I wonder if it’s okay staying soaking wet……bu wa~ kusho n!」


Uh-oh, it’s seriously cold.


「That’s no good. You can still get sick in this world you know? Non Non…..Shizukuishi-san, caught a cold so she stayed asleep for three days」


Eh, really? Then, is reality really necessary to follow things through?


「But, I have no other set of equipment…..」


I’ll be naked if I undress, so something like cloth-like is…..

The curtains of the suddenly caught my eyes. I should borrow that.


I begin taking off the curtains at once. Oh, it’s surprisingly comfortable to feel. Feels like a soft and fluffy towel, basically perfect for wiping a body. Putting the curtain on like a mantle, I wrap it around my body.


「With such an appearance, I’m extremely sorry for this Asagiri…….But, I might catch a cold, is it alright if I remove my equipment?」


Asagiri reddens her face, starting at my lower-body distortedly. With a slight groan, she was conflicted about something.




「I, it’s alright. It’s fine but…..」


「I see. Iya, it’s my bad. I understand it now. I’ll try not to be as close as possible from you. And since Asagiri surely has that much equipment, it’s totally flawless」


Asagiri who suddenly perk up her shoulders.


「T, to me too…..the curtains, please」



Looking at my absentminded expression, Asagiri keeps on talking as if provoked.


「A, after all! It can’t be helped! There were too many items, I gave up on the thoughts of organizing it myself…..」


Aa……. I see how it is now.

To me who fell silent, I took down another curtain, and offered it to Asagiri.


「How do I say this, that……the timing was to blame」


She who had red ears, Asagiri receives the curtains from me.


Asagiri wraps the curtains around her body tightly, whether the body couldn’t be seen from the opening, I confirmed it carefully. Then, letting out a sigh and peeking out from my right hand, I couldn’t help but get taken aback by the whiteness of her skin. Asagiri manipulates the menu screen as if making up her mind.
[TL Note: Do understand that Doumeguri is covering up his eyes, so basically like peek-a-boo with your younger siblings, etc, but at the same time, is like a guy with chuunibyou with a bit of your right hand leaving a gap and saying “this is my power” lmao..]


Over the curtain, the appearance of the equipped attached to Asagiri’s body surfaces. That very form, disappeared without warning. The curtain clinging to her body, made Asagiri’s body-lines surface. Despite the degree of exposure being zero, I could clearly understand the shape of her thin and supple body.


I unintentionally searched for the difference with the VR version of Asagiri I was making. The VR Asagiri was better, to be blunt, she had huge breasts and an erotic body. Despite it being that, I wonder what this is this unnatural sex appeal. The size of the chest, even after restraining my own body’s modulation, the sex appeal that’s fragrant from her supple waist like a willow stimulates my instincts.

──Wait, I shouldn’t. What am I doing staring. I’m a gentleman. So I must act like a gentleman. By no means, I must not become a gentleman that’s perversive.


I also removed my equipment. Iya, the feeling of suddenly becoming naked is wondrous.


Though it covers me, I wonder what this is? The sense of being naked in front of Asagiri. I mean, Asagiri is also sensing this feeling. Thinking like that, my important part was about to stand up. Oh crap! I’ll be in serious trouble if I don’t get this situation under control!


The form that I leave in front of Asagiri who’s near the fireplace, I sit slightly farther away. Asagiri who sits down near the fireplace slanted, she glanced at me.


「Won’t it be far colder if you’re that far away? Just a little more, won’t you get a bit closer here?」


T, that was somewhat erotic, is my mind really that corrupted?


「T, then…….I’ll accept your offer」


Dragging my knees, I go near the fireplace. Looking at Asagiri suddenly, from the hem of the curtain, Asagiri’s white legs were stretched. The physical education of sitting on one’s knees. The dark shade that was under. In that darkness, her gentle rounded thigh appears faintly. Looking closely, I was able to see the inner-part, considering that, I let out a breather. The distance of Asagiri, is around one meter and 50 centimeters. Any further than this will be dangerous.


Turning my face away, I turn towards the fireplace sitting just like Asagiri.


However, this situation, when I was trying to calm down. It’s just me and Asagiri. Moreover, in a closed-circle type of situation, and the figures which are only wrapped around a single cloth.


I sense something like a chance, well originally, I had no chances, reminding myself that it’s all an illusion.


But actually, after a short while, both of us were sitting in front of the fireplace. And no development to report.


Asagiri who hasn’t brought up the absurd discussion, it’s maybe because I’m nervous and unfamiliar, I can’t exactly reply either. Almost like a question after a question. Iya, I’d say something that’s wishful, but that was only if I was not at loss for words. To say such careless things, I’d hate if I’m avoidedーNow thinking about it, it’s useless.



Eventually, Asagiri muttered a few words, both of us were holding our knees, and stared at the fire of the fireplace.


「Fa a………」


Asagiri leaked out a yawning voice. Maa, we did hunt and well, rain in the rain, it’s no wonder that she’d be tired. I feel very bored when I’m staying together with you, so I close my eyes.


Nevertheless, in Exodia Exodus, it’s interesting to necessarily have to sleep. So to speak, our consciousness is only from a data source, it’s an existence that is real without needing the body. In spite of that, I feel drowsy. Not just physically fatigue, it’s like the feeling of being worn out.


「Oh, I wonder if…I heard it」


Asagiri embarrassingly shrugs her head.


「Aa……but, I’m tired and, it’s already this late」


Taking shelter from the rain, several hours have passed already. The time that was displayed in the system window, was 10 o’clock in the evening. I didn’t think it was that late already, then Asagiri woke up early.


「AhーI’m at my limit」


That being said, she lies down.


「Sorry. I’m going to sleep for a bit」


「Ah~, aa. The rain won’t stop. It’s dangerous to go outside at night too. Either way, until morning is here, I guess we’ll be confined here…..I might as well sleep since there’s a chance to go to sleep」


Oh, isn’t it a good time to follow?


「I guess so. Doumeguri-kun too, you better head to sleep. Once the rain stops, we can take action tomorrow at daybreak」


When it comes to simultaneous sunrise, it would surely be dangerous if I don’t sleep at this time.


「Then, I too…..」


I lie down nervously. Ah, the carpet might be more comfortable.


Looking up straight at the ceiling, the fireplace’s fire was reflected. The burning sounds of firewood, I could hear the rustling sounds of Asagiri turning over. That sound was weirdly loud, and resounds seductively to my ear.


I could even hear her slightly sleeping breath. Oh, my heart is beginning to throb faster. Not entirely, but I can’t sleep. The totally defenseless Asagiri is sleeping right beside me. It’s just the two of us sleeping together in such a place, I’m too nervous to even feel the slightest bit of drowsiness. For an unreasonable but compulsive idea of wanting to lie down, it’s not possible for me to sleep anymore.


Or rather, if I were to give up sleeping at such a time, I guess it’s fine. Two days ago, this was such a rare opportunity, right? Wouldn’t I be able to worship Asagiri’s sleeping expression all the time?

──Alright, I’ll do it.


When I began to move, I turn towards Asagiri.


「Say. Doumeguri-kun」


「Hiya, hiyai~!」
[TL Note: HIYAI…. That was… uhm… uncomfortably ….. rather.. strangely amusing to me]


Asagiri who turns to her side, was looking straight at me. Uh-oh, was I found out that I was going to gaze at her expression?

Leaking out a smile, Asagiri began speaking to me.


「I’m glad that I’m together with Doumeguri-kun」


My chest got suddenly startled.


「Eh!? W, why?」


「I was always worried about the other people. By some chance….. if you died, you’d begin thinking about various things. But, even though you were late to come along with the current situation, I was slightly relieved」


Aah, I see now. So that’s the reason.


「After all, two-thirds of our classmates’ whereabouts are still unclear…..」


Surely, where the hell did those guys go? At Aikawa-san’s place, there was still no communication even if a dead person was found, thinking that wherever they might be…..


「Un. That’s why when Doumeguri-kun came, the things we still don’t know, I had begun to understand that there are still various possibilities. Even though we don’t have a direct relation to each other but, to return to our former world, it’s finally becoming possible」


That’s what Asagiri’s expression from the sides said so, and was slightly fragile.


「Asagiri, to break free from this world is impossible, haven’t you thought of that?」


Giving out a feeble smile, Asagirir turned towards me.


「Just a bit. I still believe that we absolutely can go home, even though I’ve lived here for half a year already……Honestly, I’ve become slightly tired. Therefore, I’m relieved Doumeguri-kun came」


My chest kept throbbing with pain.


Thinking about it carefully, this was the first time I’ve talked to a classmate just like this. That was, also with Asagiri Ririko. Generally being cute, beautiful, I like her but it was just mere admiration, since she was absolutely out of reach, a person who’s a resident in this different world who’s from the same class as me. Being able to talk to you is a miracle, I’m glad that you’re here, and luckily, it’s not a dream.


「Even though there’s a level difference with everyone…..once you get accustomed to combat, you’ll be able to form parties with everyone else, and on the contrary, raising your level would be simple」


「Iya, there is not a single person who’d want to party with me. In the first place, inviting someone──」


That’s not it. It’s not like that, it’s just me. I just have my own legitimate cherished opinion. And never, that it can’t be helped that I carry such a burden of solitude. I choose solitude in this.


「……Communicating with others, I believe that it was a waste of time and opportunities. Emotionally, physically, I didn’t think there would be anything that could have been gained by paying such a monetary loss. Therefore, I move in solitude. So….taking care of is isn’t necessary」
[TL Note: Damn son. Where’d you get those lines from? You sound like a badass, like me.]


Asagiri who had a gentle smile nodded with「I see」


That very smile was able to see-through my heart, and I wasn’t able to look at Asagiri anymore. Looking up at the ceiling, I muttered to myself.


「Maa, I’m just a human who’s insignificant. And honestly, I was happy to be able to go with you, someone like me who isn’t intriguing」


Mocking myself, I face the ceiling and talk to it.


「I don’t think that’s true. Doumeguri-kun is, a diligent and good-natured」


A good-natured person you say, I’ve heard that it was an abbreviation meaning a good person, wasn’t that right?


「Neither late nor absent, always having a serious attitude during class, and grades aren’t even inferior」


Maa, it’s normal…..


「Always on cleaning duty, and even though there are people who are truant due to club activities, Doumeguri-kun is always doing it, I thought it was nice of you」


IyaーThat too, it was only me who didn’t have club activities, those guys just press me and say『I guess even Doumeguri-kun will do it』for me to do it.


「Even at the time of the school festival, wasn’t the school gate broken? But the next day, it was fixed. It was you who fixed it, wasn’t it, Doumeguri-kun?」


H, how do you know that?
[TL Note: She fucking likes you, JEEZ. Take a hint! She always knows how you always are the one who keep shit clean and shit, she obviously stalks the fuck outta’ you man.]


Ogiya who’s easily carried away, was the one who destroyed it because of him being in high spirits. Deciding to go without a gate, the very person who made it was me, and I’ve only thought of fixing it even if there was a nuisance who kept on messing around.


「And after that, I told the story of how Doumeguri-kun fixed the gate, late at night, so I understood why」
[TL Note: I tell you, she’s cray cray!]


「I, I see…..」


「There was also other things. The day that the girl of the gardening club had a date with her boyfriend, you were the one who replaced the weeds in the gardening club. Even if you were found out from taking her place, I was very pleased」
[TL Note: Seriously…. this girl’s a fucking stalker]


Iya, I was only deceived and her saying『Senpai, the next Sunday, why don’t we replace the weeds together?』and was told that. But, there was no girl there when I went, and I was said to be a substitute.


Maa, I knew the circumstances of it.


It was clearly obvious, because her eyes were shining with expectations too much, so I wondered if was fine to be deceivedーwas what I thought.


「Even thought you could have appealed to yourself more」


I could hear Asagiri’s gentle voice.


「In a place where no one notices, was a person who was uninformed and kept on doing his best for everyone else, I knew that. Therefore, why don’t you have more confidence in yourself?」


I, couldn’t move while looking up straight at the ceiling.

Thinking that nobody was interested in me.

Nobody wanting to look at me, not having anything to do, I couldn’t notice.

I couldn’t believe it, but Asagiri was looking at me.

She knew so much about myself.
[TL Note: It’s fucking called being an obsessive stalker! JEEZ!]


Things like planes and cars, were things that I yearned for but absolutely won’t get, I comforted myself by buying plastic models. And made an Asagiri VR model with such emotions.


But, the true Asagiri couldn’t be reproduced just like the VR model of her.

Not at all.

It was as if she was an angel.

But I, have no qualifications to be praised like this by Asagiri at all.


I, really don’t know.

What will happen to this world, how dangerous your current situation is.

Having the perfect opportunities to kill those people, I came to Caldart.


When I get defeated, you guys passing to Hell’s Gate, and die.

Therefore, I must absolutely defeat you people.

But to be frank, that’s secondary.


一The most important thing is, is to be saved.

Because I don’t yearn to die, so I must defeat you people.


As a result, I’ll only be keeping you at bay from Hell’s Gate.



If it’s Asagiri.

If it’s for Asagiri, I would even tell the truth.



Asagiri is the only one who understands me.

More than anyone, I absolutely want to help Asagiri.

I could care less about my other classmates.



Only for Asagiri,

I absolutely must help.


This person is worth that much to me.

Even if she doesn’t like me particularly.

It’s okay even if you’re going out with Ichinomiya.

Even with that, Asagiri──、
[TL Note: Fuck… why is this fucking depressing? I feel depressed now too…]


「U, uhm….honestly──」


「I absolutely want to return. Therefore,」


Asagiri who had a strong tone, I instinctively opened my mouth and words leaked out.


「To absolutely defeat the Demon Lord Hellshaft」




Opening my eyes, I stiffen up.


「In our former world, there are people waiting for me. Therefore, whatever arms we can use, just only that Demon Lord…….have to be defeated」


I smiled with all my efforts. However, I couldn’t help but laugh. Hiding my face, I turned my back away from Asagiri.


「I, I guess you’re right.But…..~, isn’t it strong? The Demon Lord I mean」


「But there should always be a means to defeat it. In addition, the game would also be cleared if we were to reveal the true identity of the Demon Lord」


I got startled and thinking my heart would have stopped for a moment.


「But I didn’t know at that time…….But, when that quest occurs again, you know what will happen to the Demon Lord? I continued to keep thinking about that」


I was completely at loss for words.

Then, for the time being, I gazed at the light of the flames that reflected on the dark wall.

Suddenly, I look over at the flames in the fireplace.

In the very flames, I felt as if the presence of the Demon Lord’s mantle was there.

The flames that were burning in the fireplace, I could see it in my eyes.
[TL Note: Initially, it was cape, but I’m changing it to mantle, and also the fire to flame]


「Asagiri……To return to our former world, do you really want to that much?」




I, gently stared at Asagiri. Asagiri was still gazing up at one point of the ceiling.


「I want to go home. I want to go home, absolutely」


From her expression from the side, I could see a force of a strong spirit.


Then suddenly, as Asagiri woke up from her dreams, she turned towards me when she noticed.


「Sorry! I was completely absorbed in my own delusions! Just a while ago, didn’t you say something?」


Loosening my mouth, I turn towards the ceiling.
[TL Note: Is this some sort of god damn game of looking towards someone, then turning to the ceiling?… dafuq?]


「Iya…..I was just a little drowsy」


「Ah, I’m sorry about that~! Well then, good night~」


Being confused, Asagiri turns flustered around and turned sideways.

While I was looking up at the ceiling, I began to think.

With Asagiri’s breathing while she sleeps, I could hear the rustling of clothes.

Even after outside of the window was already bright, I still couldn’t sleep.
[TL Note: Thanks a lot Asagiri for ruining a guy’s night to fucking masturbate!]






「I’m relieved. It seems like it’s over now」


Leaving the unoccupied house, both me and Asagiri look up at the sky. Even though it’s still cloudy, the sky was bright, and the grassy plains shine of morning dew.


「Our clothes, it seems to be dry」


Our equipment at a fixed time, seems to dry automatically. The two of us who wrapped ourselves in battle gear, leave the unoccupied house, we walk to the field that had morning mist.
[TL Note: Yes, it’s not her name as ‘Asagiri’ since it can also mean ‘morning mist’ but this one is different]


「If we don’t defeat the magician who made this barrier, we can’t get out of here…..」


That’s certain. The Level 17 Magician, Grim. Quite a strong opponent.


「N……? Asagiri, isn’t that weird?」


「Eh? What is?」


There was a steep cliff that continues from our left and right. Seems like a part of that cliff is rising up.

Slightly being misaligned with the background. Is it a bug? Or is it……

Asagiri advances to the path of the valley. Then, she stopped at some sort of suspicious part.


「Certainly, there must be something here….」


Asagiri opened her menu, and did some gestures. Then, I noticed that an item had suddenly appeared into my view.


「Is this……what Asagiri gave me?」


「Yup. Recovery Medicine. There’s only two in stock, but you can use it if it gets dangerous」


「I will. Well then, I’ll attract the attention of the other party」


But Asagiri shook her head.


「It’s impossible for Doumeguri-kun considering your level. There’s no doubt that the magician Grim is hiding. And if I were to use a wide-range of attack magic, Doumeguri-kun would get involved…..When it becomes dangerous, uun, be sure to use it before it gets more dangerous」
[TL Note: I’ve just remembered… let me get this straight okay…There were in levels of around 10+…. and decide to fight the Demon Lord… what the fuck?…]


Even it should be hard even if the opponent is Asagiri, so why’d you give me all the recovery medicine.


「…..Alright. But, I will also fight. Even if I’m able to scrape a little bit of his HP」


Asagiri seemed a little surprised but, she smiled sweetly.


「I get it. Let’s do our best! But don’t be unreasonable」


The texture of the rising cliff, it was gradually closing in. Looking at it closely, it was a human appearing, and there was faint of effects added. Something is clearly hidden there, and it’s a sign.


Asagiri draws out her sword, and accumulates her fighting spirit.


[TL Note: I feel like Raitoningu would have been better.. but for the sake of some normies reading this, I’ll set it as Lightning]


She released a strike with all her might. From Asagiri’s posture, a band of light flashes. When she cut off a part of the cliff, the number 70 surfaced. Furthermore, the shockwave of her lightning, uncovered the existence that was hidden under the cliff’s structure.


What came out from there, was someone who wore a black hood over his head, it was a magician wearing an ominous mask. One side of the mask was crying, the opposite represented anger. And he held a thick magic grimoire in his hand. From that grimoire, with the dried moving fingers, a magic formation shone at Grim’s feet, and the diameter widened.


「Watch out!」


Asagiri who continued slashing her sword at Grim, raised an impatient voice.


I quickly jumped back. And a sudden explosion occurred inside the magic formation, then the explosion spread.




It was strange, but the explosion had no influence from outside the magic formation. The flames, the blast, and the shockwaves, it didn’t convey at all. However, Asagiri who was inside there, continued attacking Grim.


I who was closing in on Grim, swung my sword down. However, the damage I dealt was, 5, 8 and so on. But, as long I can help Asagiri, then it’s fine.


The moment I raised my sword up high, a magic formation spreads again from his feet.




In my very eyes, I was surrounded by flames. With my body shaking from the impact, the burning pain was all over my body. By just a single blow, my entire HP was cut down to 20.




I suddenly used the recovery medicine I received from Asagiri while I panicked. Then, my health was back at 80.

This, is dangerous if I use it again.

Thinking so, the magic formation spread again.



Running away from the magic formation and tumbling, an explosion similar to the ones before occurred behind me,

I was able to buy time this time. But, Asagiri who was still holding out, desperately wielded her sword.

That damned Asagiri…..Is, your HP going to last from this?


Breaking out a cold sweat, Grim’s HP was scraped off by his expression of death.


I wonder… if things are okay?

At that moment, three magic formations appeared from his feet.




From my call, Asagiri responded.




Separating one hand from her sword, she spreads her hand towards me.



There I understood everything. I kick the ground, and jump into the magic formation without hesitation. I opened my item window, I selected the recovery medicine.

As a matter of course, it’s──not for me.

Asagiri’s body, was wrapped in green light. It was proof that her HP had recovered.

But the following moment, a shockwave and explosion set off inside the magic formation.






Both our bodies, were ridiculed mercilessly with the shockwaves and flames.

But, I was still alive.


Asagiri began pulling out her sword. She had a sword from each side. She raised both her swords towards the sky. Then, with all her utmost power put into it, she cuts Grimm.


「Dual Lightning!!」


That was when Asagiri’s finishing technique was decided. The sword that was like an act of god grasped in both her hands, instantly hacked up Grim.


Grim was shriveling in pain as the oiled gear came off. Several red numbers appeared on his body, and collapsed to the ground. Then, he became light particles and was blown off by the wind and scattered.


Asagiri who lowered her swords, as if spitting out all the air inside her lungs, breath a sigh of relief.


「We somehow… managed to do it」


「Aah. Thank you for your hard work」


There, Asagiri began to open up.
[TL Note: This sentence can mean so many things.. but, don’t think of it in a dirty way, thank you or in a gore-ish way]


「But, you managed to understand what was going on earlier. What I wanted from you」


I also smiled.


「Aah, I understood what you meant. Somehow」


「I see. Well now, we’ve done things together so smoothly now」


「Is….Is that, so?」


Are? Isn’t this a nice atmosphere?


「Ah, seems like the barrier is gone」


Thinking it was a nice atmosphere, I feel like I was stepping out of line. I gazed at the digital noise that was spread in front of me with a bitter feeling. But eh. If the barrier is gone, we can talk about this some later time maybe.


From all directions of surroundings, was wrapped up in noises, then several seconds later, the noises disappeared.




There was a huge shadow standing in front of me.


Looking down from above, with glowing eyes. From the mouth aligned with its fangs, a roaring sound has been heard.


There was a huge monster astonishingly high up.


The height was more than 2 meters. It was a monster that had a face similar to a lizard, and have a huge body like a bear.


「Bear Lizard…..」


Asagiri was feeling despair, from calling that name.


It was also a level 17 monster. And, there wasn’t just one of them. It was like if it was carrying out a pincer attack on us, the four Bear Lizards surrounded the back and front.


In fact, Asagiri and I can’t beat them with just the two of us. And to escape, our path was completely blocked.


Fuck~! With my current HP, I’ll be out if I get hit once!

Though Asagiri can revive herself, as for me──is death.


The Bear Lizards, kept approaching us while thumping.

If I was equipped with the Demon Lord’s armor, these guys would be small fish──,

No, it’s useless!


I can’t show Asagiri my true identity!

But if I don’t use it, I will die──,


「Sunshine Blaze!」
[TL Note: Fuck you Ichinomiya.]


Along with the fighting spirits and cutting through sound, the bodies of the Bear Lizards, were cut into two.


A person fell from the sky. The height of the cliffs on both sides were approximately 20 meters. Jumping down, there would be serious damage.


But without minding such damage, that guy appeared.


[TL Note: NOOOOOOOOooOOOoOOOoooooOOOooooooo]


Asagiri raised a voice filled with joy.


「Flame Storm!」


A lump of flame came down from the sky, and the Bear Lizards were wrapped in flames together.



Looking up, I could see Shizukuishi’s figure lining with her mantle on the cliff.


「Aaaaaaalright! Let’s go eveeeeryooooneeee!」
[TL Note: Fuck you Ogiya]


Including Ogiya, the rest of 2A Guild came running down from the top of the cliff.




Asagiri gladly opened up her mouth.


Everyone’s levels were around 15 and lower than the Bear Lizards. However, it’s effective to kill one of them if there are several people. Enemies that are of much higher level than theirs, were being knocked down one after another.


Then, the Bear Lizards disappeared after a few minutes later.


「Are you alright? Ririko」
[TL note: SUREEE. Go to Ririko first! OKAY CUNT.]


Ichinomiya who spoke to Asagiri, made Asagiri rush to Ichinomiya’s side, and nodded while crying. There, Ogiya made a fuss with his loud voice from the sides.


「IyaーThis was seriously dangerous. I mean, since you didn’tーcome back, I wondered what you were doing」


The other members had surrounded Asagiri, and kept saying how it’s all okay now.


「Un. I’m sorry, everyone. I made you all worried」


The 2A guild was in array. Everyone was worried about Asagiri. I guess it’s Asagiri’s personality after all. It’s because she’s loved by everyone.

But I, was watching the current situation from a place out of everyone else’s’ circle.

Basically, an invisible wall, as if it existed beyond there.


Asagiri who was the center of attention, look up at Ichinomiya. Her eyes shining, it was after all a huge difference from her eyes when looking at me.


「Akira-kun. Thank you, for coming to help」


The words of appreciation from Asagiri, Ichinomiya smiles and accepts it.


「As for me, I’m sorry that I’m late. But, about Ririko, I will protect you」
[TL Note: Oh here we go again….the usual cliche of ‘I will protect you’, go die]


That’s right.

You’re the one to protect Asagiri, Ichinomiya.

Since a Hero is necessary for the Heroine after all. Protecting Asagiri, and supporting her.

I beg of you, Hero. Please save Asagiri’s heart.


As for me,

I will save Asagiri’s life.

I’ll do, something that only I can do.

I am the Demon Lord Hellshaft. It is my duty to kill all of you after all.


And Asagiri, by all means, you,

──will surely return to our former world.





Here is Chapter 4 of Ecstas Online. Kind of saddening that Kakeru has a sad past, even though he’s a really really good kid, he does not get the praises he deserves. The only one who really understands this kid is Asagiri. And I for one, hope that they end up together. But the thing blocking him from ending up with her is Ichinomiya.


You’ll get it soon, but just keep watch on these guys’ character developments and how they begin to represent the ideas of, you know… Yeah. Anyway, Chapter 5 of Ecstas Online will probably be out in 5-7 days. I might also release a chapter of HATSR today… Not sure though… Just keep out for a released chapter 🙂 And would you look at that, it only took me 6 days to finish this chapter. Yay! And please do enjoy this chapter!

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