Ecstas Online – v1c3

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 3: The Realistic Hierarchy Cannot Be Changed In The Game


I who was simply alone, was walking along the grassy plains.


I left the Infermia, the Demon Lord’s Castle, and it’s already been three days. Walking through the wasteland, passed through a forest, crossed a mountain, crossed a river, and crossed through another mountain again. Even after three days and three nights, it’s still an online game after all. When I thought a day has already passed by, it was nothing more than just around an hour.


It was truly 24 hours a day.


After three days of walking, the map’s end couldn’t be seen. Vast. Too vast. Realistic preference is fine and all, but is this really necessary? I’ll go crazy. Although I can teleport instantaneously with the settings, I can’t teleport to where I’ve never gone to before. No choice but to travel on foot steadily.


Although, all around me, the scenery is exceedingly beautiful, really shows off a varied landscape. Thanks to that, I managed to keep my sanity intact while walking.


The dark forest in the wilderness like a western-setting, a mountainous volcano district. When I crossed over the mountain, I entered a land with such greenery. It was a forest area covered in mist. A land where such a thing changes atmosphere frequently surely feels like the game. Nevertheless, it’s a mysterious view which doesn’t exist in reality. An enormous tree that pierces the heavens. Enormous stones that are buried in the mountain and radiate. A lake that reflects the scenery like a mirror.


The sensation of overwhelming scenery envelops me in a sense of reality which wraps me up. If this likely become a real tourist place, traveling tours to other worlds would most likely become extremely popular. Feeling ridiculous of thinking about real tours about this.


Thinking that I saw an abandoned village, there seems to be a man walking from a house while enjoying such a scenery.  The village’s name was Girnack.


『The rendezvous place is Girnack! If you don’t make it in time, I will meet you in Caldart!』


Ichinomiya was screaming that at the time. Seems like Girnack was their frontline base when attacking the castle. There were faint traces of a camp.


There is no doubt, they’re in the town called Caldart.


I now began advancing towards Caldart.

The reason is──


『Investigate your classmates’ movements』


Was what Aikawa-san while laying down on my bed. Incidentally, I was sitting on the floor. The Demon Lord.


『Know your enemy, know thyself, and you shall not fear a hundred battles, isn’t that right?  If we know what they’re doing, and their strategy to attack, they’ll be easier to deal with』
[TL Note: God I love Sun Tzu’s fucking quotes, they’re mostly about wars, but hey, I love wars and stuff, so I love these sort of quotes…]


That may be true, but I’m not good at socializing with anyone.


『Iyaa, I want to check the mountains, but I have no clue where they are. I can go immediately if you have anything』


The Aikawa-san’s face, distorted into a quite a clear irritated expression.


『Can’t you do anything unless you’re ordered by someone? Do you have no brain? Think about things yourself and act on your own. Don’t disappoint me』


『Yes! I’m completely sorry! I’m off!』


Maa, I also need knowledge about this world, how good the ability is of Hellshaft’s, this may be good so I can confirm it.


Because of that very reason, I went outside the castle because Aikawa-san would scold me if I didn’t. Since this is important. Don’t misunderstand me.


──In fact, I found myself to be only level 1, when the results I examined came back. Authentic, it’s the default value when starting the game.


HP is approximately 100. My offensive ability and defense are approximately 20.


But when wearing the equipment of Hellshaft, the numbers increase. The HP becomes 1000, offensive ability and defense become 100.


And the cloak of flame can turn into a weapon and change the shape freely to perform physical attacks. Not just swords, but other variations such as a hammer and ax.


In other words, all of this strength is because of the Demon Lord’s armor. Once I take off the armor, I’ll be a helpless rookie.


I opened the menu screen. At the least, I hope magic is usable…. To confirm it, I check the magic list again. The characters『Ecstas』shone brightly there. It is demonic magic that’s barely usable. Is this really the boss character of a next-generation MMORPG?


Aikawa-san says,


『It’s not strange particularly. It’s been said that adult games are first commercialized when the VR system is completely done. Even looking back at the past. Either being a video or whatever, the chances to popularize were adult content…..since the system costs money, they have to take money to get it. Because of that, Exodus Exodia has a premium membership exclusively for the adults. From there, adult items and harem functionalities that can’t be used in the general game, and sexuality functionalities were implemented. The monthly rent was ridiculously expensive』


But now, she said she wants the person in charge of the adult mode to twist and die.


Maa, I guess.


『Ah, there is also a charging system naturally. For special erotic equipment and items, another ridiculous amount was set』
[TL Note: Why not just fucking hire a prostitute and buy those damn items in real life? Are you retarded?]


To really take advantage of a human’s instincts….

──Even so, the questions remain.


The main attack of Hellshaft should originally be offensive magic. It’s basically like a swordsman who cannot wield a sword and a Demon Lord who cannot use magic?


I looked at the menu once more feeling disappointed. There was another strange magic there.


『Hell and Heaven』is a mystery. After asking Aikawa-san about it, the effects are random. No clue what would happen.However, from the characters, I could feel the aura to use it.


While thinking about things, I noticed something incidentally.


No longer able to endure the harassment, I sent the character creation sheet of Hellshaft…..filling out a suitable number and sent it, and that reminds me that I seem to have shaken the numbers in the item, which I didn’t understand clearly well.


「No way….don’t tell me that the character creation sheet I wrote in a suitable way was reflected right?」


I had quite a detestable premonition about this.


Furthermore, I’m an enemy character so even after defeating a monster, my experiences won’t be stored up. In other words, no matter how much I fight I won’t grow.


「In some ways, games are hard…..」


As I was walking through the mountain path, the roof of an enormous building appeared just beyond the hill. Climbing the slope, I could see the entire thing.


It was『Caldart』the city surrounded by a huge wall. It is the capital city of the Bargaia continent.


A wall made out a beige stone that is roughly five to six hundred meters wide from the sides. All the towns inside are made of stone. The design that matched Europe and Middle-east, along with the sense of fantasy. It was such a feeling. From here on out, I won’t understand much but there will be a lot of NPC’s.


Etto, it’s dangerous. I must take of the Demon Lord’s armor soon.


I chose the equipment for a human from the equipment list. It was a protective armor that is in the warehouse of Hell’s Gate, featuring a dull person who’s just starting the game. There was even better armor, If only I brought money from the safe of Hell’s Gate, I’d be able to buy better equipment. However, it would look unnatural if a person who’s just started playing wore such excellent armor.


I am really considerate. As expected! Should I praise myself more?
[TL Note: Really?]


Taking off the Demon Lord’s armor, I return to the figure of a human. And with the clothes, a very poor-degree dagger. Maa, such a thing.


Now then, I must quickly enter Caldart. Since it’s close to the enormous city, there will only be low-level monsters, so I’ll be fine.


Just like that, I began walking until I heard a rustling noise.

──Oi. Stop that.


High-level monster attack humans right after the moment they are equipped, it’s like a development in a manga.


While having a cold sweat, I turn around.




I was shocked. To the figure that was there.

This guy….. no way!


It was a two-tone color of black and white. Very short and stout, and this figure.

This guy… it’s a panda!


It’s really cute. However, it seems weakened. Fufu, I shouldn’t get excited by putting a zoo’s idol in my hands, though this is also the law of the natural world. It can’t be since it’s the law of the jungle. I shouldn’t feel bad.


Holding a dagger, I steadily approach the panda. The moment I was just about to strike the round body.


「Gu waaaa~aaaaaaaaa~!」


My body turned a somersault and collapsed. W, what…..happened?


Raising up my face, a figure of a panda sticking out his forefoot was there. Ku…..I was done in by a punch of a panda…you say? I confirmed the HP reflected in the edge of my sight.


Since the HP limit of Demon Lord Hellshaft is 1000, I won’t die so easily. However, in the state that I’m not equipped with armor, it’s 100. And the defense is slightly low to be called miserable. 30 of my HP was reduced from the blow of the panda.


Ku, this damned animal of admiration. I overlooked today──Bu~waaa~aaaa~!


The panda solidified itself while taking a fighting pose. While shaking its upper body, a strong impact of a punch like a heavyweight boxer was sent. My HP decreased again.


I, it’s useless! In this situation, I’ll die! I’ll die!

I turned back and ran at full speed.


Now that I think about it, that thing was a bear! I really was deceived by its damn cute appearance. Fortunately, there are no signs it’s chasing me when I look back.


Before me who escaped danger, a new threat appeared. That person gazed at me in astonishment in the middle of the path.


Fluffy white hair. A plump body. And likewise a round tail. With ears that went *pyon*.
[TL Note: Pyon stands for ‘jump’]


Regardless of where I looked, left, right, up and down, it was a rabbit.


E, ehh~? Unbelievable, cute ♡ what is this cute little creature. Be natural and relax. I can make this guy my companion. I stopped, and squatted down to reach out to the rabbit.


At that moment, the eyes of the rabbit shone brightly.


「Gu ho~!?」


The rabbit who had such jumping power leaped at me, then rammed and blew my body. My body was blown away, from a blow that was heavier than I expected.


W, what…..? This guy…… I hurriedly confirmed the rabbit’s status.


『Flicker Bunny』Level 3.


Level 3!  Are you saying that you’re on top of me on the food chain!?  I who took quite a distance, ran away.


It’s useless! The field is dangerous if I’m walking alone. However, I’ll likely be killed if I equip the Demon Lord’s armor, and a town is close by, so I’ll be able to equip armor soon.


I turned around while running, and I saw the rabbit chasing me with a cute little pose while running. Son of a bitch, this damned white demon! I will successfully get away from you!
[TL Note: This was hilarious to me… lmao]


Seems like the distance with the Flicker Bunny is gradually opening up, since my running speed is faster.


Fuuck, I’m almost at the gate of Caldart. Do your best, me──


A small furball fell in the middle of the road that was Caldart. The furball jumped towards me, trying to run through without reason.


「Gu gi yaa a a~!」


The furball successfully hit my chin. The scenery in front of me declined, and my body collapsed to the ground.


Na, na? What, the hell?


I gazed at the furball that was about five centimeters in length, in front of my fallen eyes.


A hamster!?

There was a rodent, with its nose and whiskers twitching with round pupils.


Was…. I attacked by this guy?  When I glanced at the hamster, a window opened.


『Goblin Hamster』Level 2.


I’m inferior to this guyyyyyyyyyyyy!?


Wanting to cry unintentionally, I stopped my tears and pulled my dagger out. However, I was overwhelmed by the fighting spirit of the hamster in front of me. Fuck, don’t make fun of me rodent! It’s normal to beat monsters one or two levels higher than me!


I rise up and run my dagger at the same time to scoop the land.



Wai, you~! What do you mean by MISS! My life’s on the line you know?  Do it seriously!


I held my dagger once more with the feeling to strike again.


Fuck, I don’t even know this guy’s weaknesses or effective attack point methods? If this was such a thing, I should have read the specification manual carefully! But the games I buy, I don’t even read their manuals, in fact, I only play the games, reading the manuals is a punishment game! Who could blame me for not reading it? Iya, I have. This is the present me.


「Gu wa a a a~!」


The Goblin Hamsters hurls itself to me again.


「Itete tete!」
[TL Note: Hurt noises]


With more things.

My HP that isn’t been protected by the Demon Lord’s armor is decreasing quite fast.


This is bad, bad! I’ll die! I’ll seriously die! Even if I’m killed by such a cute little creature, I can’t just die here, because I’ll seriously die!


「Wa aaaa aaaa a~!」


A swordsman came and jumped with a cowardly spirit.



Hitting the hamster when she slashed her sword. The hamster’s body disappeared as light particles.


「Are you alright!? Doumeguri-kun!」


Brown hair that was half-up. Beautiful face. With a cool and casual face. What I saw right before me, was muddy eyes and a face that was non-animated. Wielding a sword with movements filled with lively motion, she appeared dashingly with a lively figure.


[TL Note: Comes back from the dead, I see, good.]


The girl who was killed by my own hands a few days ago saved me. I knew it. In this world, you can survive even after dying. However, for the first time, I saw her figure of being alive, I was relieved from the bottom of my heart.


「Asagiri…………Ririko. I’m relieved….」


「E, eh, why did you call me with my full name?」


Asagiri let out a bitter smile.


「A~, my bad! Unintentionally!」


「Uun, I don’t mind. is it difficult to talk about? My full name」


Asagiri Ririko…. un, that’s what I thought so before.


At that moment, the Flicker Bunny caught up. Since the amount of enemies has increased, I took distance to keep cautious.


「I will take on the hostile monsters, so you must run at once!」


「O, ou」


I left the place in a hurry. For the time being, I must find a safe zone, then I turned to Asagiri.


The rabbit goes for the attack, and it was received by Asagiri with her shield. A red number appears, but unlike mine it was insignificant.


「Haa a a~!」


With her keen spirit, Asagiri’s sword flashes. The body of the Flicker Bunny was carved in traces of slashes as it disappeared into light particles.


As expected of Asagiri. Perhaps, she’s probably been devoting herself to it for a half a year. Is her skill──n?


Asagiri who glances at me, her expression changed.


「Run awaaaaaaayyyyyy!」



I look behind. There was a demon that had a two-tone of black and white.

P, pandaaaaaaaaaa! Bastard, you didn’t give upppppp!?

The panda swung his strong arm and swung it towards me.



This is not good. I’m dead.

Never did it would come to this dull moment.

But, reality may actually be like this.

The closing panda’s paws were strange, it was approaching in slow-motion.


I who was prepared for death was thinking this would be the last thing I’ll see, so I kept watching. All things considered, what I’m seeing at the end of my life was unhappiness, though the panda’s paws were happy──tte,


「A, are?」
[TL Note: For those non-weeaboos out there, or normies, well, other than being a normie, you’re not supposed to say ‘are’ in English pronunciation, however, it’s pronounced ‘a-re’ so yeah]


That’s slow! This panda’s punch is really moving slow… this magic?


「Run away at once~!」


I started running away when I pulled myself together from Asagiri’s scream while almost unable to stand back up.


「Flame Storm!」


The next instance, an explosion occurred behind me.


W, what happeneeeeeed!?


Around the panda, pillars of flame rise up. The shockwave hit my body and I did a somersault over the grass and collapsed. The shockwave including the heat from it makes my hair and clothes go fluttering.


I don’t know what the hell just happened. Though, the light particles dancing tells me that the panda has disappeared.


「Non Non!」


Asagiri who leaked out such a bouncy voice turned around.


There was a girl there. Black hair and a black mantle. It seems that the white skin stands out from the black clothing. She closes the thick book she held in her hand and turns to Asagiri with a fierce cold expression.


「Stop calling me that」


「A~, sorry. But, thanks. No….Shizukuishi-san」


Fun, Shizukuishi turns her face around.
[TL Note: Another Japanese weeaboo listen to your dear old damned translator. Don’t pronounce ‘fun’ in English, pronounce it as ‘foon’]


More or less….I should thank you too. Because of my situation, you saved my life.


「Ano, Shizukuishi……-san …thank….」


Shizukuishi-san heads towards Caldart as if my voice didn’t reach her ears. Are, what about my situation? Moreover to involved in it. Asagiri floated a smile like she was troubled.


「Ahahaha, don’t worry about it. Non Non, she’s like that kind of a person. She’s not a bad person. Even I helped out Doumeguri-kun」


Iyaa, I guess it’s nothing to worry about. I don’t feel like being treated even as an opponent or even as an actual existence, or is it just my imagination?


Shizukuishi said something without turning around.


「I just happened to pass by. Though I don’t want to be involved with other people, it is rather troubling to be told that I’m the one that killed him. I only saved myself」


Hou. We both say the same thing about the philosophy of life. Leave that aside, is it maybe you really don’t see me? As expected it would hurt a little.


「Then, let’s go. Doumeguri-kun」


In such a bad mood, Asagiri blows me away instantly. There was that much wind speed in her smile.


「It’s around the wind speed of 20 meters, probably」


「N? Wind speed? What are you talking about?」


Shaking my head like it was nothing, I headed to the gate of Caldart along with Asagiri.



+ + +



「Uo, amazing…..」


A wall that was as tall as ten meters were stacked with stones. A huge gate was opened. When we entered, there was a market that was crowded with a lot of people.


「This is Caldart ♪」


Asagiri spreads her hands and turns. It’s as if she’s introducing her proud hometown.


However, it’s certainly a nice city. It exactly was the same impression I saw outside even if I went inside the gate, and that impression was an image of a Europe mixed Egypt market. It’s overflowing with exotic atmosphere, and along with a good sensation of a fantasy atmosphere is leaking out.


Let alone the shops selling weapons, armors, tools, etc, there were many other shops selling cloth materials and stone lining up, overflowing with vigor. Since I didn’t notice it at first because it was a medieval-style store, I heard there are bookstores, movie theaters, and game centers as I look around the signboard. This was probably planned to provide content for business. Since it’s currently under development, I’m not sure if the movie data are actually implemented.


There are many shops to eat at. Restaurants and cafes, bars and taverns. Seems really like a fantasy world, using mysterious materials for cooking and drinks.


Though the employees and customers who’re carrying the dishes are perhaps all NPC’s. However, one person laughs while adding a hand gesture, and another was angry while quarreling. It was as if it was an actual human being.


There was also a detail in the project about the outlook of the world, that was written. This certainly seems to be different from being an extra according to the programme.


「Yo! Ririko-chan. Are you not going to stop by today?」


The old man of the branch store selling items calls out. It’s similar to an old man of a neighborhood shopping district. And Asagiri who turns around, responds with a smile that didn’t seem cautious.


「Sorry, oji-san. I’m in a rush right now」
[TL Note: In the other one, Doumeguri calls him ‘oyaji’ and Ririko calls him ‘oji-san’ which means an older male, mister, etc]


She responded, shooking her hand fluttered.

…….Wasn’t, that just an NPC?


Asagiri who noticed my dubious expression responded with an explanation.


「The people here are NPC’s, but they can remember names, knowledge behaviors, and conversations. That’s why he remembers my name, and he remembers the contents of what I’ve previously bought and talked about」


As expected of the Hellz Domain’s proud next-generation AI. They’ll likely rebel at some point.


「Ah, look. You see that perform shop there?  I sometimes buy from there」


The horrible thing about this game that it responds to all our five senses as human beings. Therefore, our senses of smell is an important factor. While someone can be all fancy with their perfume, we can also sense our enemies when they are nearby by their smells.The smell a monster releases in the field improves the impression of having a battle many times.


That reminds me, from Asagiri’s scent, she smells like flowers. Somewhat, I feel like being invited to eat, though it might just be my imagination. I already knew that.


After walking for a while with Asagiri, we passed the shopping district and the feeling of the city became a lot calmer. Before me in front of the pond and fountain, an elegant stone building was there.


Looking over the shopping district, my impression was raised, but as I entered a quieter road, I became worried about what I’m expecting for.


Even though I didn’t want any contact with my classmates even back in the original world, I had to jump in and collect information on them. What sort of face should I have, when talking? I can’t just tell them to tell me specifications up straight, I somehow must find a different approach and get them to talk about it, I’m entirely clueless.


In the first place, the people in our class don’t often get bored, especially when they’re talking about something. On the contrary, I’m pressed about their ability to continuing talking without a clear purpose. They must have a person to talk to about to that extent. I can also do it, such a thing.


…..Maa, I don’t need to though. It’s a wasteful thing to have some communication with others.


Asagiri, without hesitation, went up the entrance, and as she went up the stairs, she gripped the handle of the door very gently. Then the door opened by itself.


That’s right… Even if I don’t forcibly communicate with them, there must be some sort of method to get everyone’s information. Nonetheless, I need to think more.


「Na, naa, Asagiri…..」


「This is the Guild Hall. It’s the lounge where adventurers can freely gather around. We of the second-year group…..『2A Guild』is our gathering spot」


The atmosphere feels like a hotel lounge. It’s lined up with a sofa on a circular floor as if surrounding it, and there’s an inn counter, where quest listing are lined up.


「I actually really hope to buy a house, but it’s expensiveー」


「A, Asagiri~, I don’t mind about that…..To come to such a place, it’s strange after all, and to be here──」


Asagiri who had a strang expression tilted her head slightly.


「What are you talking about? It’s not the same 2A…..Ah, since Doumeguri-kun has come~!」
[TL Note: Why in the world does she keep calling our MC Doumeguri-kun?….]


It was already late, and Asagiri’s voice resounded in the hall.


It can’t be helped if it comes to this. I made up my mind to as little communication as possible. Regardless of the information, it’s acceptable if I can just obtain it. At any rate, it would be profitable.


Reacting to Asagiri’s voice, there are characters that are facing me and Asagiri. Is it because the NPC is being sincere like this, are? Was there such a person in the same class? I was seriously troubled. Is that Ogiya the one with the blond hair and a mohawk?


「Are~ It’s true. Doumeguri has been found」


The monkey that I heard looks different dyeing his hair golden, iya, it was Ogiya. I lost interest in his mohawk and averted my eyes from his. Tsk~, my expectation was off the mark. I mistook myself for adapting to the environment and I was wrong. Isn’t this a problem?


「Oi oi, Doumeguri-ku~n, it’s bad to ignore people, bad」


Ogiya lies down on the sofa with his legs stretched out. The self-important attitude of his lets me off, however, he should stop pointing at people. And then the man who was lying down on the sofa opposite of me stands up.


「It really is Doumeguri. Where, and what the hell where you doing before?」


Ichinomiya, Hero, the leading part of second-year class A. Being a handsome man with excellent marks, extraordinary reflexes, he is the prime specimen of a riajuu who gathers women. I’m rather frustrated at this guy’s life…..
[TL Note: Riajuu, is uhm, well, search it up.]


「I, iya….some time ago, I’ve just logged in….」


「Some time ago?」


Ichinomiya had a dubious expression. Maa, of course he would. Even I myself don’t get it. Nevertheless, it’s quite strange of me to know about logging in, even though they’ve been here for half a year already. I have to be cautious that I don’t point out the mistakes which they’ll be surprised about.


「As for us….iya」


Oi, don’t try feinting it.


「We’ll all talk about this slowly when everyone is here. Right now we’re raising our levels, so let’s leave it until night. Until then, just take it slow. If you’ve just logged in, you suddenly feel mentally tired, haven’t you?」


「O, ou….」


Ichinomiya who tap my shoulder lightly had a slight smile on his face. Looking at the current situation, Asagiri smiled at us and headed towards the exit.


「Well then, I’ll go ahead and make a reservation at the『Dancing Unicorn』」


Ichinomiya returns a「Thank you, Ririko」to Ririko with a bright smile. Well, it has been on my mind for some time now, what do I call you?


Until around midnight, I kept thinking about how Asagiri calls Ichinomiya by his first name since their intimate and how she calls me with my full name, but that’s just the difference between our status.



+ + +



「Well then, let’s celebrate the reunion with our classmate Doumeguri who we’ve come across for the first time after half a year」




The guild members of 2A occupied two tables with six people each. I sit on one of the edges of the table, next to Ichinomiya who reigns at the top of the school castle.
[TL Note: Changed ‘school hierarchy’ to ‘school castle’]


I’m afraid I’ll be labeled as the worst….. I’m really nauseous since it’s strange that I could servile unconsciously right before myself. Mine and Ichinomiya’s glass were a match, and he held outs his timidly. Then the glass made a sound.


「Then, Doumeguri-kun」


To the glass that Asagiri presented, mine and hers were a match with the feeling of honor from the audience. That alone, I felt like if I did an indirect kiss.
[TL Note: Dafuq? Really? An indirect kiss from having your glass’ match?]


Looking around, there was no else that presents their glass. Maa, that’s how it is. Asagiri has already begun conversing with other people, and just like that, they’re all excitingly talking with others as if they forgot my existence.


「Today, I went to Brestwick Pass since I was chasing a monster」


「Ah there, I went there before. Wasn’t it a good spot?」


「Yup yup, it was enjoyable~. At that moment, Ririko wasー」


「Eeh~, wait, don’t remember such strange things okay~?」


I couldn’t understand the context of the story at all. It was the same when I was in the classroom in the real world. On the contrary, the experiences of having adventures together for the last half a year made these guys closer to one another. In short, it’s getting a lot harder to be companions with them.


「Wahaha wa~, iya~ but, to be late at logging, half a year late! Doumeguri was too lateー」


It was Ogiya. Could you like, stop talking about me already. Moreover, drinking sake. Certainly, this is indeed a game. Naturally, the laws aren’t applied….tte, is he really drunk!?


「Ahaha, did it surprise you? In here, you can really drink and eat food. There’s also liquor, and you can get genuinely drunk」


Asagiri who sat on the opposite side of me explained.


By doing the action of drinking liquor, your consciousness data can become drunk, then the information is transmitted, and it’s the effects of the feedback.


As for the dishes that have been arranged side by side, they all look delicious. A good fragrance and steam rise up and stimulates my appetite. I decided to try the stew.


!? What is this! Such a delicious stew, I’ve never had this!


I was in a daze from the stew dish that I tried. Delicious, it’s certainly delicious. Though I don’t know what the materials are. There were meat and vegetables that I’ve never seen before, but I decided not to think about it much because it tasted delicious.


「You can get cooking materials, from defeating monsters. Right, Alice-chan」


Asagiri waved at the girl who brought in the dish. The girl looked a bit surprised, but soon she softly smiled.


「Un. I used my arms effectively」


Was there such a girl? She’s pretty cute though. A big ribbon on her head, and a dress which is colored blue with her skirt spreading fluffily. And a white apron dress. She looks like Alice in Wonderland. Tte, I’m fascinated. I’m really fascinated.


Whether she noticed my dubious look at her, she laughs it off and leaks out a bitter smile.


「Haha…..Stop that immediately. Because it’s gross. How should I put it, it’s ordinary to come back…..」


It wasn’t a joke, it was really serious. In fact, isn’t she an NPC, so isn’t that odd?


Asagiri who looks at the scene I made, laughs.


「Ahaha, Doumeguri-kun. You don’t understand it seriously? That girl is our secret weapon of the guild 2A, Arisugawa Izumi」


Arisugawa….I know. He’s short and has a thin body…
[TL Note: Nani!?!?!?!?!]




The cute boy shrunk himself by hiding his face with the tray.


「T, that surprised me」


Iyaa, that was way more surprising.


──Arisugawa Izumi, known as『Alice』


Maa, there certainly was a feminine from the basis, or rather his looks were very young, it was a cute feeling. Frequently being treated as a girl, he was being tampered by both the girls and boys….is this the so-called Nekama? Is he okay being a Nekama? In this case, I feel like he’s homosexual. Applying for a marriage inside a Netoge, the person inside was a man, then when I meet them, they’re actually a cute girl! Is what I thought, but it was an Otoko no ko. Called a two-step. Depending on the person, there’s a probable chance of a happy ending. Iya, aren’t I different?


「Then, why….are you cross-dressing?」


「My own status raises up if I use equipment that is for girls……So I forced everyone…..」


I wonder if there’s an individual difference in their status alteration…..That’s fresh information.


「I, I see. I guess Arisugawa is also serious」


Un, nodding lightly. Holding the tray, he goes back into the kitchen. The miniskirt sways, and no doubt you can see the pantsu after stooping.Crap, it’s somehow cute. Something inside me seems to have been born anew. No wait, let’s just calm down. I as well have a firm mind. This is a line that shouldn’t be crossed! Even though I really want to cross over, this is something I shouldn’t do!


「Since Alice-chan had a high aptitude for culinary, she’s in charge of cooking rather than being in battle. Alice-chan was the one who made all these dishes, you know?」


I understand. However, if this really is made into a product, will there be people who’ll never want to go back to reality? Such high-class and delicious dishes that can’t be eaten in reality, in here, it’s an all-you-can-eat…..n? Skill Aptitude?


「This, Skill Aptitude is….?」


The question I made for Asagiri, was answered by Ichinomiya.


「One by one, each person’s aptitude is different. Even in reality there are some people who’re good at studying, and some being good at exercise, don’t you agree? It’s just like that」


「I, I see now…..」


Then if I defeat the same monster, the method of growth would be different. Or rather, only some specific status would be growing faster, or late……apparently, people even have different abilities even if they’re the same level.


When preparing countermeasures, it’s indeed troublesome to have to take individual differences into consideration.


In the next table, Yamada Yoshimune (Ordinary Shogun) talks to Asagiri. Because he had such a normal face, I thought whether he was an NPC getting mixed in or not.


「In terms of combat abilities, Ichinomiya is definitely the first place. The next is Asagiri. It’s the immovable two-top」
[TL Note: And in zero place, comes the absolute ruler of both hell and heaven, the ruler of the Demon Realm, the one who’s capable of fighting gods and feel envious from their impressions, the one known as Demon Lord Hellshaft]


「I don’t think so. I don’t oppose that Ichinomiya is the best」


When Asagiri sends a glance at Ichinomiya for an instant, Ichinomiya was somewhat troubled.


「Since it will change from the crisis and the fights, there is no meaning whether I’m first or not」


Un. That’s the leeway of a soldier. I asked Yamada since I was incidentally interested.


「By the way… Yamada is?」


「Me? I’m normal… I guess」


Thank you for the answer I expected. It is neither more than imagination nor less than imagination. It was an ordinary answer.


I put down my stew, while biting a freshly baked bread, I then stare at the dish Arisugawa had brought in.  Crustaceans like crabs and shrimps were floating in the red soup. Potatoes and broccoli-like vegetables were included too, and the coloring along with the fragrance look tasty.


How should I eat this? Shortly after I was troubled, a jug containing a liquid that seemed like beer was offered.


「Guten Abend, Doumeguri! Ou, after such a long absence」
[TL Note: I believe Guten Abend is Good Evening in German, YUP, I KNOW MY GERMAN STUFF]


──Yuushima Leonhart, alias『A Person from Germany came to Akihabara』


It seems like he’s a half-German, and his appearance is of a foreigner. Seems like he came to Japan from Germany alone, His purpose is to look for Otaku culture such as Japanese animation.
[TL Note: Hey, not all fucking people who watch anime is an Otaku, that’s just the name weeaboos call themselves because they think they know ‘Japanese’… HAHA]


Can this guy be able to tell apart a Japanese person, since clearly, he’s speaking to everyone in this condition? I too am no exception. It is one of the few humans who talk to me.


However if possible, I don’t want to speak with him.
[TL Note: So you have someone talking to you, and you reject them instead? Nice. Like me!]


「It’s a good day to drink beer. Children sound louder with beer」


Iya iya, even in Germany, kids don’t do that, do they?


「Incidentally, in Germany, beer is used for a first bath!」


Don’t tell a lie.


「Ah, iya….I’ll, just stop today」


U, today is something, I was able to speak and feel pretentious about my speaking style. However, I’m on an important mission. Being drunk, I cannot afford to blurt out that I’m Hellshaft.


「Yaー, I get it! Dumplings rather than flowers! Erotic rather than drinking! AFTER ALL, HENTAI IS THE BEST!」


Iya, what do you mean you get it, you mysterious foreigner! Return it! Return the cool German image that I had in you!


「But it’s particularly saddening, for there is no eromanga or eroge in this worl~d. Temporarily, let’s decide the ranking of the most popular moe female monster!」


Exceeding the level of drunkness, you’ve become that drunk. Falling silent without returning words, I’m in a good mood to head to Germany for a second helping of beer.


Yareyare, shortly after I breathe a sigh, a girl sitting next to Asagiri suddenly speaks up.


「Etto…..Doumeguri, was it?」


Ah, you didn’t even know my name. Perhaps, is this your first time knowing about my existence?
[TL Note: How is it that I’m able to relate to this guy?]


──Hinazawa Naru, alias『A Recommended Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Endorsement Loli』


Being a beautiful young girl, she’ll soon become a beautiful girl. It’s rather a regret that her body seems to have stopped growing back as an elementary school student, but there are demands for this. Rather, it’s a rare value as a legal loli. Furthermore, her grades from being an honor student were from her excellent teacher. However, there’s one problem, it’s the point that she’s a narcissist who recognizes herself as cute and effectively makes use of it. Maa, you can just peropero if you’re admiring from a distance.
[TL Note: ‘peropero’ is uhm… ‘licking’… so yeah, you can just imagine licking a loli from afar… dafuq]


She had clothes on that exposed her navel and shoulders.The white soft clock sticks to her body, expressing such a captivating petite body thoroughly. Her thin fresh legs extend from her short skirt, Her legs decorated with both money and jewels.


From her figure, I can imagine her occupation being a recovery magician who’s responsible for recovery magic. A lot of exposure of a childish sex appeal, that is forbidden……Legal Loli…..*gokuri*…….Wa~! Iya, I didn’t think of anything!
[TL Note: *gokuri* means to gulp, so he was gulping of thinking of trying out a legal loli.. what the fuck!?]


「And then, what did you do for half a year?」


「Iya~, even I don’t understand……」




That being said, the loli faced away as if she had fulfilled her obligation.


Eh? At first, I had anticipated questions and answers and made preparation….. it variously indicates concession to press onto matters… I guess it was futile. That is to say.


Since it was inevitable, I looked at the other members. Unexpectedly, my eyes stopped at the flashiest woman sitting next to the other side of Ichinomiya.


──Busujima Megu, alias『Gyaru』She’s a Gyaru.
[TL Note: Okay, there was a uhm… a ‘slight’ not-so-much of a pun here, but ‘Gyaru Dearu’]


Hair which was dyed gold and tanned skin. Mixing her clothes with both exoticism and fantasy altogether, Somehow it feels like the atmosphere of Shibuya. A curly hairstyle that’s futile, a pink skirt and a white camisole, accessories that were colored black from money. Well in Exodia Exodus, such a thing as dressing up as a gyaru, I have no other choice but to admire.


And whether she has the self-confidence to be located at the top of the school castle’s woman department, my voice doesn’t come out, and I took no notice. She certainly looks like a gorgeous beautiful woman, and she’s popular with the boys. However, this person won’t be interested in an existence of a boy who has a low status in class. It’s very likely a confession would be rejected.


Even you, even if you’re just an ordinary high school girl, even I don’t want to be talking like this, and in the first place there is no topic, and since they’re basically not talking in the common language, my opportunity to have a conversation won’t come.


「Ne~ Akira. I asked people in the city but, there seems to be a mountain where money and jewels come out to the south. Isn’t that terribly amazing?」


「It’s the first I’ve heard of that. but since I don’t need to increase my mining skills, isn’t it meaningless to go?」


「Soooo, I’ll find someone to examine it with. Then, why don’t both of us go?」


Seems like Ichinomiya is the exception for a Gyaru. Smiling bitterly, Ichinomiya is obviously troubled, then I glanced at Asagiri for an instant. Asagiri is lovely, and she suddenly turns her face away.


Fuck, don’t make a rom-com in such a place. Because of that, everyone feels detestable to Ichinomiya.


「But Dojun has come, and I also have to get him accustomed to this world. Let’s just do it next time」


You! Why’d you use me as an excuse!?  What are you going to do, Gyaru-sama is gonna get angry!  She’s glaring extremely at me!


「Eeh~ is there anything wrong with that?  It’s not like he’s a child isn’t it fine if you leave? Even Dojun likes being alone. Ne, isn’t that right? Doumeguri?」
[TL Note: What the fuck?]


The expression on her face seems to have「You understand? Aan?」written all over it. That were the characters written on it. When I was unable to answer, the gyaru pressed me for one.


「Or rather, it would be a nuisance if you come at level 1. You’ll only be useless and drag your feet. You can come once you’re of age? Understand?」


Uwa, you super self-centered person. Only concerning things convenient for you, talking entirely as if it was a fair argument. Though you say it’s reasoning, reason doesn’t apply to you at all. It’s exactly like a living thing living for the 100% filled with emotions.


When a further offensive strike was about to be discharged from the gyaru, a voice came that interrupted.


「Busujima-san, I will give you that much」


Asagiri who was slightly troubled smiles, who was opposite of me. A gaze which poses like of a request was thrown at the gyaru.


However, the gyaru’s eyes became even more dangerous. Everyone else and I were like roadside stones, As much to say that Asagiri was a natural born enemy.


「What? You’re irrelevant, Asagiri-san. Since you and Akira are going out」


「Uun, I didn’t mean that….」


Asagiri lets out a forced smile, and for a brief moment, there was a pause of words.


「Because Doumeguri-kun is a comrade of the second-year class A, it’s not a good way to talk so rudely in a terrible manner. Since it’s this much of a situation, it is natural to help each other」


Asagiri who was proceeding ahead of things gently, the gyaru was brimming with attacks.


「There’s always that brazen attitude of yours. Even for the second-year class A, it was only put together by force. Because I’m in the class, I’m a friend, isn’t that shameless?」


「No way…..」


Asagiri was, had a saddening expression on her face that was entirely similar to mine.


Busujima turns to her side seemingly displeased, I put my hands on the dish that was on the plate.


「E, etto…..I, I──」


I was going to say something, but Asagiri shook her head in silence.


Mou, the conversation’s done for. That was what her eyes said.


Damn it all, Asagiri had a somewhat unpleasant emotion on her. Especially you Busujima, you’re the one at fault.


I gazed at Busujima’s flashy face from the side, I decided to make her realize it at some point.


Pulling myself together, I look over at the next table. Sitting next to Yamada, I gaze at the girl who was quiet.


──Yuuki Uiko, alias『Sheltered Girl』


While saying she’s a sheltered girl, her household is of a common standard. However, she’s timid, withdraws, though she loves cute things, basically a girl who’s a girl who feels like a girl. From her whole body, the observation that results from releasing light rays from the tormenting has come. Of course, I’m the observer.


At that moment, my eyes met hers.




Yuuki closed her eyes, then suddenly cast her eyes downward.


Oi oi, what does it matter if my eyes meet with my favorite otokonoko ~ Because I’m unable to tell apart from my actions, can’t I stop?
[TL Note: What the fuck? She’s a trap?….]


「Hey Doumeguri, could you stop ogling at me without permission? 」


The girl who was sitting next to Yuuki had a smirking expression floating on her.


──Miyakoshi Ageha, alias『Little Devil』
[TL Note: Had some help from Lys since I had quite a problem getting her name translated…]


From Miyakoshi’s words, Yuuki’s face is flushed and she’s repeatedly opening and closing her mouth. So, in front of the sheltered girl, a bitch like you shouldn’t make a serious effort! You are to a large extent, a bully.


Brown hair on a white skin. The presence of false eyelashes on dropping eyes. if flashy women are on good terms with each other, they’d be on good terms with Busujima. Just straight directly from me, Miyakoshi is rather beautiful, I have a hunch that I’m thrusting one leg in the domain beyond a gyaru.


Miyakoshi who tilted her face gazes at me with erotic eyes.


「Instead, Ageha will~ let you do it, as I told you…..what will you do?」




This son of a bitch. I can understand she’s absolutely serious. Even though I understand, what, it would be a terrible thing to lose my chance to answer this carelessness! It was a stupid thought. I already know that such a thing cannot be done, I’m at loss for an answer!


So in the meantime the little devil, she lets out a malicious smile. And finally embracing my body with both my arms in order to protect myself, I turn to the side.


「U~wa ~ gros~s. Seriously~ Don’t look at me~」
[TL Note: Cunt.]


A roar of laughter that’s welling up inside surrounds me.


Fuck! Who said to take it seriously! You bastards may not know, I’ve rubbed some splendid breasts! It’s breasts that Miyakoshi can’t reach! Aa, Aikawa-san’s seniority is something seductive, but I love miracle breasts such as Forneus’.


──Well, maa, I feel like being teased, however, I am able to participate in a conversation this far. In the midst of the endlessly pleasant conversations, one person was drinking juice bit by bit, and time passed from eating meals.


In such a place, it’s really alike as the original world.


It’s not the case where I’m bullied separately. It’s not that someone divided the categories and made a wall. However, the wall certainly exists. But I can’t see it, I can’t touch it either, it’s a wall that is much stronger than physical walls, it just exists between me and my other classmates.


…….Just because I came to another world, it doesn’t mean that human relations will change.


As soon as I finish my mission, I’ll come back to the castle. If I’m in such a place for a long time, my soul would be exhausted. Two tables are occupied by the second-year class A, and I look over again.



First the boys──


Ichinomiya Akira (Hero) Swordsman

Takuya Ogiya (Flashy) Fighter

Yuushima Leonhart (A Person From Germany came to Akihabara) Magician

Yamada Yoshimune (Ordinary Shogun) Fighter

Arisugawa Izumi (Alice) Divine Warrior


Five people in total.



As for the women──


Asagiri Ririko (Heroine) Swordsman

Hinazawa Naru (A Recommended Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Endorsement Loli) Divine Warrior

Busujima Megu (Gyaru) Divine Warrior

Yuuki Uiko (Sheltered Girl) Warrior

Miyakoshi Ageha (Little Devil) Magician


And, someone who isn’t here,

Shizukuishi Non (Tsundora) Magician


Six people in total.


Including me and the boys, six people, so a total of twelve people.


However, there should be a total of 36 people in all of the second-year class A. That means there’s only one-third of us here.


Ten of the people here, have already forgotten about me and are absorbed in their conversations. Next to Ichinomiya, I asked while in timing when I took a beverage.


「Naa Ichinomiya. I think that including Shizukuishi… this all of us?」


There Ichinomiya frowns, and had a grim expression.


「I’m not sure. Only 11 people have woken up inside Caldart. There are also the others somewhere, they’ll be found immediately, that’s what I thought but…..」


I see. Besides myself, were there people who couldn’t confirm the login? Fuck! Was it premature of me to join these guys this early?


I didn’t put the emotions inside my heart, while I heard the story from Ichinomiya who had a serious expression.


「What came over this world, it might perhaps just be us. That’s what I thought, but Doumeguri appeared. Doumeguri might be a possible hint to find the others」


Maa, I think so too. However, not many volunteers will come out if asked. On the contrary, I wonder if you’ve asked questions about this. To what extent are these correct, and so it became a matter of concern that’s grasping the current situation.


「I don’t really understand it that well……but what exactly is this world? it’s like a game, but when we logged in, wasn’t it a world heritage learning experience?」


「Concerning that, we talked about it thoroughly. As a result, the conclusion came to that this was a so-called MMORPG game. It’s only circumstantial evidence… that’s what we believe」


I let out an expression that doesn’t seem to understand half-way, so I tilted my head.


「I see… even so, it’s a mysterious story」


As I responded, Ichinomiya raises his eyes and looks up at the ceiling.


「…….Perhaps, Shizukuishi-san may be right」


What? What does that mean?


Asagiri who was listening to our conversation, made a supplement.


「Non Non…..I mean Shizukuishi-san, said it was probably a network problem. Though I don’t know much about it, there are apparently two sets of data in the same place, it seems that it was messed up」


That’s amazing. Correct answer.


「And, everyone else is missing, may have logged in at another place as the Home Point, or another….what was it, un, another world? Game? It seems it’s been mixed in」


While Hinazawa was playing with a spoon, she cuts in.


「Ma~, there indeed might be such a possibility, but I can’t check it. Since I’ve already understood, that even if we do something it won’t make a difference」


Ichinomiya had a wry smile on his face.


「Beside, Shizukuishi-san said that. Because she’s irritating everyone’s nerves, even if she says good things, she’ll still be opposed by everyone」


I get it. Shizukuishi was still the same before Exodia Exodus. I’m convinced that she isn’t here. As for me, I don’t want to appear in such a party. That’s nice, a figure penetrates me.


However, Shizukuishi is strangely sharp, an impression that has a mind of a steel trap. On the contrary, it’s a pity that she isn’t here. There is nothing close to being careless if you’re prying into a mixture of facts and fictions. In order to get close to that tsundora, it must be passed through in my mind’s session.
[TL Note: Yeah……]


Ichinomiya had a crispy posed look, while he continued talking.


「──However, I know of the method to escape from this world. Probably, you would have seen it too, it was the vision that I saw when I got thrown into this world」


I, haven’t seen it. I feel a little lost here. Carelessly pushing the buttons, like the feeling of a demoscene coming up?
[TL Note: If you don’t get it, I’ll explain it to you: Basically, you know how those scenes in games come up and they’re showing how to play, etc, well, I skip mine, so something like that.]


「At the far east of this continent, there’s the Demon Lord’s Castle Infermia. If we pass through Hell’s Gate there, we can return to our original world. Though the castle is being defended by the Demon Lord and his subordinates. If we don’t defeat them, we won’t be able to reach Hell’s Gate」


I see now. I expected this sort of explanation.


「However, the quest that we led for the castle siege occurred, but…. we weren’t able to do anything」


While brandishing a fork around, Ogiya leans forward.


「As I said, that was what I told you. It’s impossible. It’s no use if we don’t raise our levels a little more. Such a thing won’t be possible!」


Arisugawa who brought dishes, puts the dishes on the table was astonished.


「But, to what extent can we raise our level up, since none of us here knows. Even if it’s Ogiya, weren’t you the one who said to do a castle siege at that time?」


「T, that’s wrong! I only said that I wanted to return home as soon as possible, I didn’t say we’d win」


「Ya~! Getting out of this world, it’s clearly impossible! Such an enjoyable place like this, I’d rather live in it!」


「Wa? Don’t joke with me~!」


From the German’s optimistic remarks, the gyaru caught on.


「To such an unfamiliar place, I can’t keep up being like this! It smells of games and otaku. If I don’t return soon, a bargain sale will begin soon」


「That’s right~, I’d like to return early too. Since there isn’t any good worthy male here」


From Miyakoshi’s remarks, all the boys weep.


「M, me too….I’d like to return」


Yuuki had tears in her eyes, muttering in a very thin voice. Un, I get it. If you say『Ee~I don’t want to return ye~t ☆』on the contrary, I’d be surprised.


Arisugawa muttered who was in a depressed state.


「Inside the game, if you come to understand and play, it’s nice. I’m rather scared since I don’t know what it is. After all, I too want to return soon…..」


Hinazawa greatly nodded her opinion.


「I’m in favor of that. Though it’s weird that help isn’t coming…..If they don’t come, we’ll have to escape by ourselves」


With some exceptions, it seems that the majority vote was that to return home. However, I’m still in the middle of a capture. If it’s like this, for the time being, should I be concerned that Infermia would be captured?


Ichinomiya stares at me with a bitter expression.


「Even if inquired, there are still many things we don’t know. However, as soon as we clarify this world, we will go back to our original world」


「Maa…. I guess that’s fine」


「So in discussion….. Doumeguri is quite a rare case. Hints that we should know about this world, or maybe hints for the capture of Hell’s Gate. Moreover, there might be something special that will happen to Doumeguri in the future」


Iya, a more special cannot happen.


「So for the time being, I intend to support Doumeguri. It’s better to not be alone until he’s accustomed to this world. Since this place is a lot more dangerous than I thought」


I guess even the Hero is kind to a loner like me. Carelessly, I was slightly happy for a very moment.


But I can’t acknowledge this. The point is, someone will be observing me.


「……I’ll think about it. Sorry, but I’m a bit tired. Can I just enjoy it with everyone afterward?」


When I said that, everyone gave me a「Good work today」or「Good night」or  an appropriate greeting.


The original purpose of this meeting is not because it’s a welcome party for me. In short, everyone just wanted to be in high spirits. Asagiri had a disappointing expression on her face, it was probably because I refused their proposition. Although I feel bad, if I am joined by an observer, I won’t be able to achieve my purpose. It’s not me who is to be observed, it is them.



+ + +



When I left the Dancing Unicorn, I headed for the Guild Hall. The outside is already pitch-black and the stars are blinking in the night sky. Because I don’t know much about constellations, I wonder if that’s really a starry sky, and I don’t know if it’s a constellation that’s unique to only this world. Because this is only made, the probability of it being the latter is high. It’s merely sticking random textures of stars, if it was to fall, I’ll make sure to debug it when returning to reality because it’s absurd.


When I enter the Guild Hall, there was a lot of merchants and adventurers hanging out at the time. Everyone was an NPC. Unlike us living beings, it’s incredible that they can work for 24 hours a day. I won’t complain about being a corporate slave.


When I head to the counter, I check-in so that I can sleep in a room. Asking a request from the girl, a door opens to the guest room area. There was no key as an item, since I was granted access privileges, the door will open automatically. I go up the stairway, looking for my room number, I heard a sound incidentally.


Is this…. a singing voice?


The door in my very eyes was my own. But when I come back to the stairway, I was invited by the singing voice, so I kept going up the stairway.


I wonder what it is? By some chance, it may be a sudden quest event that’s occurring or something. This place is the downtown, a battle wouldn’t suddenly begin. I who tried convincing myself, go up the stairway to be attracted by the singing voice. Beyond the stairway which I went up to, there was only one single door.


Is this, something that connects to the rooftop? Maa, I don’t have to come down right away.


I gently opened the door. From the gap, a refreshing night breeze blows my hair that’s fluttering. In order to not raise a sound, I go out. And as expected, it was the roof of the Guild Hall.


That very moment, I was fascinated by the nightly view of Caldart that spread before my eyes. The Orient and Western-style exotic buildings that intersected, and the light of the market illuminates like indirect lighting. All the lights of the shops and activities of the people were linked, then an illustration of the map emerges.


I catch on the light on the white skin, and there, was a beautiful girl who was singing a song with her raven-black hair fluttering in the wind.


──Shizukuishi Non.


Standing on the edge of the roof, her profile was staring at the far side of the horizon. Those eyes, see the end of this world, so I seemed to try to look at the other side.


Such beautiful voice, and her figure.


The raven-black hair that’s dancing in the wind, it seems that it’s dancing along to the song. Even her clear voice, she somewhat had a cheerful profile, all of it was beautiful. Against the lights of the town appearing in the background, along with her magician’s attire tailored according to a fantasy world, it was like a piece of painting. I must capture it at once, I want to make this a posture for Exodia Exodus.


Above all else, it looks enjoyable, Shizukuishi who was singing happily is pretty beautiful. I could even hardly imagine this being Shizukuishi.


I who was drawn in, approach the singing witch in the nightly city.




It was so sudden that the singing stop.


Being aware of it, Shizukuishi faces my way. Her appearance was not fitted with the usual Shizukuishi.


It was the glasses.


And behind those lenses, it was not her usual expression. her eyes were greatly wide, and they were innocent clear eyes. There were no wrinkles between her more familiar forehead. There was no malice in it, it looked exactly like a chaste, modest Japanese-style beautiful girl.


「Doumeguri…..-kun? Why, are you here」


With a blank expression, she stares at me. That expression is excessively lovely, it’s embarrassing to make eye contact. Although, is she really Shizukuishi? I had my doubts. Isn’t she in fact similar to an NPC?


「Iya, uhm…I heard a song」


Shizukuishi’s cheeks suddenly turned red. And her eyes were wide open, and her mouth trembled.


Eh? She looks flustered looking like this. Bluntly, since it was such a scarce display of emotions, it was rather fresh.


「To think you’d hear me…… For me to be careless of all people──」


Shizukuishi puts a hand on her cheeks in order to calm down, Her fingertips touched a frame.


That very moment, Shizukuishi became stiff. And her flushed expression complete becomes pale.




She twists her L-shaped fingerS with a frightening momentum, and began moving her hands vigorously.


I couldn’t see it but, she seems to be operating the menu.


Before I knew it, the glasses had disappeared from Shizukuishi’s face. And then, she put on that grim expression as always. Scowling, wrinkles between her eyebrows, and scowls at me with her half-opened eyes.


Are? Just where did the beautiful girl that was just here go? There was a nice atmosphere in my vision, and even though that the feeling romance would start, why was it replaced with a woman who had a wicked expression. Let me change, change.


That woman with the wicked expression, speaks coldheartedly while being blunt.


「What is it you want? If there’s nothing then go home. You are in the way」


Oi, you didn’t have to go that far. Usually a『What’s wrong?』would have sufficed. Can’t you tell the catch of the conversation. Or was it a kind of haiku?


「Iya, I don’t want to disturb you and all, but…..since I heard a song, I wondered what it was」


Shizukuishi tightly unites her lips. It seems like she wants to ask, like a setting where she didn’t want to be seen. When I smiled more than ever, she gives off a line of sight like a knife.


「Sou. Are you satisfied to understand the origin of the cause. I am not interested in you, rather it’s an annoyance if you are close by. Why don’t you return back to the welcoming party soon?」


「Iya, I just left it….」


Shizukuishi slightly lowered her lips. Not in the least an intimate substantial smile, it’s not exactly mockery. Just to be sure.


「Wa a n…..I see now. It should be Doumeguri that should take the alias Stealth. I guess that’s understandable. Since you don’t even have a place where you’re the leading role, since it’s impossible for ordinary humans. Below the average. Even though you came to this world with such a character, I wouldn’t be surprised」


You bastard, return the words that you said about myself just a while ago right now!


A a~, why did I have to draw near to such a person! A little while ago, I had the resolution to not draw near close to Shizukuishi, I’m stupid! And me being stealth is something I’ve just heard for the first time!


「…..I am honored to receive your complains」


I kept my utmost to be brave. With this, it’s a turning end. Or rather, I want to surrender already. Since I was even told to leave earlier, is it fine if I go?


「Now, what have you been doing for half of the year? Since there are no angles that an NPC’s pants can be seen, have you searched each person individually?」


「You! I was turning my character around and around, and I was affected by 3D sickness when swinging the camera up, down, left and right. I guess you don’t think I’m a human huh!」


「……You’re the worst」


It’s different~! For example, an example! It’s not about me! I heard it from someone, someone!


「I guess it was worth coming on the way. Since I was able to see Shizukuishi wearing glasses」
[TL Note: Is this blackmail?]




Fufufu, I feel bitter. Apparently, her glasses appearance was something she didn’t want to be seen by others. Since it was the cause of annoyance, I have to return the favor. With this, it will be back to zero. I mean, was I able to grasp Shizukuishi’s weaknesses? Isn’t this a huge advantage for me?


To Shizukuishi who was looking down with upturned eyes, I leave behind a parting remark with a composed attitude.


「Jokes aside, I just came to this world today. I was especially surprised that there was a six months gap」


「Ee…….Is that so?」


N? Shizukuishi’s atmosphere has somewhat changed again.


Stopping the foot that was about to leave, I gaze at Shizukuishi. Then Shizukuishi also, stares at me. It already is, experiencing from the top of our heads and to the tips of our foot.


That….why is she staring too much? My body feels like its tissues are burning.


「Where was your Home Point?」


「Saa? I don’t even know the Home Point. But, when I noticed it, I was in the middle of a field」


「I see…..」


It was a voice that seemed uninterested. I mean, at least the conversation is over. Give me a break.
[TL Note: It was originally ‘Yareyare daze’ but… it didn’t fit correctly]


I can’t understand this person’s true nature. I don’t even know what she’s thinking, so I will never approach you anymore.


「Then, I──」


「That’s interesting」
[TL Note: BAIL! She KNOWS!]



Shizukuishi joins her palms together, and brings it towards her mouth. She, seems to be praying.


「Around the central of Caldart, I’ve been investigating for around two days by walking. But within that range, the equipment that you are currently wearing, the mule gear in Caldart, is only in Shigenza」


My chest suddenly skipped a beat, and cold sweat leaks out instantly.


「It takes a whole day to move the mule gear from Shigenza. But you, Doumeguri-kun said you came to this world today. Those clothes aren’t initial equipment. Now, where did you obtain it?」


A destination, you say? Such a thing…..Infermia──


A cold feeling approached my body. Even so, the sweating doesn’t stop. Such dull equipment, I thought this was available anywhere, was I wrong? Wait a minute. uh-oh, this person──


Then Shizukuishi, continues talking.


「The direction that Doumeguri-kun came from a while ago, was an area where monsters approximately at level 5 inhabits. Logging in and having decent equipment and knowledge, and just you only, how were able to get here safely?」


This woman, Shizukuishi Non is──

Shizukuishi walks towards me while brushing off her hair. Calls out my mistakes.


「The word you said a little while ago, I’ll correct it」


Correct? What?


Going towards me who turned around, Shizukuishi smiled. A smiling expression while having wrinkles between her eyebrows. I feel like she’s being aggressive.


「I’m starting to get interested in you. Well then, good night」


So she declared, and she disappeared from the door on the opposite side.


I who was left alone on the rooftop, was starting at Shizukuishi while she goes out the door and leaves.

──Shizukuishi Non. She’s dangerous.


Perhaps, I, may have done something that is irreparable.





Well, this was a much faster chapter to finish, just 9 days :D… And knowing that it’s over 10k words o.o… Anyway, chapter 4 will be out around 7-8 days.


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