Ecstas Online – v1c2

VOLUME 1, CHAPTER 2: Exodia Exodus


Let’s calm down and think about our situation.
[TL Note: If you’ve read up to part 10 already, write ‘part 11-15’]


An educational system using the next-generation VR was brought by to school by a supplier. It was for experimental uses, but this was the result.


「Wa wa wa wa wa~! This is a party! You guys, go sing and drink!」


Gracia was drunk, jaunting on the table and acting all violent.


Inside the creepy black castle, Demon’s Castle Infermia. There are several hundred in the midst of partying because of our victory. Monsters gathering. drinking and singing. Even though I’m not good at eating with everyone else, what’s up with this Sabbath?


For each event, such as sports festivals and karaoke and family restaurants, however, I’m not good with them. I’ve never been called to one anyways…. Well, anyhow. Even though a party between humans is no good, what about a party with monsters?


「Hell-sama! a~! What’s wrong? Are you in a bad mood? But, for someone who’s splendid as you, Forneus will cheer you up!」


Then, Forneus the Fallen Angel sat beside me and hugged my right arm.


I can feel a soft sensation on my arm! The unexpected sensation replaced the priority of myself for just a moment. I don’t care about trivial matters anymore! The breasts in front of me are more important! Even with the same VR system, there’s a huge difference between Asagiri’s. That was just the feeling of VR after all, but right now I can tell the boobs to my right are the real thing.


To me trembling with excitement, even more sensation was pressed. Satanakia the Dark Elf presses her literal big breasts from the other side.


「Fufufu, Hellshaft-sama. How’s the feeling of my chest? Though I yield to Forneus with softness, my breasts size won’t lose」


Uooo~! This is great too! Against Forneus’ soft sensation, the elasticity is tremendous! To think in twice in one day I’d be able to touch another girl’s chest! I cannot authorize but certify today as oppai-day!


Iya~! I seem to be having a nosebleed. I don’t know if there’s a nose under my helmet though!


Because I haven’t taken my armor off yet, I don’t know what’s under. Nevertheless, this armor is odd. Although though it’s steel-armor, I can feel the sensation of touching the girls’ body directly with my skin.


But if I think about it, it’s just a matter of hitting the tactile sensation. It’s a strange thing to think about in reality, but knowing this world’s structure, it’s not a strange thing.


Next generation MMORPG current under development――Exodia Exodus.


It’s a completely new next-generation VR interface that overturns common senses that adopted into the game. Rather than saying game, it was declared in the instruction book that it’s a completely unknown world experience――or so it says in the book.


To put it into simple terms, the consciousness of the human brain is replaced with data and pasted into the server. It’s like diving into the computer network yourself. Whether it’s a foreign country, a fantasy world, a science-fiction world, you can only go to a world if you make the data for it on the computer. It’s a very close sensation to reincarnating to a different world.


And when logging out, the consciousness is copied to your body. Then, the experience inside the network is remembered as if it were experienced in the said body.


Even if I do say that, I’m the first to experience it. I am the only working. What I do is creating the characters’ said lines, the moving CGI, recording provisional sounds for them. With a PC and a microphone, as well as motion capturing camera for the gaming equipment, you can easily do it at home.


The character I was entrusted to was the Demon Lord Hellshaft.It’s a very important character. And the scenario writer writes the lines, but it was delayed. As for the game, it has a larger amount of lines. In the first place, I thought about original plans of lines because the one writer’s hand isn’t enough to do it.


In front of the motion capturing camera and microphone, I play the lines that I made thought about with action. It was embarrassing at the beginning, but it gradually became fun accordingly. Then it becomes more action steadily, and the lines increase because of my own.


It’s a painful thing to look at from another person’s point of view, but it’s a spectacle scene.


Iya, it’s work.

Since it’s work, I’m doing it seriously. Un.


Anyway, these lines will eventually be counted as character sample data. After referring the lines, the characterization is set for the character’s creation sheet along with the parameters. When it does, it reaches the point where the AI generates lines in real time.


In other words, I’ll be able to talk with the character even if it’s not programmed. Though I’m the one who voiced it, a professional voice actor will act it out and the sample is generated in the same way in real time.


When seeing the character, would it still be the same as a living human being? A question sprung out and raises doubt.


When I look at the two demons who keep pressing their bodies from both said, I can tell the prediction I made at that time was no mistake. Iya, I’m exactly right! Or was it a game rated 18? I feel stupid about it.


That reminds me, there was a lot of odd items in the character creation sheets handed as a document. It was a sexy-degree of an item and was pheromone coefficient, but it was an aphrodisiac and oddly, there were other things like it lined up.


Look at my current situation, perhaps it’s a function that is planned to be added. The game designer is too much of a pervert.


「Eee~ Hell-sama! I will leave and go to the room, is that fine? Forneus is trying to tempt Hell-sama!」


I don’t honestly know what to do if such lines were whispered in my ear. A~, shit, at least I can save and load! I’m afraid of being hated and I won’t know what to reply. Why don’t MMORPG have saved and load? It doesn’t really differ from reality?


「E, etto-desu ne, w,.what should I do? Iya, if I at least have my options, I can think about it. I, it’s not that it’s unpleasant. Simply that I, no, that kind of thing, I’m not used to it.」


My face probably is deep-red. But I can’t help it! It’s impossible for a real-life fantasy experience to be told by a beautiful woman! A~, the helmet that hides my face is really reliable now. The helmet is part of the face.


I kept being embarrassed and just now noticed, but as I suddenly raised my face, Forneus and Satanakia were staring at me with a stupid expression.


「Are you… really… Hell-sama?」


「Yeah…. The atmosphere is quite different.」




「Etto, if that is true….Ma~, though I am not the character, I am a person inside. That’s right.」


Forneus kept her breast pressing all the way. Same with Satanakia on the other side. The expressions of the two changed. The eyes which were heart-marks disappeared and are giving the cold gaze.
[TL Note: This is known as ‘unusual pupils’, yup, I know who you are]


Then a window opened between the two. The status 《LOYALTY》 was displayed there and it decreased from 80 to 30.
[TL Note: ‘LOYALTY’ was said in English]


What’s with this display? Did the atmosphere change? Did this mean, I picked the wrong choice? Iya, if possible, I wonder if they’ll display the options in the window. Like an eroge.




A butler-like man slowly lowered his head. One of the generals, Adora.


「E, etto, what is it?」


I lowered my guard and answer. Adora frowned.


「…..Would you let us know the words as usual.」


Eh? A speech? No, no. I get nervous when I go to the public. I’m not good at that sort of thing. Even in the classroom, I stiffen when I stand in front of the blackboard. How does everyone withstand such pressure? My life expectancy must be a lot shorter. In order to protect my life, I must deny the request firmly.


「I, iya, I’ll do it the next time….」


Are? Is it just me or are Adora’s eyes giving off a cold expression? Forneus and Satanakia are also getting farther away from me.


Because of the somewhat disgusted atmosphere, I inevitably raise my heavy back from the throne. Nevertheless, I understood that from the demons who filled up the hall, tense nervousness ran among them.


As I move forward, as far from the edge of the stage the very hall is resting, the demons pay attention to every single one of my move.


Iya, I’m getting that nervous feeling. Can’t you guys keep on talking?  Even though I know it’s a character of a game, I’m still getting nervous being gaze at.


Because there wasn’t a thing like a microphone, in particular, I began to talk loudly unwillingly.


「E, e~tto, ano, thank you for all your hard work. I mean, I don’t understand the situation that well. Thus, even if I am to speak like the character I made, I’d feel something strange?――」


Before my very face, a sword which shined as having been wet was thrust.


「U owa~tsu!」


I jumped back at once, but the sword that came before my face was stuck.


A, adora~tsu!?


The sword belonged to Adora. When Adora cornered me by his quick movements, I thrust a sword directly into his neck suddenly. And he said in a cold tone.


「You, who are you?」


Adora’s sharp eyes shone in the back of his glasses. I felt killing intent only with his eyes.


「Na~tsu, what kind of person, oh, oh, I am….」


When I focused on Adora, a numerical value appeared beside him. The number which was at 50 suddenly dropped to 0. It was the same display with Forneus and Satanakia earlier.


Looking closely at the number, and beside it《LOYALTY》 was written.


Royalty? Loyalty….was does that mean? That zero…. That means Adora’s loyalty to me is at zero. If you don’t respect me either, we are not familiar. And I don’t think I’m the King. A cold sweat runs down in my heart.


Perhaps… Is this a dangerous situation?


I look for Forneus’ and Satanakia’s figures to ask for salvation. However, both of them look at me with terrible cold expressions. There is nothing to confirm their《LOYALTY》 to me anymore. Because, in the eyes of theirs, I remind them of garbage. It’s the sort of eyes girls look at me within the classroom.


And Gracia….Why are you laughing evilly with an evil position! Wait, is this!


Among the other demons, there were a tremendous *zawa zawa* and it kept spreading.
[TL Note: *chatter, rustle*]


「You’re not the Demon Lord-sama?」


「A fake one?」


「Where is the real thing?」


「That doesn’t matter right now! KIll, no, torture and let that thing vomit.」


Wait a minute. I just heard something I shouldn’t have heard?




And that, the demons are close in on me.


Damn it!

Am I going to be killed by these guys?


What kind of expansion pack is that when the Last Boss gets killed by his own subordinates!  I will hit you with the debugging!


I was cornered by Adora and Gracia, while Satanakia and Forneus were preparing to cast magic in their hands.


B, but it’s a game, won’t it be a big deal if I die? Perhaps, I’ll just return to the original world, right?

…..Iya (no), but wait.


Is it really true that if you die in a game, you really die?



In my mind, Asagiri’s figure that disappeared as light particles revived.

There’s no way… Will I really die?


While thinking of such things, the demons surround a circle around me.


Adora unsheaths his sword. I didn’t stop trying to kill, but I made a posture to throw a knife in a full swing.


What do I do?

What will I do!

What should I do!


Even if I am told that by anyone.

I, I….



『…..Would you let us know the words as usual』


Adora said that a while ago.

As usual.

The usual Demon Lord.

I don’t know such a thing!



I know,

You know, I am.

I don’t believe it.

Because Hellshaft is.

I thought about the lines.


「Do not make fun of the name of the King…. I will kill you after inflicting as much pain as you can imagine.」


I said with a tone.


「This Gracia-sama will kill you.」


I was in motion.


「But~, where is the real Hell-sama?」


I am the one!


「I will torture you and make you vomit.」


――I’m the Demon Lord Hellshaft!


I spread both my hands vigorously.


With that one movement, intense wind and shockwaves arose.


「Na~tsu, nani ~tsu! ?」


A tremendous shockwave runs throughout the hall and blows away the monsters. The lower-class demons that surrounded me flew through the air and were defeated simply by the walls and the pillars.


「This power… No way!」


Adora who somehow managed to endure the shockwave from blowing him away raises a panicked voice. Satanakia who was caught in the pillar opened her eyes by surprise.


「This power is exactly――」


I turn my body, put one hand forward, and put my other hand in front of my face.
[TL Note: I actually f**king do this, and go like ‘I am the one that destroys common sense, the logic of this world, the physics. I am the ruler of darkness, Hainemakoru-da!’….]


「Even the Gods are jealous and envious, longing for the demon that overcomes the dimensional walls, the one called The Demon Lord.」


As I declared that, the cries of desolating souls is let out.


I don’t understand it myself, especially taking a strange pose.


But, this is exactly the Demon Lord character. The pose itself has no meaning.


However, this is my Hellshaft.


At least, I was sending this sort of motion data.  This is the action of an employee of the Hellz Domain who has received a lot of retakes from Aikawa Shuuko-san who is in charge.


And the voice.

Hellshaft’s sound data is――


「Born from the Darkness of the Abyss and from the Hellish flames of Inferno!」


That is the roar of hell.


The air in the hall vibrates, windows are broken and the wall cracks.


All the demons who were in place shuddered from the roar where even their souls shook.


Adora and the others were amazed at the surprise.


「Na…..This is.」


This game is still under-development. A temporary voice should still be used for the voices.

Then, my voice is!


「The King Hellshaft of the Demon Realm!!」


That voice echoed throughout the entire places of the castle, overwhelming all demons in the place.


Adora’s sword stopped.


「……King? Hellshaft-sama?」


The beautiful black-hair becomes disoriented and fails about on Adora’s balanced face. A clear irritation floated in his expression.


I made a step closer to Adora when I stomped my foot. One step with power into it sinks into the floor with a thud, and Adora’s body jumped back. Cracks that appeared on the floor spread to Adora’s feet like spider-webs.


「You fools! I tested all of you…. until I judged that you weren’t fulfilling your role and were too careless.」


Every time I step, a sound of a thud echoes. A cold sweat appears on Adora’s balanced face each time I get closer to him. Obviously, a restlessness expression appeared.


「W, well then….where is the sign of the doltish figure of yours a while ago….」


「….Guu, let me point out and praise you. But!」


Receiving my wave of anger, Adora takes a rigid posture while standing. Sweat runs down from his face and his gaze wanders.


「Lukewarm! Your fight against me for the first time is too lukewarm! Aha~haha~aha!」


My shadow that falls to the floor wraps around Adora. Adora looks up to me with a frightened expression. I understand that his body is remarkably trembling.


「That is why I have appeared in the front-lines! Ashamed of this battle, you all lack power! These god damn idiots~ssss!」


As the pillars fell, the entire hall shook. My cry brought about a new shockwave and pushed down the demons once more. Adora’s appearance didn’t match with him as he fell on his back.


The entire hall became quiet. There is no sound other than the ceiling making cracking sounds.


Before the frightened demons, I turned sideways and spread my arms vigorously. At first glance, it was a painful sight and I took a pose.


「My servant, Adora! What are the beings that will rule this world?」


「We, the proudhearted Demons.」


「Who is the Demon Lord and the champion of the world!?」


As I noticed, Adora corrected his posture and kneeled.


「It is Hellshaft-sama, the absolute champion who reigns at the top of all demons as the King of the Demon Realm!」


「Give honor to say my name! Praise!」


Adora raised his hands towards me and tears caught my eyes.


「All the Demons will give and present our lives! The one we worship and admire! The King of the Demon Realm, Hellshaft-sama!」




「The Great Hellshaft-sama! Hell! Hell! Hell!」


Following Adora, Gracia, Satanakia and the other demons in the hall raised their arms. And the late one, Forneus too raised her hands. And the voice that gradually combined together finally roared with momentum was heard in the castle.


「Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell!」


I look at the several thousands of demons who gathered in the hall satisfactorily.


Inside, I let out a sigh of relief. In front of me, Adora comes crawling. And looked up at me with crawling posture.


「I am sorry! Our King, the Great Ruler Hellshaft-sama!」


I concentrated on Adora again. When I did, Adora’s status reflected in his eyes.


I was relieved when I confirmed that his LOYALTY rose back to 70 out of 100.


「……Good. This time I――」


「The crime of which I doubted my Lord and pointed a sword to. I deserve inevitable death. I shall apologize with my life.」


Adora who put his sword that was going to kill me on his own neck.


「Eh? Just.. calm down.」


No doubt that this person will die right? No way, ha ha ha….


「Our King! Glory to Hellshaft-sama!」


The sword really cuts into Adora’s neck and blood gushes out.




I hurriedly grabbed Adora’s arm.




「W, what are you doing! I don’t want to further disgrace myself…..」


「You! You don’t know yet! You idiot!」




He looks up to me with an absentminded expression. In just a little time, his face was completely emaciated. Oh, already. He’s the bad guy!
[TL Note: It’s like good cop bad cop, Hellshaft was seen as the bad guy and Adora as the good guy]


「Your life belongs to me! I will not forgive you for throwing away your own life without my permission! Absolutely unforgivable! You only need to die, when I tell you to die!」




Tears overflowed from Adora’s eyes as if a dam was broken. With quivering shoulders, tears fall steadily on the floor. At that moment, Adora’s status changed suddenly.


Amazing! Adora’s 《LOYALTY》has reached the maximum limit of 100!
And the demons who were in place were deeply impressed by the figure of one of the generals trembling with such an expression. Everyone seems so subtle and were just watching the stage.


Even after being seen with much expectations, there is nothing more than this anymore. If you spout about more irresponsible things, you will be rid of. And suddenly, I felt my leg tremble. M, my heart can’t take anymore. I’ll rise up.


「Do…. your best and proceed! I will return to my room. After that, you may continue celebrating.」


As I said that, I fluttered my mantle of flames and left the hall dashingly.


And the moment the door closed, I lose strength from my knees. I collapsed on the spot. When the temporary excitement passed me, fear suddenly attacked.


「Good…. My life is okay. Truly, it’s good.」


I crouch down as if trying to round my body. Trying to hold my trembling body, but the trembling doesn’t stop. The feelings that came up was overflowed with tears. The tears run down properly from the eye sockets of the helmet. My expression is not visible completely, but it is possible to express my emotions.


「I was scared…. I was really scared…..e~tsu egu~tsu」


I intended to be as usual. However, I don’t know if they were convinced or not. I don’t know what sort of program this actually is, and there is a possibility that the data I had sent were not used. However, the temporary data seems to be functional. It is clear because of how the demons reacted.

――Ha~tsu, I must not.


If such a figure is seen, it would ruin my tremendous once-in-a-lifetime great performance.


I look around restlessly whether I was seen by somebody, then I wiped my tears and stood up. It seems like there is nobody. I blew a sigh of relief and started walking for the time being. The corridor spreading in front is wide and the ceiling is high. And it continues endlessly.


First of all…. I’d like to take this armor off. I’d like to confirm what’s under this armor. Perhaps the worst thing is that it won’t come off.


Firstly, I need to go to a relaxed place…..My room, the room of the Demon Lord Hellshaft. If it’s the Demon Lord, there should one or two rooms of his own. However, there is a big problem.

――I do not know the place of my own room.


In the first place, I can’t grasp the making of this very castle at all. If I’m not mistaken, there was a map that was sent as material. But as I thought so, it couldn’t even be seen. Damn it! I have a more serious attitude towards work, the old me that is.


That was because of Aikawa-san, a representative of Hellz Domain, who was terrible. That was not a person. It was an Oni. There was always re-takes and specification changes whether you follow it endlessly. Well, it’s certainly something that I won’t get motivated.


This game has a lot of characters, and the workload is enormous. On the day they asked about the scenario for all the characters to the writer, the scripts, and the due date was unrealistic. The CG-motion didn’t match the costs at all on the day when it was with a proper-actor of a motion capturing studio.


If it was an old game, I wouldn’t care if I spent a model or motion, and it was natural that the number of polygons and the resolutions were low. In the first place, only the lines alone was considered good for the 2D pictures-era. However, the state-of-the-art, the ultra-high resolution VR systems doesn’t allow such kindness. As technology keeps on evolving and the performances of game hardware improve, the software development costs more and troubles keep rising.


Nevertheless, the personnel expenses are scrapped. It is the cheap part-time job the method to get more data with the minimal facilities. Therefore, to a high school student like me, an important character such as the Last Boss, Demon Lord Hellshaft came around.


Now that I remember it, I sent an appropriate amount to the character’s creation sheet that decided Hellshaft’s characteristics….I heard there were too many retakes and I got angry unintentionally. I don’t regret it. When I saw Aikawa-san’s complains, I thought it was garbage data so I didn’t even need to check them to delete it.


If I checked the data, I’d surely regret it. It resulted in Aikawa-san being angry with me. Well, it wasn’t a normal mental condition, though it was dangerous. As expected, humans don’t know what to do if they are being cornered! The source would be up to me.


Getting back to the topic. This is the residence of Hellshaft, this castle, but I don’t know the layout at all.


Well. From the menu screen, a map display should be possible.


I raise my index finger and my thumb forming an L-shape, and turned my wrist with the figure of twisting a handle. Then a window opened in front of me.


In the window, I noticed that there was a logout button.


「It would have been good if I logged out….but now」


It means that I was angry at not noticing this earlier. Furthermore, so much of this game has a sense of reality into it, forgetting that it is just a game. I pressed the logout button with my finger.


「N? What is this? The logout button isn’t activating.」


Hope was crushed in an instant. Generally, life is such a thing. If my expectations are too high, disappointment after that will increase higher. Therefore, it’s best to have your expectations high as possible. And that’s why I can’t logout and I became upset――


「Wait what!? Isn’t this dangerous if I can’t logout!? How am I going to return! Wasn’t there some sort of emergency sequence!? Like sending a mail to the management or something!」


I search for it on the menu screen in a hurry. However, such a thing wasn’t there.


Confirming my own defeat, I dropped my shoulders and checked my status.


The name is Hellshaft. The race is Demon Lord. No level indication. Is it because I’m the Last Boss that there is no level indication?


Next is Magic. Hellshaft is a Magician with strong physical attacks, the so-called Magical Swordsman. If I’m not mistaken, I could have used attack magic. However, I was shocked confirming my available magic.


W, what? Are these the only magic?


There was only two. One is called 『Ecstas』 but I feel like the name is bad. And the other is 『Hell and Heaven』 ……Anyway, I have a bad feeling about this.


There’s another thing called『Teleport』 but it isn’t magic. Perhaps, I may be able to move instantaneously on the map.


Even so, what is going on/ Is magic never usable despite being the Demon Lord? I looked at the status such as my physical strength and my offensive ability, but I don’t know how strong this is if there was no figure to compare to.


The map was displayed at the bottom, and the Castle was displayed, but it didn’t tell me anything about my room. I can only fly to the places I want to teleport, there is no other way.


If I’m being too excessive, I’ll be suspected again. Rather, should I just something about it?


No, let’s not. I won’t be able to answer if they ask me why I don’t know about my own room. Is it no use with the fact of memory loss? No, probably.


Then, I’ll just pretend to be inspecting, for the time being, no choice but to walk around. Fortunately, my demon subordinates are in the middle of a victory celebration, so I can hardly see any of them.


The insides of the castle are deserted. Now, should I take off my armor in the middle of the corridor? As I thought so, I heard a noise along with a sweet aroma from afar. It’s a sound rhythmically striking something and burning something with iron plates.


Is this….. the kitchen?


Being invited by the fragrance, I peeked out and there was a larger number of cooks working busily in the kitchen. Everyone was young women, but some had ears like a rabbit from their heads and had tails. Everyone was either a beastman or a demon. Because with the apron appearance, it was unexpectedly cute, but it is certainly not an unbearable scene for the people in that field. Well, I’m not a furry-type, so I won’t lust for them. Yup, I don’t get excited about their ears and tail, though I don’t mind it if it was their breasts and butt because of their wonderfulness.


「Hora! You slave, what the hell are you doing! Clean the dishes quickly!」


「Yes! I’m sorry!」


The person who was being called a slave was particularly beautiful. Even her breasts are large, the supple and slender lines of her body are wonderful.  Wearing a ragged cloth which was originally a shirt, with an SM-like leather restraint attached from above. The rest of the cloth on the waist withholds the body. Was that formerly a suit jacket?  Since I cant see her panties, does that mean she isn’t wearing any? Her breasts really stand out. I can’t help but feel excited while shedding tears because of her position of not wearing panties.


With a slave collar and hand shackles. Those options assert the position of this woman. In order for her to work easily, the chains are removed, but it’s usually connected. Though I’m feeling slightly proud, the things she’s wearing which I find disgusting is put on and the fact that I’m looking down on her. If it was a real slave, then it can’t be helped, but in this place is the game. That should be the viewpoint of the NPC.


「Slave! Stop resting! Keep working for 24 hours a day continuously.」


「Yes! I am very sorry! I will keep working for 24 hours!」


A~, I’m overwhelmed. You can be pretty cute like that. Even so, in the world of such games, they are domesticated.


「There isn’t enough ingredients! Grab ingredients and liquor from the underground warehouse quickly!」


「Eh? B, but the underground warehouse…. has strange monsters in there, isn’t there? Over there, are strange monsters with tentacles, and being involved with my body makes me feel uncomfortable, and even so, it has become a serious thing where I can’t even tell anyone else about this.」


Still, it was a voice that I’ve heard somewhere before… Is there someone with the original sample voice?


「I haven’t heard of such a thing! Do something about it.」




The owner of the voice came out the door. That very person who left without looking ahead collided head-on with my body with the same force.




Screaming shortly, the slave woman collapses. I fell on my back and felt pain.


「A~, that hurts….mou, why are you standing in the middle of the corridor….」


The female slave looked up at me and blinked her eyes.


Un. I was interested in a little while ago, but….this person isn’t an NPC. I mean, I know this person. However, it’s more important that this person was not wearing panties from her lower half as expected. I might keep an eye on her. Iya, I must. Because magic is applied to the woman’s crotch. The magic that everyone can’t take their eyes off if it’s a man. Therefore, it’s not my fault.


The female slave turned pale and her lips were trembling.




「D, demon Lord-sama…..tsu!?」


While letting the flow of her cold sweat, her eyes are moving intensely.


When the female slave pulls herself together, she retreats and jumps to make a seiza.

She rubs her head against the ground. J, jumping dogeza!?


「I am sorry! The likes of me, a demon’s slave incur displeasure to the Demon Lord?」


「Iya iya!  Your dogeza is good! Rather than that, what are you doing in such a place?」


When the female slave raises her face, she raised her eyebrows with suspicion.


「N?…..Have I had this algorithm… for the Demon Lord….?」


「Etto, you’re Aikawa Shuuko-san… right?」
[TL Note: Nani the fuck?]




「Ano… I’m Kakeru Doumeguri-desu…」




Aikawa-san’s eyes weren’t hers anymore, rather, it was opened wide and became bright red.

Ten minutes after that, I was guided to my room safely by Aikawa Shuuko-san. A wonderful room. This is my first time to enter it though.


The room was a stereotypical room with an evil image fit for the Demon Lord. Like it was designed by H.R Giger. Both the walls, ceilings were in total coordination, even the tables, and sofas. It is a biological, or rather mechanical, though it feels like it’s living organisms from space. Yet, it reeks of superiority and wondrous rather than disgust. The lighting of the place was beautiful, imitating the atmosphere of a majestic church.


Ma~, I’m more relieved and thankful that I can relax in this area without taking my 2 meters and 30 centimeter tall body in consideration. If it was my home, my head would get stuck through the ceiling, no doubt.


In such a room, Aikawa-san sits on the sofa that used a skeleton as its frame, glaring at me with her oni-like face. By the way, I’m doing a seiza.


Arere? Isn’t this strange? Wasn’t I the strongest in the world, like the greatest person? Then why am I doing a seiza on the floor like a slave?


「Why did Aikawa-san become…. a slave? Furthermore, in such an appearance.」


「You’re annoying! It’s not like I’m doing this because I like it!」


「Right! Sorry for that!」


I said unintentionally. I then shrug my shoulders, somehow.


From our first meeting together, I didn’t know how to converse with Aikawa clearly. I’m afraid because she’s scary. She’s angry too. And it’s because of her pointing out my mistakes in submitting the wrong data.


Though I should converse with her normally, it’s hard to do so. First, I’ll ready my heart just in case. I torment my mental state by overwhelming my soul and pressing demands of ‘sandbags’ so to resist.


After all, I can’t work for this company. I’ll just stay at home, and look for a job where I don’t have to be in contact with anyone. The most promising job candidate is to become a Light Novel author and making my series very popular to the point someone will make an adaption of it.


Aikawa-san tried arranging her legs, but gave up and just closed her legs. My face reddened, then she asked a question.


「…..Did you see?」
[TL Note: Yup, you’re dead.]


「Fue~tsu!?  I, I didn’t look….W, what are you on about!?」


This is dangerous. I nearly fell into that inducted interrogation.


Aikawa-san began gritting her teeth for a while and gulped.


「I must dispose of this person soon….」


「Wait! I didn’t look at anything, I don’t even know how I’m supposed to appeal!? I won’t tell anyone about Aikawa-san’s secret! I will take it to my grave, so please don’t worry!」
[TL Note: You just dug your grave by saying you did see… broo.. wtf]


「In such a way that you’re saying that, until the death of Doumeguri-kun, your words of a man must be kept always. You must keep your words!」


Aikawa-san puts a hand on her forehead and rests her back.


「…..You won’t tell anyone, right?」


「Of course. I mean, I don’t have anyone to talk to anyways.」


As I said that, Aikawa-san makes an expression, but it seems like it was convincing enough for her.


「Well, there isn’t any internet here, so it’s good.」


「It is. So it’s okay until you become a criminal. Though, if you become a criminal and want to clear your resentments, it is another thing if you do something to me, Aikawa-san.」


「You’re threatening me…..not like it matters. If the time comes, I will also erase you socially using my power.」


「Even if you say that, it would become a war…..」


As soon as the discussion was over, Aikawa-san took my words and said.


「But, if ‘Hellshaft’ was busy, what exactly have you been doing up until now?  Have you ever seen me before?」


What are you on about?


「Etto, I guess it would be our first meeting? Oh, of course in this world.」


「Wa? What are you talking about? It’s already been six months since I came to this place. At that time, I kept asking why I was ignoring everything for a while.」


「Half a year!?」


My voice came out unintentionally. I then began to explain to Aikawa-san about the story where I’ve just woken up just a while ago.


「Un…..Then, I wonder if something did go wrong. I was actually late to log in…Now that I think about it, it’s a miracle I could login now. If the data of the consciousness fails, then it’s all over. In other words, it would mean death.」


Iya, why did you just say something so horrifying?


「How much do you know of the current situation, Doumeguri-kun?」


「Uhm well, just a little bit….」


Aikawa Shuuko-san let out a deep sigh.


「You’re quite the idiot. You don’t even have the analytical, comprehension or even imagination.」


Iya, I have imagination, but there’s no basis. If you knew, then you could have just taught me it. That important point Aikawa-san made, I’ll make sure to remember it.


「A serious system error has occurred. The mental state data of students who are logging in for the learning capacities and the administrators are being destroyed and are approximately in a state of apparent death.」


It was a more serious issue than I have ever imagined.


「Wait a moment! This isn’t a laughing matter!」


「Naturally. Currently, in the outside world, desperate measures are being taken with an advance of 24 hours in an effort to restore the systems.」


「Would I be able to get in touch with the outside…..Because I was extremely worried since my window screen had no function to contact the administrators. Though, if that was the case.」


「My system is for development, so it’s a special case. That’s why I’m able to communicate with the people outside. But, I can’t send transmissions to them, though I can receive them.」


「Eh? Then, you as well don’t know that we’re inside the game?」


「No. I’ve grasped the processed data of my consciousness that remained in the system. My body is connected to the latest medical equipment and keeps me alive even in the state of apparent death. But, I don’t know how long it’s going to last.」


I broke a cold sweat. As for my armor, sweat is seen firmly on the surface.


「Our consciousness is inside the data of the server…..In other words, we’ll be able to revive if we return to our bodies. However, it will take time for the technology to be completed. The minimum it would take is a year.」


In the end, it seems our lives will be put on the line for the people who’re developing it. I strongly kept my feelings of wanting to shout to myself.


「――But, why are we in Exodia Exodus?  I was still in class at――」


「That. That’s troublesome.」


When I sighed deeply like I was exhausted, Aikawa-san began to explain things in detail.


About the new-generation VR systems originally used in Exodia Exodus, it was developed by “NNT Systems” who are the education system developers.


“Hellz Domain” that developed the game Exodia Exodus and NNT Systems along with the parent company share the same next-generation interface of Virtual Reality which is costly, reducing the total cost. It seems that the plans were to collect huge development expenses by developing products in separate business segments.


Both of them shared servers and networks, but it backfired. The bad thing is, the data for the consciousness is included in the same network of Exodia Exodus. It became a condition that I’ve become a player-character inside the game.


Aikawa Shuuko-san who happened to log in by chance from the company has also gotten involved. When she finished talking, Aikawa-san stared at me and tilted her head.


「You’re a lot calmer than I thought. I’ve thought you’d collapse and roll over while crying unconditionally.」


「To be frank, I felt like that at the start, but…if I think about it, there’s nothing I can do for now. We can only wait for the intelligent people from outside to do something about this. Maa~, I’m afraid of if the system shuts down, but I’m sure that won’t happen because there are excellent engineers. On the other hand, won’t it be more comfortable to just play the cutting-edge game and? If I worry about being a disabled person, it might be impossible for me to return to society once I’m out back in the real world.」


Aikawa-san warped her face in anger.


「It’s not that such a simple task! Why are you being stupid!?」


「Hieh!? S, sorry!」


I straightened myself and tried to shrink the huge figure to be small, somehow.


「Though, it might be helpful that you’re Hellshaft.」


What do you mean? Ah, is it probably where the Demon Lord rescues the slave with his power?


「Our priority is to stop your classmates from clearing the game.」


I see. I don’t get it.


「Normally, in such cases, wouldn’t they go return to the original world if they clear the game?」


Asagiri Ririko and Ichinomiya Akira were talking about that earlier.


『It is absolute that we will return to the original world! Absolutely!』


『Everyone, do your best! We’re almost close to killing this guy! If we kill this guy, we’ll return to the original world!』


「What is this….Such a situation, normally doesn’t happen?」


Iya maa~, that’s how it is. In this sort of fiction, it’s usually normal. Well, the protagonist who’d be able to advance the game with more influence than others like me, the protagonist would catch the heart of the heroine firmly.


「Maa~, returning to the original world is correct. The tutorial of the game even said so. That’s exactly why your classmates are convinced of that path.」


「Is it different?」


「It’s not. But, that’s normally the case. However, it’s an emergency at the moment.」


Aikawa-san puts a finger to her lips and gave out a serious expression.


「Once the main quest is completed, and the game enters the ending… That is, once a player takes down Doumeguri-kun and overthrows Infermia, they’ll be able to pass through 『Hell’s Gate』 and they’ll get the ending. After that, we’ll be forced to log off. And if the case is normal, then our consciousness data will be overwritten by the body outside. But now?」


Something cold welled up on my chest. Aikawa-san continued to keep talking with a serious expression when she saw I was stuck from saying any word.


「Only the data will be discharged if the body isn’t ready to accept. The consciousness data will disappear. Normally, only the games inside the game would be lost, and we’ll wake up normally. However…..」


「Now that the data of our consciousness are in the game….Then, when that happens, we will…」


「….die.」’part 11-15′


「Wait a minute! What are you planning to do!?」


「There’s a method to prevent the tragedy.」


My eyes were gazing straightly at Aikawa-san.


「That is to not allow a single game clearing. You must eliminate all players that challenge Hell’s Gate as the Last Boss!」




The guilt of killing Asagiri Ririko comes back in the palm of my hands.


「B, but….even if I do kill….they’ll revive, right?」


「Eeee, isn’t that natural? I’ve never seen an RPG where once you’re dead, it’s end game.」


Maa~, if that’s the case, then certainly. I felt relieved from the bottom of my heart. Asagiri is being revived somewhere.


「But, if the game is cleared, then it’s game over. In that moment, the player will die. It won’t just be a death in the game. It will be actual death.」


I gulped my saliva in. However, no matter how many times we die, we’ll come back to life, so that’s good news. If I knew that before, I wouldn’t be a lot afraid of before. Complete unsettling.


「Ah, though there are two people that can’t be revived in this game.」




「Me, and you. Doumeguri-kun. If the enemy characters are defeated. We would die inside the game that directs to actual death.」




What…did you say?


「That’s why you should never lose a fight. If Hellshaft is defeated, then you, Doumeguri-kun will die and your classmates will be able to pass through the gates…. will die.」


What the hell.


Does that mean my classmates’ lives will be taken by me?


Oi oi, even if I’m given such a heavy role, I can’t carry such a burden.


「W, wait a minute. That’s the fighting path. Isn’t there any other method while avoiding battles?」


「Is it that impossible? In the demonstrative movie at the beginning, it explains that defeating the Demon Lord and passing through Hell’s Gate clears the conditions. Were you convinced, that you’d be able to return to the original world if you cleared the game without a single explanation?」


Guuso, that is…fuck! They should have put more demonstrative scenes! Well then, what do I?




My mouth became crooked. Having said that, I can’t see it because I’m wearing a helmet. Such a feeling, with the story.


「Fuu~, hahaha~ hahaha~ what, such nonsense. There’s a simpler method!」


I stood up and looked down at Aikawa-san. While Aikawa-san looks up at me with a dubious expression.


「We should just tell our real identities!  Both me and Aikawa-san will be alright. If you just tell them the truth, wouldn’t it be resolved!」


Aikawa-san stared at me with who couldn’t understand my expression because I had a helmet covering my helmet.


「I don’t recommend that.」


「Eh, why?」


That’s weird. It should be the perfect solution though?


「『The Demon Lord’s Identity』is an item that can defeat the Demon Lord by seeing through it. If the Demon Lord 『Doumeguri Kakeru』 finds it, it can defeat the Demon Lord using the item. In other words, Doumeguri-kun will be dead and everyone will clear the game.」




Just now, didn’t you just come up with a rule that’s seriously unfair?


「If everything trusted Doumeguri-kun, then it would be a success. But, if they doubt you one bit… this the strategy of Hellshaft?  Won’t they think that Doumeguri-kun is lying and trying to trap everyone in? Are you trying to satisfy your own greedy desires? If you’re being doubted that way….you won’t have your life.」


I was at loss for words.


There was no doubt, that condition was the obstacle.


「Ah, but I’m sorry. I don’t know about Doumeguri-kun’s high school life and I’m not exactly interested so I may have said it in a personal impression. If you are very popular in class, trusted, loved, or――」
[TL Note: And Aikawa just insulted Doumeguri’s life, great!]


「I’m sorry. That’s impossible」


My body went full-90 degrees and I lowered my head. Don’t say that. I’m not popular or trusted. Even exchanging conversations weren’t direct. I don’t think they’ll trust what I’ll say.


「And, it’s impossible to explain from my mouth alone. I can’t leave this castle by myself, and even if I can get out, I’m the same as a monster, so they won’t trust anything I’ll say.」


I see. And, Aikawa-san won’t revive if she dies even once. I can see they won’t be able to understand. And Aikawa-san’s HP and defense is so low that you’d be surprised. And same goes for me, I’m not very strong, so I don’t have the strength to walk the battlefield alone. If a scared classmate strikes me, I’d be dead.


「As for the condition, do…. they know that you can clear the game if they see through the identity of the Demon Lord?」


「Probably. There are side quests to get that item after all.」


Rather than fighting directly, that one is more serious. The moment my identity is seen through, they’ll kill me without hesitating.


They won’t do that, after all, we’re in same class. If I talk to them, they’ll understand. And such, if their head is a field of flowers, they’re not innocent.
[TL Note: ‘Even if they look innocent, they’re not innocent’ is what it’s saying]


In such an unreasonable situation, it’s nearly impossible to be able to calmly understand what’s reasonable. If I look at Asagiri’s desperate expression on the battle just a while ago, I can understand.  If there’s a possibility I can return, I’ll cling to it. People believe what they want to believe.
[TL Note: Reference: ‘People die if they are killed’]


Honestly speaking, I can’t look after others. Everyone has to help themselves. Because I have to protect myself, I will do it earnestly. In the first place,  they probably don’t expect me to help them like the others. Even the people in the class don’t want to help each other. Everyone is desperate to same themselves.


Therefore, I’ll have to think about my safety first.


I won’t lose absolutely, and I will return all my classmates’ back.


And prevent my identity from being seen through.


However, if I don’t know where to go as the Demon Lord, they will doubt me, and someone in the class might think it’s me at the time.I must make a move right away.


While having thoughts in my consciousness, Aikawa-san asks me.


「Nee, I’ve been thinking for a while now. Can the armor be taken off?」
{TL Note: She wants the big skeleton bone that’s hanging on your crotch, nice!]


…….I forgot.


Is that so. I was curious about what’s under this armor if there is a circulation of streams. If ever it’s a human being, then I can go scouting to where my classmates are.


I checked the current state of myself by opening the system menu. The Demon Lord’s armor surely must be equipped. It might be possible to unequip it. I chose the section to go over to the equipment section when I selected all from helmet to the leg equipment.


In the following moment, I returned to a human.


「Ooou! It’s me! This is me!」


I unintentionally raised a voice filled with joy.




However, Aikawa-san widened her mouth and was confused. The trembling fingertips pointed at my crotch. Following that, I looked below at my lower-body.
[TL Note: He’s naked!? Nice! It’s time for foreplay!]


The penis was exposed.
{TL Note: That’s fucking awesome!]


「You pervert――――!!」


Aikawa-san screamed loudly. I hid my crotch in a hurry. I understand that it was too late, but I don’t want it to be exposed even more.


「I’m not a pervert! I mean, stop looking! Aren’t you the pervert!」


「What! I’m a victim who’s been shown such a dirty thing! You molester!」


「Then, it’s the same thing Aikawa-san showed when we bumped into each other a while ago!」


「Are you saying I’m dirty!?」


「I’m sorry! It was beautiful! I’m honored I saw it!」
[TL Note: OH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK!? This is fucking hilarious! Oh god…]




That very moment, the sound of knocking the door was heard in the room.




It was Forneus’ voice that seemed urgent.


I exchanged looks with Aikawa-san.


O, oh no! What do I do!?
[TL Note: You wouldn’t believe how much I was laughing out loud at this, I bet my neighbors even heard me… lmao]


「What happened? Hell-sama. You’re awfully lively.」


「Ah, eh, etto….sorry. I’m slightly busy at the――moment!」


Suddenly, Aikawa-san kicked me in the shin. Without armor, it hurts. Aikawa-san who was tearful shrieked her anger at me.


「You’re the Demon Lord Hellshaft at the moment! Do your usual stupid tension! Are you stupid? Do you want to die?」


I’m fine being idiotic, but I’d like to say you shouldn’t abuse an idiot. I whispered in Aikawa-san’s ear.


「Won’t the rag come off? Isn’t it better to meet up/」


「Even if I refuse, you’ll have more to say. You’ll be completely suspected. Good? If you talk like you’re a human, and if they judge that you are not the Hellshaft they know, won’t you be killed by your own subordinates?」


Certainly, I was almost killed by Adora earlier…..


「They swear allegiance to Hellshaft. But if they think you don’t deserve to be the Demon Lord, their status of loyalty decreases. In that case, they won’t obey you anymore and on the contrary, they’ll kill you.」


That’s the 《LOYALTY》 gauge. When that goes down, their loyalty to me will be gone, so they’ll plan a revolution? Fuck, it’s a troublesome system.


「Iya! But, just keep that tension forever. You have to be prepared physically and mentality.After doing that, I’ll be depressed sometimes! In fact!」


「But, you cannot save your classmates unless they’re your friends? Besides, you’ll be attacked by both demons and monsters.」


Fuck it. That’s too much for me.


「Hell-sama? May I enter?」


Uh-oh! W, what do I do!?


「Quickly, wear your armor! In this situation, you won’t be able to make any excuses!」


That’s right! I make an L-shape of my fingers and twist my wrist. It’s very irritating to open the menu screen then open the equipment menu.


At that very moment, Forneus opened the door and jumped inside the room.




I was too late.

Forneus stopped her movement and became stiff.


The figure of me reflected in her lovely eyes――was a figure of a poor naked man with the helmet of Hellshaft on his head.


Fuck! What should I do? Tte, no matter what, I can’t make any excuses in this situation! Mou~, there’s no choice but to do this!


「What happened, Forneus! Why are you disturbing my time of pleasure!」
[TL Note: Ohhhhhhhh damn! I laughed so hard that… I think my neighbors woke up… they are elderly, and they might have woken up…]


Forneus’ scream echoed.


[TL Note: Never gets old!]


「It’s different! It’s different, Forneus.」


「Iya! What is this creature! It’s disgusting iiii~iiii~!」



Oi, even I’ll be hurt! By that!


「Eei! Listen to my stooooooooooooryyyyyyy!」


The room made a sound and shook.


As result of the impact, Forneus quieted down.


「This is different. This is a figure to tease this human slave.」


Forneus looked puzzled and tilted her head.


「Eh…. Hell-sama? What, exactly does this mean? Tte, Forneus wanted to reveal her love too-mon.」


I crossed my arms with greatness, and I straightened my body and looked down on Forneus. Red light shines from the helmet’s gaps.


But I was naked.


「With my utmost original figure, it would quickly break the poor bodies of human beings.  But, by transforming into the same race as these beings, it is possible for them to suffer over a long time while being humiliated.」


Forneus became convinced and struck a hand.


「I understand! As expected of Hell-sama. In my opinion, I won’t be able to do even that. Then Forneus will admire the exhibition from there-mon.」


Oi, who’s the person who made this line. Resign from being a human right now.


「But, Hell-sama?  Neglecting me, and playing with a slave instead, isn’t that cruel? At the very least, let me be on it too, or Forneus will be sulky-mon.」


「Eh, iya, cough cough! I’ll go on a romantic tryst with you later――」
[TL Note: It literally said ‘cough cough’ or ‘gohon gohon’


Without listening to my story, Forneus sits on a three-seat sofa, in a position where she can see the bed clearly.


「Fu~un. I’ll be watching here-mon. I must watch so as to keep the slave from making a blunder at Hell. And, if you have something for me, please call me anytime. Forneus is appealing to you to be loved too-mon ♥」


I can’t deceive her. What should I do? I’ll try to make eye contact with Aikawa-san. Aikawa-san sent a murderous killing intent when she stared at me.
[TL Note: What to do? Oh, just go for it, it’s simple]


This is that. It’s the pattern where I’ll be killed whether I do something complicated or not. Then, it’s better to choose the one thing that has more merit than the other.
[TL Note: Yup, Aikawa is going to kill you once you take her virginity, you rapist]


I gripped Aikawa-san’s jaw and forced her to face me.


「This slave! Flatter me. If you do, then I will bring you sympathy to that vulgar body of yours.」
[TL Note: Yup, definitely dead. He’s definitely fucking dead, but death by snu snu? Nice!]


Aikawa-san strongly draws her mouth. Slowly dropping her knee, sits down and puts her hands on the floor, she lowered her head. Then clung to the floor and begged for appeal.


「……To this vulgar slave, it’s a waste for King-sama to be sympathetic…..please」


I could slightly hear the gritting of teeth. It is because she faced down in submission, and because of her expression burning in anger.


But surely. If the partner is the NPC Demon Lord, they’ll be kneeling on the ground doing a dogeza who then will be treated like garbage. Besides, she’s begging me to do erotic things to her. Just imagining that humiliation, it’s terrible. As soon as we get back to reality, I’ll just crawl away as soon as possible, and ask a person in that field to buy a new family registrar and pretend to be someone else entirely.
[TL Note: Yeah… that won’t work… she’ll find you]


B, but, I’m not in the one in the wrong! It was Aikawa-san who said it herself that my life would be in danger if I don’t behave like the Demon Lord! Here, I will do just that….


H, having said that, it’s not that sort of thing?


「Arere~re? What are you doing, Hell-sama? Are your cheeks bright red?」


Liar! Seriously!?


I look over at the mirror on the wall to check. Uwa, it’s serious. The cheeks part of the black helmet is colored in red. It’s too abundant of expressing various emotions, this armor.


「N, now, to…. the bed.」


Aikawa-san’s shoulders got startled. And when she got up, she went to the bed casually. It was a huge bed that seems to be larger than a king size. On top of that, Aikawa-san who was in slave clothing sat on the bed. To me, I must hold out.


When I get on the bed, I face Aikawa-san. So… what do I do from here?


As Aikawa-san fretted, she whispers in my ears.


「J, just do it… and make it quick. Whether it be my breasts or my butt, you can rub wherever you want.」
[TL Note: I kinda feel sorry not… but I have an insult for Doumeguri though… get ready… “Fast is how he does it”]


「Is that alright!?」


「It can’t be alright! But, there’s no helping it to deceive Forneus. Even if anything is done by a brat looking like garbage waste like you, be relieved because you won’t enter anyways. Moreover, it’s better to save the lives of everyone for it.」
[TL Note: Wow… okay, uhm, you just made my insult go to waste…]


Aikawa-san was spouting insults, but she was desperate. You can tell she’s enduring it, because of her trembling body. Because of that feeling, I must respond.


I also prepare my resolution.


I look at Aikawa-san’s figure again. The restraints and collar Aikawa-san is wearing as to bind her body more implies that she is undeniably a slave. Aikawa-san, who was an absolute strong person in the real world, is my possession here. It is a view that was like immorality, and lasciviousness.


The breasts that were popping out as if restrained by the restraint further emphasize their size.


Alright, give me courage! Here! T, then, I’ll touch you!


That’s right, this is not reality. Such an opportunity is rare. When I come back to reality, I’ll have to practice for the time of emergencies!


I showed the greatest courage in all my life and reached for the vulgar breasts of the woman who was older than me and who is also my boss.




Aikawa-san who closed her eyes, let out a sigh from the entrance of her mouth.


Yatta, I did it! For the first time in my life, I rubbed real breasts with this hand!


Iya, to be exact, it isn’t genuine!


It was fluffy and soft, The response and the weight that was pushed back, the uneven feeling of touch was different from the breasts I had tried with my VR of Asagiri. I thought those were close to being real, but it wasn’t comparable. It was totally different.


Compared to this, the glove-type VR controller I used was more like a child’s play.


This is impressive. This is no longer the case. Today is now the day of milk, it will become a holiday of the empire and will be handed down forever. I’m serious. If only the breasts were pressed, like what Forneus and Satanakia did earlier, though it is important to actively massage these breasts by my hands. Iya, I’ve never thought there would be a day where I’ll massage Aikawa-san’s breasts.


「Fuu~…… a, an~, iya~a….too much…..yaa~」


Her voice wasn’t the usual fearful one, but one that was sweet and cute. I really think women are demons. Since they have several faces. I reprimanded myself and never thought that the same person who treated people like insects at all.


I kept on rubbing the breasts over the clothes with no bra on. I feel something becoming hard through the cloth. I really want to see it directly and touch it directly. Such a desire cannot be controlled. In order to take off the breasts hidden behind a cloth, I put my hand inside the gap between the cloth and the breasts.


「I, iya…. please.」


Aikawa-san keeps on shaking her head while teary-eyed. A sense of guilt wells up in me forcedly. However, Aikawa-san’s intention is to not just stop here.


I glanced at Forneus appearance for an instant.




Forneus was laying down on the sofa and is watching here. However, her expression isn’t even smiling in particular. It was eyes that stared like it was aiming at a prey.


When she becomes aware of me noticing, Forneus smiles with a satisfied expression.


「Hell-sama? Why is Hell-sama making a slave like you feel good? Forneus feels strange that if slaves don’t make Hell-sama feel pleasure, they won’t be able to do it.」


Uooo! In the first place, we were in the wrong here!


「U, umu. It’s merely a whim. Don’t worry.」


Answering in a desperate manner, Forneus says 「Wai~」 like as if she was feeling bored. However, her gaze was slightly cold.


Am I really still being suspected? Now that I mention it, Adora, Gracia and Satanakia seem to have gotten intoxicated because of me, but only Forneus was different. Feeling doubtful, I reluctantly keep waving my hand around.


Furthermore, looking at my current behavior, suspicion is getting stronger. Anyhow, I――probably, Aikawa-san too don’t have any experience. Whether or not this is okay, there was no response at all. Ah, this is probably that famous scene in light novels with erotic things. It’s probably is that work fiction where the main character has the pro-grade erotic skill!


No use crying over spilled milk. To be frank, I honestly thought I would be able to hide it, but I guess there’s no way that’s the case. Aikawa-san was casually hiding her line of sight with her hands.


To my own shortcomings, Aikawa-san makes a request to me.


「Don’t cause me trouble. Expose your breasts. Please, let me look.」


「Eh……b, but.」


Aikawa-san’s face became pale. Even though she was prepared for it, when it comes to actually doing it, she seems to not want to. She bites her lips and her shoulders are trembling.


Eventually, Aikawa-san lowers her head desperately and put her hands on the cloth that hid her breasts. And slowly lowers it down. The cloth reached its limit, and her breasts were exposed.


They were big as expected. The form was beautiful, obscene and cute. Underneath of her suit, such repulsive things were concealed.


Nevertheless, I haven’t even touched anyone… expected, it must be because of my character.


However, my body is stirring up the excitement even when it’s being forced.


I touched her breast directly because I couldn’t stand it. Fresh raw milk for the first time. The impression was different with the presence of a single cloth. Before me who was trembling with excitement, Aikawa-san’s eyes were filled with tears with the expression that looks like it’s the end of the world.


「Ugu~……this is too cruel……a~an, this is too much ~o.」


It can’t be helped that it was unpleasant. However, the voices that came out were slightly cute and mixed with sadness.


「Ku…… i, iya ~ a ~…… n ~aa ~!」


Sexy voices were in response because of Aikawa-san’s sensitive body.


The fact that I felt against my own will created selfishness, contradictions, and excitement to Aikawa-san herself. I elevated my jaw. and divert my throat. Gradually, a passionate hot sigh broke through her pink lips and began to overflow.


「A, a~…… ahn…..n u! That part, it’s stiff…….a~a a annn」


「S, sorry, sex slave. You are currently serving me.」


While breathing roughly, Aikawa-san replies while her words keep cutting off.


「S, such a thing…..I don’t know what to do……」


Umu. Even I don’t know. Which reminds me, there were some abusive words Aikawa-san said back in the days. 『If you don’t meet the deadline, lick my legs and ask for forgiveness. If you can’t do that, I’ll make do with your death.』


「In that case, lick my foot.」




What is this person saying? Aikawa-san looks up at me. However, I noticed it was unavoidable, but her face became red with anger.


「Remember… You’ll remember this…..」


As she mutters so, Aikawa-san goes down on all fours and crawls in front of me. Then, she rubs against the bed and opened her mouth. Between the gaps of the small teeth, a pink tongue emerged.


A slippery hot sensation was felt from my foot. From the tailbone straight to the spine, it was thrilling.

If you see this message, this is stolen, so please read at hainemakoru[dot]xyz

Uooo, this, what is this feeling!


It tickles, but it’s pleasant! When my line of sight was lowered, Aikawa-san who was crawling like a dogeza pattern stretched her tongue and licked my leg. It’s at the level to satisfy the dominant’s desires. It’s a feeling that in the state of mind is something unacceptable as a person.


The very mouth that abused me, was now licking my leg. The very tongue that kept on telling me to keep on changing the specifications and take retakes is now working hard to please me.


Speaking frankly, it’s unbearable.


「Just like that…. to the upper part.」


Aikawa-san licks my leg when she put her hands on it and moves up. To my calf and to my thigh, and….Aikawa-san froze.




Aikawa-san kept looking at between my crotch while she was expressionless. Her face gradually became red and cold sweat was flowing down like a waterfall.


I understand your feelings. When I say my real intention, I’d feel ashamed. If you stare at it that much, it will become all the more worthless. Aikawa-san kept her eyes moving as if nothing was there, she sticks her tongue out and goes that far to do the process.


From the chest to the collarbone. she carefully licks it. Coming from the shoulder to the arm and back of her hand, she looked up at me with a gaze that seemed questioning.


Aikawa-san then began to suck on my fingers one by one as I silently nodded. Bringing her face back and forth from my fingers, there was plentiful of saliva.


Because of it’s tickling sensation, I got infatuated. I was feeling comfort and peace like experiencing an expression of love from a pet.


I look into Aikawa-san’s face while in a trance, hair stuck to the cheek which made me feel embarrassed and humiliated, contrary to her intention, it brought a strange perfection. Her expression looked completely the same as a sex slave’s face.


I then glanced at Forneus’ figure. Her expression looks as though she’s happy. However, the moment my glances disappeared from Forneus, from the back, I felt as a horribly cold blade was being thrown.


It seems that I need one more push…..


「You slave. As for the next step, heal my body with that mass of fat on your chest.」


「Ku…. ouu, as you wish…. D, Demon Lord-sama…..」


Aikawa-san gritted her teeth and stood up with her chest. She was facing humiliation and made a wry expression while she pressed her trembling chest against my arm.


Uooooooo! My arm is between Aikawa-san’s breasts! The fluffy sensation is healing me. The welled up breasts keep moving up and down as if rubbing. Aikawa-san’s smooth skin is rubbing with mine. The subtle friction is pleasant.


Aikawa-san then stood up from kneeling and pressed her chest to my face.

──N, no way!?


Looking up at Aikawa-san’s expression, her eyes were red and it was filled with tears that were overflowing. Lowering my gaze, the breasts were spread to my entire vision.


What spectacle. I haven’t seen it this close. Ah~, the breasts of a woman were in such detail up close. Didn’t you know──!?


A soft sensation was pressed against my face.


What!? This is!


A soft sensation that’s wrapping my face! This helmet has a sense of touch!


The two soft objects of Aikawa-san’s are in the form of my helmet. And warmth was stuck to my face precisely. My entire face that’s being massaged by softness is not comparable. With a sweet fragrance that’s invading my nasal cavities, my head is currently useless.


I, I’ve heard rumors of this, is this the legendary *pafu pafu*!?


「Uu….mou, I won’t be able to become a bride anymore…..」
[TL Note: Don’t worry, I’ve got you Aikawa!]


Something hot fell on top of my head. Iya, I mean, no one at that mature age would say such lines seriously now. No way she’s going to stay clean until she’s married, though, it’s amazing. But such a thing as the number twenty is a man’s ideal.


「I, I wanted……my first time, to be romantic, gusu….u..e」



A ferocious feeling of guilt has come.
[TL Note: It’s all your fault you cunt, you made her cry!]


「Fuwa wa~a a a~…….」


However, the Fallen Angel is bored. She rubs her eyes with her fingertips and yawns.


「Fuun….I see. That way, Forneus is feeling unsatisfactory, of all the tormenting and bullying.」


It was useless. Iya, it can’t be helped. After all, it’s the first for both of us. Would I rather not feel excited in the first place?


「Now, it’s almost time for my turn, Forneus to be rewarded with Hell-sama’s love-mon.」


Forneus who rose up from the sofa came over to the bed.


「Could you leave now? Slave-san.」


Though it was in a gentle voice, her eyes weren’t  gentle at all. Aikawa-san who felt something severe came down from the bed and crouched down at the corner of the room as if to run away.


「Because even I won’t lose-mon. So, tonight, please enjoy my body thoroughly, okay?」


Forneus who put her hands behind her back lowers her zipper. She pulls out the thin fabric that wasn’t angel-like from her shoulders. Then, in an instant, a lively chest comes out shaking.


A, awesome! This person!


The irregularities of her body which made the clothing stand out clearly, I was able to imagine that she didn’t put a bra on. However, from what appeared underneath was greatly beyond my expectations. I was impressed of Aikawa-san’s breasts, but Forneus excelled it by far. The size is great, and so is its form. The appearance is smooth and the lower breast seems to be heavy and inflated. The tip of the breasts is going *piyo*, Coupled together with the surrounding puffed up and inflated appearance, with its form, I felt obscene and beauty. It truly was an attractive pair of breasts.
[TL Note: *piyo* is jump*]


For such a pair of breasts to really be in front of me, I’m deeply moved. Iya, it isn’t real though, because we’re in the world of Exodia Exodus. The World’s best game. The best of the best.


While thinking of such thoughts, Forneus’ clothes smoothly slip from her body and drop. From there, a perfectly nude body was present. It was a beauty that far surpasses humans.It is radiating and divine. As expected, it truly was a beautiful appearance that didn’t bring shame to the name of the angel.


Or rather, was Exodia Exodus ever a rated 18+!? As expected of the character settings, which is indeed erotic. I did not realize it would be such a wonderful game. For now, I will become 18!


「Saa~, Hell-sama.」


Forneus leans onto.


「I want you to be affectionate to Forneus soon ♥」


「U, umu. I’ll be affectionate. There, there.」


When I stroked her head, Forneus’ eyes became semi-closed.

──Are? Did I make a mistake?


Forneus smiled at me while gazing at me for a while.


「Ufufu. Saa~, I can feel Hell-sama’s affections, -tte Forneus wants, even more, pleasure.」


I and Forneus collapse to the bed together when she clung to me. At that very moment, I saw something in Forneus’ hands that were shining.


N? What was that just now…….?


However, not happened right at once. At any rate, it was out of the question.


Because I’m hugging a girl who’s nude and sleeping? Most events can be settled with as trivial things. Arousal, confusions, and great delight! Ah, on this day, I will move up to the stairs of adultery. The next time on a late-Sunday, when my classmates who’ll go out with girls, I’ll be able to chat with them. Wait, don’t I feel like already being late? Fufufu, after this, the first even of my life will start. The excitement is irresistible.


Forneus who mounts me looks down at me gently. Though, the white wings on her back were restlessly moving around.


N? I wonder if something’s wrong? Naturally, there will be a variety of things….. after this, right?


「F, from here on out……. what should I do?」


The eyes of Forneus narrowed down.


「How? I do nothing in particular.」


Eh?  After all, I guess we’re just going to be sleeping, iya, of course, I’m aroused, because wouldn’t you think there’s something ahead after this?  Somewhat, doesn’t it feel like I’m dying?


「T, then……I will touch you.」


Reaching out for her large breasts that were like a work of art. But before putting a hand on her breasts, a dagger was pointed at the tip of my nose.




Forneus-san? What sort of joke is this?


「Un, Is what not different? Tte, I will kill those insolent people who assume the name of Hell-sama from now on.」




「Even if you fooled Adora, my eyes will not be deceived.」


Forneus turned around and grabbed and held a sword in her hand.


「Ehehe, 『Uriel’s Dagger』is what this dagger is called. It’s an incredibly rare item that’s been titled the Demon killing Dagger. Its offensive abilities is high and penetrates through defense, I’ll be declaring a death penalty of a higher degree…….but even if it looks like a common knife, it can kill easily.」


C, crap! I must deal with this immediately!


I quickly turn my wrist with the L-shaped fingers. Then a system window appeared in front of my vision.


「N? I wonder what you’re doing? Making a ridiculous hand posture. Perhaps, are you trying to use magic? As I’ve said before, a barrier of magic won’t be effective ♪」


This is dangerous, something, is there something.


Something that can respond instantly.



It’s useless! The tier class of the equipment list is deep, and there is a time lag until it’s applied!


「Well then, I will start by cutting off that arm that’s being a nuisance nee, tte stop getting excited.」




I who was in desperation touched the icon at the top among all the other menus. Then a new window appeared right in front of me without interval.


Age Authentication──For those under the age of 18, it is inappropriate. Are you positive you want to use it?』


W, what? This is no time for that!


The instant I pushed the button for approval, a magic formation floated in front before my very eyes.


「Hie!? W……what is this?」


Forneus suddenly raised a surprised voice.


The light of the magical formation was projected on Forneus’ chest.


「Cho! Isn’t this….. defensive magic? No way!」


A pink light emerged like a stamp on her pure white chest.
{TL Note: If it was on the crotch, it would be the so-called ‘crotch tattoo’ or anywhere else, then it’s the ‘body tattoo’. but I prefer the crotch tattoo]


It was a heart-shaped emblem.
[TL Note: Knew it, it’s the so-called ‘unusual pupils’ pls.]


I chose one of the magic which was displayed on the menu.




However….. what the hell is its effects?  More or less, Forneus was surprised, neither was it the feeling of being damaged, or feeling sleepy, but its movement doesn’t stop.


I looked at Forneus’ situation while catching my breath.


However, nothing happened.


Was the magic in this situation complete meaningless? Fuck! Is this it!?


But, Forneus has not once swing Uriel’s Dagger.



Thinking that there was a change in Forneus, there was. My rough breathing may just be the cause of my illusions. Her cheeks were flushed, eyes wet and she had a thick expression.


「N……. ha~a n♥」


And let out a sigh. While she was mounting me, I slightly swayed my waist.


「T, this is…..what are you doing?」


「That should be my line……I, what magic, what is this, aa~n! You took it?」


Ecstas was a magic that gives off an aphrodisiac effect!? Iya, I haven’t heard of that magic!


In another sense, I shed a cold sweat.


Oi oi, Exodia Exodus can’t be serious! Unbelievable!  I mean, what am I thinking! The developers are geniuses! I mean stupid!


Well, Forneus has forgotten to kill me and is now grinding the space between my crotch of my body. Raising her face each time and letting out a violent panting voice.


However, this is a once in a lifetime chance!


Whatever I do right now, I feel like I’ll be forgiven. I won’t be yelled at even if I touch this erotic body of hers, and not feel disgusted. Grant me courage! I’m going! Since opportunities such as doing it with an erotic body, but since in reality, no matter how many times I’m reborn, it won’t happen!  The demon in my heart is whispering to me. On the other hand, I’m screaming. I’m agitated.


It’s different, this is in order to save everyone’s lives! If I die here now, neither Aikawa-san or any of my classmates will be saved. And so, this is an act of kindness!


As I made an excuse for myself, I extended my right hand. My right hand is glowing and groaning! Grabbing the breast, it roars!


In order to raise it from under, I grasped the left breast of Forneus.


「Hi~! Ki ~yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!」


Forneus raised a sexy scream. It convulsed her entire body and she looked down at me with frightened eyes.


「W, what is this…..just by being touched for a little, soon…..I almost came.」


If you say such  a thing with a trembling voice, my self-esteem will become a lot better. After all, on the palm of my hands, it feels amazing. The softness that I’ve never experienced. It’s extremely comfortable, and just with a firm touch, it ticklish, and just with that one touch, I will like I’m melting.


「What an incredible technique……..wa ~aa~un~, more….do it more.」


Because Forneus is feeling too much pleasure, seems like her judgment is decreasing. Perhaps this is the effects of Ecstas, because I have no techniques. But even so, to say『How skillful ♡』 I’m glad being told that.


Feeling aroused, I began rubbing Forneus’ breasts with both my hands. Like this, raising it from underneath, you can understand the weight of her breasts. I didn’t know they were that heavy. I salute to you Cooper Ligament and Brassiere who I admirably support.


I drop the breasts and raise it from under again. After having the breasts dropping, it’s interesting to see them shake up and down by bouncing. The swaying movements, I haven’t gotten tired of watching it. Something here seems to be related to the laws of physics. It isn’t my fault but the laws of physics are clearly erotic, so I’m here making false accusations of physics.


「Fu~tsu, a~, a, a, a a a a a a a a~n!」


A charmingly sweet glossy voice was drawn, and Forneus back was taken aback. It’s as if she was spreading her wings from her back trying to escape even the tiny bit of pleasure. The explosive pleasure which was too much for her body is not going rampant. The fallen angel repeatedly moved up and down, and her beautiful stomach repeatedly spasmed.


When the spasms stopped, Forneus collapsed from behind.


Yoshi! This time, I’ll mount her. I’ll become the Fighting King in bed!


I held down Forneus. Is it bad where my body is in a position where I can open her legs? Isn’t this an accident? A collision accident that happens? By a head-on collision.


I gazed at the face of the girl who was lying in bed. The state of her golden hair spreading on the sheet was beautiful. Her feathered wings that spread out on the bed were shining. The area around her eyes, it was dyed in pink and tears were flowing because of too much pleasure. A girl who used her own body for lust and enjoyed the pleasure. She looks like a girl who’s innocent but contains obscenity inside──Just like a Fallen Angel.


I felt a sensation of immorality from violating a chaste holy woman. Looking over at the mirror beside the bed, in my vision was a naked figure with a helmet on a thin body lying down with an angel, but I decided to forget about that. It was as if an erotic manga had turned into a joke manga.


「Now then, Forneus. This owner of Hell’s Gate, you suspected me of not being me, doubted me and planned to kill me! You should realize the crim that you’ve caused yourself!」


Forneus’ expression suddenly went pale. And she began shaking her head.


「B, but, it was strange-mon! It was nothing like Hell-sama-shi…..and you didn’t know about the layout of the castle-shi….」


So she was tailing me all along. I can’t be too careless.


「Fufun. Then let me tell you something incredible…. I!  I do not remember everything, especially such trivial aspects aaaa aaaaaaa!」


I performed a hopeless loud human’s declaration. However, saying it confidently, it felt as if it was something amazing! Though I hope so.


And Forneus, had a facial expression that seemed impressed. It seems like this girl’s intelligence isn’t exactly as high as I thought it would be.


「Only you people shall know of such trivial aspects! FORNEUS! Isn’t it your duty to help me?」
[TL Note: He’s always using ‘kisama’ but, I don’t know whether I should go for ‘you bastards’ or just ‘you people’ because similarly, they’re rather an aggressive phrase of saying ‘kisama’]


「T, that’s right…. but」


「Then you should only remember so. So when that happens, I will have you by my side. Are you dissatisfied?」


「N, no! Please have me by your side always!」


Once again, I touched her rich breasts and slid my hands all the way to her stomach.  When that happened, a sudden rough breath of pleasure leaked out from Forneus’ pink lips.


「fa ♡ aaa……n」


「Now then, do you still doubt I’m a fake?」


Forneus’ pupils were narrowing down as if melting. A lewd fragrance had drifted from her expression.♥


「Uun. Only Hell-sama could make me… feel this sort of pleasure ♥ Please, I want to feel a lot more pleasure」


I lifted up my lower back, claiming to appeal to her.


「I’m sorry, Hell-sama. I said that you were a fake. But, you’re the real one. If it makes you feel comfortable, you can do anything to me. I Forneus, can only think of something like this to reflect my actions! Therefore, please!」


I unintentionally fretted. Don’t be flustered! This is the feeling of pleasure of an eromanga!


However, looking at Forneus’ figure who fears me, frightened, and being obedient while asking for forgiveness, a strange sensation welled up in me. Forneus seems to be strangely sweet, and is feeling affectionate. She’s desperately begging for pleasure, and especially me who’s filled with the urge to defile this beautiful woman wells up inside me.


In order to fulfill her begging, I lifted my waist and touched that section of hers with my fingertips.


「Hi ~yaaaan n n n! Haa~! Aah, a, amazing, noooo!」


I push that section of hers from the divided area. Inside my thoughts, I remembered the important section of Aikawa-san’s that I saw earlier.


「T, this is the first time for me, aa a~an! I don’t believe this! That such a sensation existed!」


I couldn’t help but agree with her! I absolutely agree!


I became a captive prisoner of such an unknown sensation from my fingertips. The sensation is completely different, from the VR data of Asagiri’s. Explaining the sensations of a human’s body parts, it’s impossible for our parents and the schools to be able to do that.


As for Forneus, she’s currently at mercy of the sexual pleasures that’s being implemented on her, raising an unladylike flirtatious voice, and letting the body writhe in pleasure.


I who was delirious move my fingers. Each time I do so, Forneus’ body twitches and leaks out a sexy seductive voice. My head gets hotter and hotter, every time I think of the girl raising such a seductive voice. Not being able to do this normally, I can talk about topics that I absolutely can’t talk about. Feeling intoxicated because of the sensation, I began to think of myself as the actual Demon Lord.


「How about this, Forneus. Do you still want to kill me?」


「Iya ~an! Yan~, I won’t kill-mon!」


Forneus closed her wings in order to embrace me. Such soft and pleasant wings gently keep on pushing my back closer to Forneus’s face.


Inside this winged-world, there were only two people.


「If such…..if such a person tries to kill Hell-sama who makes me feel this pleasant, I will kill them!」


Forneus then tried to push her lips on the helmet. That very moment, a mouth guard opened up. An incredibly soft feeling spreads on my lips.


K, kissss!?


I lost my composure. Forneus then poured plenty of passionate kisses with sweet saliva inside my lips.


This person’s only an NPC, just a data so I can do whatever I want. This subordinate of mine is a beautiful Fallen Angel. She’s mine. I pinched the sharp point of her breasts and massage it to make the form of her breasts distorted.


「N n ~, n, n a ~! Ha ~a ~, iya ~aaan ~!」


Forneus’ body trembled, and her legs stretched and bent.


「Hell-sama ~a~a a a a a aa a an n n a a an n n n n n! !」


Forneus’ body that was twitching so much, had fainted.


…….Was I able to do it?


While breathing roughly from my shoulders, I gazed at Aikawa-san who was about to drop down to the floor. Aikawa-san who was exposed to all that atmosphere, I looked over to the bed and my cheeks flushed. In order to restrain the heartbeat of my chest, I applied my right hand to my chest, and the left hand to cover up my crotch. When I noticed her gaze, I quickly straightened myself.


「Y, you managed to do it…..not!  I, I am sorry to have you get suspected as a fake」


Aikawa-san did another dogeza.


How much am I going to be in debt? Now that I think about it, I have to keep on going from now on, but my entire body was attacked by fatigue.





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