Ecstas Online – v1c1



While in deep sleep, an electronic noise that was so soothing was then heard.


…..Are, what’s this? When did I sleep?


My consciousness gradually begins to become a lot more clear, but it is still dark right before my eyes. I’m planning on opening up my eyes, but what happened in the first place? Is the World Heritage data still not loading in?


The following instant, the darkness changes to a tunnel which shines a bright blue color. The lights drew such complicated patterns along the way, it felt like I was going through some sort of nerve cells or integrated circuits. I witnessed the beautiful light that was swiftly dancing around, and the sparkling light shined again at the end of the tunnel. Oh, I somehow began thinking that if I jump there, I’d wake up.


But what is up with this strange dramatic login process? It totally seems like a scene from a sci-fi movie. Perhaps, If I wake up, I’d be in a spaceship, moving from one soul of a person to another, going back to the past, or going to a different world?


Surely it must happen at least once in three pages, where a sketch with a beautiful girl who has reached the other world will occur. It’s probably something like giving me a girlfriend with a blonde or pink hair, but in three minutes I’ll drown. I’d love that sort of development, honestly. While thinking of these stupid thoughts, I opened my eyes.

――Before my very eyes, was a sword and another sword which strikes at each other and spark scatter.




A swordsman who was fully-cladded in armor and a horrendous orc with a mixture of human and pig are slashing at each other with their swords.



The orc’s sword sank to the head of the swordsman, and as it was, the swordsman body collapsed on the ground like it was a manipulated puppet with its threads broken. The silver armor was covered in blood and mud as it rolled. The orc who convinced itself that the victory was his flung the sword up and cried out a battle-cry. It distorted the lips that were curled up and drooled. He’ll probably smile, but that’s very unlikely since he looks awfully scary.


What? Ah ah! What?! T-this is! What?! Wasn’t this supposed to be a World Heritage!?


At that very moment, an arrow came flying towards the orc and the eerie smile the orc had suddenly disappeared. And the orc collapsed to the ground, it kept repeating *biku* *biku* and there was so much spasm in the orc’s movements, eventually, the orc stopped moving.


During the arrow-storm, a gigantic troll that was five meters in height walks and makes thudding noises. Hair was non-existent in the troll’s body, though the hands were extraordinarily long with a quite thick appearance. The troll’s body had arrows sticking out from it, and the troll suddenly swung it’s hammer that it held in its hands, and people were blown off like nothing in an instant. A soldier who was cladded in heavy armor danced throughout the air as if it was interesting and was beaten to the ground like a pulp.


I was paralyzed by the sight that was happening right in front of me, believing it wasn’t realistic.


It was a battlefield.


The number of soldiers that covered the gentle mountainous area numbered several thousand. The number of monsters that were filled with battle-cries from the other side was even greater than that.


Neither beautiful nature nor precious cultural heritage could be seen anywhere on the battlefield. But there was indeed a blazing flaming and swirling anger. Scattered blood all around, and dead bodies that covered the mud.


The humans cladded themselves in protective armor, using swords and shields whilst fighting monsters. From the back, there were soldiers who had bows ready and shooting arrows from them all at once. Besides, he who rushes with thy spear, he who swings thy ax, he who wears thy magician robe and chants, and shoots light from the tips of his hands.


On the other hand, the demon’s side was seen with a very wide range of demons with different appearances are entwined together. Orcs wearing a poor set of armor. A huge dragonic-reptile riding a ferocious carnivorous beast. In the sky, the magicians straddling on winged dragons are flying.


Warcries were heard from both the sides of humans and demons. Sounds of the blades and along with the sounds of arrows flying through the air gulls the ears. Such tremendous noises do not allow one to be calm in this sort of situation.


In the mountain range, that was wrought with wooden railings and becoming a fortress, but seeing the inclusions of the powerful blaze rises flames and smoke together along with the smell of burnt flesh.


W-wait a minute! Is this what it is? A fantasy war? I mean, come on, it’s too real! Someone’s going to cry! I mean, I might even cry!


I know everything that’s happening now is not reality, so let me just tell myself this. However, the scenery that’s visible to my eyes, the sounds that I hear throughout my ear, and even the vibrations, the wind, and the fragrance that I can sense in my body, it is too, that this is the reality.


Neither the past nor future, a world like this cannot exist!


This sort of place is not cut out for social studies, and it definitely cannot be a world heritage. Certainly, I thought about logging in without specifying some sort of location and going to a random place? But――


I looked around the bloodied battlefield where anger swirls so.


Such a thing, I didn’t believe this!


When I turned around, there stood a castle with such an eerie atmosphere surrounding it. It is a black castle surrounded by strong protective walls. Red lighting leaking from the seams and windows reminiscent of blood vessels, and glowing eyes showing that the castle was close to being a living entity. By looking more closely, you can see it’s grand, but it seems like a huge ogre is crouching down when you look too closely. I instinctively felt fear and shiver ran through my body due to its overwhelming presence.


Such a castle can’t exist anywhere on Earth. That is certain, and if it really did, it must have been a movie or a game.


I was confident in my words. This is a total accident. However, I don’t have any methods on how to escape from this place.


I cried out in the sky with my voice as much as I could.


「Oi oi oi! Can you hear me, the manager of the auditorium!? Return me back to the world I’m in!」


Then, the entire battlefield stopped as if a cry was heard.



Both the sides are gazing at me as they hold their breaths.


I was pulled in. Don’t look at me!! My pee will leak any moment!
At that very moment, the gates of the black castle opened. And with that, a new army revealed itself. Huge figures that resembled bears, and slim cats. But the point is that the eyes gleamed gently at me, peeling the tusks and raising groans. It was a group of beasts and a demon with a human-like appearance.


My entire body became cold in an instant.

――These guys… are dangerous.


My instincts said so.Especially the one who’s taking the lead, that man.


Reddish long brown hair. Dog-like ears from the top of his head, and a sparkly glow on his mouth with a fresh smile. The appearance is half of a wolf and half a human, a man-wolf. He was releasing a threatening fragrance, but a different case with the demons following him from behind.


With the body that was forged muscularly, he runs through the battlefield at the speed that transcends humans. Following him, a group of monsters came heading.


「Do not be late, alright?」




Responding to the voice of the man leading the group with a howling voice.


Oh yeah! Whether it’s a game or not, this is truly scary! Somehow, I can feel the danger from the atmosphere!
When I turned back, I began to run towards the opposite direction of the castle.
Damn, what is going on! What? Bug? Server error? And where did the others go to? All of us should be logged in! Why is this only happening to me! Or was it because I made it random? What? Damn, I should have chosen a place too! I should of went with someone!


While I trembling in fear, I turned around the army of strangely motivated berserk presses for my rear.
[TL Note: I’ve seen too much weird stuff to find this R18+]


「Follow the king! Eeeeei!」


「Don’t fall behind! Ooooooo!」He raised a sudden scream and kept on running.


Wait, perhaps that macho man-wolf is their king?


I look over to the figure of the man-wolf once more. Then, a grin was seen from my expression to see if I noticed anything strange.
Come on! Well, he’s definitely going to eat me! To be eaten and die is definitely going to be pretty high in regards to dying! I’ve heard there are those who jump into a group full of bears to kill themselves, but I really can’t really sympathize with that at all!Although I was trembling, there was an abruption.


―Wait, that man-wolf ― haven’t I seen him somewhere?


Even though I can’t seem to remember it, I definitely know him, but I can’t seem to speak it out. However, such a question was blown away immediately.


「Who’s that!?」


A figure can be seen in front of me.


Beyond the mountain, was a human. Barricades that combine trees in a row, and a lot of armed soldiers. There were familiar faces among the humans. It is very different from the monsters chasing me. A beautiful girl that cannot be forgotten, even if you did forget
[TL Note: Okay, how does one forget, but don’t forget? What…]


「It’s…. It’s Asagiri Ririko!」


Even though we stayed together until just now, I feel a strange nostalgia. But the figure was not familiar. Not wearing a uniform, but she has cladded herself in light armor with a gallant expression.


As for her appearance…. There’s a sense of familiarity coming from it within this world…. But in this case, I don’t care! What’s more important is that I’m able to reunite with her on this very battlefield!


When Asagiri Ririko unsheaths her sword from her waist, the silver blade shines. The bright color hair and her eyes along with her swords pointed towards me.


「Everyone, fear no more! This is our chance!」


That clear, and pretty voice is unmistakably heard and it was obvious it was Asagiri’s. In response to her voice, the surrounding soldiers raised their voices. The majority of the faces was none that I’ve seen before. No personalities too, it’s as if they were NPCs. But among those, there were other several faces that I recognized.


Is that Arisugawa, and Ogiya?


Several other classmates were fully cladded in armor and raising their weapons. And next to Asagiri, was the figure of Ichinomiya Akira.


When those two lined up together, it would be like a strange painting. Something like being the main character and the other being the heroine of a Fantasy RPG.


「Stop the new army that came out of the castle! Spear troops, up front!」


Ichinomiya sends out instructions with the style like that of a general of an army. I’m not sure how the instructions were transmitted, but the spear troops who fought individually on the battlefield gathered and cut in between me and the demons approaching from behind. Accompanying them, the vast majority of the people on this battlefield were not in the class  2 years ago. They were knights who have different expressions on their faces. And when they arranged the formation, the pointed the spears towards the monsters.


All right! Ichinomiya pisses me off, but I will praise him for what seems to help.


Asagiri also swings her sword and shouts out.


「It is impossible for the Demon Lord to be on the front lines without horseback! Do not miss this huge opportunity!」


Asagiri suddenly swung her sword and started running.


The barricades were pushed down one after another, and those from the rear continued charging afterward. Combined with a huge amount of soldiers with no personalities, my classmates came thrusting with deathly expressions on their faces.


Is everyone worrying about me, that they are risking their lives?
[TL Note: Nope, complete opposite]


From the flow of the speeches, the guy behind me who seemed like the Demon Lord chase from behind. The people who I usually don’t talk to stretched their bodies to try and help me from the Demon Lord. Is this the bond of my classmates and friends…. it’s surprisingly not bad….


Kusuu, tears came from my eyes.




I also wave my hands and run towards them.


Asagiri still points the sword towards me――


「Ha ah ah ah ha ah tsu~」


I was just about to be cut.




I rose my arms unintentionally to protect them.

――Just why!? Why!?!?


Such thoughts spin around my head momentarily. But, I couldn’t do anything, but to close my eyes. I fear the unimaginable pain will soon visit.


The sound where the metal collides echoed, and the feeling which something hit my arm faintly did.



My eyes opened, and my arm was there.


It was a thick armor plate that protected the arm. Moreover, it is strangely odd. I didn’t think my arm was this thick.


Then a sudden red color appears from that very arm.



What? What’s up with this number?


「Kuu! As expected, it’s hard to cut!」


Asagiri raises her sword once again.


「It works. Our attacks are effective against the opponents!」


I dropped my eyes downwards and looked at my body.


Oh, what is this?


My entire body was fully-cladded in dark armor along with my arms.


And there was another strange thing.


Asagiri’s body was unusually small. Her head is in the position of my stomach. She was definitely taller than me, but she’s smaller! What!?


Asagiri’s entire body shines a bright blue. It seems like her body’s ability appears to be light. And the silver sword that she held glows blue.


「Uwa……Wait a minute, wait!」


Along with a sharp scream, Asagiri drives her sword towards me.




Drawing a beautiful light, the sword hit my torso. A fierce light was repelled and sparked. Another red number appeared. This time it was 60.


This is…. wait… my damage?


No way, is this really an RPG? In that case, is it that!? Assuming so, why do I have to do something like defeating Asagiri? Why!? The opponents here are different! You should be defeating the Demon Lord coming from behind!


I turned around and pointed my fingers at the running man-wolf. The man-wolf rushes towards the spear-unit which took their positions. I began to speak to Asagiri in a feeble voice.


「N-no….. There.. That’s… the enemy is….」


「Wa~oo! You pointed at me~! Let’s rage together, my king.」


The rushing man-wolf raised a joyful voice as if he was howling.



You aren’t the Demon Lord?


「Unite formation! Before the shields!」


When Ichinomiya Akira instructed with a sharp tone, the knights with huge shields ranked in line. The shields of the knights were silver and polished like mirrors. Wait, this is a mirror shield? Exodia Exodus also had this item. If I am not mistaken, those are superior in defensive magic. Since I’ve read the specifications seriously, I know.


My figure then appeared on the mirror shield.




There was a giant cladded in dark armor. A helmet, an arm with armor. A broad shoulder wide, and thick chest. Arms being thicker than a human’s feet. Tight waist. The feet being thicker and longer than a human’s torso. From the gaps in the armor, red light like magma swirls around. The woven cloak on his back flickered as if it was made out of flames itself. And the eye sockets of the helmet has no light and looks like a dark hole. When I surprised myself, red eyes flash inside the darkness of the helmet.


Is this….. me?

I am…..

I know this appearance.

Instead of knowing, I was attached to this.


「Stop the movements! Shizukuishi Non-san!」


When Ichinomiya shouted that, my body was wrapped in a black fog. And a bunch of red numbers appeared on my body again. Before my eyes was a glowing icon. It showed my status which was affected by poison and paralysis.


From the rear lines, there was a girl who was holding onto a thick, large book.


――Shizukuishi Non! You too?


As usual, she had a beautiful face, but with a rugged fierce expression. Black clothing, and a long robe. And a big thick book that she grasped on her hands. An image of the Ice Witch from the former, but the former was a witch itself.


The damage I’m receiving now is the effects of Shizukuishi Non’s magic! This is troublesome because her magic continues to damage me continuously.


「Now! Everyone attack! Attack from both left and right of the shield’s positions!」


Then a column of mirror shields approaches me before my eyes. As Ichinomiya turned around to my left side, and Asagiri on the right side, they swung their swords at me. A dull sound is heard, and a red figure appeared.
As the others turn around and continue to hit my armor with their fists and spears. And Fire Magic being cast ahead of me brings down the flames. The damage is little, but it is indeed formidable when I’m being attacked in groups. At the edge of my sight was a cylinder-shape parameter which was decreasing quite quickly. The MAX value was 1000, but now it’s already decreased to 500.


This is an HP gauge? Wait, if this thing runs out, am I… going to die?

At that moment, things from my behind crawled up.

No, ha ha ha.. No way. No. This is a game…


Numbers keep surfacing one after another right before my eyes and disappear. The HP gauge has dropped below 300.

No, where does say that even if I’m in a game, I will be okay even if I die in this world? What if death here means death in real life?


I suddenly saw the expressions my classmates had.


「We will definitely return to the original world! Definitely!」


Asagiri is tearing up, desperately swinging down her sword. And Ichinomiya is screaming loudly.


「Everyone! Just a little more! Just a little more until we can return to our original world!」


They will be able to go back to the original world by killing me? What does that mean?


Everyone has a desperate expression on their faces. Having an obsession close to being a grudge, I couldn’t even bear to question him. My classmates who desperately wield the swords as if they were fighting against the fate of imminent death.


This abnormal levels of emotion, fear began to boil inside my heart. Responding to the fear, the cloak made out of flames burns more and more.




The flames of the cloak swirl around like a whirlpool and began to change to a form of a stick.




I gripped the stick. And the cloak made out of flames turned into a single sword.


「Stooooop itttttt!!!」


I waved the sword around easily.


I tried to swing the sword earnestly, much less that it doesn’t have to kill. However, I wanted them to get away from me. I swayed lightly as if to swing an insect away.


「What!? Kiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」


An explosive shockwave ran.


The red sword that I gripped with my hands emitted a crimson light and the light runs through the battlefield in the blink of an eye. Fierce winds rise up, and a wall of air crushed the battlefield led by me. Both the humans and the monsters were cut down equally by the shockwave.


In the blast, there was Asagiri’s body that was blown off without force. Power is completely lost and flew in the sky like a doll. She sprang through the air and was beaten on the ground as it is. In Asagiri’s body was a sword wound engraved to make the body split into two was shining. Streaks of red were cutting through the thin waist of Asagiri’s.


This is undeniable, that wound was from my sword.


One casual swing penetrated Asagiri’s body and the shockwaves ran through the battlefield all at once.


Such a thing…


The sword fell from my trembling fingers. Then it became a flame and returned to nature and the cloak. I sit down on my knees at the side of Asagiri’s body and I stopped to raise her body with my arms.


Asagiri was looked up. But there was no trace of light in her eyes. The eyes that sparkled and shined brightly was nothing more than a muddy glass ball that didn’t reflect anything. I couldn’t even begin to touch her body that didn’t move at all.



Asagiri is?


By me.


「No, this wasn’t my intention! It’s different!」


「The movements have stopped! Don’t let Ririko’s sacrifice be in vain!」


Covered in dirt, Ichinomiya Akira who raised his body holds his sword. That sword shined.


「Sunshine Blaze!」


Ichinomiya’s sword raises a flame and swung it down. A strong shock went through my body.


「Guaa ~a!」


My upper body tilted, and the scenery shook swayingly. The number 100 appeared in my field of vision and disappeared.


「Now’s the time! Let’s end this!」


The other classmates added more merciless attacks on my body that was kneeling. From the front, from the back, front the top, I continued to take all attack astray.


The HP gauge suddenly starts to decrease again. I stared at the decreasing HP like no one’s business.


What’s wrong, Asagiri? This should only be a game. Please wake up. Isn’t their resurrection magic to bring you back?


Oh shit! Someone help Asagiri, please! Please, God!


I looked at the heavens unintentionally.

――That is….?


At that very moment, the clouds divided and light shone down from the sky.


From the center of the shining light, white wings came down. It was a beautiful girl with pure white wings. Gilded hair that turned white on the skin. An appearance that transcends a human’s. It is precisely a being that the heavens sent. It was the descent of an angel.


「….An angel.」


Ah, a gentle smile filled with mercy and compassion. Pink lips that that added flowers to her precise look on her beautiful face. The flower opens, and a voice like a bell tells us.


「♪ Everyone, please die ♪」


All of a sudden, the entire battlefield was surrounded by some sort of divine brightness.


「Na…. ~tsu!?」


The trembling roaring sound and the shaking earth oscillate. Such destructive power runs through the ground and cracks are starting to appear. Both my classmates and the knights serving as shields were all blown away together.


And, Asagiri’s body lying in front of me disappears as light particles. Unintentionally, my hand extended trying to grasp the light particles.


But what my extended gripped on was the hands of an angel with brilliant wings.


「Hellshaft-sama! A~ a~~ ahhh~♡!」


A girl this cute that I didn’t believe was from this world hugged me so suddenly.



「Er, uhm…you are?」


「Da~me. Say my name properly, it’s Forneus! Forneus’ heart will always belong Hellshaft-sama!」


Then if you say so, I will apply your face to my armor if I’m ever amused.






Blonde hair, white skin, and blue eyes. Coupled with the sweet fragrance gently, and sweet mellows like sweets. However, her body seems to be cladded in dark armor, proposing she’s an angel of darkness. And has somewhat a magical atmosphere. If it was normal, an angel’s rings would normally be shining on the head, but it’s positioned on the waist as if it fell. It’s like a toy ring floating around the waist, with approximately 1 meter in diameter, whether it’s flexible or not.


That’s right…I remember…


This girl is Forneus, the Fallen Angel. There was a rough data that I received from the company that had her affections up. I was worried because the design was honestly cute.


「Do not worry because this Forneus is here. Hell-sama, I will prove my use to you now!」



Forneus just called me Hellshaft-sama.


I don’t understand the situation I’m in right now. However, I was convinced of where this place is.


At that moment, Ogiya crawled out from the bottom of the soil.


「This is too impossible! Even the Demon Lord’s powerful general Forneus is here! How can we possibly――」


And then, a gust of wind blew through my side.


What I thought was the wind, was a mass of strong muscle. Long hair, and fangs along with a heinous smile.

――That commander of the demons!


His right arm is obviously not a human’s, it is greatly covered in steel and was flexible. An arm that was most definitely unbalanced with the human body. Nails sharp as steel that would look like a huge knife.


That very arm was thrust at Ogiya at an unstoppable speed from his vision.


「Gugaa ~aaaa~tsu!」
The sounds of bones echoed, and Ogiya dances in the sky. The intense power that was delivered by that man-wolf’s steel arm swings as if it was a frame, letting Ogiya’s body take a strange pose.


Ogiya who was launched sky high scattered with light in the expanse like fireworks.


「My lord, are you okay?」


Like seeing a CGI morphing, the huge arm returns to that of a man. And when I had taken a pose with my thumb, I gritted my teeth and smiled grinningly, making my ears grow thick through my head.


「With Gracia-sama here, even tens of thousands of troops won’t stand a chance! Please be at ease!」




It seems his name is Gracia, the leader of that demons that came out of the castle, but he seemed to have beaten Ichinomiya’s troops by himself. My face was filled with amazement.


「Hmm? My King, you look strange.」


To be honest, who are you calling the king? Well, I didn’t say that.

Since I already know who.

I, what exactly am I?


「Ah~ You’re the lowest!」


A gyaru woman raises her body while removing the sand which was caught on her hair.


「I can’t believe you, daring to that in front of me!」


This woman is Busujima Megu. She’s a second-year gyaru that is at the top of the group of our class. Golden hair and tanned skin. She’s a bitchy woman who uses a lot of makeup to make herself more beautiful.


「You Demon Lord! All of this is your fault! Just die quickly…. eh?」


Black fog came out of nowhere


「Uwa, oi! What is this!?」


Each one has the shape of a bat. While the fog of bats flutters around, it suddenly gathers as if it surrounded a body. Several hundred bats swarmed, and the density of the fog grew deeper, and it started to shape like a figure.


「Uh….yada…. so handsome ♡」


From the black fog, a tall and slender man appeared. Having black hair and wearing a tuxedo-like suit. Coupled with the atmosphere of the person, he looks like a butler no matter what. The man pushed up the bridge of his glasses with his fingers and gave Busujima a cold expression, who stared at the figure.


「A,ano… wait… what?」


The man kept silent and kissed her neck. Oi oi! What are you doing in such a place! Until now, the flow didn’t change too much!?


「Hiii! Ki,kiyaaaaaaa!」


Screams came out of Busujima’s mouth. A red number surfaces one after another from Busujima’s neck, and her body becomes thin accordingly.


This is… a vampire?


Having sucked her HP, Busujima loses her strength and falls to the ground.


「That mere human woman was speaking rudely to our King, and her sin is to die a million times.」


Busujima’s body turned into light particles as I coldly get up and threw it away. Then the vampire’s gaze was directed to Gracia.


「Gracia. If you fought a bit more seriously, our King wouldn’t have been damaged by those blades of those petty-minded humans. After all, you don’t deserve to serve our King since you’re just a beast.」


Gracia who seemed to be embarrassed scowls at the good-looking guy with the raven-black hair with mixed eyes of anger.


「That’s rude, Adora! Your strategy was entirely different! How dare you ask our King to be on the battlefield!」


The butler-like vampire called Adora moved his eyebrows jerkily and gave him a more cold voice.


「I guess it’s because of your incompetency of your fight. To ignore the faults of one’s inadequacy, really, and to use my strategy to complain about it. You damned single-cell.」


「What’d you say!?」


Adora and Gracia glared at a very close distance.


「Seems like you need to learn some lessons. Adora!」


「Interesting, I also thought a dog like you needs some discipline.」


Adora drew a sword from the back of his tuxedo where it was stored. A crimson light shines eerily from the deep-black blade. It was definitely a heinous sword.


Gracia, on the other hand, raises his fists and bump them together. The arm then changes to a huge monstrous arm


Wait a minute. What’s happening? Suddenly a fight in the middle of this!?


「Take this, four-eyes!」


「Come! You dog!」


The instant Adora and Gracia tried to clash with each other, an explosion occurred between both of them.




「N, nna!?」


Among the two who quickly backed off, a pillar of flame rose up. The tremendous shockwave spreads and the two bodies blew off.


W, what is this! What is it now!?


I looked for the figure that suddenly attacked. Then I saw a woman holding a bow in place around a hundred meters away.


No way, that was an arrow? But, it was almost like a damn missile! What the!?


Blowing Gracia and Adora as they danced in the air, and unexpectedly landed on the ground.


「Te~meee ~ee! Satanakia! What are you trying to do, you bastard!?」


The woman called Satanakia who suddenly shoot an arrow towards Gracia who exposed his teeth. The arrow that was flying suddenly changed its form to what seems to be a winged dragon.


I thought I was just hallucinating.




Gracia’s fist that shot out at an unstoppable speed crushed the winged dragon in front of him.


「That amateur! I’m gonna kill her!」


「Truly, men are stupid creatures.」


Uwaa! I didn’t notice her!


A woman who was holding a bow a hundred meters from us appeared next to me so suddenly.


「Oh, of course. It doesn’t apply to you Hellshaft-sama. I love you.」


If you suddenly confess your love to me, that daughter-in-law will gracefully revive. Shining white hair curling like a tail, a brown chest roared largely to the left and right.
[TL Note: Well, you’ll know about the ‘daughter-in-law’ soon]


The contrast of her dark skin and white hair that is more vibrant than ever. The sharp long pointed ears that sprung out from her long hair. And best of all, the bikini armor with that sets the degree of exposure so high. From her appearance, I understood quickly that it was a dark elf. Or rather, I remember it quite clearly. Especially her erotic design.


When she approaches Gracia and Adora, Satanakia speaks lightly.


「Hellshaft-sama is disgusted that you both are fighting each other in such a place.」


Adora and Gracia reluctantly lower their sword and fist. However, they seem to be angry about being disapproved by Satanakia.


「Hmm… I don’t remember you being able to order us, Satanakia.」


「Yeah, that’s right! You didn’t do a single thing!」


Satanakia crossed her arms. Partnered with a big chest to cross her arms on, she’ll probably leave without having to end this.


「Well.. well, this is a great opportunity. Why don’t we decide it at the『Hell Sector』and whoever kills the most humans will be considered the best?」


Then, Gracia’s eyes shone brightly.


「Interesting! Then it’s decided, Satanakia!」


Adora also pushes up his glasses unintentionally and grins.


「I do not intend to fight at the same level as Gracia… but those who try to threaten the castle of Infermia must also be rewarded with annihilation.」


「That sounds fun! I will also do it! I’m gonna go annihilate humans too!」


Forneus’ beautiful wings fluttered pleasantly and raised her hands.

――This is Hell Sector. The four generals who are the aides of the Demon Lord.


I stared at the figures of my aides, terrifying, but yet, terribly beautiful.


Gracia, the Werewolf. Adora, the Vampire. Forneus, the Fallen Angel. Satanakia, the Dark Elf.


The four of them glared at the thousands of armies fearless expressions.


「Yoosha! Ah ~!  Let’s go! e~~~!」


Gracia kicked the ground and jumped towards the human armies.


But at that time, Adora’s figure had already disappeared as a black fog. And unexpectedly emerges inside the formation team and unsheaths his sword. To the slaughtering in front of them, Forneus brightened her eyes. The white wings restlessly moved, and the ring of light from her waist is turning.


「Let’s go and do it too! Satanakia!」


「Yeah. We will not lose to those two men. I will prove my loyalty to Hellshaft-sama and win his love!」


And both Forneus and Satanakia head towards the human armies.


From there, it was just total annihilation. The forces of humans are already out of order, and cannot perform correctly as an army. However, there was a girl who looked at the war situation with a calm look. The Magician, Shizukuishi Non. Moving from her eyebrows that’s gathering wrinkles, staring the soldiers that are falling one after another.


「I thought luck was on our side when Hellshaft’s existence was on the battlefield.」


Shizukuishi Non who did not lend a hand to Ichinomiya Akira who was trying to stand up on his feet. Shizukuishi Non glared at me with a fierce expression on her eyebrows.


「To use the Demon Lord as a decoy…..」


A cold sweat appears on Shizukuishi Non’s steep expression. Getting ready to stand up, Ichinomiya stared at the castle.


「Shizukuishi Non――」


「It’s useless. This time, let’s give up and retreat.」


Shizukuishi Non who answers in a stubborn tone, Ichinomiya bit his lower lips.


「Ku…Although the war has finally occurred! We must capture Infermia, and reach Hell’s Gate no matter what!」


However, he turns around and calls out to the soldiers.


「We will withdraw! The rendezvous place is Girnack! If you don’t make it in time, I will meet you in Caldart! Avoid the battles on the battlefield as much as possible. And don’t forget to use your recovery potions!」


Along with the other classmates, Ichinomiya ran away. At the same time, the soldiers without personalities who were fighting on the battlefield also fled away in all directions and disappeared.


Aside from my classmates, they are all NPC. Is it an extra-generated content for this castle raid quest?


On the battlefield, both corpses of humans and demons were left there. A lot of corpses. However, the dead bodies begin turning into light particles one after another and disappear.


「The King of the Dark Realm! Our King, Hellshaft-sama!」


Turning around, thousands of monsters kneeled and stared at me. It was really a grand view. There were monsters from various races mixed up. And right before me was four people of Hell Sector, Gracia, Adora, Forneus, and Satanakia.


Four people from Hell Sector grasped their fists and pushed it up towards the sky. Then, Adora shouts in a sonorous voice.


「Our King, Hellshaft-sama! The one who dominates the entire world! Here is to honor our glorious victory!」


Then, several thousands of monsters grasped their fists and pushed them up to the sky in the same way.


And they shout the same thing.


「Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell!」


Voices of several thousands of demons overlap. It’s a huge acoustic rocking the heavens the and earth.


「Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell! Hell!」


While listening to the voices that rock the entire body, I murmured the name of this world in my mind.


This is『Exodia Exodus』


A whole new-generation VR interface to use the innovative MMORPG.

Developed by none other but Hellz Domain.


My job is to design the characters of this game. And I’m in charge of the characters――


I then gazed at the distant, black huge castle.


The ultimate boss and the protectors who protect the Demon’s Castle Infermia and the Hell’s Gate behind it.


I looked down at my body.

――This, the body of the Demon Lord Hellshaft.





I’ve also re-edited this chapter, having to include everything in it, and I’ve re-edited some stuff so it makes a lot more sense, hopefully, it makes a lot more sense to you guys now, and by guys, I mean the readers who’ve just started reading this. Thank you, dear readers!

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