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It has always been a problem, so I decided to take measures in the matter in question.


「Elevator… wanted, yes?」


Adora asked me once more with a dubious expression.


「Correct. The tower which stands at the center of Infermia, it is as high as 200 meters. However, there exist only stairs. This is a serious situation」


Going around the colonnade is around 10 meters in diameters, it should be a spiral staircase that starts from the bottom to the top floor. Yup, every time I have a conference with the Hel Sector for official business as the Demon Lord, I’ll be able to go up and down from this staircase. Since I am wearing the Demon Lord’s armor, compared with humans, my physical abilities have risen up remarkably, so I don’t get tired. It takes more time, and is a nuisance.


「You people too, aren’t you having difficulties on a daily basis?」


As I asked, their reaction was slow. Arere? That’s weird. Because, would they just keep on going down such a trouble staircase silently? It’s like if it was some sort of secret Buddhist teachings.


However, Adora of Hell Sector, Gracia, Forneus, and Satanakia seem to understand nothing behind the meaning of my own words, putting up a troubled expression. Oi oi, are you kidding me.


「What’s wrong? Is it troubling? Adora」


「We, sincerely apologize, I’ve never felt this sort of inconvenience before」


Eeh? Ah right, this guy has a lot of desk work. Perhaps he withdraws himself from the upper layer of the tower.


「How about you, Gracia?」


「Well? I’m particularly bored…..」


Oi, are you serious. Well, since this guy’s a muscle for brains after all. Though it doesn’t bother him much…..How about the girls?


「Satanakia, do you feel inconvenience without the staircase?」


「Yes. Especially…..ah, but」


I see! It’s fine, so don’t hold back! Luxury is our enemy, I will not call you out such as things during the Pacific War!


「My room, it’s rather inconvenient for me because there is no direct access to Hellshaft-sama’s room」


「That, I don’t require」


Satanakia responded with a「Is that so」without minding her expression.

Only Forneus remains. I’m putting all my hopes to this person!


But, after asking Forneus the same question, with her eyes wide open, she tilted her head. I could feel the symbol「?」visible inside my head.


Umu. It was wrong for me to ask these guys. Not to mention me expecting something from the last bit of hope that was left!


When I was greatly perplexed, Satanakia whispers in Forneus’ ears, explaining the meaning of my question. After finally understanding it, Forneus claps her hands together with a pop.


「It’s not convenient at all-mon ♪」


Huh……I see. Never I did think I was in the minority. Moreover, it’s a one-sided defeat with a difference of four to one. I should call this a historical feat. I’ll just put it in as a humiliation inside Infermia.


Towards myself who’s sunken in deep trouble, Forneus began talking optimistically.


「Since I fly through the colonnade, I’ve never used the staircase-mon ♪」



I who received a sudden impact, Adora said hurriedly.


「I myself also use the colonnade, climbing up and down」


Really! I forgot these two can fly through the skies! Forneus who’s a fallen angel has splendid wings, and Adora who can move his body like smoke itself.


Ku~! A blind spot. Iya, then what about Gracia and Satanakia? These two shouldn’t be able to fly through the skies.


Noticing my gaze, Gracia floated a huge bright smile. Then he pointed at himself when putting his thumb up.


「I also use the colonnade, you know? I’ve never used the staircase」


「However, you cannot fly through the skies…..」


「Aah. I kick up from the railings and rise up. Jumping continuously, I can arrive there in no time. It’s the same for Satanakia too, right?」


「Yes. It’s just as Gracia said」


Fucking hell! Really! So I was the only one using the staircase! It’s no wonder these guys have never made a complaint!


「Even if you don’t feel inconvenience from it, it’s a problem for me! Fine, we’ll just investigate the installation construction of the elevator urgently! This is top priority!」


──And three days passed.


「Hell-samaー, I’ve thought about how to install the elevator, so I want you to compliment Forneus-mon」


While feeling uneasiness, I heard what Forneus was saying.


「Along the walls of the colonnade, I think it’d be nice to put in a slide-mon ♪  A huge slide would be pleasant-mon」


It’s a slide, not an elevator, is it?


「By the way, what about you going up?」


「Fue? It’s not that I don’t go up the staircase but, Forneus is still thinking about it-mon」


Umu. I don’t understand what’s our problem in the first place!


「How about you, Satanakia?」


Nodding with a cool expression, Satanakia spread one piece of drawing on a desk.


「Yes. This here is a construction plan that will allow my room to have a direct access to Hellshaft-sama’s room」


Your plan’s purpose is different! Next is, Gracia!


「I’ve thought about things. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the stairs? It would be an exercise after all」


The origin was denied in the first place! The only one that remains is you, I ask of you, Adora!


「In order to make a suitable elevator inside Infermia, I will be forming a special committee. Calling all able designers and craftsmen of the Bargaia continent. As I am considering gold and jewelry as raw materials, I’ll begin arranging plans for mining」


Somewhat like 2A guild, a lot of quests will likely happen from now on.


「U, umu. That’s fine, so how much time will it take?」


「Yes. To gather the staff would be around half a year, preparing and mining the raw materials would be another half a year, and thinking that the construction period would be around a year, around two years in total」


I can’t wait that long! Maybe, won’t I go back to reality at that time? It’s all about vigor.


Giving up, I headed to the garden where Aikawa-san was to consult her.


「Aah, I wonder if that’s possible」


「Eh, really?」


「It could be designed freely if it was only housing but, it would be difficult as long as you do not modify the mapping programme for Infermia」


I dropped my shoulder dejectedly.

Looking at me, Aikawa-san floated a bitter smile, and consoled me.


「But, since Exodia Exodus has many systems and tools that even I don’t know well of, there might be means to realize it」


「Eh? I don’t understand……huh?」


Aikawa-san who stood up, stretch her waist that was squatting from weeding, and leak out a light groan.


「Even I myself don’t know much about this world, you know? Rather, I only know a part of it. How far the world is spreading, I don’t know what’s being implemented」


「Eh? Is that so?」


Though I thought Aikawa-san knew all about this world but, I was wrong.


「In the first place, I’m working on the progress management from the outside, even if I do know the outlines of it, I won’t understand anything beyond that. In addition──」


Her tone of voice faded.


「The sort of countermeasures being done from the outside, the sorts of influence it would have in this world, and what will become of us……I don’t even know about it. I don’t even know when a mail from the outside will be sent, it has already become a declaration of God’s message」


Mails from the outside have stopped coming, adding another sad expression to her face.

Aikawa-san who’s was at her wit’s end, I forcibly brought out a bright voice.


「I understand! I guess even Aikawa-san isn’t even aware of all the most splendid items there are! We still have our hopes!」




「Well, I, can’t just give up on the elevator for this castle yet. Elucidating things of this world in various methods possible, I will absolutely attach an elevator that will feel pleasant. He who will boast the fastest lift speed from the ground!」


Aikawa-san smiled and squat down on the spot, and reached out for the weed.


「Then, do your best. Other than that──」




「Go back to the 2A guild soon. Although this place may be comfortable for you, it would be troublesome if you take your eyes off of them and they make their move」


Breaking out in a cold sweat inside my armor, I faced the other way.


「N, no. I still have something left to do here……And, Shizukuishi has been weirding me out recently…….Well enough, my nerves have been reduced……」


「What happened to that remarks you made a little while ago! Merely convenient things, don’t turn your eyes away from reality!」


「Y, yesss~!」


I ran away on the spot.


The problems that I’m facing. To survive in this world until we’re ready to be rescued, meanwhile, I’ll be having to fight my classmates off, is it really fine to call this reality? Isn’t it more like unrealistic than saying it’s reality. While thinking of such things, I opened my menu of teleportation.




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