Ecstas Online – v1 prologue



「Hey… if it was me….would Doumeguri-kun…?」


The sun rises up, and as Asagiri Ririko blushes and asks me as she looks down and fidgets.


From last year, Asagiri Ririko, who ranked first place on the Miss Minamimyojin High School, wants to be my girlfriend. Is this the double prize I’ve been waiting? Furthermore, it’s only the two of us in my room.


Being bashful in the morning, Asagiri looks at me, and the pretty expression of being shy.


Asagiri was determined and had decided. She began to remove the button of her blazer uniform.


「Oh, Asagiri?」


However, as Asagiri bashfully took off the blazer in the state which drives my lust crazy, she carefully puts the blazer on the desk and unties her ribbon linking her neck from the shirt, and now having it on her arms.




I turn my back around when I saw Asagiri redden, feeling the hot gazing look that could be felt. The hair which shook gently caught my eyes which was shined from the window, displaying the brownish color. Shows that Asagiri has never dyed her hair, being the innocent girl she is.


「Please… don’t… look .. so much..」


I then began to remove the buttons of her shirt one by one, and the hem is the only one left, as I made it clear that all the buttons were removed. Slowly slides the shirt from Asagiri’s shoulders.


From below, a dazzling skin tone appeared right before his eyes. The string of the bra running from her back. And the snow-white line from her skin which expressed the words Closed to Public to not others approach the body of Asagiri. However, she comes close and I began to gulp.


As Asagiri’s hands keep fidgeting, I began to remove the hook from her skirt. After hesitating for a moment, the skirt drops to the floor.


The snow-white underwear which slightly covers her hips. A wrinkled undergarment stands rather nastily than protecting Asagiri’s butt.


Asagiri shyly looks back and turns from her shoulders.


Wher her eyes met mine, I bit my lips in a way that I have to say something. As I thought, I closed my vision and turned.Natural hair dyed brown falls from the shoulder lightly and my heart began to thump. The chest which I put on neat and clean white underwear draws a curve of the fascination. The bra which the embroidery of the beautiful flower was matching with underwear. I let the underwear protecting the important part of the lower part of the body comes to feel lost, and an area cut between crotches small and imagine the form of the thing in our bottom forcedly.


She is so pretty, cute, and very naughty. It is wonderful that I can set my visions to such a lovely sight. Damn, I can even watch for hours as is.


From my line of sight looking to open a hole, Asagiri connects both her hands and fidgets around with her body.


「What? What is it? Is my.. body…. strange?」


And as both of our eyes look at each other.


「Such a thing… Impossible.」


I unconsciously bit my lips, as I was feeling tense with what’s happening in front of me.


It is not an exaggeration to say that every dream of a male student is to do indecent things with Asagiri Ririko. I realize the dream now. Ecstasy and uneasiness swell up inside of me, both together at once.


「T-then… Remove the bra…」


Kusu~tsu!! Such a shameful word to say, no one elsewhere would say this.


Asagiri’s eyes grow wide open and my face reddens.


「Oh that!… Don’t get me wrong?」


A-are? What… is it not okay? We’ve come this far already, and I don’t mind being perverted, but if they do say that… my spirit will be destroyed!


「I-it’s my first time in front of a boy naked, it’s embarrassing.. but. I only do it because… it’s in front of.. the person I like.」


「Oouuu… 」


Right in the middle of my heart, I was shot by an arrow.


Asagiri then begins to unhook her bra and with light sounds, the shoulder string of the bra loosens up. In order for the bra not to fall, Asagiri holds down the bra to keep it from falling.




Asagiri begins to make a cross-hand before her chest to hold down the bra.


「I want… to see it, Asagiri…」


Asagiri begins to slowly lower her hands while blushing and being bashful.


A white, soft chest appeared right in my eyes. I really want to yell out that physical connections are the highest in movement when it comes to shaking them upwards and downwards. And furthermore! The tip was also exposed barehanded.


I swallowed my saliva as I was looking. In under such familiar uniforms, these obscene breasts was always hidden….. I began reaching out to plunge myself into her breasts and touch them. At that moment when I fondled her chest, my fingertips were now engulfed by such pleasant pressure.


「Da-dameeee ♡」


Asagiri also starts to feel a pleasant pleasure. The breasts which fled from my fingertips swung to the left and to the right, following those breasts, I opened my hand.


「Haa Haa!」


Using my fingertips, I grabbed hold of Asagiri’s chest. In the palms of my hand, a wonderful feeling spreads, along with my fingers. As I rubbing it, pinching it and holding it, the ability to feel my fingertips backlash is quite exquisite.




「Wa-wait Doumeguri-kun…I’m starting to feel strange… My heart is throbbing…I’m gonna go crazy…」


Asagiri’s eyes which were wet and her cheeks looking all flushed is very seductive. Not even in the classroom can this inviting expression be seen, most importantly, coming from Asagiri.


I started to rub Asagiri’s chest once more with my hands while my eyes were gazing at her face.


「Hah… hah…. I’m cumming….!」
[TL Note: How does one, simply cum from just having their breasts fondled? I’m not too knowledgeable in this field.]


I have never seen Asagiri’s face like what I’m seeing now. Just take a breath, even Asagiri’s friends have probably haven’t seen this expression on her face before.


「Do you feel good?」


Following my question, Asagiri nodded repeatedly.


「Which…which parts do you feel good?」


Asagiri’s shook her eyes shyly and turns her head sideways




Whoa. That was so cute!


「If you don’t tell me, I won’t know.」


Huh, why am I doing everything? It is because I’m nervous. But then again, it is better this way, and I look cool and smart. I guess it is funny. Go for it, me!


「My breasts… and…. the one below.. the stomach…」


「Below your stomach?」


Ooohhh, I cried out!


I swallowed my saliva, and now I’m telling myself to calm down. I then began preparations to slide the trembling hand from Asagiri’s breasts to the stomach area.


「Well here, here I go…」


「Ahh… Hahh」


Lightly tracing the navel of Asagiri’s stomach to the Garden of Eden, underneath it, wrapped in a white underwear.


My fingers then begin to slip into the gap between the lower abdomen and the white underwear.
一What sort of feeling would it be like?


Except for Asagiri, nobody knows the feeling. Because no one has touched it. However, the seal is now broken by my very hands.


All the male students at school yearn for――、


I put my hand inside the underwear with strain and expectation decisively.


At that very moment, my fingertips hit a wall that was like a rock.


I heard a *crack* sound and an abnormal amount of pain running through the joints of my fingers.




Guuuu giii yaaaaa ghaaa gyaaaaaaaaaa!


My fingers were in so much pain that even my head could just imagine what it’s going through.


「Ughh… My head!」


Ahhhhhh! My fingers!! I hit and thrust them into the wall!!


As I cried on the inside, I gritted my teeth and held my breath.




While withstanding the unimaginable pain, I make my finger L-shaped and twist my wrist. Then a menu screen opened up in front of me. Having to press the logout button in a hurry, my visibility darkens and the logo 『HELLZ DOMAIN』emerges.


I began to remove HMD from my head and threw the glove-type Virtual Reality controller. As I gaze at the screen of the computer the accessories were connected to with watery eyes, a red window flashes on and off. Somewhat, the VR Controller is malfunctioning due to the tactile feedback capabilities as the numerical value of the settings is put at the MAX value.
[TL Note: HMD is Head-Mounted Display, it’s like the ones from all those VRMMO anime and stuff, but not better]


「Tsk… and it was such a nice place….」


At that time, my mobile phone’s ringtone set off.


Oh what, in this emergency! But the moment I saw the name that was displayed, blood was in an abnormal state. Unintentionally, I forgot the pain from my fingers and grabbed the mobile phone.




My voice was then interrupted, and a loud sound that almost broke my eardrums pops out.


「Oi! The data of the Demon Lord Hellshaft has not gone up! What are you doing?!」


Oh yeah! Even though it was a data that took me until morning, I sent it right away!


The name of the caller is Aikawa Shuuko-san. It is the company I work for, moreover the game company 『HELLZ DOMAIN』 that I am using. Demon Lord Hellshaft is a character that appears in the game 『Exodia Exodus』which is under development.


「Aikawa-san, I’m very sorry! The data are already done so I will send it soon!」


「It is impossible not to deliver it unless it’s demanded from a client at all! The data was not there, and my work was cut down for five minutes! I’m going to subtract that from your wages!」


「Please wait a minute because I made the data overnight! I’ve got the 150 sounds and motion data of the Demon Lord Hellshaft! It was terrible because I received the order just last night and I worked until morning!」


「Haa? What are you saying in a position of money? You can’t even contribute to society with this kind of work only, a NEET and a chuunibyou like you are lucky to even land this job!」


I disagree! I actually go to high school, though I don’t deny the latter.


「ThatーAikawa-san? Even if you are told of the money and such, yesterday’s orders are not at all even a retaliation! Because it is a contract for full payment, retaking it is just working!」


「I’m pissed because it’s becoming worse, just look, the number of checks has increased, and I’m started to get annoyed by this!」


Well, yesterday is certainly not a retake, but making new changes to the specifications. Obviously, the order of contents has changed. I’m definitely sure the director changed the productions out of hassle. I decided to give up and let out a big high unnaturally.


「I will send all the data in 5 minutes!」


「WITHIN 3 minutes!」


She then hung up while she was angry.


Aikawa-san is obviously still young, in her early twenties. She’s beautiful and cute if speaking clearly. A little brownish long hair. The way to dress in suits beautifully is a dear businesswoman. When I met her for the first time, having this appearance was made advances to a man in the office. But that person is not even a person, she’s an ogre disguised as a person! The retake and specification changes are directed by this very person.But seriously, does Aikawa-san really go to work this early in the morning? That is that, but it may be a serious problem in the company…although there is no law which states that it is okay to throw this in.


When I caught the mouse of my computer, I uploaded the data that I made throughout the night through an FTP server. And looking at the time, it was already time to go to school.


When I grabbed my bag, I decided to leave the room. My mother then answers back if I call out to her. And my father seems to have left for work already. Well, everywhere in the world, workers with a salary are troubled. I really want to live with ease in this world as much as possible. Pushing such troubles to a person, acting all well, living in ecology and achieving with minimal labor.
[TL Note: This is my life right here… well, luckily, I only work on the weekends, and I have no school on the weekdays, so I’m set for translating each week]


If I think about it, I still have time for studying, as my part-time job is endurable every day, though I come to school, there is no meaning other than getting proof of a certificate of graduation.


Even if I leave the house now and breathe the fresh morning air, it will not cause the yawning to stop. With an absentminded look, I walk to the nearest station.


After staying up all night to do work, I should have spent some time updating Asagiri Ririko’s VR data. I really wish I had time to sleep even for an hour, I regret it now. Though it was a youthful day.


Asagiri is pretty good, but she is in fact, not real. So I can’t be with the real person. But rather, it is better than the real thing.


If you could talk with reals girls or play together with there, the VR version of Asagiri wouldn’t be necessary. But her being an idol at school and me at the bottom of the school’s hierarchy, such a thing can’t happen. That kind of thing is only science fiction.


However, it is not a waste to make a data of Asagiri. In the future, 3DCG will do the work for you instead.


Although… even though it says the data functionality of Asagiri’s uses the one chosen among the basic models from Exodia Exodus. It’s only the face that was replaced, but it’s just a matter of posting photos on the face and having it justified by the software.
[TL Note: Basically photoshopping, for say, you wanted to have s** with a p**nst*r, just slap in your face on the guy who’s having s** with her and boom, done]


Though, there is not a bit of shady detail. This is a traditional technique called collaboration handed down from the ancient times. It is possible to call it traditional entertainment, but I will carry on this tradition, and tell the future generations!


In the first place, Asagiri’s naked body which I’ve never seen before, and I can’t get any figures from it. It’s literally impossible to make it out from scratch!


I took a train while thinking such things, and decided to go to my old public school Minamimyojin High School. I had a visual when I went to the Class-A classroom of my second year, I felt as I suddenly went into the Virtual Reality space.


「Oh, good morning Doumeguri-kun.」


This is certainly because Asagiri was there.


When I opened the door, I accidentally met my eyes with Asagiri Ririko’s, who was in place right after opening the door. Unlike me who became stiff, Asagiri smiled at me and greeted me.




The Asagiri who was in front of me was genuine. It really was different from the one that I made. But from the looks of it, her existence shines really bright. And besides, she greets, even me properly. The one who stands the at top of the school hierarchy, Asagiri who lives in the heavens.


Asagiri sure really is a nice person. Though she may be openhearted, there is no feeling that anything is affected by it at all, and surely, it has not been the case where she’s a rich woman. But, there’s a huge difference in her visuals and how she behaves. She could of honestly, go to a private girls’ school, but somehow, she chose to go here.


Haha… I have to respond back to a suitable reply! Uhm, greetings, greetings. Maybe I can use this chance to talk with her!


「Er, uhm…. Oh, that…」


「Akira-kun, good morning!」


Asagiri looks behind me and throws a greeting at someone.


「Hey, Ririko!」


When I decided to turn about, there was a good-looking person in the position of looking up high.


The person who shows the difference in our status. It is his appearance, Ichinomiya Akira.
[TL Note: Bastards. Let our MC have his share too, jeez.]


I’m not entirely sure of the details, but he seems to belong to a rich house. Dark brown hair, and having a great celebrity-like appearance. Nearing 180 centimeters in height, and since I’m in the basketball club, I grieve over my height because I’m shorter, but, I’m only shorter by about 10 centimeters.


He’s not just good at sports, but good at games too. It seems like he’ll be participating in a world competition in an electronic sport called F1 Race.


As I found Ichinomiya troubling, I simply smile.


「Ah…. wari…」


Really, since I stopped at the doorway, I didn’t enter the classroom, and so I’m sorry that I, from the lowest of the school’s hierarchy, interfered to where the king is going to.


As I head towards my seat, I could hear Asagiri and Ichinomiya having a fun talk from my rear.


On my way to my seat, my eyes looked over at the girl sitting next to me.


That girl who expands her book on the desk, and drops a gaze into the page. Having long black beautiful hair, and a face which looked like a doll. If Asagiri were to be the sun, then this girl would be the moon.


Shizukuishi Non.


Another person in Class A, besides me, who does not like to befriend others and push them away. Even though I say that we’re the same, I understand nothing to why Shizukuishi is said to have a mysterious and aloof existence since she’s isolated.


Seeing that I stared at her, Shizukuishi raises her face up.


Instantly, wrinkles were carved on Shizukuishi’s eyebrows as I was being glared at with an angry expression.


I broke out a cold sweat, but I pretended not to notice and just pass in front of Shizukuishi. I then reached my seat.


Shizukuishi always has that fierce expression of hers as if it was ceasing her beautiful face.


She probably thinks of the world this thoroughly. About the truth of this world, the hidden systems, and systems that belong inside light novels.


At that time, an annoying person came into the classroom.


「Yo everyone! Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?」


「What is it, Ogiya-kun? What happened?」


Ichinomiya, the king, told Takuya Ogiya to calm down his disturbances.


「The decision of the social studies visit has been decided!」




On the other hand, Ichinomiya makes a bitter smile.


「I forgot, but isn’t it in the auditorium? Or is it in the classroom now?」


「Yup! Yup! The teacher is calling for us!」


Then say so! Surely everyone here has thought the same as me.


As the class divides into intimate groups, we left the classroom.


The test operation of the new next-generation VR education system that was announced for more than one month ago begins today. At the social studies tour, we will be visiting the world heritage around the entire world in just one hour.


Speaking of next-generation VR systems seems like the game 『Exodia Exodus』that I’m helping out in creating will be able to adapt to the next-generation VR system. Though only the common equipment is going to be transferred to us underlings, the product version seems to be a lot worst. That being the case, Aikawa-san did say that anything cannot be distinguished from reality.


While thinking of such things, I follow behind while looking at the backs of Asagiri and Ichinomiya who continues walking.


「Hey, Akira-kun, where will you be going?」


「I’d probably like to see the Colosseum in Rome, what about you Ririko?」


「For me, I’d probably want to go to France and visit the Mont Saint-Michel, but what should I do…..」


「Then, should we go together?」


Asagiri nodded with a happy expression on her face. That smile creates tension in my chest. When I diverted my line of sight, I was able to see Ogiya with high tension.


「Though, what’s the difference in traveling overseas instead?」


「Yeah. I’m looking forward to this, but it’s the first time I’ll be using a VR system, so I’m kinda excited.」


The male student Arisugawa answers to Ogiya. But this strange female face. This person was definitely mistaken for a girl and seemed to have been picked up.


「It’s the first test, so it’s going to be the first time.」


Next to Arisugawa is a man who’s too average. Yamada Yoshimune. Common known as 『The Mediocre』 and same is true for the things he talks about. And his height weight is normal, along with his grades always being average. He is a pro mediocre!
[TL Note: I feel like our MC just insulted Arisugawa big time… lmao…]


Such a mediocre person walking with talking to his classmates. I guess I’m the only one who walks silently and alone, and even that Shizukuishi is walking with other students. However, it only seems to be a onesided discussion.


But I cannot speak to anyone. Though I do not believe I am sad about this very fact, and I have no shrews. It’s a lot more comfortable.


I’m not particularly saying this in a negative tone. I just hate to regard communication with another person. It may be true that I avoid it with all my efforts.


Communication is the very key. It is monetary, mental and physical. To communicate with someone is not to do it for themselves but to spend time with others.


And such, time is priceless. For example, time can be replaced with money. You can increase your knowledge as soon as you work part-time, and use that to study for investments in the future. Losing that sort of opportunity will dearly cost you.


Speaking about the losses you’d gain, that is why I believe self-satisfaction is better and knowing that I’m not a lonely and boring person.


Therefore, like everyone else, I did not arrange an appearance after having logged in. On the contrary, I intend to do everything at random. I don’t know where I will end up at, too. So wherever I go, it should be fun.


There is a method to enjoy things even if things are confiscated.


And as we passed through the audio-visual room.


It created another path to my life, a realm of a new world, starting from now on.





Here’s a re-edited version of the prologue, the entire thing, you don’t have to read it, but eh, I’ve decided to translate this entire series, so that’s why I’m re-editing everything.

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