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  1. kenchan223 says:

    if only there’s some kind of power where you can magically transfer to that world, that’d be great~

    Anyways. I feel you because with content protect, you wont have to worry about thieves stealing your content because of your hard work and their lazy ass copy paste~

    It’s just a habit of mine where I highlight the words where i left off and when i come back i start reading it again~~ But it doesn’t matter now because I double check to see where i left off and yea that’s all. wtf am I talking about again??

    btw, im like legit actually drunk as i type these~



  2. AnonBastion says:

    Just letting you know, it’s very easy to bypass the content protection (at least the one here). Not sure how you’d actually be able to “protect” your translation, but the one you’re using here isn’t the way to go. Besides, anyone wanting to steal your content would be doing so one way or another. Don’t believe I can just copy-paste the content? Here:

    It has always been a problem, so I decided to take measures in the matter in question.

    「Elevator…..you wanted, yes?」

    Adora asked me once more with a dubious expression.

    「Correct. The tower which stands at the center of Infermia, it is as high as 200 meters. However, there exist only stairs. This is a serious situation」

    Going around the colonnade is around 10 meters in diameters, it should be a spiral staircase that starts from the bottom to the top floor. Yup, every time I have a conference with the Hel Sector for official business as the Demon Lord, I’ll be able to go up and down from this staircase. Since I am wearing the Demon Lord’s armor, compared with humans, my physical abilities have risen up remarkably, so I don’t get tired. It takes more time, and is a nuisance.

    「You people too, aren’t you having difficulties on a daily basis?」

    As I asked, their reaction was slow. Arere? That’s weird. Because, would they just keep on going down such a trouble staircase silently? It’s like if it was some sort of secret Buddhist teachings.

    However, Adora of Hell Sector, Gracia, Forneus, and Satanakia seem to understand nothing behind the meaning of my own words, putting up a troubled expression. Oi oi, are you kidding me.

    「What’s wrong? Is it troubling? Adora」

    「We, sincerely apologize, I’ve never felt this sort of inconvenience before」

    Eeh? Ah right, this guy has a lot of desk work. Perhaps he withdraws himself from the upper layer of the tower.

    「How about you, Gracia?」

    「Well? I’m particularly bored…..」

    I’d leave it here since it’ll be a very long post otherwise.

  3. Haihau…. Pelo que vi e li é verdadeiramente uma nivel única com um manga show de bola…. Dou meu apoio moral porque não criei uma conta no banco online a minha bandeira de merda do cartão não passa na internet..

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